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Canis Major by atellam
Chapter 1 : Smelling like Slytherins
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Chapter I - Smelling like Slytherin's

Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities - William Throsby Bridges

As Platform Nine and Three-Quarters came into sight, I sighed. It took me all but a second to take in the scene in front of me and establish that not much had changed over the summer. First years, scattered all over the platform, were standing with their parents, looking nervous. They may have been wearing fluorescent orange vests, they were so noticeably new. But my eyes passed them over, continuing to search for three, overly energetic, sixth year Gryffindor girls.
I started as I heard Mum’s voice behind me.

“Ha! ‘Spose. I wish Henry was here, is all. The idea of him not being here, even for a few days… Hogwarts just isn't the same.” I forced a smiled at my mum as she smiled sadly at me.

“Right. You’ll be fine. You’ll have all your friends, and the time will fly like that.” She clicked her fingers before muttering, “I just wish he was here to help with this bloody trunk.”

“Oi, chill.” I laughed at her, snatching the handle of the trolley she was starting to wheel towards the train. “You get going. I’ll say goodbye here. Reyna, Mel and Alice will be around here somewhere, and you know them. As soon as they see me I won’t get to say a proper goodbye.”

I knew she didn’t like the platform. She felt awkward with all of the other witches and wizards saying goodbye to their magical children. But it was okay. After six years, I’d gotten used to her shuffling her feet when Dad wasn’t here with her; safety in numbers or something like that. The other parents didn’t even notice she and dad were Muggles, but she was still uncomfortable and I didn’t need her to hold my hand anymore. I respected how she felt about the place.

“I suppose you're right.” Mum smiled as she pulled me into a hug. “Now, remember, you may not have O.W.L.s like you did last year, but that doesn't mean that you can slack off on your studies with Henry and the girls.”

“What?” I said as she held me at arms length and gave me a knowing look. “You know I won’t! I’m a model student. I live in the Library.” 

“That’s because you like books, not because you study.”

“Whatever. Here-“ I kissed her on the cheek. “I’m off. I’ll write to you next weekish.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She rolled her eyes again before waving as she walked off, her thick dark bob still visible above the crowd thanks to her height.

I made my way towards the train, looking around for the other girls from my dormitory. Hopefully they would have already gotten us a compartment, I thought as I hauled my trunk off the trolley. Wren, our family's Barn Owl, started making a racket as I grabbed her cage and proceeded to search the platform for my friends.


As turned around at the sound of my name, I was tackled by a mane of black hair that glinted red in the light.

“I missed you!” cried Alice as she hugged me close.

“Alice! Give the girl some breathing room,” laughed Reyna, her deep brown eyes twinkling. Melody stood off to the side, chuckling.

I scowled at her. Surely she could help save me from an early grave as opposed to laugh at my premature death? Apparently my expression didn’t have the right effect – I supposed it had something to do with my face turning slowly blue from lack of breath in my lungs - as my black Londoner friend laughed even harder, causing her long ebony hair to fall into her eyes as she doubled over, hands on her knees.

When Alice was happy she let me go, only to grin at me, pushing her long blonde hair away from her round face.

“Have you lost more weight?” Melody raised a perfect eyebrow from where she was standing, arms crossed over her chest, as she drew my attention away from Alice, who was now inspecting the results of my attempt to lose weight over the holidays. 

When Alice nodded, deciding that I hadn't made enough of a difference for her to worry, I answered Mel. “Maybe. Only a little, though,” I said, shuffling my feet.

Melody ran her hand back through her blonde hair, giving it the same look as when she stepped off the Quidditch Pitch. She eyed me cautiously before deciding staying angry with me was too hard.

“Oh, come here, you sod!” She flung her arms around me, burying her face in my hair before whispering in my ear, “You know you don’t need to lose any more. You're not built like Reyna, none of us are. Any more and you’ll look sick, Keira.” She pulled away with a worried look. Her brown eyes, searched my soul until she was happy, and it was only once she stepped back that I remembered to breath.

Melody was technically older than me by three months, but sometimes I swore it was years instead. She was favourite to captain the Gryffindor Quidditch team next year after James Potter left, as she was one of the best Chasers in the School. Melody Andrews, the ruthless Chaser with a perfect manicure, and the envy of every girl in their sixth year and below. Possibly the seventh years, too, now I thought about it. ‘Melody, Marry Me?’ and ‘Affections for Andrews’ were popular signs throughout the season. Merlin, even some of the Slytherins would cheer for her. Not for Gryffindor, never for Gryffindor. Just for Melody. The idea almost made me laugh. Some girls get all the luck.

Except perhaps for her parents. The laugh died in my throat as I remembered. 

“Excellent. Now that Alice and Mel have had their turn, I have you all for myself. Get over here, loser!”

I happily fell into my black Londoner friend's arms as Reyna wrapped me in a bear hug, slowly rocking back and forward. “Oh, my! You smell delicious! Hang on…” Rae buried her face into my hair again. “Yep. Vanilla.” She paused, a happy look on her face as I stepped back laughing. “Yum.”

We stood there laughing and teasing each other on the platform, too distracted of anecdotes from our summers to board the train, and so when the whistle blew, we all rushed to join the last few stragglers boarding the scarlet steam engine.

“Oh, look! It’s Madison Cleansweep. Bugger, she is looking good isn’t she? Reckon she had some work done over the summer?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean her family is worth how much? I heard they have a new broom model coming out early next month. Getting loads of press it is. She’s probably spent all summer down at Madam Primpernelle's in Diagon Alley so she looks nice for the papers,” I scoffed, as Alice continued to peer at the Ravenclaw curiously.

I had limited tolerance for Madison Cleansweep. Hell, Cleansweep wasn’t even her last name. It was Ollerton, granddaughter of one of the three brothers that set up the Cleansweep Broom Company in the 20’s, though which one was her grandfather I’d never bothered to find out. Everyone called her Cleansweep though, it’s what she was known for, being connected to the company and all. And even I had to admit that Ollerton was a terrible last name. Although I still hated her for her constant efforts to steal my boyfriend.

The sudden influx of students onto the train resulted in us all squashed into the corridor like sardines and until some of the students further up moved into compartments, we were stuck here.

“Oh, shove, you lot!” Melody growled at a bunch of third years that had been elbowing her as they had tried to move around.

“I can’t see. Damned fifth years all grew. I can’t see a bloody thing." I tried peering over their heads, but the train, still gaining momentum, lurched, and I fell onto Anthony King.

“Merlin, I’m so sorry.” I blushed as he placed his hands on my shoulders to steady me.

“No problem, Nyx. How was your summer? How’s Watts? I haven’t spoken to him since he left." He laughed, flashing a perfect smile, and I remembered why I liked the Ravenclaw so much.

“Henry’s alright. Still in Wales, catching up will all of the family after the funeral. He hasn't seen them in years so he figured he'd make the most of the trip. Should be back in a few days.”

“Yeah, he mentioned before he left. Bet he’s not too happy about that. Well, obviously being his Grandmother and all. Lucky it’s a Friday though; means classes won’t start till Monday so he’ll miss less. Bloody hell, it’s our N.E.W.T year too.” He paused looking as though he couldn’t remember where the time went. Shaking his head in defeat he continued. “He’ll be really pisses about anything he misses then. I'll let him know I’ll make notes.” He smiled at me again. 

“He'd appreciate that." I nodded.

He laughed as he took my hand and attempted to find a way through the crowd.

Anthony, a Beater for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, was in the year above me with Henry. The two of them had been inseparable since they had met on the train first year. They had both been sorted into Ravenclaw and had both made the Quidditch team as soon as they had been allowed to tryout in second year.

Anthony’s muscular build, with his bulging, strong arms and broad chest, made him a perfect Beater. The fact that he never missed his target was a bonus as far as the rest of the team had been concerned.

Henry on the other hand, had more of a lithe build. He still had a broad chest and shoulders to match, but not to the same degree as Anthony. He was incredibly agile for his height and strength and had made Seeker as soon as the Captain had seen his flying ability. Everyone else still waiting to try out had just left, then and there.

The Beater and the Seeker, so different, except for their height, yet anyone would be surprised to learn they were not related at all. Brothers through all but blood, I suppose. The two were as inseparable as Sirius Black and James Potter and probably just as popular, although the two Ravenclaws spent more time in the Library than in detention.

The crowd hadn’t thinned much during my conversation with Anthony. If anything it was worse as people had come to see where their friends were. Anthony easily saw over the heads of everyone else however. Even Melody, whose legs went on forever.

“Hmm… Not much room anywhere... but I reckon over here. Need to get you out of this before you get squashed under these damned fifth years. Watts’d kill me if he got back and found his girlfriend in the Hospital Wing before even a week is out." He grabbed my Barn Owl with one hand and, with the other, started to pull me along behind him.

“Cheers, Anthony.” I laughed.

Merlin, why was I so short? And why did these third years have to hit their growth spurt early?

“Rae! Mel! Oi, Alice! This way!” I yelled over the heads of some second years as Anthony King continued to pull me towards the edge of the throng, everyone pressing themselves to the side of the corridor as they saw him heading in their direction.


I saw the top of Alice’s dark head moving towards me, with Reyna and Mel in tow. I made to turn back to Anthony, right when it happened.

I smelt it and groaned. Dungbombs. What troll thought that would be a good idea? Who was I kidding? I knew exactly who it was and I saw them as soon as Anthony pulled me out of the crowd, with new energy now the place stunk like dragon dung.

James Potter and Sirius Black were just short of rolling on the floor in laughter. They might well have been actually, if they knew they wouldn’t get squashed by the crowd of people hastily trying to evacuate the affected area.

They were both already in their robes and James had a Head Boy badge pinned to his. My eyebrows shot up but I didn't think much of it as Anthony, heading towards the two Gryffindors, continued to pull my arm out of its socket.

“Yeah, cheers, git,” Anthony snapped, when he’d managed to shove enough first years out of the way. I scowled at the back of his head.

"You alright?" I asked, catching one of them by the shoulder. The young blonde nodded before scampering off, leaving me to turn my attention back to Anthony.

“Hmm?” grinned Sirius, still watching the chaos unfold as the smell settled in to stay. He caught sight of Anthony glaring at him and changed his attention to the burley Ravenclaw Beater almost instantly.

“Sorry, King. Casualties, you know?” He was still grinning; his gray eyes alight as he admired his own genius.

“Something tells me you're not sorry at all,” muttered Anthony, his hands tightening around mine in his growing annoyance.

“Agh.” I pulled a face as my fingers began to turn numb.

Even with that slight noise James eyes snapped to me, suddenly realizing I was there. I felt uncomfortable as he peered at me curiously from behind his glasses while Sirius and Anthony continued their apparent staring competition.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met,” said James, a confident grin spreading across his face as he extended a hand towards me. “Are you new?”

“Well, this is awkward.” I snorted, raising a brow at him. “I’ve been here six years.”

“Ah.” The smile faltered on his face for less than a half a second, before it was back, stronger than ever. “King, your girlfriend's a charmer. Where’d you find her?”

I scowled furiously trying to hide my embarrassment at being mistaken for Anthony’s girlfriend. Rae would kill me. She’s been eyeing him off for years.

“She’s not mine, mate. Keira Nyx. Henry Watts’ girl. She’s in your house and everything, you sod. Granted, she’s in the year below, but you still share a common room, breakfast table and just about everything else." Anthony tore his eyes away from Sirius to glare at James.

Taking to mean that he'd won their silent match, Sirius turned his smug eyes towards me. He raised an eyebrow, as he looked me over. When his gaze ran up my legs and paused on my chest, I wanted to disappear into the floor.

“I’ve never seen you in the Common Room,” said James looking at me out of the corner of his eye, his face still towards Anthony.

“I spend most of my time in the library. I actually get work done in there. It seems to have far less distractions in the form of stink pellets, dancing furniture and impromptu parties," I deadpanned.

James and Sirius grinned at each other, probably remembering the last time they had made the furniture dance around Gryffindor Tower the night before exams. Needless to say, they had spent the following nights in detention, but something told me they still believed it worth it.

“Merlin! Finally!”

I whipped around, squirming my hand out of Anthony's still clentched fists, as I saw Melody, Alice and Reyna finally struggle out of the slowly dispersing crowd.

“Some idiots let off Dungbombs. Everyone around us panicked and pushed us back further. Took us forever to get through,” said Alice as she sniffed her sleeve pulling a face. “Ugh. I smell like dragon dung.”

“Ah. Should have known.” Rae rolled her eyes as she spied James and Sirius’s newfound laughter.

“The both of you, I swear to Godric – " Mel started before James realised just how furious his Gryffindor Chaser was.

“Oh, Andrews, it was only a bit of fun.” He smiled, a confident, apologetic grin on his face, despite his eyes still laughing behind his glasses.

“Save it for Evans, Potter.” Mel rolled her eyes before turning back to us. “Compartment? What’s the bet they’re all gone now, anyway?”

“I'd say very likely to definite,” I sighed as I eyed my own shirt, wondering how long it would take to get the smell out.

“Speaking of compartments, shouldn’t you be up in the Prefect one if you're Head Boy now?” grunted Anthony, clearly still annoyed that he smelt like manure.

James’s eyes flashed as he remembered Anthony was right and, nodding at his Chaser, headed off down the corridor towards the front of the train. Sirius watched him go, still grinning, before turning back to us.

“You might all want to get changed out of those clothes; you stink like Slytherins…”

“No thanks to you!” snapped Alice as the pushed past him and continued down the corridor, looking for a compartment. We followed in tow, Anthony coming up the rear, still holding Wren’s cage for me.

Melody had been right of course. All of the compartments were packed and the few that weren’t were full of Slytherins. We passed these by, deciding we stunk enough as it was.

Anthony left us as he found a near full compartment with his fellow Ravenclaws, handing me back my disgruntled bird.

“If you, or any of the other girls for that matter, run into any more trouble, let me know, yeah? Just because over half the girls at this school follow Potter and Black around, praising them, doesn't mean that they can be gits whenever they feel like it,” he said as he slipped into the compartment.

I smiled to myself as I continued walking up the train. Anthony was a nice guy and looked after me like a sister. And, even though he and I didn't have that type of relationship, I understood why Reyna fancied him.

And he did have wonderfully shiny hair...

“Just about everywhere else is full,” said Alice turning to face Mel, Rae and I. “You all happy to ask if we can join these guys?”

She jerked her thumb to the compartment on her left, and I snuck a glace through the glass to see Mary Macdonald, Rebecca Simmons and Leah Crawford; Gryffindor's in the year above us.

“Sure. As long as they're happy to put up with our stench.” I scowled.

Alice stuck her head into the compartment and coughed politely. “Um, hi. You three mind if we join you? Everywhere else is full.”

“Yeah, sure. Come on in. Lily will be back in a bit though. She’s down at the Prefects meeting at the moment, but there should still be enough room when she gets here,” laughed Rebecca, her black curls bouncing around her face.

Leah moved her cat off the seat next to her and shuffled down closer to Mary. “Here, there's plenty of room.” She smiled as she placed the ginger feline on her lap, scratching the disgruntled animal behind its ears. The thing was huge, at least four times the size of a normal pet and had the face of a lion. I was sure it was a cross breed. Even in the wizarding world, that wasn't normal, I was positive. Maybe a lynx or something.

The four of us shuffled into the compartment and I placed Wren on the luggage racks above us. I had promised to let her out of her cage for a bit once we were on the train, but with the cat in the compartment I thought better of it.

Once we were all in the confined space however, Mel, Rae, Alice and I realised the full extent of how much we smelt.

“Sorry,” grimaced Reyna as she noticed the looks the older girls were giving each other. “We ended up on the wrong end of a Potter and Black prank.”

“Ah, say no more,” said Mary as she whipped out her wand. “Here, let me help.”

The three older girls were lifesavers, managing to get the stench out of our clothes after only a few attempts. We filled them in on how we’d come to smell so bad, and by the end of it, they were all laughing. I looked at Mel who was grinning at me. We were both still pissed off at Potter and Black, but at least the seventh years weren't going to kick us out on our arses.

Sometime later, a face framed by bright red hair poked around the door, looking slightly confused at the sight of us, but happy all the same. Lily Evans sunk into the seat next to me and turned a quizzical eye to her friends.

“Everywhere else was full, so we said they could hang in here with us,” Mary answered the redheads silent question.

“Sorry. We ended up victims of a Potter and Black welcome back stunt. I’m sure you heard about that?” asked Mel, steering the conversation away from what could possibly result in Lily Evans evicting us from the compartment. None of us knew her well enough to rule out the possibility.

“Oh, Godric, yes! The whole train still smells like dragon dung. I gave Potter a right talking to when he finally made it to the meeting. Apparently the actual act was all Sirius, but as Head Boy he should know how to control his friends.” Lily rolled her eyes before continuing. “Not that I condone him pulling pranks like that at all, but I’m particularly surprised you were on the receiving end, Andrews. You're the house's best Chaser after all.”

Rebecca, who had also been a Chaser for the Gryffindor team the previous year, raised an eyebrow at her friend, before half-heartedly laughing it off. Everyone knew Melody was the best with the same amount of skill as than James Potter. Rebecca still looked slightly put out that Lily had said it out loud however.

“Ha! Yeah. I don’t think he realised I was there actually.” Mel blushed as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. “Huge build-up of people and I think they just saw the crowd and went with the idea. I’m going to give him a bloody talking to during our first training, though.” She looked to the dark haired older girl next to the window. “You’ll back me up, yeah, Simmons? He’ll want to run and hide if the both of us rip into him.”

Rebecca Simmons nodded, her blue eyes glinting at the idea of putting James Potter back in his box.“‘Course I will! I smelt how bad you all were when you walked in here. But I’m dropping Quididitch. Mum and dad said it was my N.E.W.T year and I needed to study; If I’d done better in my O.W.L.s I don’t think they would have cared. But anyway, I still think the only thing that would ever really deflate James Potters ego is darling Lily here. And even then, it’d be only temporary…”

Melody raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I knew she wouldn’t mourn the loss of her fellow Chaser. She’d been telling James all of last season that Rebecca hadn't been performing at her peak.

“You know, I wouldn’t care that he’s so good looking if only he didn’t know it too,” huffed Reyna to no one in particular. “That posse that follows him around would be enough to go to anyone’s head. The only thing he and Black are good for is keeping Snivellus in his place.”

Lily’s eyes flashed at the mention of Severus Snape, the boy who’d been her best friend for years before calling her the 'M' word...

Reyna had apparently noticed Lily’s flash of anger as well. She took a newfound interest in Leah’s cat, subtly removing herself from the conversation. I tried to suppress my chuckle; Rae hated cats.

“Speaking of Black,” Leah mused in her naturally airy voice, “I do believe he's become even better looking than he was before...”

Super. Even Leah, whose head was normally so in the clouds she didn’t notice a thing, thought Sirius Black was good looking. There was no hope for any of us now.

Alice giggled at Leah’s comment. “I think it’s because he got taller. He’s over 6 foot now."

"And don’t forget his hair! It’s grown longer, too.”

“Oh, and don’t forget his ego. That’s grown dramatically in size as well,” I muttered thinking back to that moment in the corridor earlier, where Sirius had eyed me up and down after he realised I existed.

My dark mood lifted ever so slightly when everyone laughed at my comment. I smirked as I turned to Lily. “So it’s true then? Potter’s Head Boy?”

“Unfortunately.” She rolled her eyes before continuing. “Which means I have to spend more time with him now. Bloody hell. I don’t know why Dumbledore gave him that badge, especially with him still letting Sirius throw Dungbombs at people five minutes onto the train.”

“Oh, shut it, Lils. Everyone knows you like him! He’s been fawning over you since third year, and you’d have to be as dumb as a concussed troll to see that you don’t revel in it.” Mary scowled in Lily’s direction.

Wait, what? I knew Potter praised the ground Lily walked on; Merlin, the whole school knew that. It was part of the reason his fan club was smaller than Sirius’s, as all the girls knew they stood no chance next to the striking red head with emerald eyes. That, and Sirius was better looking. Marginally, but it was enough.

I continued to roll Mary’s words around in my mind. They made sense in a roundabout way. What was that saying? If someone's mean to you, it means they likes you. Then again, if you followed that logic, Potter and Snape would be announcing their engagement any day now.

Not liking the mental image that gave me, I turned my attention back to the conversation, still about James Potter being Head Boy.

“What were you and King talking to him about before we got there Keira? Anthony looked like he was about to punch Potter’s perfect teeth out.”

I saw Reyna blush at the mention of Anthony, and she gave even more attention to the now purring ginger cat. I knew she was still listening, and smiling to myself, I answered Mel’s question.

“King was pissed, they thought I was his girlfriend, it got awkward, and that's about it.”

“Woah, woah, woah! King? As in Anthony King?” Rebecca squealed, her eyes dancing. “You're friends with Anthony King? OH MY GOSH! THEY THOUGHT YOU WERE DATING ANTHONY KING?! He must have been all over you if they thought that! You have to introduce me!”

I slipped a glance at Rae and noticed her face turn even darker with Rebecca’s outburst and squealing. I felt the heat rising in my own cheeks, and searched my brain for a way to turn Rebecca off the idea of Anthony.

“Ah,” I stuttered. This was awkward. “Yeah. Anthony King. He’s in a dorm with my actual boyfriend, Henry Watts. He and Henry are really good mates. Anthony’s like a brother.”

“So you’ll introduce me?” Rebecca urged, her eyes still alight at the thought of the dashing Ravenclaw Beater.

“Um. Sure.”

I wanted to hit myself. I almost did. I didn’t particularly want to introduce Anthony to Rebecca. I didn’t want to introduce them at all to be dead honest. Not that I had a problem with her…it was just Rae. She’d liked him for years, and if Rebecca and Anthony hit it off, I knew I’d never forgive myself. Then again, I couldn’t have exactly said no, could I? Especially after she helped remove the smell of Dragon droppings from my clothes. I crossed my fingers that the opportunity to introduce them would never arise.

“Leave her alone, Becs,” laughed Mary, pushing her light brown hair behind her ears before turning her attention to me. “Now, Henry Watts you said? He’s in our year isn’t he? Ravenclaw, tall, light brown hair, blue eyes and cheekbones to die for? ”

My face was on fire by this point and I thanked Godric when Melody cut in. “That’s the one. Seeker, with eyes that make you melt when he looks at you.” Her voice was airy, as she raised her hand to her forehead and pretended to swoon.

Rae, Alice and I snorted with laughter at Melody’s impersonation of the fourth year Hufflepuffs we’d overheard at a Quidditch game last year.

The older girls laughed at the re-enactment as well, though they obviously didn’t understand the reference.

“So, where is this boyfriend then, Nyx? Why isn’t he here for you to introduce us?” Lily questioned me, grinning.

“Wales actually. His grandmother passed away over break. He’ll be back at school in a few days.” I looked down at my shoes as I spoke. I still hated the idea of Henry not being here. I wished that I could have gone with him.

“Ah. Sorry to hear that.”

Murmurs of apology came from the other three senior girls.Trust me to kill the conversation. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, playing with my nails as the cabin fell silent. The only noise was coming from Leah’s cat, still purring as Reyna scratched it, merely so she could keep her hands busy. Right when the silence was verging on becoming awkward, the doors to the compartment flung back suddenly. I jumped at the intrusion, while the ginger cat hissed. Wren began to flap her wings agitatedly at the feline’s sudden hostility.

James Potter and Sirius Black stood in the doorway of the compartment grinning. They filled the doorway with their six-foot frames as they cast their eyes about the space. James’s hazel eyes found Lily immediately, who frowned at him. Sirius glanced at the cat, before deciding to ignore it, with the feline still hissing at his intrusion. Avoiding eye contact, I saw Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew still in the corridor outside under James’s arm.

Peter Pettigrew, a short, slightly tubby Gryffindor with straw blonde hair and who had seemed to develop a nervous habit of twitching his nose, was the complete opposite of his friends.

All three of the others were tall; James marginally the shortest, with Sirius only just above him. Remus, while the tallest, was also the skinniest, and for not the first time, I wondered how he couldn’t keep any weight on his frame.

Remus Lupin sported a lanky build and pale complexion, but some of the kindest brown eyes you’d ever see. His calm and reasonable nature was probably the only reason his friends hadn’t blown up Gryffindor tower long ago, unable to stop them from performing their pranks but persuasive enough to stop the more... dangerous ones. While the prefect and I had never spoken, I knew him by sight, as I regularly spied him amongst the shelves of the Library when he wasn’t away from school, visiting his sick mother.

“Naw, none of you smell like the Slytherin's anymore!” complained Sirius loudly, snapping my attention away from Remus Lupin, who was still standing awkwardly in the corridor.

James ran his hands over his head, making his black hair messier than normal. He continued to smirk at Lily as she glared at him, oblivious to the conversation around him.

“Yeah, cheers for that, git,” snapped Mel, her eyes ablaze. “If it weren’t for these guys, my clothes would still stink. And trust me when I say, I’ll find some way to repay the favour, even if it means leaving the stinking clothes in your dormritory”

“Ah, Andrews,” sighed Sirius, a smirk spreading across his face. “You know you're dying for me to have your panties in my room. No need to use revenge as a cover-up.”

Melody leapt to her feet at this, startling Leah’s cat, which was already on edge. It jumped up onto the luggage rack near Wren’s cage and continued to hiss at Sirius from its new vantage point.

I ignored Melody’s choice selection of words and watched Wren cautiously. The Barn Owl was eying the ginger cat, not comfortable with its new location. Luckily, the cat’s gaze was still on Sirius, though if it turned its attention to Wren, I was going to have to intervene.

Sirius turned to the hissing ginger animal and let out a low, warning growl from the back of his throat.

At the noise, James placed a warning hand on his best friends shoulder. “Padfoot, mate. Watch it. That’s Crawford’s cat. Don’t be stupid…”

But the cat had already retreated to the back of the luggage rack.

“Sirius, James; we should leave these ladies alone.”

I looked back at Lupin. Shuffling his feat in the corridor, he looked uncomfortable, while Peter was watching the drama unfold in our compartment next to him, with avid interest.

“‘Kay Moony. We’ve had our fun.” Sirius looked around the compartment, eyes travelling over me as if I wasn’t there.

He winked at Melody, completely unaware of the insults she’d been yelling at him less than a minute before, and left the compartment. James quickly followed suit, still grinning at Lily as he left.

“Pompous git,” she muttered as the Head Boy winked at her through the glass, before disappearing out of sight down the corridor.

“They're peculiar, aren't they? The way all four of them assume,” Leah trailed off, rising out of her seat to fetch the cat out of the back of the luggage racks. “There, there, Levi," she cooed, scratching the it behind its ears.

“Growling indeed,” said Alice absentmindedly. “That was so weird.”

I chose not to respond and settled myself back down next to Lily, shutting my eyes. My mind wandered with the thoughts of my bed in Gryffindor Tower and soon the conversation of the compartment became distant in the background of my dreams; dreams where I could wipe that smirk off Sirius Black’s perfect face.

Authors Note:
Hi, all. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's my first fan fiction and an ongoing project of mine. Hopefully you all enjoyed and I hoped you liked reading this as much as I liked writing it.

Favourite quotes, characters, moments? Let me know, I love to hear what you all think as it means I can incorporate similar things in to future chapters. ^_^

Reviews are better than chocolate,
- Adele :)

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