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Detention by wish right now x
Chapter 2 : From eight to nine
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From Eight to Nine O'clock


The door loudly slammed and locked itself, leaving the six students sitting silently in the room. They remained like this for only moments until with a loud sigh, Stella decided to retrieve her parchment from out of her bag. Lily, Carly and Aiden followed suit, ready to begin writing the two thousand words. James and Sirius however,continued to snicker as they used their wands to practice a new spell that they had just found. After another five minuets of this, Lily turned around, her red hair flicking behind her as she did so. 


'Potter, Black, What are you doing?' She asked confused and irritated.


'Don't pretend you don't know Lily-flower' James smirked slyly at her.


'Don't call me that!' She whined at the nickname 'I don't know but do I actually even want to know?'


'If you don't want to know then why did you ask?' Sirius replied, nearly confused.


'It was your fault I got this detention, at least shut up so I can write the essay!' Lily said, becoming more irritated the more she talked to them.


'Oh, come on Lily-poo, it can't take that long, why, Sirius and I already know what we're going to write' James smiled.


'Really? And what might that be?' Lily enquired.


'Well, Its going to start with 'I think that I am Sirius Orion Black, and I think I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very...''


'I don't think that the essays meant to be nine actual words and one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine 'very's' Lily scoffed, interrupting Sirius. 'Besides, an essay all about who you think you are, you and Potter love to talk about yourselves to us, we all know about your arrogant opinion of yourselves'


'I'm hurt Lily-kins' James smirked at her once again 'how about this, you write my essay for me...'


'Not a hope in hell, Potter' Lily spitefully interrupted. 'I have my own essay to write, you think that I'm going to write yours as well?'


'Let me finish Lily-pop' He replied 'You write my essay and I'll write yours'


'And why Potter would I do that?' Lily asked. 'The question is 'who do you think you are?', not 'who does the person you irritate think you are?''


'Actually Lilsy you don't irritate me at all, quite the contrary actually' James smugly smiled 'besides just write it as if you were me and Minnie will never know'


'Potter, I think she's going to notice when the one with the name 'James Potter' at the top gives a list of detailed reasons, with evidence, as to why you find yourself so conceited and arrogant and the one with my name at the top writes how 'Lily-petal is very very very very' repeat 'very' a million times 'in love with James Potter'


'Nice to know you love me 'Lily-petal' He smirked once again 'besides, I promise I'd write it well'


'And why Potter would I let you do that?' Lily asked, disgust in her voice. 'She said to a decent standard, not to the standard of a...'


'Will you two just shut up!' shouted Aiden, finally cracking after spending nearly twenty minuets listening to James and Lily's bickering.


'Yeah, we're trying to concentrate' Stella joined in, glad that someone else had cracked before her. Carly quietly turned around to join the group that was now facing a surprised Sirius Black, James Potter and almost angry Lily Evans.


'Sorry, so was I until Black and Potter interrupted me' Lily spat.


'I'm sorry, Lily is it? You were the one that began talking to them!' Stella reminded her angrily.


'Were they not bothering you before?' Lily asked, shocked that someone would speak in that tone to her.


'Well not as much as when it was the three of you' Aiden told her.


'I was only talking to them to try and get them to shut up, so that it would help you' Lily replied.


'Please' Stella laughed 'It was obvious you were only talking to them because you enjoyed talking to them and you actually like Potter'


This caused James and Sirius to begin to laugh at each other, whilst Lily and Stella gave each other death glares and an annoyed Aiden just turned back to his work. Carly just sat there in silence, before picking up her quill and slowly continuing with planning her essay.


'You're completely wrong, I was doing it to help you, though now I wish I didn't' Lily turned back around and angrily picked up her quill ready to write on the parchment. Stella followed suit, continuing with the essay that she, as a Ravenclaw, she could easily manage to write.


James and Sirius, barely noticing the changes in attitudes, continued with their chatter.


'So, Lily-oh, do you fancy switching essays?' James asked her.


'I still don't see whats in it for me?' She replied nonchalantly.


'Ha!' Stella laughed, 'All about you...'


'I'm sorry, do you have a problem with me?' Lily asked Stella.


'Nope, no problem' she replied 'I just think that at the moment you seem extremely selfish and it's obvious that eventually you may or may not switch with him, but in the next couple of hours you just really want to talk to him' 


Lily still stared mouth hung wide open as Stella spoke to her in such a horrible way. It took all her strength not to slap the stupid git right across the face, she didn't know anything about her at all, and yet here this girl she only vaguely knew from some of her classes, who she'd almost never spoken to before was calling her 'selfish' and suggesting that she actually wanted to talk to Potter.


'Fine Potter, here's my essay which I've only just started, do you want to give me your blank piece of parchment?' She handed hers out to him, possibly just because of her annoyance at that horrible girl.


'Awww, thanks Li-Li, I won't let you down' he smiled sarcastically as he read the brief introduction Lily had started him with. 'Hey, we should all switch essays!' he suggested as the idea came to him.


'Okay, I've not written anything' Sirius agreed.


'But I've already written my introduction and half my first paragraph! Why should I get stuck writing all of Black's for him yet he only has to write fifteen-sixteenth of mine' she whined. 


'I've just finished my introduction, I see where she's coming from...' Aiden added.


'I've just finished a plan of mine' Carly finally spoke, her soft, sweet voice filling the room.


'Fine! But Croft you're a Ravenclaw I swear you're suppose to like work' James asked confused. 'Croft and Jones can switch and then Padfoot and Carly can as well' He told them, using his wand to quickly switch everybody's parchment around'.


'How am I suppose to write a two-thousand word essay on someone I don't know?' Carly asked confused.

'Carly you've got eight hours in here' James reminded her 'Learn what you need to know'. 

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Detention: From eight to nine


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