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Those Potter men by GinnyFan91
Chapter 1 : Those Potter men
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Authors note: So this is just a small, simple story about the Potter men and their Red-Heads - hope you enjoy - and please, read and review! (if you like this check out my novel "Being in love", it's a H/G story)










”Wow,” Lily looked quiet shocked at the healer, happiness evident in her eyes and her smile, “wow, I didn’t really expect this so soon!” She was pregnant, pregnant with James child – it was so surreal!


Lily and James had been married for six months and two months ago they decided it was time for them to start a family, Lily had expected it to take six months or so for her to get pregnant, she knew her own mother had had problems conceiving, so this was all very unexpected!


“Well Mrs. Potter,” it was still weird for Lily to be called Mrs. Potter, she had been Ms. Evans all her life, but she very much enjoyed being Mrs. Potter! Being married to James was the best thing that had ever happened to her, “you are free to go home now, but please come in for a check-up in two months or so - you may experience a bit of morning sickness, but a normal potion against nausea should do it”, the healer was an elder witch with grey hair, but she was very kind!


“Thank you,” Lily said before getting ready to go home, “Now all I have to do is tell my husband,” she said, wondering how to break the news to James.









Ginny Potter was sitting in the living room reading while listening to a game of Quidditch on the wireless radio in the corner, suddenly she stood up, ran to the bathroom and went violently ill, the nausea had come very sudden and surprised her, she hadn’t been sick for a long time!


“What the… is wrong with me,” she muttered while brushing her teeth


While placing the toothbrush back in the cupboard a thought hit her – She was never ill and very rarely this tired, there had to be a reason! But she couldn’t be, could she? She always used the birth control potion for crying out loud – except, what about a month ago when Harry had taken her away for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary? Thinking back she was pretty sure she had forgotten to take her potion when they arrived, Harry had surprised her by having champagne and strawberries ready and one thing had let to another – yep, she was pretty sure she had forgotten all about her potion at that time!


“Better get checked by a healer,” she muttered to herself before turning to the fireplace and deciding to floo to St. Mungo’s.


Once at St. Mungo’s Ginny was almost sure she was pregnant, she was a very logical woman and nothing else would fit to her symptoms; however she was going to make sure by seeing a healer before jumping to conclusions.


“Yes, Mrs. Potter what can I do for you?” a young healer asked her when it was her turn, the woman in front of her had brown curly hair and warm, kind eyes, Ginny instantly felt safe in her company.


“Well,” Ginny started, her eyes nervous and her fingers twirling a lock of her red hair, “I think I might be pregnant – I mean, I feel so tired and two mornings I’ve been suddenly ill and throwing up. Besides I know I forgot my birth control potion once a month ago,” Ginny was babbling but found it hard to stop, “Anyway, I just wanted to be sure?”


“I see,” the kind healer started, “Well we’ll just make a simple test to see whether or not you’re right about being pregnant – It will only take a minute dear, then you’ll know!”









Lily Potter was walking around the living room of her house in Godric’s Hollow, waiting for her husband to come home, he was on a duty for the Order of the Phoenix, as if she wasn’t nervous enough about him being on duty, now she was twice as nervous about how to tell him she was pregnant already!


“Lily,” she heard the front door open and James walked into the living room quickly, “Hi love,” he greeted her with a smile and a kiss – he took her in his arms and Lily sighed content, this was where she belonged, with James.


“Hello to you too,” she smiled, still a bit nervous,


“er, James?” she started, “you know how we talked about starting a family soon?” She looked him in his beautiful hazel eyes,


“yeah,” he said, a mischievous smile at his face, “Lily Potter, are you trying to seduce me?” he grinned down at her, “because I’m absolutely at your service, you know that, right?” James obviously didn’t get what she was trying to tell him!


“Actually love, that want be necessary, although I wouldn’t mind seducing you later,” Lily couldn’t help herself, she always teased him, it was one of her ways of showing James how much she loved him – one of her ways!


“What?” James expression was confused, “You---, you changed your mind about starting a family? I know it was a bit soon, I just thought we were ready, but I understand Lily, it’s okay if you’re not ready yet to…”


“James – stop!” Lily interrupted him, she could hear he was about to panic and he had totally misunderstood her! “That’s not what I’m saying at all!”


“You just want to postpone it a bit then?” James had a hurt expression at his face, but tried to sound like it was okay with him but Lily knew him too well – she could now clearly see how eager he was to become a father, he really and truly wanted to!


“James,” she said clear and with a smile, “I’m pregnant”









“I really am pregnant,” Ginny whispered to herself, her hands on her stomach, “wow!”


“Did you say something dear?” the healer asked her with a smile, seeing how happy Ginny was with the news.


“No”, Ginny smiled, “no, not at all, I just wanted to know if I’m okay to go home?” She was eager to come home and tell Harry the news, although also a bit worried, they hadn’t talked about starting a family yet, she knew he wanted children very much, she just wasn’t sure if he was ready yet!


“Oh yes, you’re absolutely fine, go home to that husband of yours,” the healer told her with a wink, Ginny sighed, it wasn’t easy going anywhere without people recognizing either her face or at least her name! Harry Potter, the savior of the wizarding world, was known everywhere! But he was her husband, her Harry, and she was going to have a baby with him! Ginny smiled and flooed home to their house just outside of London.


When she landed in front of the fireplace in their living room she was greeted by a pair of strong arms grapping her waist,


“Hi love,” she heard Harry whisper in her ear as he almost crushed her in a fierce hug, he pulled away, looked at her and kissed her lips softly.


“hey you,” she smiled at him, kissing him back and making sure he didn’t moved his arms from around her waist, she loved being in his arms. Ever since the first time she felt Harry’s arms around her when he saved her from the Chamber of Secrets, she had felt safe there, it was the only place she felt completely and one hundred percent safe – in Harry’s arms!


Harry stroke a lock of her fiery red hair away from her face, and looked at her with concern, “Where’ve you been? You were gone when I came home?”


“I – eh..” Ginny didn’t really know what to tell him, “I just needed to check something,” she said slowly while leaning against Harry’s chest.


“By the way, I need to tell you something,” Harry said warily, “I’ve got a new case today, but I have to work together with some people from the other departments to solve it,” Harry worked at the Ministry of Magic as an auror and was highly respected among his co-workers,


“Well that sounds interesting love?” Ginny said, a bit confused as to why he was telling her this now,


“yeah,” Harry continued, “but just so you know, one of the other people on this case is Cho, you remember Cho Chang right?” – Oh yeah, Ginny remembered Cho Chang, and she couldn’t stand her!


“Well in that case,” Ginny said with a smile, an idea suddenly popped into her head, “You better be careful, I heard that pregnant women tend to get pretty jealous at their husband’s ex-girlfriends”


Ginny smiled and waited for Harry to realize what she had just said, but instead he said,


“Aw Gin, you know you have no reason to be jealous of her,” he was clearly confused, Ginny wasn’t really the jealous type, what he knew of “you know I love you like no other, I never even really dated Cho, it was just an awkward crush and one date, besides she is nothing like you, you are amazing,” Ginny could hear how desperate he was to make sure she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable with him working with Cho Chang, “You’re beautiful, you’re sweet, caring, funny and the best thing that ever happened to me, okay love?”


“Harry, calm down – I don’t think you heard what I said! To spell it out for you and save us more misunderstandings – I’m pregnant!”









“What,” James whispered, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth, “Lily, love, are you serious??”


“Yes James,” Lily said with a huge smile on her face, “I’m absolutely serious – we’re going to have a baby James!” Lily was excited, and she could see the reality hitting James, a smile spreading wide on his face now.


“We’re going to have a baby! Oh my, I can’t believe it!” He took Lily in his arms, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her deeply and passionately – letting his lips linger on hers, kissing her cheeks, her nose and then her forehead before whispering in her ear, “I’ve never been this happy before love, absolutely never!”


“Me neither,” Lily whispered back, pulling back a bit so she could see his eyes and face – James face was lit up by a huge smile, she pulled his face to hers, resting her forehead against his before whispering, “James, we’re going to be parents!”


“Yeah, Lily,” James said, still smiling, “we are – and we’re going to be great parents love!”


“I know love, we’ll do the best we can for this baby, and the baby will definitely be loved!”









“You’re what??” Harry said clearly shocked –


“I’m pregnant Harry,” Ginny whispered, tears threatening to well up in her eyes, “I know we talked about waiting for a bit longer, but it just happened and…”


Harry stopped her by kissing her deeply and passionately – “Gin,” he whispered, “Don’t do this – I love you, I want to have a family with you – and I’m so happy about this!” Harry smiled, happiness clear in his face!


He took her in his arms and lifted her from the floor, hugging her so fiercely that she could barely breathe. Harry touched her face, grinning at her, looking into her chocolate brown eyes and then kissing her lips softly while caressing her neck softly.


He then pulled back and frowned a bit, “I just can’t understand how this happened Gin,” he said, still smiling but a bit confused, “I mean, you used your potion every time didn’t you?”


“Remember when you surprised me with a weekend away for our anniversary?” Ginny said grinning, “well, I’m pretty sure I forgot my potion that night, you kind of took me by surprise” Ginny winked at him, “But I really don’t mind” she then whispered to him.


“Me neither,” Harry told her sincerely, “I really don’t mind either love, we’re going to be parents!”


“Yeah we are,” Ginny sighed happily, “we really are going to be parents”

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