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Her scent His eyes by Scabior_girl_for_life
Chapter 7 : A night to remember
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 Her scent His eyes

Scabior Girl for life

We have all hear me say it I don't wont the rights to these characters


Chapter 7


Hermione scream for Scabior to answer. When he still didn't get answer she called for pixie. If she knew where he was in the room she would have destroyed the door.

"Yes miss" Pixie said.

"I need you to get this door open I think Scabior is in trouble" Hermione said. With a snap of Pixies finger the door was open. Hermione looked in horror as Fenrir Greyback was kneeling over Scabior unconscious body.

"Stupifey" Hermione yelled. But the hex was quickly deflected and before she knew it her wand in Greyback's hand.

"So this is what he has been keeping all to himself" Greyback said dragging Hermione into the destroyed Conservatory.

"What do you want" Hermione asked as she fell near Scabior. She could tell he was still alive he was breathing.

"Well I first came here to see just what he knew about the disappearance of the Lovegood brat and I find you now that is a fun surprise. I like young girls they are so soft" Greyback said running one of his long nails against her cheek. Hermione was glad that Luna was ok but now she feared for her and Scabior.

"But I have seen you somewhere little girl" Greyback said smiling at her, "what's your name,"

"Penelope Clearwater half-blood" she said quickly. It had been the name she was going to use when she was first captured but Scabior knew who she was.

"Hmm you smell of the scarf he always has, it smells of a mudblood" Greyback said pulling her closer to smell her. Hermione heard a thud and grey back fell away from her. Pixie was standing behind the Scabior's wand. Hermione quickly pulled hers from Greyback's hand and petrified him.

She ran over to Scabior who was just coming too. He looked at Hermione for a short while then took his wand from Pixie.

"I told you to run" Scabior said kicking grey back.

"I couldn't just leave you" Hermione said, "What happened"

"Dobby went to rescue the Lovegood girl and he took some others with him. We were the only group to know she had been snatched and Greyback was sure I told someone," Scabior said.

"Well if they come to ask you can honestly tell them you didn't, because it was me" Hermione said.

"What are we going to do with him" Scabior asked.

"I don't know he can't disappear they will think it was you" Hermione said.

"Did you tell him anything" Scabior asked.

"I told him my name was Penelope Clearwater a half blood that all before Pixie saved me. I think he was going to turn me or worse." Hermione replied.

"Thank you Pixie" Scabior said patting the elf on the heads. She smiled up to him with joy.

"How are you at Modifying memories, I've never tried it" Hermione asked.

"I'm well enough for this job there isn't much up there as it is" Scabior said, "should I erase you completely"

"Well maybe if he remembers me as a half-blood and he comes back for some reason I will be safe." Hermione said.

"Sound good here we go love" Scabior said as he started to pick parts of the night out of Greyback mind. And put some new ones in. He was soon done and asked Hermione to remove the petrifying curse on Greyback.

"What are you doing down there" Scabior asked convincingly.

"Don know must have fell what happened in here" Greyback asked.

"I was just about to ask you my guest Penelope here told me you were waiting in here for me and I come in to this mess" Scabior said.

"Well I'll be going now I" Hermione said wanting to get as far a way from the were wolf as possible.


"She smells of Mudblood" Greyback said watching her go.

"Half-blood" Scabior said looking back at her.

"Sometimes they smell the same" Greyback said, "I here because the Lovegood girl is missing you wouldn't know anything about it would you"

"Nope been here all day filling out the paper work you and Cosgrave don't do" Scabior said. Greyback smelled the air for any signs he was lying. When he was satisfied he Apperated out of the conservatory. Scabior looked around at the mess he would have to clean in the morning he was to tired to do it now. He made his way back to his room needing to rest. When he got there he was shocked to find Hermione waiting for him

"How did it go" she sitting on his bed

"How did you get here" He asked not wanting to think of the things he would love to do with her on that very bed.

"Pixie showed me I hope that's ok" Hermione said with a worried look on her face.

"Its fine and Greyback is taken care of" Scabior said taking off his leather jacket and setting his wand on a chair.

"Good, that's not the first time I had a run in with him" Hermione said.

"Really when was your first" Scabior asked.

"You were there you just didn't see me" Hermione said.

"So you really were there it wasn't just a lingering scent" Scabior said leaning close to her. Letting the all too familiar scent fly around him.

"Yes I was, and I never got to thank you for saving my life" Hermione said, "thank you for saving my life twice."

Hermione pulled him in to a kiss. The kiss grew in passion. Her hand roamed her body as his did the same. She began to remove his clothes and that was when he pulled away.

"no" he said quietly resting his forehead on her, "you're not ready I can tell"

Hermione got up to leave when she was pulled back to him. She felt his arms encircle her. And she felt safe in them. She turn to look into those eyes that haunted her dream and made her weak. He was starting strait back at her.

"Stay with me"

A/N ahh not that was a great story now that im done. Just kidding there is still more to come of Hermione and Scabior. Hope you liked it I sure know I like writing it. Now the fun really starts. If any one is curious the time frame this is in in the original story line would be just after gringotts. 


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