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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 18 : A Well Awaited Apology
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Two weeks. Two weeks I had waited for James to apologise, and he had yet to come begging for my forgiveness. Merlin, I knew he had issues with apologising to people, but surely it was different with me? I was supposedly his best friend now, or was it snog buddy, or perspective love interest? I didn't know. I haven't known where I stand with James for a long time... since September really. I'd realised he was attractive, understood why girls went for him, and suddenly everything between us went horribly wrong. If it wasn't Naomi, it was his cruel mouth, or perhaps it was due to my newly discovered stubborn side.

But everybody agreed with me, no matter how hard James found it to apologise, he had to apologise to me! I would not give in and let him get away with everything he's done to me recently. I want him on his knees... grovelling for my forgiveness. Praying to Dumbledore to let me forgive him... tears... the full works. I want to see some remorse from James Sirius Potter - a rare sighting let me tell you.

It was fair, even his family were on my side, that he made he first move and put himself out there. He was meant to love me, as least as a friend if nothing else, and that meant that in order to keep me by his idiotic side, he had to make the effort with me.

I wanted him to explain everything. Why he went out with Naomi in the first place, when she was a fake,bitchy cow, and why he snogged me. I wanted to know what brought on the New Years Kiss, and then what had brought on the Broom Cupboard Kiss. I'd told Freddy about them, and of course Bea and Alice, although Alice was the only one truly interested. Honestly, the only thing Bea takes any interest in anymore is Nick, and he's the same. Their obsessions with one another is frightening and quite repulsive.

Freddy had been surprised, and then angry at James, but I'd soon calmed him down. As much as James wound me up, I wouldn't be the one to cause a rift between the two cousins/best ever friends - I couldn't do that to either of them. Then Freddy had proceeded to tell me he didn't blame James, after all, I was irresistible and James was completely in love with me. Unfortunately, I disagreed. I would hate it if James was actually in love with me... men should never treat women the way he's treated me if they're in love. If he said he did, I'd dismiss love as existing, because it's simply disappointing.

"Sickle for your thoughts?" Freddy joined me at the Gryffindor table, where I sat twirling a teaspoon absent-mindedly within my coffee cup as I thought.

"My thoughts are worth Galleons, sweetheart" I pouted at Fred, who smiled slightly and tapped my head lightly.

"Care to share what has got you frowning?"

"Well, Fred, I'm sure you can work it out. Who do I always seem to think about, who could possibly have done something wrong to make me frown?"

Fred scratched his chin mockingly, furrowing his eyebrows but soon quit his joking manner. "Honestly, Lise, stop thinking about him."

"I don't mean to think about him" I sighed. "I just do."

"In a loving way?"

"No" I laughed harshly. "In an 'I want to strangle him' way."

"That would make more sense" Fred smirked and I rolled my eyes, paying attention to my coffee as I spooned sugar into it.

"Do you think he'll apologise soon? It's been about two weeks..."

"And how many hours?" Fred joked, teasing me before spotting my expression. "...Sorry Lise. But, seriously, don't worry your pretty little head over Jamesie, I can almost certainly promise he'll apologise this week. Or at least attempt to, but you know-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know" I scoffed. "James Potter is incapable of apologising."

"That's why he never gets his ex girlfriends back, he's too awful at saying a simple 'sorry'. Especially if it has to mean something!" I frowned at Freddy, who had chuckled at his words, and smacked him on the arm.

"And the violence was necessary... because?"

"Sorry should always mean something" I chastised Freddy who rolled his eyes.

"Within family and friends, not with slutty exes."

"They still have feelings."

"Lots of them play with boys' hearts, why shouldn't be break theirs?"

"You know, Fred Weasley" I sighed. "You're so cruel you're almost certainly going to end up in hell."

"As long as we're there together... baby" Freddy threw me a wink as he devoured what must have been his fifth sausage this morning.

"Shut up, I'm an angel" I pulled a face at him and I could sense Freddy rolling his eyes.

"You're as angelic as my arse, Lise" Bea deadpanned, un-glueing her face from Nick's for a rare moment. I simply stared at her in revulsion.

"Pleasant and ladylike!" Freddy scoffed sarcastically and Bea poked her tongue out at him.

"Aim your tongue at Nick, please Beatrice" Fred smirked as she lobbed a smattering of cereal grains his way before turning her attention back to Nick. Have I mentioned how ridiculous Nick and Bea's obsession with one another is?

"Breaking news!" Lily broke the peaceful silence as she skidded to a halt beside my position at the bench and threw herself down beside me, pushing Bea roughly to one side.

"Something the matter, Lils?" Freddy raised his eyebrows at his little cousins' breathlessness.

"Albus and Rose said James and Naomi were talking yesterday, and then they were hugging!" Lily gasped and my heart immediately sunk in my chest. I felt my face slip into a frown and Lily's eyes widened.

"But she's still with Nott!" Lily squealed, pointing obviously in the direction of Naomi at the Slytherin table, causing me to bat her hand downwards with flushed cheeks.

"Lily!" I squealed in protest but she moved back from my hands absentmindedly.

"Lise, apparently James told Drew, who told Albus, who told Rose, who then told me... that James wants to apologise to you today!"

"Nice one Lily" Freddy narrowed his eyes at his ginger cousin who pouted at him.

"What have I done now, Freddy?"

"Ruined the surprise!"

"You knew he was going to apologise today?" I asked Freddy incredulously and he simply nodded and shrugged. What an idiot! I need to know when James is going to apologise to me... it's important!

"And you didn't tell me because...?"

"It should have been a surprise" Freddy wagged a finger at me. "It would have made it better for you."

"Well, she doesn't know when he's going to do it" Lily reasoned.

"Do you?" I asked erratically, the nerves building up in the pit of my stomach already.

Lily shook her head, regretfully. "Sorry, Lise. But, on the bright side you look very pretty today!"

I smiled and shook my hair back from my face. "Lils, I'm not too bothered about looking pretty. What am I going to say to him?"

"Forgive him?" Freddy answered with an amused expression. "What else would you do?"

"Keep him hanging" Lily brainstormed. "Not accept his apology. Push him in the lake. Hex him..."

"Good ideas to plant in Lise's brain, Lils" Freddy groaned, smacking a palm to his forehead and Lily's eyes widened in fear once more.

"Oh! No! Lise, you need to just forgive him! It's been going on so long now..."

"I know Lily, don't worry" I squeezed her arm gently. "Anyway, can you imagine me pushing James into the lake? I'm so weak it could take years."

"True" Fred smirked as I threw him a reproachful glance.


Despite the fact that I spent all day waiting for my apology, none came. I suspected that James wanted to apologise in a private area, to maintain his reputation, and so in my desperation for his apology I found myself in the Astronomy Tower, hoping James would check the map and come to find me here, alone.

I was right, I heard footsteps on the metal stairs and the door being gently pushed open before the person stopped a few metres behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know it was him, the awkward silence that had engulfed us was enough.

"Hi James" I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I leant my stomach further against the bar at the edge of the tower, pushing my backside out towards James. I didn't mean to try and be alluring with James whilst he was trying to apologise, but for some reason I wanted to be.

"Oh, hey, Lise. I was just, uh-"

"Did you want some alone time up here, or did you come to find me?" I cut through what was obviously going to be a false, rambling excuse and James gaped at me momentarily, before letting his shoulders sag slightly. I never saw James this... unconfident. It was bizarre.

"I wanted to talk to you. About... everything" James mumbled, softly stepping towards the edge and leaning against the metal bars beside me.

"Well, go ahead" I offered him a small smile and he blinked, before resting his gaze forward as a small frown line appeared between his eyebrows.

"I have a lot to apologise for" James began, unsurprised my my nodding. "Firstly, I'm sorry for going out with Naomi. I ditched you, and I shouldn't have. She was bad news, and you were my best friend..."

"Bro's before hoes" I reminded him and I could sense James fighting a smile.

"You're not a bro."

"Oh? Am I a hoe then? Yours?"

James frowned at me and ruffled his hair from nerves. "No, you're not, Lise. Of course you're not... You're my best friend."

"A best friend who you ditched for a stupid, blonde cow and snogged twice without asking permission."

"You kissed me back! And since when did I have to ask... permission?" James visibly shuddered at the thought and I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes.

"I don't want you forcing yourself on me..."

"Lise, please, I'm just trying to apologise!"

"Tell me what you did wrongly then!"

"I treated you like shit, and I'm sincerely sorry. I shouldn't have done, and I wish I could change everything I've done this year."

"Even kissing me?" I added, my fury quickly being replaced by hurt.

James was silent for a moment as he considered me, as if debating what the best reply would be.

"I don't regret kissing you, at all."

"Me neither."

James' eyebrows shot up in surprise but he didn't move to kiss me as I suspected.

"I'm sorry for kissing you without your permission" James sighed, biting on the corner of his lip.

"Me too" I shrugged.

"What? You haven't kissed me without my-"

James' words were cut off as I grabbed his cheeks in my hands and attacked his lips with my own. I couldn't help myself, James' apology had increase my liking for James further still.
After a moment of shock, James quickly pulled himself together, responding to the kiss excitedly. He wrapped hhis arms around my waist, pulling me into his embrace as he twisted us around and leant my back against the metal bar that circled the edge of the tower.

His lips caressed mine softly and lovingly, which was different to my original, forceful kiss. I could feel his breath hot on my skin as we continued to kiss and I blinked as I pulled away from James after what seemed like a lifetime squeezed into a second.

"You're so polite, Lise" James chucked as he whispered to me. "Apologising in advance."

"That's what makes me likeable."

"Everything about you makes you likeable" James shot me a smile and I pretended to retch.

"That was so cheesy it was vile. Don't ever say anything like that to me again!"

"Am I forgiven now?" James brushed his lips softly against mine as our noses touched, our close proximity in the spacious, open tower sending shivers along my body.

"I couldn't resist your apology" I smiled weakly and James squeezed my cheek in between his fingers.

"You can't resist me" James added his signature flirty voice and wink and I rolled my eyes but quickly kissed him back.

"Arrogant" I mumbled, but the effect was ruined by our smirks as our lips once again touched one another's.

A/N - thanks so much for waiting around after this longer than normal update! I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you readers who have favourites this story, when I saw the numbers of forty odd, I was ecstatic. I never imagined such a reaction and it's lovely to hear from readers and so on.

Also, thanks to all my reviewers, I do actually enjoy responding to them! But a special thank you to Bella Bug; who had responded to many chapters, has made me laugh with her amusing reviews and has been very deicated. Thanks so much Bella! Another thanks to Captain Kill Wormtail, you were my first regular reviewer ever, so I am very grateful!

Thanks again, update should be reasonably soon, I know what's happening next in the storyline! Also, apologies if this chapter isnt excellent, I wrote it quickly in order to please you readers. Please tale that into account! (My thoughtfulness I mean!)

Lots of love X

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