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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 5 : Just My Luck
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I’d been avoiding him for a week. I’d told Ron I was out with a cold, which was a lie. I just didn’t want to see him. Not only was he frightening, but he was dangerous as well. He was the Lion, and I the Lamb.

I was supposed to patrol with him until Zabini recovered, which according to my newly received letter wasn’t happening in the nearest future. Apparently he wasn’t recovering, and since Madam Pomfrey couldn’t figure out what was the matter with him, he’d been sent to St. Mungos.

This meaning my plan of avoiding my duties, and Malfoy, until Zabini was back went straight down the toilet.

Just my luck.

“You up for patrols tonight, Kaya?” I heard Ron’s voice ask from the other side on the door.

I stood up from my bed, wearing my heavy robes.

I opened the door to reveal my fellow Head standing on the other side. “Think so,” I answered hesitantly.

Ron gave me a warm smile before he lay his arm around my shoulders, and together we walked down towards the Great Hall where, hopefully, not all the Preferct’s would be awaiting our presence.


As we came down the last set of stairs, I immediately felt the same suffocating feeling. I knew he was there, even before my eyes fell on him. He winked at me, causing me to blush. However, my eyes stayed on him the whole time, until Ron spoke up.

“We’ll be doing it a bit differently today,” he announced, and I looked down at my hands to take a deep breath. I looked up with a controlled face and continued where Ron had left off. “Two and two will patrol the corridors together for two hours. Ron has made a list with the times. You will be in your original pairs that you got the first day, so Hermione and Hannah will start.”

I watched as Ron started handing out the timetables.

I saw a muscular, pale arm in the air and there was no mistaking the owner. “Yes, Malfoy?” I said, knowing I had to look at him even though I had no desire to.

“What about me? Blaise has been sent to St. Mungos. I’ve been patrolling alone for a week now, I would very much appreciate a partner.”

Oh, that brat. He remembered very well our conversation in the Head common room. He just wanted me to say it out loud, so everyone would hear. The gleam in his eyes said it all. I glared at him, hoping it was covered enough so no one else would notice.

“If you would look at your timetable, Malfoy, you’d see who you’re patrolling with,” I sneered through gritted teeth. Malfoy looked down at his sheet, and his grin was unmistakable. It was the one of a boy who’d just gotten what he wanted. Everyone else looked down at their sheets as well, and I could hear several of them gasp. “Great,” I faintly heard Drac- I mean Malfoy, whisper.

“You know what to do,” said Ron. “Now get on with it.”

He gave me a short nod in the direction of Hermione and I nodded approvingly before he walked over to his girlfriend. I myself wanted to curl up underneath my oh-so-soft bedcovers and headed back to my common room as soon as the chance was given to me.

Just as I reached the top of the stairs, I heard the echo of my footprints colliding against the walls. As I reached the portrait, I whispered “serpentine” and it swung open, welcoming me. I smiled as I stepped inside, hurrying up to my room.


I hugged my pillow tight, lying on my stomach on my bed. I wanted to sleep so badly before my patrol, but it just didn’t seem possible. I looked over at my clock, 11 PM.

My patrol with Drac-… Malfoy! Ugh, why did I keep calling him Draco? My patrol with Malfoy was three hours from now, and I needed some sleep. I wouldn’t be in bed before 4 AM, which would only give me a couple hours of sleep.

I groaned as I rolled over in my bed, kicking off my bed sheets.

“Now that’s how I like it!”

“Malfoy!” I cried, grabbing for my sheets again. Unfortunately, they’d fallen down on the floor and was out of my grasp so I covered myself with my pillow, as it was the only thing I had. “WHAT are you doing here? And, wait, HOW did you get in?”

“I know the password,” he shrugged indifferently, and I stared at him with my mouth agape. “HOW?” I stammered after a short while of staring at him. He was wearing black trousers and a black tee, revealing his muscular arms, making my imagination go wild.

“Heard you say it earlier.”

“You… You FOLLOWED me?”

Once again he gave me an indifferent shrug, and a half-heartedly laugh escaped my lips. “Wow.”

My eyes glided from his God-like eyes to his strong jaw, down his torso and, wishing I had X-ray vision, I stared at it longingly for a while.

“Take off your shirt,” I heard myself blurt out. Something else was controlling my body. I had no idea why I’d just said that. He was Draco sodding Malfoy! And I was alone, wearing nothing but my knickers and a white tank top, with him.

“Why?” asked Draco, taking in my expression. Clearly not even he had expected this.

“Please, will you just take off your shirt? I can’t stop thinking-” I stopped myself before I made an even bigger fool of myself. “I need to just…”

“Okay, okay, okay,” he said in a mocking tone, but I chose to ignore it. I knew I was giving him what he wanted, but I couldn’t help it.

As his bare chest came in view I watched as he tossed his black tee at me. I stared at him for a long while, nodding slightly. “Fuck,” I groaned and covered my eyes. “Seriously?” I asked as I removed my hands, only to stare at his chest once again. “It’s like you’re photoshopped!”

Draco stared down at himself, before he gave me a rather confused glance. Oh right, he knows nothing of muggles… Oh, well. Too bad for him.

I placed the pillow back on the bed and stood up, approaching him slowly. “Can I just…” I didn’t finish, and I didn’t have to for him to understand what I meant. When my fingertips collided with the hard surface of his abdomen, a gasp left my parted lips. He was so flawless…

“Like what you see, Penelope?”

His voice awoke me and I retreated my hand fast, pressing it up against my own chest. “No,” I lied. He knew I was, but there was no way I was admitting out loud that he was … sexy.

The fact that I’d admitted it to myself was already a miracle of its own.

“You’re blushing,” he smirked and I gave him what I hoped was a dark look. “I am not. Now get some clothes on, why are you shirtless anyway, I–”

“Because you told me to, Penelope. Not going to deny it, are you?” he grinned, but I turned my back to him and marched towards my bed and grabbed his shirt. “I did no such thing,” I said, denying it with all my might. I was just about to toss his tee back at him, when I caught his glance. “What?” I snapped, feeling uncomfortably aware of my chosen outfit. If I’d known he’d pay me a late night visit I’d surely put on something a lot more flattering. Like the lace nightgown Luna once convinced me to buy, which was lying in my underwear draw where I’d put it two years ago. Wait, what? No! I didn’t care how I looked like to him. This was what I slept in, I… Oh, whom was I trying to fool?

“Keep it,” he grinned as he grabbed the doorknob and turned it. “A memory of me,” he winked before leaving my room.

Oh, I was in so much trouble…

Not only did I now stand with Draco Malfoy’s tee in my hands, but he was leaving the Head common room without it.

Oh, the looks I would get in the morning…



A/N: Do let me know what you think! How do you feel the story in developing? Do you like Draco? Kaya? Leave me a review, please! They are much appreciated :)

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