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The Girl and The Snake by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 5 : Every single factor, feature, and aspect.....
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“Greeting’s Hermione, Ron.

“Hello Draco.”

“Rose! Are you ready?”

“Sure thing Scorp.”

“When will Rose be back Draco?”

“A week per say. Give or take a day.”

“Very well then. Goodbye Rose.”

“Goodbye Mum! Goodbye dad!



“Goodbye My Rossie.”


“You have a lovely house Mr. Malfoy.”

“All Astoria’s doing my dear. Scorpius Hyperion show Rose her room.” The elder Malfoy said.

“Yes father. This way Rose!”

Scorpius led Rose up a dark winding side staircase. Suddenly, out of nowhere Scorpius stopped.

“Blimey, Scorp! Next time warn me so I don’t ram into you.”

“This place has more hidden chambers then Hogwarts! Want to explore?”



Rose looked unsure. She knew what her mum had told her about snooping. But if she was with Scorp, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad…. Scorpius look her hand and led her into a now open tunnel. He couldn’t help but notice the warmth of her hand and how sparks fly when he touched her.



“Master Draco is expecting you at 2 thirty sharp for tea. Best not be late”


“Who was that!”

“Just our house old elf Webster.”

“Oh, what time is it?”

“2 o’clock. We best be trying to find our way out, for it may surpass thirty minutes.”



“Always the Ravenclaw, Scorp.” Rose smiled. Scorpius took her hand again, ignoring the shocks, and led her down the passage way.”




“Yes, master?”

“What are the children doing?”

“They are searching the mansion Master Draco.”



“Very well, let them be. They need time to just be….kids.”


The clock stuck two thirty and the children were seated at the tea table in the sunroom. Draco’s better half walked in with the tea.

“Here you go dear. Rosalind was it?

“Actually, it’s just Rose…”

“Humph…” The elder one scoffed and walked off as Mr. Malfoy walked in.

“Please excuse my wife Rose. She is a bit illogical of modern times. Now tell me Rose, how is your mum and dad?

“They are well, thank you. They told me you went to school with them.”

“I did indeed. As I reflected on our relationships, I truly regret what went down. That’s why I am at most proud of you and Scorpius. You are learning from your elders, I respect you both.”

“Thank you Mr. Malfoy.”

“Not only that, but you are both Ravenclaws. I always dreamed of being in Ravenclaw, but never had the brains to do it, aside from my family heritage I felt like I had to live up to. I feel Ravenclaws have the best views on the world. They are truly all of the houses combined into one. I will never know how Gryffindor became the surperiour house….”



Mr. Malfoy rambled on. Rose made a face at Scorpius, and he smirked back. His father really out does himself to make others feel welcome.


Rose lay in bed that night. Even though the Malfoy’s had a mansion, Rose preferred to sleep on the floor, below her best friend.



“I don’t think your mum likes me very much.”

“I don’t think she likes anyone very much.”

“Thanks for letting me stay here, Scorp”

“No problem Rossie. I wish you could stay all summer.”

“Me too, maybe later, you can come to my house.”

“Cool… Rossie?” Scorpius peered over the side of his bed and looked down on the red head beauty.


“Thanks for being my best friend.”

Rose smiled. Scorpius rolled back on his bed and closed his eyes, determined to memorize every detail. Every single factor, every feature, and every aspect of the night he fell in love with Rossie Jean Weasley.



A/N -

Sorry this one is super short guys, I promise they should be getting longer. Expect a halloween themed chapter that I wrote on Halloween, soon! Also, thank you so much for all of the reviews, they seriously make my day everyday, and give me something to strive for! You guys are awesome! :)


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