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A Series of Uncomfortable Events by DarlingDragon
Chapter 1 : Care Of Magical Creatures- Fifth year
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The air wasn’t as warm as it could be, but it wasn’t freezing either, which was good enough for Hagrid to have his class outside.

Draco scowled at this thought and tugged his black suede jacket tighter around himself to ward out the bitter breeze that was currently rumpling up his hair. Blaise and Theodore walked beside him, grumbling about how stupid Hagrid was for even thinking about having his class outside.

As much as Draco would have loved to join in on this little tirade, he was too busy focusing on staying warm, rather than coming up with witty insults for the large oaf, who thought it was a good idea to handle dangerous creatures. Draco had no idea what Hagrid expected them to do with half of the dangerous creatures he sneaks onto Hogwarts grounds.

Perhaps knit them little sweaters or something just as ridiculous.

Whatever Hagrid had planned for them today, Draco could only hope that the class would speed right along by, so that he could go back inside and focus intently on Quidditch.

Draco, Blaise, and Theodore pulled to a stop just on the outskirts of the small crowd of green and navy blue that had gathered outside Hagrid’s front door. Where Hagrid was, well, that was another story.

“Really? He has class outside and he doesn’t even have the decency to show up on time.” Theodore grumbled bitterly as he rubbed his hands furiously together in an attempt to warm them. Draco glanced over his shoulder at Theodore, to acknowledge his presence, before he turned back towards the small hut that Hagrid called a home, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and sighing, his breath coming out in a light puff.

It took five more minutes of standing around and freezing their butts off before there was any indication that class was about to begin. A large figure moving in the woods off to the side of the hut drew everyone’s attention in that direction as they watched Hagrid come lumbering out.

In his hand he held fast to six thick strands of rope, which seemingly led up to nothing.

“Thestrals,” an airy voice said amongst the low murmur of students talking. This caused everyone to fall silent and turn to look towards where Hagrid was tugging these invisible creatures along

“’ery good Luna, five points ter Ravenclaw.” Draco scowled heavily at this and Blaise grumbled something inaudible under his breath, though Draco was guessing that if he said it any louder he’d get some dirty looks.

“See this here? These are Thestrals these are.” Draco squinted slightly, but even with his eyes in slits, he couldn’t make out anything attached to the ropes.

“I see it,” Blaise said, staring off in Hagrid’s direction. Draco and Theodore shot Blaise a glance at the same time, and Blaise scowled before he said, “…D-Don’t you?” Draco didn’t bother answering as he turned his gaze back towards Hagrid, Theodore shaking his head in Draco’s absent response.

“The thing you want ter know ‘bout Thestrals, is tha’ they can only be see by people who have seen death.”

“That’s cheerful,…” A low voice grumbled from the back of the crowd. Draco could only guess a Slytherin, for he couldn’t picture a Ravenclaw saying something so sarcastic to a new piece of knowledge.

“Now then, imma split ya up inter pairs now.”

Theodore and Blaise got paired together, leaving Draco to fend for himself and pray that he could at least get someone decent. Of course, Draco would not be that lucky, and when Hagrid’s eyes finally landed on him, Draco felt all that hope leave him.

“An’ Malfoy, you can pair up with Luna.” Draco felt his shoulders slump as he turned his steely gray eyes to glance over at where he last saw Luna. She wasn’t there. Draco scowled as Blaise and Theodore both shot him sympathetic looks and moved on. Draco glared after them. They weren’t sympathetic, they were just happy it wasn’t one of them. Swangs.

Draco let his eyes wander around the yard when suddenly he caught sight of Luna’s blond white hair. She stood off to the side of the group, seemingly petting the air as if a horse stood before her.

Sighing heavily, Draco made his way towards where Luna stood, keeping his eyes glued to the ground, when he caught sight of Luna’s bare feet. Draco stopped short and scowled before he lifted his head. Luna smiled at the air before she let her hand fall and glanced at Draco.

“They are very gentle, really.” Draco stared at her for a moment before he said back flatly, “You’re bare foot.”

Luna glanced down and smiled brighter, nodding and wiggling her toes in the frost covered grass. “Yes, I seemed to have misplaced my shoes.” Luna suddenly looked up at him and asked, “If you find a pair of color changing converse, could you return them to me?” 

Draco scowled and shoved his hands deeper into his pockets. “No,” he answered back with a bit of bite in his tone.

Luna shrugged and turned back to the invisible creature. “That’s alright, I already have Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Neville looking for them. If I send too many people after them, they might get scared and hide forever.”

Draco stared at Luna as though she had just admitted to having a crush on the Giant Squid. She talked about her shoes as if they had god damn feelings! Draco shook his head, his blond white hair flopping in his face momentarily before the breeze began to toy with it again.

It was quiet for a long, drawn out moment before Luna finally whispered, as though she were relying a secret, “Can you see him?” Draco scowled and glanced at the spot where she was looking before he shook his head.

“No,” Luna nodded her head all knowingly.

“My mum died. She was a very extraordinary witch, and one day, one of her experiments went badly wrong. I was nine.” Draco stared at the invisible spot before him for a long time before he finally said, reaching a hand up to scratch absentmindedly at his cheek,

“Oh.” Luna nodded her head again.

“Yes, it was quite tragic. I do feel sad about it sometimes but, I’ve got dad.” Draco shifted uncomfortably, moving his weight from one foot to the next. Where was Crabbe and Goyle, or Blaise and Theodore, or even PANSY when he needed them?

“I saw your dad before, in Borgin and Burkes.” Draco glanced at Luna and came to find that she was watching him intently, with her large baby blue eyes. Draco shifted uncomfortably once more.

“…Oh,” it was the only complete phrase he could think of to say! But Luna didn’t seem to mind his one word answers, and a small smile split a crossed her face.

“You look a lot like him. But you shouldn’t grow your hair out that long.” Draco stared at Luna for one moment, two moments, his brain slowly turning to try and find something to say, anything to say!

“You probably shouldn’t scowl as much too, it’ll cause wrinkles.”

The loud bell in the clock tower chimed loudly over the grounds of Hogwarts. Luna smiled and reached a hand up to touch the invisible creature once more. Draco had already begun to book it back to the castle, feeling the awkwardness of the recent conversation still lingering about him like a large black cloud.

He reached the top of the hill and froze, glancing over his shoulder to scan for Theodore and Blaise.

Luna had remained where she was, idly petting the invisible creature that Draco could not see. Draco scowled, then forced himself not to, then ran a frustrated hand through his hair before he turned, his efforts to make himself not scowl vanishing, before he quickly started back up to the castle.






DarlingDragon: So this is my first chapter and it’s kind of short but that’s ok! I have an idea of how I want this to go, I just needed to start it somewhere. Leave me reviews and stuff so I know what to make better and all that. Also rate!

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