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Wolfish Perspectives by MoonyistheBestMarauder
Chapter 1 : The Bite That's Worse Than The Bark
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I do not own anything you might recognize! Thank you JK Rowling for creating such a magical world for all of us!

My name is Bianca Maddox. I am a pure-blood witch, and, this year, I will be a seventh year Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have long dark brown hair and electric blue eyes that I didn’t seem to inherit from any of my relatives. I am 5’4’’, and pretty skinny, but not too much. All in all, I’m a pretty average witch.

But the most important thing you should know about me is that I’m a werewolf.

July 30th, 1977. The day that changed my entire life. For better or worse.

I glanced at my watch: 9:08 PM. The air outside was cool, the sky changing to a red and gray color. The dark trees stood out against the glowing background. The moon was rising as the sun set. It was full tonight, creating a strange glow on the earth.

I stared down at the textbook, twirling my quill in my hand as I thought. I hated Ancient Runes sometimes; too much work.

After a few more translations, I dropped my book on my bed and stood up to stretch. I walked over to my owl, Vitali, and fed her two small treats. She nipped them up hungrily, ruffling her feathers in gratitude.

I made my way out of my room. It was at the end of a hallway, with the bathroom on the left and the living room on the right. I continued past the rooms to where the hallway opened up into the kitchen. I yawned tiredly, opening the fridge to eat, when I heard it.

A bloodcurdling scream. Mum.

I raced back into the bedroom and snatched my wand. Thirteen inches, laurel, core of dragon heartstring. I trusted this wand with my life.

I sprinted through the house to the back porch, where the scream had come from. I could see flashes of light coming from outside the screen door. I pushed in open and ran even faster as I observed the scene. I stopped behind an oak tree, about ten yards away.

There were four figures dueling. The first one I recognized immediately.

Mum was backing up to the garden shed as she waved her wand menacingly, casting and dodging all sorts of unknown spells. The other three were against her, all tall and robed in black. I couldn’t see their faces because they wore polished silver masks. Death Eaters.

“Stupefy!” I cried, extending my wand arm towards a Death Eater as I stepped out from behind the tree. He tumbled backwards, and Mum shot a grateful look in my direction that soon turned to worry as she saw me.

Another Death Eater shot a nonverbal spell towards me, which I blocked easily with a shield charm. Mum started to yell something at me, but stopped to defend herself against a spell from the other wizard. He didn’t pause for her to continue her sentence.

I cast all the spells I knew, but he must’ve known what I was going to do, for he always blocked them in time. I racked my brain for any nonverbal spells, until finally I remembered one. It was popular at school, and I doubted any professional Death Eaters would take the time to learn it. I didn’t know if it would help me, but I could try.

Levicorpus! I thought in my mind, pointing my wand at the Death Eater. He shot up into the air, hoisted up by his ankle by an invisible force. He moved about madly, and I took the opportunity to cast another spell his way. Then, with one lucky shot, I stunned him.

Mum glanced towards me for a moment, her opponent distracted by ropes entangling his body. She sent me a warning glance, just as the Death Eater untied the last rope. I opened my mouth to scream a warning, but she yelled first.

“BIA! BEHIND YOU! RUN!” Then, she was forced to turn back to duel once more. The air was silent except for the occasional explosions from the spells they cast. Then I heard it, a slight movement behind me, the sound of heavy breathing. My heartbeat was wild as I slowly turned around. I tried to stay calm as I spotted the beast.

It was a werewolf. Fully grown, sharp teeth, long claws, and a murderous look in its eyes. This was no ordinary wolf. This was something out to kill.

It took a step towards me, eyeing me hungrily. I stayed still for a moment before shooting a Disarming spell at it and sprinting the other direction. I could hear its footsteps behind me after it recovered from the shock. They became louder and I barely dared to glance back. When I did, I could see its breath in the cold air.

I held my wand by my side, running faster than I’d ever run before. I ran past my mom, who shrieked as I came near. I knew she wanted to help me, but her opponent wasn’t letting her. I could hear the beast coming closer and closer, until a sharp pain struck the back of my arm. I let out a cry of agony, clutching the wound and feeling blood stain my clothes. I blinked several times to keep from letting the tears of pain escape, clogging my vision. I kept running, my legs going numb.

Then another pain struck me, even worse this time. The werewolf had scratched my back, and I could feel as air hit the gash, leaving it stinging. My legs threatened to slow down, and I shook my head fiercely, trying to focus my entire soul upon my destination: the house.

I couldn’t stop. I would die if I stopped. Even if it felt like I would die if I kept running, I couldn’t give up. I was not going to die. I wasn’t. I was going to go back to school. I was going to graduate Hogwarts and become a Healer at St. Mungo’s. I was going to get married and buy a house and have a family. I was going to live.

It was these thoughts that convinced my legs to keep going. It was these thoughts that most likely did keep me alive. And it was these thoughts that were interrupted as an enormous pain struck my head and I collapsed to the earthy ground.

I heard a distant shriek that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I was staring at the sky, my vision foggy. I could feel the gash on my back deepening as it rubbed against the ground, but I tried to ignore it. My head was throbbing, and it took all my willpower to keep myself from passing out. I heard a sniffing sound coming from my right side and then a deep howl. A loud thud sounded from far away and I heard someone yelling and running towards me.

Suddenly, pain struck me again. This was worse than the gash on my back, or even my head, which I was sure was bleeding. It was my right wrist, and it felt as though someone was stabbing me with a knife. I let out a small scream, trying to twist my head to look at my arm. I saw a brown figure hunched over me, and it wasn’t human. I tried to jerk my arm away, but my muscles weren’t responding.

Then, there was a flash of brilliant light, and the figure was blasted backwards. The pain was immediately relieved, though I could still feel the open wounds. Someone kneeled down next to me, and then everything went black.

Author's Note:
Hey guys! This is my second fanfic, and I've been working on it for a while, but one of my biggest problems is first chapters! I can never figure out how to start a story!! Do you guys ever get that way?
This chapter almost acts as a prologue, and the real adventures start next chapter, so stick around!
Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed it, and if you did (or didn't), please review! I love getting reviews, and I'll be sure to respond to them! Thanks for reading!
PS- thank you Fawks5 for all the support! I love you!

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Wolfish Perspectives: The Bite That's Worse Than The Bark


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