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Wizard of Oz by _marauder_chick_5_
Chapter 1 : Transfer
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“Cassie, what’s taking you so—Cassie!”

First of all, hello. I’m Aurora. Aurora Summers. Aurora Araidne Summers.

My mother was into Greek names. Really. The name Araidne has no meaning to me whatsoever. She wanted it to be my first name, but thankfully, my father made her name me something more normal.

But it makes sense, since she grew up in Greece. My father grew up in England. My mother met my father at her cousin’s friend’s brother’s wedding, and my father was the best man. They eloped to Greece and had me.

When I was nine I got my letter of acceptance into Madame Delphi’s School for the Magically Talented. My mother was so proud, because not very many kids get into Madame Delphi’s. My father tried to convince me to wait until I was eleven to go to his old school, Hogwarts, but I said no. What kind of name is Hogwarts, anyway?

But back to the present.

One of my best girlfriends Cassandra Whitman was straddling Joshua McCleary. Her uniform skirt was riding up her thighs, and the first three buttons of her button-up, light blue shirt were undone, showing the slightest bit of her lacy black bra. Her normally impeccable hair was mussed up and tangled.

Josh, her latest boy-toy, was completely shirtless, showing off perfect, toned abs that were covered in a thin sheen of sweat that meant they had been at it for a while. His brown eyes were smoldering up at Cassie.

“Rory,” Cassie said, turning to glare at me. I glared right back. She sighed, then corrected herself. “Aurora.”

“Thank you,” I said, trying my hardest to ignore the fact that she was still straddling a person in the Ninth Class. “Laura and Kara were wondering what was taking you so long—it’s almost time for dinner. You coming?”

Cassie looked down at Josh, biting her already swollen lip. “I don’t know. Josh, what do you thi—mmph.”

Cassie was cut off my Josh flipping her over and kissing her thoroughly. “I’ll take that as a no, then,” I said in a disgusted voice. I received no acknowledgement, so I left Cassie’s room.

“What was she doing?” Laura asked me. “She was in the process of fucking Josh.” I said, sighing. “Pay up.” Kara said, grinning at Laura. She grumbled as she handed over the money that she had lost.

“You two bet?” I asked. “I thought she’d have been cheating on him by now.” Laura said grumpily. “No way, Josh is a year older than her. That’s, like, the ultimate achievement for Cass.” Kara said triumphantly.

“Right, well, I’m starving. Can we eat now?” I asked. “Let’s go.” Laura said. “Quickly, before Mr. Nolan figures out that it was me that set his papers on fire. I need an alibi.” Kara added.

We entered the mess hall, and again, it amazed me, even though I’d been eating here for eight years. There were twelve rectangular marble tables in the hall. Eleven for each Class, and a Staff Table.

There were eleven Classes at Madam Delphi’s. You started school at age nine, and you were in the First Class. Then you stayed here until you were age twenty, and you were in the Eleventh Class. If you were advanced enough, you would be invited to join the Elite, which was a group of the best Eleventh Classers in the school. They stayed for another year, and learned really advanced spells. There were some special cases, like mine, when you got invited to the Elite when you were in a lower Class. Laura and I joined the Elite when we were fifteen, and Kara joined when she was seventeen, just six months ago. Cassie felt a bit left out, being the only one not in the Elite, but she made up for it by dating way more boys than any of us. Sure, Kara fucked a couple guys here and there, and Laura and I had had our fair share of flings, but Cassie was the girl that the guys wanted.

Cassie, Kara, Laura and I were in the Eighth Class, along with two other girls and six other guys. There used to be twenty eight of us, but they had either gotten expelled for bad grades or dropped out because the work was too hard.

I lead Kara and Laura over to our table, and sat down across from our best guy friends, Liam Anderson, who was always called Lee, Percy Johnson, and George Woodhoff. Most people called him Woodstock, like the American muggle cartoon character. I called him Georgie.

“Where’s Cassie?” Lee asked. I rolled my eyes. “A bit eager, aren’t you?” I asked. “She’s fucking McCleary.” George rolled his hazel eyes. “Of course.”

Then the Headmistress, Madame Delphi herself, stood up to make an announcement. We all fell silent, waiting.

“As you know, our schools funding’s have never been high,” She began. “But they have reached an all-time low of 2.1%. We are shutting down the school. Every one of you may go to a different wizarding school automatically—”

I wasn’t listening to the rest of her speech. I was staring around the table, trying to take in and memorize all of my friend’s features all at once.

Laura, with her dark red hair and bright hazel eyes. Kara, with her short dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. Lee, with his dark, closely cropped hair and intense blue eyes. George, with his shaggy blonde hair and sharp features. Percy, with his dark wavy brown hair and aqua eyes.

“I have a list of schools in my office. Feel free to visit at any time.” Madame Delphi finished. I looked around at my friends. “Emergency meeting. My room. Now.”

We ran down the halls of the school. The portraits of the school’s founders yelled at us angrily, but we kept going until we reached my room. I quickly unlocked it and ushered them inside.

“What are we going to do?” Laura finally asked. “We’ll stay together, that’s for sure.” Kara said confidently. “Does anyone want to go get the pamphlets?”

“I have them,” Percy said, producing about ten different pamphlets out of his breast pocket. “How’d you get those?” I demanded. He shrugged. “Accio’d them.”

“Well, give them here,” Kara said impatiently. Percy passed out the pamphlets and I looked at the front cover of mine. It was advertising a Bulgarian school called Durmstrang. It was in the middle of the North Pole, something I hated about it already. “Laura. Switch with me?”

“I think I found one.” Lee said suddenly. “What?” I asked him, scooting over to peek over his shoulder. “It’s called Hogwarts. It’s in Scotland. Open to boys and girls.” He told me. "Oh, my dad used to go to that school!" I exclaimed.

“Oh, wow.” I said as he showed me the school. It was one big castle, with towers and turrets. There was a lake and a forest and a little hut on the grounds, and five different greenhouses. Emblazoned across the front were the words: THE BEST SCHOOL IN SCOTLAND!

“We have to go here.” I said.

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Wizard of Oz: Transfer


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