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Intervention by Hermione_78
Chapter 4 : Four
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I threw a mental fit, “You’d do a great job finding a bloke for me, right?”

Don’t do it.

She cocked her head, “Why’s that?”

Contain yourself.“Well you know, since we have the same taste in men, right?” I chuckled silently a little.Olivia!

Anna stared at me, speechless. Jen smirked again, “I suppose we do, huh? Good thing Albus has better taste in women or...”

I’m not sure what exactly had happened just then. Just that I was lunging for her skinny little neck.

…It was all a bit suppressed from there. A few fist’s were thrown; hair was yanked; nails were broken; inappropriate names were used; a black eye was given.

“Headmaster!” Jen was wimpering, with her hand covering the fresh shiner I had given her only moments before, “Did you see what she did to me?”

McGonagalls eyes met mine with a powerful dissapontment that made me shrink about ten inches. Her head shook as she glanced back to Jen, “I am fully aware of the situation, Miss Lawrence. Fifty points will be taken away from each of your houses.”

I nodded, figures.

You deserve it.

You pipe down.

“But, Professor…” Jen wined some more, “She started it. I was mearly defending myself. SHE’S CRAZY!”

“She is standing right here.” I hissed. I hate when I have to refer to myself.

Jen rolled her eyes, “This is all your fault. You’re just a jealous, little, whor…”

“That is enough!” McGonagall roared, “Another ten points from Hufflepuff, Miss Lawrence! And I will be seeing each of you in detention.”

You deserve that too!

Don’t make me hit you.

“Now go strait to your houses.” She looked around to the entire crowd of students, “Violence will not be tolerated at Hogwarts! Another act of brutality from anyone today will earn you a months worth of detention and a 100 points will be deducted from your houses.” She nodded once and walked off, satisfied.

So, I wonder how detention will serve you!

Why are you still talking?

Albus is looking at you. To your left.

My head snapped to the side. OTHER LEFT.…The other side. There he was. I wished I knew exactly what he was thinking. I frowned a little when his lips touched Jen’s forhead. And continued to walk out the Great Hall.

Do you know?

Know what?

Considering you’re in my head, you know what!

Good point. No.

No what?

No, I don’t know what he’s thinking. Like you said, I’m in your head.

It just made me wonder…

There isn’t a guardian angel guiding him.

But, shouldn’t there be? Wouldn’t it be easier if you summonded his guardian angel to help him on his way, or whatever…?

That’s one way of thinking it.

And what’s another way of thinking it?

Nevermind that, Olivia.

Don’t ‘Nevermind that, Olivia’ me! You’re hiding something from me. I’m a big girl, okay? You want to show me whatever way it is that I’m supposed to be going, or doing, or whatever…Then when I ask a question, I think I have the right to know!

You don’t need to get worked up! I only say it because it is irrelivant. No, I cannot ‘summon’ his ‘guardian angel’ to ‘guide’ him to you, ‘or whatever!’ However, I can guide you. That is why I am here.


If you only knew what was coming…

…And that’s another thing. What is this great evil, anyway?! And what does our friggin’ LOVE have to do with it. What does LOVE have to do with evil! Honestly!

I can’t tell you.

Merlin, do you even know what you’re doing!? What if none of this works. What if you entering my mind is complete nonsense?

I couldn’t tell you…

You can’t seem to tell me anything, can you? All you do is boss me around.

It’s not that I can’t tell you…I just don’t know.

You don’t know what?

…if this is going to work. I’ve never done this before. I was just told what to do.

What are you supposed to do?

I already told you! Get you and Albus back together- Save the world!

I sighed, Do you think you could leave me alone, now…Please!?
Fine. Get some rest. You have detention tomorrow.

I rolled my eyes. I hadn’t realized I was already walking into my room, with Anna only two steps behind. She gave me a quick smile before rummaging through her dressor drawers for a night gown.

I spotted my big, comfy, warm, looking bed and it felt even wonderful as it looked.

“Olivia, are you feeling alright?” Anna asked slipping her pink nighty over her head, “You’re acting funny.”

She could have been right, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.

She sat on the foot of my bed, “I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. As much as it burns my throat to say that you shouldn’t have beat Jen’s arse…” It looked almost like triumph in her eyes, “It’s just not like you.”

“I still don’t know. I mean, you heard her…She deserved it.” Did I just have to assure myself of this?

“I know,” she promised, “But, and again the firey sting,” we both smiled, “Usually you just let it go…And then we’ll think of a way to mentally torture and kill her later.”

Our methods of theoretically murdering Hogwarts students were borderline epic.

“I just snapped, I guess.”

She grinned, “She brought up Albus and you snapped? I know what happened was upsetting. Everyone was surprised when we heard about him and her in the library…”

“Who was surprised, Anna!?” I felt myself overheating, I couldn’t control it… “Who was hurt? Me! Who found them snogging?! ME! WHO ENDED UP BEING HATED?! ME! WHO HAS TO WATCH THE TWO OF THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY, STILL TOGETHER, LONG AFTER THE WHOLE INCIDENT, HAPPY AS CAN BE!? WHO IS THE MOST HATED GIRL IN SCHOOL, OVER A HEARTBREAK?! I WAS THE VICTIM.” Tears. I felt tears falling down my cheek.

“Olivia, no! I didn’t mean…” she wrapped her arms around me, “It’s not your fault. You are a good person!”

“Everyone was surprised and I was broke. I was blamed for being cheated on. It was my fault, right!? I wasn’t the bad guy! I didn’t do anything wrong. But, who cared? No one…” I sniffed and wiped my tears with my sleave.

“I cared!” she snapped defensively, “People are mean, Olivia…I don’t have any other explination or good enough advice for you because I don’t know exactly how it feels. But, I’ve seen you…I’ve been here for you. I know you bottle things up but, you just can’t do this to yourself.” I should call Anna my best friend but, I don’t know how. “Albus is an jerk. A BLIND jerk. And Jen is a slut. You don’t need that in your life and you shouldn’t waste your time thinking about them, ever! You’re way too good for them.” She deserves a better friend.

I may have to comment that that one!


Fine. Tomorrow, then.

“…I’m sorry I don’t know what else to say. But, you know I’m always here for you, right?”

I nodded.

“But, don’t ever take it out one me!”

I smiled and nodded again, “Sorry. I must be hormonal or something.”
“Or SOMETHING!” she snorted before jumping into her own bed, “Good night! Let me know when you’re ready to talk, okay?”


I glanced at the little piece of parchement sent to be earlier that morning during breakfast.

Detention will be served with Professor Growl in the potions room promptly after breakfast.

I stared that the potions room door for a few moment before stepping inside to meet my fate.

I wonder how detention will serve you! she was making a sort of chuckle, that gave me the creeps.

Probably some sort of cleaning. Enough to blister my fingers.
It will be worth it.

What could possibly be worth having blistered fingers?

The door creaked open and my reaction was only to answer my previous question. There he stood. The boy I should forever loath for ruining my young life. And he couldn’t even spare me on glance.
“So pleased you two could join me this morning.” Professor Growl smirked, strutting out from a portrait that seemingly led to his office.
If you ruin this, I will poke your brain.

…Can you do that?

“Your detention will follow as such,” two rags floated from the shelfs and into our hands. Professor Growl dropped a large bucket of soapy water on a table. “You two are to clean the cauldrons spottless and in a timely manor. I however, have a prior engagement and will be unable to join you for this entire evening. I will be checking in now and then to make sure your tasks are being fufilled.”

“Professor Growl,” I glanced inside the cauldron closest to me, “When was the last time these we cleaned?”

“They are rinsed every use but, eh…thoroghly?” he shrugged, “I’m not certain. Ten, maybe twenty years ago.”

“Twenty years?!” Albus squealed, “That’s absurd, Professor. This will take days.”

“I suppose it may.” He sighed glancing at all the cauldrons, not letting off the sympathy Albus and I were hoping for, “I suppose you better get started…I’m off.” And he left.

What do I do?!

Just let him come to you.

What makes you think he’s gonna come to me? What if he doesn’t? Then what do I do?!

He will. But, don’t make the first move. You will ruin everything!

What is that supposed to mean?!

Just clean the cauldrons!

It seemed like hours before Albus said anything to me. It probably had been. But, my heart almost skipped a beat just to hear his voice say, “I’m headed to the bathroom. Do you need more water?”

I shook my head. You’d think I could say as simple a word as, NO!

It’s okay to be nervous.

I’m not nervous…I’m mute!

Did it ever occur to you that this situation could be just as awekward for him as it is for you?

My eyes were glued to his backside as he walked through the door, Yeah, ‘cause he too is going mad thinking of my nice arse and green eyes and strong hands and just...Highly doubtful!

Highly likely!

Don’t we wish…

I bet you’d be surprised what Albus thinks of.

I thought you couldn’t hear what Albus was thinking…?

I can’t, I was just saying.

Whatever. What am I supposed to say?

There was a very long suddenly, silent pause, Well, I don’t know…Pass the soap…?

Albus returned with a bucket full of water. It splashed a little on my shirt as he dropped it on the desk. And I’m just about 99.99999978% sure he was smirking at that. STUPID SEXY SMIRK! “Could you pass the soap?” He asked.

I told you it was perfect…

Yeah, sure.

I reluctantly pushed the bottle of soap in his direction and if I hadn’t moved my hand away so quickly, he might not have chuckled so much, and our hands might have reunited after too long a time, and my face may not have been 100 shade brighter than cherry red. ‘Pass the soap’ could have been the worst possible opening line EVER, and I wouldn’t have believed that detention could be so pleasant.
And yet, he chuckled. Not for just no reason, at me! AT ME! This is embarassing!

He thought it was cute. Wait until he see’s how red your face is!


NO! she laughed.

Can I like, mentally maim you?

Albus made a sort of chuckle/cough/gag/snort while mixing together his soap and water, “Sorry,” he lied, “You should have seen your face.”

“You’re laughing about my face!!!” This was not a question. This is NOT good!

Oh, don’t get your panties in a bunch!

“No,” he was suddenly very serious, “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just…Of all the people to be paired with in detention…We are.”

’We’ sound’s good. He shook his head, “It’s a little amusing.”

“Of all the people, you mean yourself, Jen and I…You and Jen couldn’t be paired because you’re…together.” That stung a little. He rolled his eyes to that one. “Jen and I are in dention because of one another…”

“And you and I…” he trailed off leaving it exactly where it should have, “I think this could be some sort of practical joke. Considering you and I…” Again.

“If it’s uncomfortable for you, I can see if Professor McGonagall could conjure up some kind of a transfer.” NO YOU CAN NOT!
“No!” he said quickly, “I didn’t think you would be…” he wouldn’t look me directly in the eye.

I shook my head, “I’m not bothered. I just want this detention to end.” NO YOU DON’T!

“I see.” We both continued our scrubbing on the cauldrons, “I seen your Mum a few weeks ago.”

“How is she?” I asked anxiously.

“Shouldn’t you know?”

“I, uh…” I couldn’t get the words out.

You can tell him.

Are you mad? Tell him my mother hates me?

“She said she missed you.” Albus grinned, “And that she wishes things were different. She doesn’t know how to fix it.”

“Did you bump into her or have dinner and a movie?!” STOP WITH THE PMS! “NO!” Did I say that out loud? “What gives you the right…? You SHOULD know more than anyone how much I don’t care! Just stay out of it.”

His smirk showed disbelief, “You think talking to your mother made my day? You know I hate what she did to you…” he looked as if he wanted to take that back, Which part?, “But, God! She didn’t even know we broke up. How long’s it been, Livie?!” Did he just call me…? “You don’t have to like her but, Merlin let her know you’re alive!”

“Yeah, thanks for the lecture!” Maybe you should switch topics. I shook my head, “You know what? Thanks…really. It’s nice to know she’s…Alive.”

He chuckled, “You’ve always been the most stubborn…GAH!” He threw his rag and his hands made a motion that reminded me of someone’s head being popped…

HEY! “I don’t think that’s fair! This is none of your damn buisness.”

He shook his head, “Whatever! You’re right, it’s not.”

“AND THANK MERLIN!This conversation is not gaining you brownie points. I rolled my eyes. Try talking about something else.
Like what?

I’m sure you can think so something…

… “Can you pass the soap?” I asked. Creative. Talk to the hand.

Albus took a breath, while lifting an eyebrow, “Sure.” He skeptically pushed the soap in my direction, “Are you ill?”

“No, I feel fine. Thanks for asking, you prick.”

“Wow!” He scoffed, “You really are a piece of shunshine.”

I shrugged, “You know it!”

“Glad to see you haven’t lost the gift to extract your inner most feeling’s…?”

“Glad to see you haven’t lost the gift to repetitiously speak of things you couldn’t possibly comprehend.”

He threw his hands up, “I’m sorry!”

I smirked, “For what?”

“Everything!” he shouted.

“Everything is quite a lot.” I assured him.

“I know,” he nodded once, “I’m not gonna get all in depth about it…I’m just going to make it simple and appologize…For everything. And I don’t expect to be forgiven ever in this lifetime, in case you wondered.”

What is he doing?

He just told you.

Yeah but, why?

It was bound to happen eventually. Now forgive him.

You said that out loud.

I wasn’t talking to you.

Add an ‘it’s’ to the that okay, alright?

I shook my head, I can’t…

You can’t what?

I don’t forgive him and I can’t lie to him.

Oh. I see…

Albus nodded once and carried on with his punishment. It was moments later when he had finally spoken again, “I didn’t tell my mother either.”

What’s his excuse? “She still thinks…?” I pointed to him and I.
“No, she know’s. Lily told her, I didn’t.”

“I see…” More moment’s later… “I liked you mum a lot.”

He breathed a laugh, “She loved you!”

What is this?


You are glowing!

That’s quite an assumption.

“I don’t think she like’s Jen.” He admitted.

“That’s probably not true. I’m sure she finds her to be…amiable?” I thought you couldn’t lie to him?

“No.” he said bluntly, “She specifically told me that she would rather sit on a giant pin cusion and burn her eyeballs before allowing her into her household.”


He nodded, “And something about a rusty hatchet...Jen can be hard to get along with.”


“But, that doesn’t matter anymore.”he grinned, “She broke up with me this morning.”


“I’m so sorry! I had no idea…” More lies?

“Yeah, she told me I was too much of a liability…I’m not sure what that means.” He didn’t even look sad.

I shook my head, “I don’t know…”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked quickly. A little too quickly.

GREAT question!

I blushed, “No.”
“They’re overrated, right?”

I nodded, “Definitely.”

He grinned, “Pft! LOVE! Who needs it?!”

I laughed. I mean, I actually laughed. And it wasn’t even that funny. How lame could I be? Just put me out of my misery! “Hey, Albus?”


“Does this detention mean we’re like, friends, er, something?”

“Well,” He chuckled darkly, “I don’t know if my…what was it? …‘Repetitiously speaking of things I couldn’t possibly comprehend.’ would make very good friends…”

I rolled my eyes,”With my ‘gift to extract my inner most feeling’s’?”
Again with that sexy little smirk of his. “We don’t have to be, if you don’t want to…”

I smirked back, “I would never want that.” Because I want so much more.

Thanks to all who waited ever-so patiently for this chapter. There was sweat, tears, a lot of head scratching, much needed pedicures from an 18 month old, and too many re-runs of Barney(because my daughter enjoy's the show...Not me! And I don't know every word to every song! STOP ACCUSING ME!). The past 6 or 7 months have been tough. You see, my computer crashed along with everything saved in it and I just couldn't give up hope on Noellotaptap(Mylah's(my daughter) version of Neon Yellow Laptop) and I refused to purchase a new one until a Professional said there was no chance to revive Noellotaptap...Which, they evidentally did. So now I've got some boring black asus thing-a-muh-bob! Not quite as perky as Noellotaptap but, it get's the job done.

12/25/05 - 3/something/11
Replaced...Not forgotten.

Anyway! If you're reading this, I'm assuming you read the story...and next you're going to leave a review ^_^ OH BOY! If you're skeptical about reviewing, just remember...It's what Noelloetaptap would have wanted! And if you have no intention of leaving a review, stop and think...WWND?(What Would Noellotaptap Do?(I'm thinking about making t-shirts)) Then leave a comment because I'm pretty sure it's obvious what he would do! I'll try to update soon!


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Intervention: Four


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