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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 19 : Chapter Eighteen: Bonding Time and Unexpected Reconciliation
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I’m kinda confused right now. So….I wake up the next morning in the hospital wing after a perfectly uninterrupted sleep full of happiness and peace at the idea of making up with the Weasley-Potters, and on the bedside table is the necklace. The necklace. The one that James gave me for my birthday in August. The one that Rose ripped from my neck after the whole Elisha-Scorpius-James party alcohol-induced fiasco.  For some irrational reason, I thought that I’d never see it again. I don’t know why I thought that I wouldn’t, but I did.

There it lay, glittering under the morning rays of sun that gently floated through the open wide window right over my bed. The little mini burrow made my heart speed up and immediately everything came flooding through me like a tidal wave.

 James and I in first year, meeting in the train.

James and I playing quidditch in the backyard of the burrow.

James and I plotting to steal the marauders map.

James and I pranking the entire Slytherin house in fourth year.

James and I in detention…numerous times.

James and I in the pond this past summer.

James and I dancing at my party.

James and I laughing, smiling, breathing…his intoxicating scent….

James and I….


It hit me.

He left it here. I knew that he still cares. I don’t care if he doesn’t come to visit me or doesn’t want to talk to me, because I will tell him how I feel. Soon….hopefully.

I know that I’m a Gryffindor, but to be honest, I really am a freaking chicken. Especially when it comes to shit like this. I just don’t do the whole “admitting your feelings to your best friend of six years” thing. I also am not one to walk through this sort of situation without a single scratch, or torrential tsunami for that matter. For all I know, the whole school will combust in about forty seconds when I tell James how I feel about him. Or Voldemort will rise again and everyone will hate me because it would be all my fault.

I slowly reached out to the shimmering necklace and grasped it. It felt cool in my hands, as if it were vibrating. Without realizing it, a tear was spilling down my cheek. It dripped down my chin and onto the soft white hospital blankets. I held the necklace close to my chest and treasured it. I still had him. I still had them all. I still had the burrow. I still had friendship…even though it’s still buried.

I couldn’t wear this yet. Not until I properly talk to James.

I don’t have to profess my undying love to him yet. I can’t do that yet. Everything is still too fragile and I’m still a hyperventilating psycho bitch. (But then again, I’ll always be.)

James is still with Elisha, he’s probably still royally pissed off at something, and I’m here, still processing the fact that I had them all back. No, what I needed now was his friendship.

I wanted James to be my best friend again and that is going to happen. Screw romanticism and sappy feelings and true love. For now anyways. I needed to rebuild this shit and talk to him.

James Sirius Potter and his family mean so much to me. I didn’t realize how much until I briefly lost them for those small significant two weeks. What would happen if I lost them forever? What if they died? What if they left? What if I could never see them again?

I would break.

I can barely stand two weeks away from them. However, in a way I’m glad that I did. Not only did it let me stretch out and see the good side of other people outside of my little small world that revolved around nothing but me, but it also made me appreciate this family more.

So I breathed in and breathed out. I gave the necklace a small squeeze and placed it back on the bedside table. It glinted in the sunlight.

I looked away from it and felt my head. The bandages were still wrapped around my head like a messed up turban, with huge locks of my messy red hair hanging out clumsily, plastering to my face and streaming over my shoulders. At least the pounding headache was gone and I was no longer tired. In fact, with the exception of a few sore limbs, I felt like I could fucking strip right now and jump off the castle and still be alive.

“You’re awake I see.”

My head snapped up to see Rose walking toward me. She had a huge grin on her face and her big blue eyes shined majestically at me. Again, I have never seen a more beautiful girl than Rose Weasley at the moment.

Her long red curly hair was pulled back into a thick braid with strands of small curls hanging around her face. She was in her Hogwarts uniform, but she had ditched the robes, leaving her in her jumper, skirt, red and gold tie, collared shirt, knee high socks, and shoes. I briefly wondered what time it was.

“No, I’m definitely asleep.” I retaliated, surprised that my voice was strong.

“You know what today is, don’t you?” She asked, ignoring my last comment. Her eyes shone with excitement and the huge grin on her face was starting to creep me out. I may have missed her, but still…there are limits.

“Um…creeper’s day?” I asked with a small shrug.

“Har, har.” She retaliated sarcastically before exclaiming, “Today is Friday! The Autumn ball is happening tonight at eight!”

Oh. I forgot about that.

Despite the beautiful dress that Dom had picked out for me, I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to go. I couldn’t explain it, but I guess…I don’t know.

“Cool. Have fun.” I said.

Rose gave me this mortified look that made me want to crawl under my bed and cower in fear. “Have fun? HAVE BLOODY FUN? What are you implying Elaquay fucking Smithson?”

“Um….that I would enjoy it if you, Rose Weasley, indulged in some entertaining activities offered by this so called festivity…”

“Oh shut up. What I mean is….you’re not GOING?”

Her eyes bugged out of her head.

“Well, I don’t see how I can given the current shitsauce I’m in right now. Plus, I don’t have a date.” I said with a small shrug.

“But…you and Derrick…” She had a confused look on her face and I just realized how little I’ve talked to her in two weeks.

“We broke up.” I deadpanned, feeling something heavy smash my stomach.

Rose clenched her mouth and kept staring at me with wide eyes before nodding slightly. “Oh, well then…you can just come with me if you want.”

“There are a few problems with that suggestion. First off, I’m here with a fucking turban on my head and possessing no knowledge of my current medical condition, second, I don’t want to be a third wheel on your date.” I attempted to scratch my forehead, but the stupid gauze was still blocking it. It just made the itch all the more worse, knowing that I couldn’t scratch it. Fucking dammit.

“Pfft. I’m going with Jeremy. He won’t give a bloody shit about you tagging along.” She rolled her eyes slightly at the mention of Jeremy and I couldn’t help but let my mouth drop open. Whoa…I did not see that one coming.

“You’re going with…with….with JEREMY?”  I exclaimed.

“Oh don’t get your knickers in a twist. I didn’t have a date and I didn’t want to look like a fool. He asked me so I thought, why not? He isn’t a bad looking bloke or anything…”

“But he likes you.” I retaliated.

“I know. It’s irritating, but I have some sympathy you know.” She placed a hand on her hip as she said this, glaring at me with challenging eyes.

“Why aren’t you going with Malfoy?” I blurted before I could let my mind process anything. No filter. No nothing. Shit. I am such a fucking screw up. Why would she go with Malfoy? Maybe I thought that after I yelled at him about being a pushover and when Lily agreed that I was right…that maybe he’d stand his ground, tell Lily off, and chase after Rose. Well, not that Rose would take him anyways…not before making him crawl on his knees, beg for forgiveness for being so damn pathetic, and stripping him off all of his manly dignity (not that he has any). Maybe I was wrong about Malfoy. Maybe he doesn’t like Rose anymore. Maybe he officially chose Lily.

“Why would I go with Malfoy? He’s going with Lily.” She responded in a cold and bitter voice.

The little shit.

That bastard is going to seriously face some major consequences in the near future. If not from me, then from Rose, who will probably gouge his eyes out with a spoon if he dares even breathes within a three feet proximity of her.

“Oh.” I responded dumbly.

“It doesn’t matter.” She spat. “They deserve each other. He’s a pathetic insolent bastard and I was stupid for thinking that he’d choose me just because we-“

She shook her head and sighed. “Of course he’d pick Lily. She’s a demanding little bint and he’s a hopeless pushover. It helps that she’s rather pretty as well. I don’t even understand why I should be bothered about him in the first place. Sure he basically spilled out his heart to me and showed me that he is the most sincere and captivating person I have ever met in my entire life…but it doesn’t matter. He ruined it all by being a spineless cruel bastard, and Lily just likes to flaunt the fact that she has him.”

I stayed silent. Rose was silent with a dark expression on her face.

Finally, she opened her mouth and spoke again. “He looked at me…and…”

She gave another sigh.

“He was the first person to ever look at me as if…as if I were the only thing in the world. I didn’t feel overshadowed by prettier relatives, or like an unattractive bookworm with frizzy hair…I just felt like me. Rose Weasley. I know I sound like a right sap right now, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to. He trusted me enough to just tell me everything and for some bloody fucking reason, I felt safe with him, like I wasn’t vulnerable. So I just gave him everything and it was the best thing in this whole bloody sodding world and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Not with anyone else.” She ranted all of this with so much passion that I just stared at her. I could see a few tears building up in her eyes and again, I found myself wondering what the fuck happened that night. Well, I knew, but obviously the emotional aspect of things went to fucking limbo land and then smacked the freaking Hogwarts castle straight in the face.

“A-and…to think of someone like my little cousin…Lily of all people to try and take the realest part of my life away from me…I just can’t stand it. I know it sounds melodramatic and I sound like a fucking lunatic, but I can’t…I can’t see myself with anyone else but Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose Weasley looked so defiant, so strong, so sincere that I felt helpless.

Again, what the fuck happened?

“Rose…” I started, unsure of what to say.

“But still, if he does decide to grow a sodding pair and come after me, I won’t let him have me. Not until he earns it. He owes me that much.” She was now looking off into space, her eyes alight with some sort of fire. I was truly frightened for a second. Rose Weasley can be a very scary person if she wants to be. If I were Malfoy, I would grab a fucking broom and book it to America or somewhere else far away.

“Um…Rose?” I asked, still not fully sure of what to say or do. But Rose immediately shook her head slightly and turned to look at me with a small strained smile.

“Anyways, Madam Pomfrey said that you should be able to leave the hospital wing in about an hour after she gives you one last dose of potion and takes the monstrosity off of your head. So you ARE coming to the Autumn Ball and you ARE going to look beautiful tonight. I saw the dress that Dom got you laying out on your bed and you can’t let something like that go to waste.” Her eyes were still searing and she seemed off. Her temple was pulsing, her freckled cheeks were slightly red, and her mouth kept moving at an unbelievably fast pace.

Maybe I should trade places with her. She needs the bed more than I do right now.

“Ahh! You’re awake. It’s about time!” Came the chipper voice of Madame Pomfrey. I watched the old lady approach me with two vials of potion in one hand and a pair of huge scissors in the other. The blades of the scissors made me yelp in fear and I couldn’t help but think of cheesy horror movie music as she approached me with them in her hand.

Madame Pomfrey pushed past Rose roughly and then shoved one of the vials in my hand. It was green.

“I want you to drink all of that up.”

“Now?” I asked distastefully, sloshing the strange glowing murky stuff around in the vial.

“Yes, now.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t ask questions. Just drink it.”

“I kind of want to know what kind of torture I’m going to put my digestive system under.” I retaliated.

“Merlin’s beard, just drink it you insolent girl.” The old lady snapped as she leaned in toward me with the scissors.

I leaned back.

“Whoah, what are you going to do with that?” I asked. For some reason, I started to think of a frog being cut open during biology class. Poor frog.

“Calm down. I’m just going to cut away the bandages from your head.”

“Can’t you use magic to do that?” I asked.

Madame Pomfrey was growing more and more impatient and I got some sort of sick satisfaction out of watching her. This batty old lady never liked me much and we saw way to much of each other. She hears my name way too much, whether it’s from me laying here dying or if it’s from another poor student or quidditch player who received the tail end of my bludger.

“Your head was in a very fragile state and magic would cause further damage. I’m sure it’s healed now, but I can’t take any chances.”

Rose was trying to bite back laughter at my constant retaliation.

I shrugged slightly before opening the vial and swigging it like a bottle of firewhiskey. I wished I hadn’t. I choked and coughed like a mother effer. The stuff was fucking nasty. It burnt my throat and seared into my organs. It tasted like it could be some sort of genetic mutation of hippogriff piss and basilisk vomit.

I barely prevented myself from heaving and spewing all over the perfectly white hospital sheets and on Madame Pomfrey. I instead coughed and squeezed my eyes shut, starting to shudder as the taste lingered in my mouth. Thankfully, I had managed to down the shit in one gulp since it wasn’t that big of a vial.

“Yes, nasty stuff isn’t it? Hold still now.” I was frozen and sputtering as Madame Pomfrey carefully snipped and pulled away the gauze, throwing it into a nearby wastebin. I saw that the gauze was covered in blood. Eiw. Whoever the fuck hit me is going to wake up in the chamber of secrets naked.

Finally, Madame Pomfrey managed to everything off and my head felt free and airy. It was nice to actually feel the coolness against my skin. I breathed in and sighed.

The old lady examined my forehead a few more times before stating, “All signs of damage are gone. You may leave after you drink this vial.”

She handed me the other purple on in her hand. I eyed it warily, feeling my stomach drop. Another fucking one?

“Don’t worry too much about this one dear. I assure you that it tastes quite a bit better than the other one.” She said before whipping out her wand and vanishing the waste bin full of bloody gauze.

Rose watched as I uncorked the purple vial and braced myself. I squeezed my eyes shot and threw the potion back into my mouth, preparing to cringe and heave. But instead, my tongue was greeted with a sweet fizzing taste. It seemed almost like a mix of apples, vanilla, and cinnamon. It was thick and thin at the same time and I found a lot of ease in drinking it, finding myself rather disappointed when it was gone. It washed away any traces of the other shit I drank.

“You what you’re drinking as dragonfly thoraxes, doxy eggs, fairy wings, and flying seahorses in it right?” Rose asked, giving me a bemused expression.

I choked.

She laughed.

“Not funny.” I growled.

“It’s true.” She inquired seriously. “You’re drinking a vial of Girding potion. It increases endurance and strength. We had to brew it in fourth year remember?”


“Never mind.” She snapped. “Get out of bed and change.”

She threw a pair of my sweats, and a blue shirt in front of me. “We have to start getting ready for the Autumn Ball tonight.”

“What time is it?” I asked her skeptically, looking at how the sun was still rather bright and shiny in the sky as it shined through my window.

“It’s almost four. All classes already ended. Speaking of which, I wrote down all of your homework for you on a piece of parchment and placed it on your bed.” She answered, her hand on her hip in an authoritative manner.

“It shouldn’t take four fucking hours to get ready for a ball.” I inquired, my voice dripping with irritation.

“Shut your bloody mouth and get the hell out of that bed.” Rose snapped, tapping her foot impatiently. It was scary, how much she resembled her mother when she was irritated.

So I decided to back off and get out of bed. I quickly changed into the clothes that Rose set on my bed, and then hurriedly grabbed the necklace off of the bedside table before shoving it in my pocket. Rose hadn’t noticed it.

As I walked with Rose out of the hospital room, I realized how great I felt. My limbs ached a bit, but they felt great when I stretched them out and put them to use. My head felt relieved and light after being stripped of the huge gauzy bandages and healed of the awful internal damage that the damn bludger caused.

I know I probably looked like hell right now. I could tell just by running my fingers through my hair. Not that it was ever nice or anything (as it’s always tangled and generally violent), but today it was twisted in awful knots and it was greasy. I needed a shower desperately.

“So, first we are both going to go the prefect’s bathroom and we are going to have a nice soak. Dom, Molly, and Lucy are all there as well….” Rose started to ramble.

Molly and Lucy? Who the hell invited them?” I spluttered, trying to envision having girl bonding time in the prefect’s bathroom with people as insufferable as Molly and Lucy Weasley. They would probably ramble about shit like OWLs, the uses of flobberworm mucus vs. wiggentree bark, and then they’d proceed to berate me about how much of a psychotic bitch I was.

Rose looked desperate. “I know, I know. It wasn’t my idea, okay? Dom invited them because she thought they’d feel left out…”

“I could’ve just invited Sarah, or Mary, or Ellie…” I rambled.

“They’re all coming as well. I think they’re already there actually.” Rose countered.

There was a sort of tense silence lingering in the air. I wanted to ask the unquestionable. But I was afraid to. But I did it anyways just as we turned a corner in a corridor and went down another flight of marble stairs.

“Is Lily coming?”

Rose bit her lip and kept staring ahead, her eyes dark.


“Does she know about this little event?”


“Isn’t that just a little unfair?”

Rose rounded on me, her eyes flashing a million different shades and I backed up a few steps. She towered over me menacingly, and her braid looked like it was coming undone. “Do not TALK to me about Lily. If she came, we all know what would happen. We would both murder each other in cold blood and I can’t let myself resort to that level again.”

I felt an irrational sense of anger wash over me. “Rose. Get over yourself.”

What?” She snapped.

“I know you love your cousin. Don’t deny it. Stop acting like a bitch just because you think that she’s got Malfoy one hundred percent when she doesn’t. I think it’s about time you two made up anyways.”  I stated, crossing my arms and glaring up at her. I am seriously so fed up with this bitter contempt radiating between Rose and Lily.

Malfoy is a spineless bastard. Sure, he is rather sincere and he doesn’t have bad intentions…and he genuinely cares for Lily as a friend, and he really likes Rose…but he’s still pathetic. If Rose wants anything solved in this situation, she’s going to have to make up with Lily and talk to the damn prick himself. Not just wait around for something to happen while mentally murdering her younger cousin, who by the way, is a sadistic little bitch and is at fault here to for using him.

But I wanted Lily here with us. It wouldn’t feel right if she wasn’t. Despite everything she’s said and done, she’s still one of my besties.

“Elaquay, I can’t have…” Rose started, looking extremely frustrated.

“I’m not going until you let me invite Lily.” I stated before I could get my mind around the thought. I just stared up at Rose, both of us frozen, her icy glare digging holes into my face.

She opened her mouth to retaliate, but I cut across her again. “You’ll just make everything worse by not including her anyways.”

Rose looked like she was having some sort of battle with herself, like her head was going to pop off and spin around in heated spirals. But I stared at her determinedly.

Finally, to my relief, she deflated. “Fine. Go tell the little bint. You two better be at the prefect’s bathroom in ten minutes.”

Without another word or glance, I rushed as fast as I could toward the Gryffindor common room. Why I thought she was in there, I had no idea. But it felt good to run. My limbs were on fire, but in a way…it was refreshing. People kept giving me strange looks as I hurled my ass through the castle with a deranged look on my face. I mean…I am used to the strange looks, especially after the whole trash whore alcohol event that occurred almost three weeks ago, so it’s really nothing new.

“Bowltruckle.” I said breathlessly to the Fat Lady.

She gave me a judgmental look. “You Quidditch players are so out of order. There is absolutely no need to send fellow students to St. Mungo’s….”

Bowltruckle, dammit.” I sneered.

The Fat lady scoffed before swinging open, revealing the portrait hole. I clambered in, and tripped over my feet, resulting in me falling flat on my face on the carpet. I looked up toward the squashy armchairs to see Lily giving me a quizzical look. Her flaming red hair was up in a ponytail and she was still in her Hogwarts uniform. She appeared to have been in a conversation with Miranda Elmer, Samantha Bridgett, and Amanda Burke. The three girls were all giving me distasteful looks.

I stood up, trying to maintain the small amount of dignity I had. I announced, “Lily, we’re going to the Prefect’s bathroom.”

Oh Merlin, that sounded weird.

“Erm…why?” She asked in a slow voice, her brown eyes flashing.

“’Cause we’re going to…um…take a bath?” I suggested, mentally slapping myself.

The other three girls were giving shocked looks. Shit. They probably thought there was some sort of innuendo behind what I just said. Fuck my way with words. It’s also believable after that glorious display I had with Elisha.

Lily just rolled her eyes and stood up. “Fine, give me a minute.”

I watched as she gracefully made her way up to the stairs, swinging her slender hips. The other three girls were all staring at me. They had such a weak presence compared to Lily. They were nothing more than fourth years.

Miranda Elmer spoke first. “Are you a lesbian?”

“Shut it, midget.” I snapped angrily at her. She recoiled and all three girls looked genuinely frightened.

 I really shouldn’t be talking. All three of the girls had at least three inches on me, since I can barely pass for five foot. But I’m just badass like that.

Lily came back down with a towel and a bag of what I suspected to be makeup products. She gave me a light smile before grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the portrait hole.

“Let me guess, Rose invited you and all of the other girls for some bonding and prepping time before the ball, and since she absolutely hates my arse, she didn’t tell me about it. You thought that it was unfair, so you came running into the common room to tell me about it in a way that made the two of us look like we’re engaging in some weird sexual activities.” Lily spoke lazily, a knowing twinkle in her brown eyes as the two of us kept walking.

My jaw dropped open. How the fuck does she just know this stuff? This little bitch is wack. Literally.

“Um…yes.” I stated.

She gave a bright smile. “Dandy. We all know it wouldn’t be any fun without me. Especially if Molly and Lucy are there.”

“Are you…um…going to make up with Rose?” I asked tentatively.

Lily was silent for a moment before admitting, “I guess I do kind of miss her…but…no. Not now. I’m waiting for…well….I’m waiting for someone else to try and take their hand in the situation.”

I don’t know what the hell she meant, so I just shut my mouth and left it at that. We walked in comfortable silence for a little while until we reached the statue of Boris the Bewildered. We traveled four doors down until both Lily and I stood outside of it.

“Erm…do you remember the password?” She asked.

“I think it’s…Pine Fresh.” I responded.

“That was the password when my parents went here you dolt.” She snapped.


Lily looked like she was concentrating hard, making the cogs in her mind turn. “Well…the last time I was in here was a few weeks ago. I was with Michael Hewis…”

“Whoa, whoa. What the fucking hell were you doing in the prefect’s bathroom with Michael Hewis? He’s a sixth year Slytherin!” I exclaimed, looking at the small girl incredulously. Seriously. This Lily Luna Potter has nerve. Plus, I thought that she liked Scorpius. Stupid little manipulating bitch.

She shook her head quickly and responded, “Don’t ever mention this little fact to James, Al…or anybody. I told you this in confidence.”

“But I thought you liked Malfoy….” I started.

She cringed visibly before muttering, “To be honest, I do things that are rather rash when I don’t know what else to do. In the case of Scorp, I guess I just had to…well… cope with the fact that…never mind.”

I opened my mouth to speak but she gave me a cold glare. “I don’t question my decisions, Els. There’s no point because my decisions make me who I am. Plus, once I make a decision, I can’t change it. It’s not natural for me.”

So I dropped it.

“Okay…I think the password was Mermaid Tears….” She announced. To my delight, the door swung open. We both clambered in and saw before us the huge swimming pool sized bathtub already filled with huge mountains of scented bubbles, and the taps were all running, spilling multicolored water. In the water sat Rose, Dom, Molly, Lucy, Sarah, Hannah, Ellie, Mary, and Melody. They were all nude, but the mountainous amount of bubbles covered them. All of them had their hair piled up high on top of their heads and they were all laughing and smiling (with the exception of Molly and Lucy). The picture of the mermaid was looking more and more irritated by the second. Stupid bitch.

Rose looked up, and her face turned absolutely hard when they fell on Lily. I cleared my throat slightly and all of the other girls started greeting me.


“Elaquay, get your arse in here!”

“The water is fucking nice.”

“Lily, what the bloody hell are you doing here?” Demanded Molly, glaring at her cousin.

Lily flipped her hair and glared her cousin with ferocity that measured to about three times as much as Molly’s before growling, “Piss off Molly.”

Rose glared at the bubbles in front of her, and all of the other girls’ faces fell as they realized the sudden tension that started to build in the room.

“Well,” I started. “You all know Lily I suspect?” I was looking at Sarah, Mary, Ellie, Hannah, and Melody. They all exchanged nervous glances as Lily glared at them calculatingly.

I couldn’t blame them for being intimidated by her presence. For a fourth year, the girl had the beauty and forceful presence of a full grown witch even though she still looked rather young. Maybe it was her grace and confidence that held her up. For all these years, I always just thought that the girl was insanely pretty, but now I realize that it’s her aura and defiance that elevates her by a thousand time.

If you strip that away, you’re left with nothing more but a pretty fourteen year old girl with red hair and brown eyes.

“Erm, yeah. Hi Lily.” Melody greeted with a sheepish smile. Lily gave her a bittersweet smile before stripping her clothes. I did the same and slipped into the water.

We all sat underneath the bubbles, and after a few more seconds of tense silence, the ice broke and we all started talking again. Molly and Lucy were both extremely annoying, but they looked generally happy to be here. However, I cringe whenever I look at Molly, especially after seeing her getting it on with Thomas Wright. I wonder where that ended up.

The only two people that seemed uneasy were Lily and Rose. Rose was giving me small hesitant smiles and Lily was still glaring at the bubbles in front of her.

This is ridiculous.

“Okay, we first have to do our facial masks.” Hannah announced, grabbing her wand which was on the edge of the bath and summoning a bottle filled of Madame Marian’s Strawberry Facial Butter.

Lily recoiled and retaliated, “Seriously? Madame Marian’s? That shit is rubbish.”

Hannah’s eyes widened in temporary shock before her features settled into that of anger. “Really? And what would an arrogant fourth year know about that?”


Lily’s eyes flashed dangerously before she gave a smirk. “Really? Is that what you base your judgement of me on? I happen to know that Madame Marian’s is made of artificial balderdash that is then caked with magical enchantments to make it smell nice. Have you ever tried looking at the ingredients, or are you one of those girls who worships the brand name?”

Melody’s mouth hung open, Hannah and Ellie both looked furious that they were losing against a “mere fourth year,” Molly and Lucy both looked irritated, Dom looked a bit frightened, and Rose was still glaring at the bubbles.

“What’ve you got then?” Challenged Hannah dangerously.

Lily smiled before grabbing her wand and summoning a small light brown colored bottle labeled Water Dew’s Natural Facial Butter.

I honestly cannot tell the difference and I would be fine with going either way, but apparently to these girls…it was such a big deal, so I’ll just go along with it.

“This...” Lily started, uncorking the bottle, “Is pure gold.”

“I’ve never heard of it.” Hannah snapped.

“So therefore it can’t be good? Alright then.” Laughed Lily.

Her strength of presence was crazy. I think that everyone now knows that Lily Potter is not a “mere fourth year.”

Dom shrugged lightly. She said in a small voice, “Water Dew’s is actually quite lovely.”

Lily sent her a small smile. Then, to my surprise, Rose spoke. “Yeah. Water Dew’s is amazing. I hate to say this, but Madam Marian’s is rubbish.”

Lily’s brown eyes glowed as they landed on her cousin, but in a split second, it was gone. She looked generally unaffected by her enemy cousin’s contribution to her argument.

“Fine. We’ll use your rubbish, but if it makes my skin greasy, then I’m hexing you.” Hannah growled, tossing her bottle of Madam Marian’s aside.

Lily just gave her another smirk. “Hex me? Whatever you believe will happen.”

“Okay!!!!” I burst out, breaking the growing antagonism between Lily and Hannah. “Let’s just put this shit on our faces and then get ready for the ball, good good?”

Lily just gave me a tiny smile in return, drew her wand and immediately, I found that my face was smothered in facial butter. I sputtered as I groped at my face, finding it smothered in the brown shit that smelled…hmmm…it smelled spectacular.

It was like a mix of chestnuts with a hint of Cinnamon and all of the other spices you smell on Christmas. Then it changed to the smell of the burrow, filling my nostrils with that woodsy scent…that intoxicating smell of James….

I realized that all of the other girls were gasping (with the exception of Dom and Rose), and I saw that all of their faces were covered with the strange otherworldly facial butter as well.

“Lily, what’s in it?” Questioned Mary appreciatively, inhaling the scent. Even Molly looked at Lily with an appreciative glance and a sparkle in her eye.

“There’s a trace of amortentia in there. Besides being the most powerful love potion in the world, researchers found that it not only cleanses facial skin, but it starts making you smell like the scents you love the most. It’s quite lovely. We won’t be needing any perfume tonight.” She stated, resting her head back smoothly, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the facial butter caked on her face.

The smell was absolutely lovely. That mixture of cinnamon, gingerbread, and fresh Christmas trees made me think of all the Christmases I had back in Oregon and at the Burrow, each distinctly unique. Then, there was a hint of sage, mint, and vanilla, mixed with that overwhelming woodsy smell…that smell that I smell when I’m at the burrow…or when I’m around James….

My spirits automatically heightened and I felt relaxed. The atmosphere among the rest of the girls seemed to loosen as well. Rose and Lily still weren’t talking, but at least Rose wasn’t glaring at the bubbles in front of her anymore. Hannah and Lily, after getting over their bitterness, immediately clicked. For some reason, I knew they would.

“Okay, if you were a bloke, who would you fancy?” Mary asked, a sly grin slipping on her face.

We all started laughing. Lily piped up right away without any shame present on her face whatsoever, “To be honest, I would fancy Elaquay.”

We all were doubling over in laughter. My face reddened slightly and I felt a strange mixture between amusement, and flattery.

Lily gave me a smirk and winked at me while I blew her a kiss with a sappy look on my face. We were all screeching like hyenas now.

“Hmm…I would probably fancy Emmaline Sanders.” Hannah answered. “She’s got that sexy Italian look that a lot of girls can’t pull off unless they were really Italian.”

“I see what you’re getting at, but I’d go for Sarah.” Dom said with a tiny smirk on her veela features. Sarah threw her head back and laughed while we all started to mock the two of them.

“Molly? Lucy?” Mary asked. Both girls looked horrified at the prospect of this conversation. To my surprise, however, Molly spoke up, “Ellen Samuels.”

I almost choked. Ellen Samuels? That girl is about as brainless as a pile of bricks.

“I would probably go for Ella Mirkwood, just because she’s got a nice arse.” Mary stated.

“Ooh…Albus has some competition.” I teased, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively at her. Mary splashed water at me.

“Since we’re on this topic, I guess I will contribute and say that I would probably fancy Elaquay as well.” Rose added, giving me a huge grin.

“Wow, Elaquay. You’re just popular amongst the ladies aren’t you?” Sarah asked, before adding, “I would probably either fancy Dom or Ellie. I don’t know, it depends on my mood.”

Ellie’s face turned beet red before she spoke, “And I would probably go for Nia Sampson or Lily.”

Lily laughed at this and then turned to me, “What about you Els?”

“Is it Elisha Garrett? You two couldn’t keep your hands off of each other a few weeks ago.” Hannah smirked deviously at me as she said this.

Everybody laughed as I cringed. “Don’t remind me. To be honest….if I were a dude, I’d go for either Rose or Lily.”

“Ooohh…love triangle. I can just imagine it now. Two cousins fight for the love of the amazing short American, Elaquay Smithson.” Gushed Ellie, fluttering her eyelashes mockingly.

Rose and Lily both looked at me, and then at each other. For the first time they made eye contact, and something passed between the two cousins. I couldn’t really grasp it, but the two shifted their gazes away from each other within a few seconds.

“Erm…don’t you think it’s sort of inappropriate that we’re all sitting in a bathtub, nude, talking about which girls we would fancy?” Lucy piped up, her cheeks red. I forgot, she was the youngest one here and she must feel absolutely left out.

Lucy Weasley is close to Lily in age, but there is a massive personality maturity between the two. Lucy is still at that stage where she cringes whenever she hears the word, “sex” while Lily is probably not a virgin anymore.

“You know you like it.” Lily smirked in a drawling voice while Hannah sauntered over to Lucy and planting a huge kiss on her cheek. Lucy recoiled and looked like she was going to vomit. I laughed out loud.

“Any special blokes we should know about?” Hannah asked. “You know…since we’ve got out girl crushes covered.”

“Oh Merlin! Have you seen the arse on Derrick Finnigan? Fine fine man.” Ellie exclaimed. Both Melody and I gagged.

“Eiw, gross! He’s one of my best mates! That’s just weird!” Melody exclaimed, looking absolutely revolted.

“Ex-boyfriend. Discussion off limits.” I stated, shuddering slightly. I really didn’t want to think about Derrick Finnigan. Yes, he is an attractive dude and yes, I did go out with him…and yes…I almost lost my virginity to him…ALMOST. But I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t because I realize now that I have absolutely no romantic feelings for him and the idea of dating or kissing him was just weird to me.

“For a fourth year, I think Hugo’s cute.” Mary shrugged. I coughed slightly, and Rose, Lily, Molly, and Lucy all looked mortified.


“He’s my cousin!”

“He’s my BROTHER!”

We all burst out in maniacal laughter once again. I bet you anything if a guy were to walk in on us right now, they’d be scarred for life. No, they wouldn’t even be turned on. We’re just frightening that way.

“Okay, I think that we can take the facial butter off.” Lily announced before whipping out her wand and making a subtle swishing movement. Automatically, I felt the stuff rub off gently. I raised my fingers to touch my skin and realized how soft and fresh my face felt. I also still smelt the wonderful aroma as it tickled my nostrils and warmed my insides.

“Elaquay, you smell like a mixture of Christmas and…and James.” Rose announced, turning to me peculiarly. I felt myself turn scarlet as everyone looked to stare at me.

Jeez, thanks Rose.

“So that’s what you find most appealing, eh? I always thought you fancied James anyway.” Melody shrugged with a smirk on her face.

“Why is that not surprising in the slightest?” Molly remarked in an almost accusatory tone. I felt like dunking my head under water and just drowning myself. Now everyone knew that I liked James thanks to Rose’s wonderful and loud observation.

Dom and Lily were both smiling at me, their eyes twinkling.

Once we managed to rinse off our hair with Lily’s lavender extract shampoo and lathered our skin with Hannah’s mango butter, we used our wands to dry ourselves and changed back into our comfy clothes that we all brought with us. We all smelt awesome and all of our faces looked extremely flawless. Thank you Lily Potter!

I realized that both Rose and Lily smelt the same….a mixture of smoke and vanilla. I know it sounds nasty, but it worked really well. Except Rose’s scent seemed stronger, and it was subtly mixed with the scent of fresh parchment, roses, and gingerbread. Lily’s was mixed with freshly mown grass, apple pie, and…what was that….an unidentified tangy smell.

However, I realized that that smoke and vanilla scent belonged to Scorpius Malfoy. I always got that whiff whenever I was around him.

Rose and Lily still weren’t speaking to each other.

But they weren’t glaring at each other either.

We all headed back to the common room, with Melody bidding us farewell before going toward the direction of the Hufflepuff common room. Molly and Lucy had sped ahead of the rest of us, apparently glad to be rid of us. At least the two smelt and looked better.

So that left me, Rose, Lily, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, and Ellie. I listened to Hannah and Ellie prattle on about what they planned to do for the ball, which according to Sarah’s watch, started in about two hours.

There’s not much to say about how we got ready for the ball. It was pretty generic to be honest. I slipped my dress on and both Hannah and Ellie flipped about my makeup. I swear, my face was heinously violated by spells, muggle contraptions such as an eyelash curler, and copious amounts of high and lip shit.

Rose skillfully curled my hair with her wand so that it fell in tiny ringlets. She also clipped some of my hair back in a sparkling silver hair pin.

Hannah and Ellie both looked stunning (as per usual.) Hannah had her brown hair twisted back into an elegant knot and she was wearing a short strapless silver dress that flowed out to about mid thigh, along with these killer high hells that made my feet scream and hide in terror. Ellie’s blonde hair was straightened and flowed elegantly down her shoulders. She wore a tight pale pink skintight dress, along with another pair of killer high heels that looked like they could murder Hannah’s in an epic battle.

Rose seemed to take a lot of time and concentration to get ready, adding copious amounts of sleakeazy’s hair potion of her hair and taming it with various different spells. The end result was fabulous. Her usual curly (and sometimes frizzy) red hair was straight with a delicate wave, and fell elegantly to her waste. She wore a shining white strapless dress that accentuated her figure and fell to about mid thigh. She also wore heels, but they were nowhere near as dangerous as either Hannah’s or Ellie’s. She also did her makeup in a way that wasn’t to overbearing, but it made such a flattering difference. The silvery smoky eye shadow made her blue eyes pop and her skin seemed even more flawless. The freckles looked subtle and delicate and I envied her so much, it wasn’t even funny.

“Merlin Rose, you look absolutely amazing!” Exclaimed Ellie enthusiastically.

“Totally shagable.” Hannah remarked.

I gave her a smile and said in a small whisper, “If I were Malfoy, I would be all over you…not that he already isn’t.”

She smiled nervously at this, her cheeks blushing a mild red.

I glanced at myself in the mirror for the first time on Rose’s request. And my jaw dropped.

I thought that I would’ve looked like a cheap whore, with the amount of makeup I knew was caked on my face. But no. I looked….I looked…. There was no words to describe it.

My scarlet colored dress was so flattering as it flowed to the middle of my thighs, and accentuating my waste line. My hair looked absolutely elegant, with no trace of the unbearable sex hair that usually inhabits the top of my head. My eyes were outlined in a mix of subtle red and gold eye shadow with brown eye liner. My silvery eyes looked like they were literally glowing. And I also looked a tiny bit less dwarfish with the heels, which made me look more graceful.

Yet, I was still Elaquay Smithson.

And that was the best part.

“Alright girls! Let’s get down to the great hall!” Hannah exclaimed, grabbing my arm and Ellie’s. I grabbed Rose’s arm with my other hand and we descended the staircase into the common room, which was already crowded with students trying to squeeze their way out of the portrait hole. The window was reflecting the pale moonlight and the buzz and excitement of the students made me forget about every conflictual and melodramatic thing I was dealing with.

Tonight was a night of fun.

Tonight was a night of high spirits.

Tonight was a night of laughter.

Tonight was a night of reconciliation.

And nothing will break it down.

~Rose’s POV~

My stomach was squirming. Not unpleasantly, but out of excitement. I don’t know what it was to be honest. I’m not one to get excited about a mere yearly Autumn Ball. Maybe it was the fact that I knew I was going to do something, anything, to fix my current problems tonight. I felt a sense of adrenaline wash over me as I thought of him.

Scorpius Malfoy.

I wish that I didn’t think about him as much as I do. He’s really not that amazing. He’s a whiny trollop who lets people step all over him. He tries to heighten his ego to hide his insecurities. He hangs on to a damn fourth year who happens to be my cousin for any source of support.

Maybe I’m being a mad sentimentalist or a pathetic excuse for a human being, but I just wish that he had turned to me for support. I know that he needed it but I would’ve tried to help him stamp his insecurities out and I would’ve screamed bloody murder at him every day to ensure that he grew a backbone. I know that he has one, but it’s premature.

Why did he turn to Lily?

I’m the one who listened to him that night. I’m the one who gave him everything. I’m the one who can never forget about him, his words still fresh in my mind.

I’m the one who still dreams about it and yearns for him again. I want to make him happy and I want to make him strong.

I just wish he wasn’t so pathetic to the point where he clutched on to the next best thing there was, Lily Luna Potter.

My baby cousin.

Who really isn’t a baby, but a stubborn ruthless bitch who’ll do anything for herself. She is the epitome of selfishness. Malfoy is letting her use him and I can’t do anything about it because I’m too much of a coward to step in and deal with it myself.

First of all, I don’t want to hurt of anger my cousin again. I felt revolted at myself after my behavior back at the burrow. I can never let myself do that again because as selfish and ruthless as Lily is, she’s family and I love her. I miss her a lot. I miss her bluntness, her prying in relationships, her daily vibrant bitchiness, her ability to do my makeup on nice occasions, her forcefulness, and her fire. She’s just…Lily and I respect her. Even if I haven’t been showing it lately.

I just can’t deal with the idea that she’s got Malfoy under her clutches, using him just to spite me. And Malfoy is a fucking toe rag who’s not only hurting Lily and I, but himself.

So I clutched on to Elaquay’s arm as we headed with the mob of students toward the Great Hall. I knew that Jeremy was probably looking for me, as I am his date. Jeremy’s cute and all, but I really can’t see him the way he sees me and I feel a bit bad for him. He deserves a girl who’ll truly appreciate him and I’m thinking that that girl should be Melody.


I turned my head to see Jeremy squeezing his way toward me. His blonde hair looked shiny, his eyes were sparkling, and his dress robes were black and looked absolutely dashing.

I sighed and let go of Elaquay’s arm. “Gotta go.”

Elaquay smirked knowingly at me, her silvery eyes twinkling. She knew something was going to happen tonight.

“Wow, Rose. You look…amazing.” Jeremy breathed, gently taking my hand. What a gentleman. If I were any other girl, I would be swooning right now. But I’m Rose Weasley. And I happen to go and shag Slytherin guys who let themselves submit to the will of bitchy fourth years.

I know, I flatter myself.

“You look rather dashing yourself.” I responded as he lead me down toward the huge doors of the great hall. Students were milling and crowding around and my heart beat was speeding up. I craned my neck over the crowd to try and see any sign of anybody I knew.

I saw James. His hair was still messy (does he ever bother to use a comb for once?) in dress robes that would look nice if he had properly tied his tie or if they didn’t look like they’d been stuffed at the bottom of his trunk for a trillion years. He held Elisha Garrett’s hand.

Elaquay would be seething fire right now if she saw this because Elisha Garrett looked absolutely beautiful. Her long red hair had a gentle wave, with some of it tied up into a knot and some of the locks framing her face. She wore a short skintight emerald green dress with matching heels, making her exactly James’s height.

However, for once, James didn’t seem enamored with his girlfriend. He had a slight frown on his face as he kept craning his neck to look over the crowds of people. Elisha seemed to notice this and a look of light irritation was set upon her face.

To be honest, James would look one trillion times better if the hand he was holding was Elaquay’s. At least she can still wear heels and still be shorter than him. Plus, for years, whenever I pictured the perfect girl for my cousin, it was always Elaquay. Always. Elisha’s a nice girl, but Elaquay is the future Potter.

I turned my head away from the couple and let Jeremy lead me into the hall. My breath was taken away at what I saw.

The ceiling resembled a mild lavender starry night which twinkled merrily above us. There were huge trees with gnarled and majestic branches that grew out of the side of the walls, multicolored leaves hanging off of the trees delicately, or scattered on the ground in a rainbow of colors. There was an orchestra off to the side by a small pond with a delicate stream of water flowing into it, and they played a very beautiful merry piece.

The smell of fresh leaves, cinnamon, and apples filled my nostrils, and immediately, my adrenaline heightened.

We were here. The autumn ball.

“Erm, do you want a drink or something?” Jeremy asked nervously.

“Oh no, I’m fine, thank you.” I responded politely, craning my neck to see if I could spot any sign of Malfoy or Lily. I couldn’t find them.

I felt really bad for ignoring my date, but I couldn’t help it. I’m not the most tactful of people. I probably got it from my dad. I laughed after I heard how he treated his date for the Yule Ball. My mum just scoffed and rolled her eyes.

I cleared my throat slightly and realized that people were starting to get on the dance floor to dance. It was pretty formal to be honest. The guy would take the girl’s hand and lead her in a very cutesy ball room dance. That’s how the balls always started. But once the night wore on and the orchestra gave up and the techno/modern music came on, that’s when the vulgarity started. I always found the grinding at dances to be disturbing. I don’t know how you can find it entertaining. I remember when I was in fourth year and I was pressured to grind with this one sixth year Hufflepuff. It was the strangest experience ever. I wanted to just die of embarrassment and awkwardness. Elaquay and James were both laughing at me like buffoons.

“D’you want to dance?” Jeremy asked shyly. I looked at him straight in the face and saw that he was nervous. He gave me a tentative smile. Poor bloke.

I grinned at him as warmly as I could. “Sure.”

I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor. He placed his hand on my waist and I gently placed mine on his shoulder. He took my other hand and subtly led me to the rhythm of the waltz. His hand was warm and I could feel it through my white thin dress. In height, I was right at his nose, so I kept my eyes on the collar of his suit. I think it would be awkward if I looked right into his eyes…

After a few minutes, I started to ease into the dancing and I found it rather enjoyable. Jeremy was a good partner. He wasn’t forceful to the point of irritation, but he led with enough agility to make it graceful. I finally looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled down at me. “You know Rose, you really look beautiful.”

His eyes shined.

Shit. I knew that he would probably make a move and I would reject it and he would feel awkward and I would feel awful and then we would probably never talk to each other again.

I needed to stop this before it started.

“Jeremy…” I took a deep breath as he twirled me lightly. “I know that you like me and I find it really flattering since…well…you’re a nice bloke and you’re really handsome and all…”

I shook my head slightly. “But…I don’t…well…” I gulped.

Jeremy sighed slightly. He gave me a reassuring smile. “It’s fine Rose. I know you don’t like me like that, but I had to try right? It’s alright. No hard feelings.”

My insides loosened with relief and I allowed myself to enjoy my dance with him more openly.

“Plus…” He added, twirling me again, this time, towards him. “I sort of have my eye on another.”

He winked at me and I gasped. “Who??”

He pulled me in close and whispered into my ear. “Melody.”

I almost squealed in delight. He pushed me outwards slightly, still holding my hand. “Are you going to tell her?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Not now. When the time comes I guess.”

I nodded. After a few more songs of dancing, we both retreated and grabbed some punch. The fruity taste tainted my lips and my mouth and I absolutely relished in how cold it was.

“What about you then? You fancy any special bloke?” He asked good naturedly.

I gave a huge sigh and my stomach tightened slightly. How would I begin to explain my situation with Malfoy without sounding like a horrible person, a sap, or a slut?

“Well…erm…there is someone I guess. But it’s sort of complicated.” I answered, taking another sip of my drink.

He rose an eyebrow at me. “Really? And who might this be?”

I bit my lip slightly. “If I tell you, you owe me an oath of confidentiality and calm reaction.”

He held out his pinky. He gave me a cheeky grin and I rolled my eyes before pinky swearing him.

So I took in another deep breath and answered, “It’s Malfoy.”

His eyes widened. “Malfoy? Seriously?”

I reluctantly nodded. “It’s sort of a long story that should be saved for another time.”

His eyes remained on me for a few more seconds before he nodded and said, “Whatever crazy reasons you have, I’m sure they must be pretty good. Did he swear some sort of oath to you or something?”

No. But he took my virginity. Does that count?

I ignored his question, feeling my skin heat and my heart beat quicken.

“I’ve got to use the loo. I’ll be right back.” I announced, before heading out of the great hall, pushing through laughing and staring people. I burst out of the ball, and ran straight for the grounds.

I felt a sense of relief wash over me as the noise level dropped and the wind hit my skin gently. I took a deep breath and felt myself calm. I started to walk slowly toward the lake. I gazed over its glittery surface and admired how the stars seemed to reflect off of the shimmering water. My heart pace quickened slightly.

The water looked exactly as it did that night.

I stood there and stared, afraid to lose the moment and run away, but also afraid to go any closer.

“I’ve got you.” I don’t know why I said it, but something rushed through me as I looked at his face, his eyes shimmering. Something was crackling in the air and my heart was hammering against my chest.

“What do you mean, Weasley?” His voice had an undertone of bitterness, but it was weak. His resolve was slipping. His face was full of pain and sadness. He didn’t want to be bitter. He wanted someone to accept him. I could see it. So I did.

“I said that I’ve got you.” I responded, finding that my body was moving closer to his.

His face flickered and his mouth parted slightly. I realized that the tears were building up in his eyes.

I shook my head slightly and took in a shaky breath.

I’ll never forget that night.


Because it was something else.

As slaggy and inappropriate as it seems, it’s something that is engraved in my heart.

Suddenly, I heard commotion behind me. I heard an angry snappy voice.

“Scorpius Malfoy! Let go of me! I don’t want to talk to her!” It was Lily.

“No.” His voice was loud and forceful, and it was coming closer and closer to where I was. I held my breath and my whole body felt numb.

“We are settling this. I’m done being your fucking puppet, Lily.” He stated angrily. Fuck, his voice was only a few meters behind me…and then…


I felt his hand on my shoulder. I tensed as my whole body crashed with a whole wave of emotions. I felt like I was on fire. He spun me around and I was faced with his huge grey eyes. They were lit. They were searing through me and I cringed slightly.

Then, there was Lily.

She was glaring menacingly at me. She wore a gold skintight dress that barely covered her arse and her red hair was done in pretty barrel curls.

She looked flustered and absolutely and utterly…PISSED.

I opened my mouth slightly, but Malfoy acted before I could say anything.

He pushed Lily towards me. She struggled, but then gave up rather quickly as she stood only about half a meter away from where I was. She was glaring at her feet and Malfoy stood behind her. He was glaring.

“Okay, I’ve got to say this.” He announced.

“I’m sorry that I drove you two apart, alright? But this is ridiculous. I’ve been ridiculous. I’ve just been wandering around feeling sorry for myself and hoping that someone would do something about it. But someone made me realize that I can’t just follow people around and hope. So…I-I’m going to try and do something about this.”

I stared at Malfoy as he stated this. His cheeks were pink and he looked flustered, yet he was determined. I felt a mix of dread, annoyance, and pride well up within me. My heart fluttered.

He ran a hand through his blonde hair and gave a huge sigh. Lily looked absolutely furious, her cheeks tinted pink under the starlight. I dared myself to stare at her.

“…So….I just wanted to say,” Malfoy began. “That I owe you two an apology. Lily…I’m sorry for leading you on and you’re quite amazing. But…I just don’t like you like that.”

Lily’s facial expression didn’t change. She was still glaring at her feet. I had a feeling that she knew this already.

“But, I’m angry at you for using me like that. I’m also angry at myself for letting you.” He shrugged slightly as he glared at Lily.

I felt the ice break around me. For some reason, I knew that this was it. I knew that things were going to change after all these months of fighting. Lily Luna Potter may be Lily Luna Potter, but there is a point where she cracks. I know that she may not want to admit it, but she loves her family. A lot.

“Lily?” I asked, allowing myself to speak. My voice cracked and my limbs were shaking. I felt Malfoy’s harsh stare on me. I ignored it. This moment was between me and my cousin.

Lily’s brown eyes were softening. Her stony glare was transforming into just a face of exhaustion. For once, I saw her resolve crumble in stages before my eyes. She looked small and innocent. She looked fourteen.

Her red hair framed her face innocently, and I realized that if you stripped away all of the defiance, the confidence, and the ruthlessness…Lily Potter was just a young pretty adolescent girl.

Her eyes flickered up and met mine. For the first time in months, I didn’t see a coldness there. I saw a fire. I saw my cousin.

 A lump formed in my throat.

I realized how stupid we were…to be fighting over a boy. I know that whatever happened between me and Malfoy was something else entirely, but Lily is family. She’ll always be family no matter what. I wanted to just bawl over how stupid I was being.

“Rose…” She said, her voice extremely soft.

That was enough for me.

I basically attacked her. I grabbed her in my arms and squeezed the life out of her, letting the tears slip out. A warm feeling spread through me as I held my cousin. I smelt her familiar flowery scent and my eyes blurred.

At first, Lily stiffened under my embrace, but then her muscles relaxed and she wrapped her arms around me as well. She was shaking slightly and I knew that she was crying. I don’t see Lily cry that often. The only two other times I’ve seen her cry was this past summer, when I basically murdered her at the burrow and when she made up with Elaquay.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered to her.

With a sniff, she responded, “Me too.”

I let go of her and gave her a watery smile. She smiled lightly back and then gave a tiny laugh. She reached out a hand and tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear.

“I love your hair tonight.” She said, choking slightly from crying.

“Well, you look as lovely as always.” I responded.

She gave me another smile. This time it was bigger.

I looked away from Lily and my gaze met Malfoy’s. His eyes were burning intensely as he stared at me. My heart started to beat furiously and chills went down my spine.

Lily looked his way as well and then looked back at me. She said in a soft voice, “We’ll catch up tonight, alright?”

With that, she turned and headed back toward the castle…her hair swinging boisterously behind her. The starlight reflected off of it and I couldn’t help but smile as she swung her hips. I had my cousin back.

But now….

I had something else to deal with.

I clenched my fists and turned to look at Malfoy.


He was still staring at me intently.

I held my breath as his eyes shimmered, like ripples on the lake.

It was just me and him.

Under the stars. Outside. By the lake.

Like last time.

Unspoken words passed between us and I understood everything he was trying to say, but I couldn’t shape them into coherent words. I couldn’t grasp onto them. My heart drummed in my ears and I didn’t dare move a muscle.

How did I feel?

Definitely anger. I’m not going to let him just prance away like this thinking that he has me now. I appreciate that he grew a pair and decided to sort this out, but he still has a lot to learn. I won’t let this be easy for him. Never.

But I won’t just forget him either.

It was like a magnetic pull. Everything swirled around me.

And before I knew it, both of us were kissing. His lips were on mine and sparks of electricity were flowing through me like wildfire. My legs were about to give way and goosebumps erupted on my skin as his fingertips grazed my bare shoulders before resting on my hips to pull me closer.

My hands were tangled in his blonde hair and I couldn’t stop….

It was like last time.

His lips taste like that mix of bittersweet vanilla. It was an authentic taste, but it was warm and had the ability to make my insides melt with sparks.

The air was static.

He opened his mouth to deepen the kiss and I wanted it all again. I remembered that night. I remembered every little detail. And I knew that he remembered it as well. I could feel it wash over me and drench my whole body in fire.

I broke apart from him to take in a deep gulp of air. We both heaved, untangling our hands from each other. My mind was still whirling, and my passion for him was forever deepened.

I knew there was no turning back.

Maybe it fueled my rage even more. Because I will make him grovel.

I let my fist fly to his face with a sickening crunch.

I watched as Malfoy staggered backwards in shock. He was clutching his nose, which looked like it could be dripping blood.

My knuckles were pulsing, my lips felt warm, my skin was on fire….

I’m too far in this time. And I care about him. I really do. But everyone has to learn sometimes.

“Fuck you, Malfoy.” I spat darkly, before turning on my heel and marching back to the castle.


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