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It's Always Been You by Rosius12345
Chapter 1 : I Know it;s Too Late but I Don't Care
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 "I do" he said "I do" she said but it's not me, Rose Weasley, saying it oh no it's Lily Potter (Malfoy) saying it. My very own cousin said what I should have to the one and only Scorpius Malfoy,the person I've been completly in love with.

  They sealed their fate with one kiss, a kiss that belonged to me, a kiss that tasted like mint and a kiss that took my breath away with every second, oh yes my cousin has fianlly won the war of a battle for love.


*Flashback 3 years*


I was walking down to the lake when I noticed two figures by there, I walked closer and realized it was Lily and Scorpius snogging! I felt tears stinging my deep blue eyes that sparkled in the moonlight, which Scorpius told me he loved about me before we broke up, I couldn't take it anymore it felt like love was ripping my heart open with knives and laughing bitterly at me as I fall to the ground weakend,unloved,hurt, and alone. It started to rain but the couple still stood by the lake embracing each other, it would have looked beautiful if it wasn't for the fact that I loved the boy she was embracing. I walked back up to hear footsteps following me and I saw HIM the same one who broke my heart. He looked at me and asked if I saw that I answered witha plain "Yes" he looked as pained asI did but I didn't care he deserved it.




I walked away tears already falling down masking with the rain that fell to the ground falling on me making me feel cold and the wind brushed the trees making it sound like they are whispering my name, laughing bitterly and cold, mocking me as if little children do to others they do not like. I reached the castle and immediatly slid down to the wall shaking and silently sobbing into my hands. Is that why he broke up with  me? Is SHE why we're over? all these questions running through my head yet no answer filled my mind. I knew love was gonna hurt me but I never thought it would hurt like this! I imagine Lily feeling like this I want him to come run to me and apologize and kiss away all the bad but no Love always comes up with a way to knock me down and spit in my face. When I feel like i'm soaring love finds a way to send me falling back down to the ground ripped apart until I feel okay again and the cycle continues.


   I remember when they told they got engaged I put on a fake smile and said congratulations, smiling through the pain and when I was left alone in my flat I crumpled to the ground hurting and crying out for him but it was no use he couldn't hear me even if I screamed loud enough for the entire world to hear he still wouldn't because he chose to forget me and I chose to keep holding on no matter how hard. That's how much I love him. That's what he'll never know, That's what I'll never tell. That's what I choose to hold on to until I die.




*End of flashback* 




I walked out when they kissed and ran to the tree house Scor and I built in 4th year when he came over. I sat down wrote a note and walked away.


The note said 







Even though you're married please don't forget me. Don't forget our talks,kisses,hugs,moments.Please remember when we first said I Love You. I know you don't love me anymore and I had to fight the urge to object at your wedding. Please understand even if you push me away I will always be by your side. I will NEVER stop loving you.






P.S. Don't forget to remeber me.




As Rose walked away little did she know that when Scorpius found it, it would hurt him more than she would ever know.



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