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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 5 : Close
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Author’s Note: Hey y’all! Sorry for taking so long and absolutely dragging my feet…Although, I’m taking something of a vacation! Haha well here it is y’all! Enjoy and review!




I tap my fingers repeatedly upon the table in a secluded coffee shop in Diagon Alley. My stomach does flips over and over as both odd and normal people pass. How could I tell him? Would he believe me? My nails making contact with the hardwood table started to annoy me, not to mention the older woman cleaning the tables, considering she shot me dirty looks. The silence in the room was ringing in my ears. Ron would be here any minute and my heart picked up a few paces. Swishing the little coffee left in my cup, I anxiously searched for the tall red head. How would he react? The bell on the door brought me back to focus. I looked up hastily to see Ron. His long muscles seemed to fluidly move towards me, and I could hear my heart pounding. As he sat down, I smile nervously.


“Hey Lav” he greeted almost seeming uneasy. I smiled nervously again and fought to keep my breathing going. This is what I wanted. He’s a good man. He’ll stay. He’s mine forever now. Hermione’s face that expressed an unreal amount of pain when she caught us briefly flashed through my mind. I shook my head slightly and took his hand. His hands were warm and calloused and easily covered my own completely. The shaking of my hands did not go unnoticed. “What is it?” he asked. My silence must have worked him up.


“I have something to tell you.” I gulped. He waited patiently for me to go on, and I could barely bring myself to say it.


“I’m pregnant.”





“I like it!” Draco argued.


The silk emerald green gown clung all the way down to my hips, then finally loosened. I did feel pretty, but the way his eyes raked over my body made my cheeks feel aflame. I sighed. We had argued for an hour. “I’d like it better in red, you know,” I laughed.


“Oh hell no Gra—darling!”


“If I give in, can we be done?” I ask, the annoyance practically dripping off my voice. He nods and walks off. Then my muggle cell phone goes off. The store employees give me dirty looks and I frantically search through my purse for the pestering device. The caller I.D. makes my head spin. Ronald. The pain shot through me immediately. The phone slipped through my hands and clattered onto the tile floor and continued to ring.

            “What is it?” Draco’s voice asked quietly. I jumped and spun around; not even realizing he had came back. I bent down to pick the phone up, and when I came back up he was only a foot away from me. I hastily threw the phone into my purse and avoided his eyes. Suddenly his cold, long fingers locked around my fingers.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again, and he was so close I could feel his warm breath wash over my face.  For a second, the emotional pain that coursed through my body ceased. His grey eyes searched my face and I tried to look away. “Ron,” I whispered. I thought I saw his jaw clench ever so slightly.

“Why is it you’ve always fought for yourself against every Slytherin there was but never the man who broke you like this?”

            I shake my head and glance away. When I finally drag my eyes back to his. I feel both of us leaning in painstakingly slow. Our lips are so close, just about to touch and I start to get on my tiptoes to close that awful space. Then I realize what’s happening.

            I yank away, and fight to catch my breath. “I’ll meet you at the Ball tomorrow at 7. Floo there” he says in a clipped voice, and when I finally turn around, he’s nowhere to be seen.





            Our lips had been so close. Oh so very close. Her sweet smell had practically lured me in. I should have just kissed her before she had a moment to second-guess herself. She was so close.


            I have quite a few problems on my hands. My undeniable attraction to her, and my mother. My Father is probably already rolling in his grave, but Mother. Oh Mother. Blood status is everything to her. She is worse then Father. What a scandal it will be when I show up to the ball with Hermione. I pray she won’t spring on us at the ball, because it will without a doubt be a nightmare.


            I push aside my thoughts and make my way through the crowded alley. I make my way into a café where I floo back to my manor. It certainly isn’t as grand as the Malfoy Manor, but it would have to do until my newer one is built. I immediately walk into the parlor and pour myself a scotch.


            “Master you have a visitor.” A squeaky voice says. I turn to see a small house elf. If I recall her name is Missy, but there’s so many I’m not at all certain. I set my empty glass on the table in front of the fireplace and nod. “Let him in, but first bring me a cigar or two.”


            I watch the tiny elf scamper off, and I sit down. She hands me the cigars, her big eyes staring at me intensely. “Bring the visitor in.” I say as I grab a lighter. I light my cigar and chuckle to myself. How that muggle contraption like a lighter goes against every Pureblood value I had.


            I inhale slowly, enjoying the expensive cigars my Father once smoked. Every time I saw him—which undoubtedly wasn’t often—he had a cigar. I put my feet up and forced myself to attempt to relax. Hermione had my going like a live wire.


            Then I hear the pitter of Missy’s feet and the clicking of heels. That’s when I knew I was in for it. “Draco Lucius Malfoy, what is this scandalous secret of you and that mudblood Hermione Granger?”


Author’s Note: There you have it…slow moving but…hey, you’ll thank me! I hope…Reviews? Please?Maybe?Hopefully?Please?Here’s a sneak peek


“Do you actually think you deserve him?”Narcissa scowled at me. “Surely you know it isn’t real. He doesn’t feel for you. How could he? If you believe he does, you’re fooling yourself. All you are is a dirty mudblood, and that’s all you’ll ever be. Nothing more, but maybe even something less. I don’t know how he can even stand to be around you. Do yourself a favor, get out before you hurt yourself even more.”


            “You’re wrong.” I choke out, and it’s all I can manage.


            “A Malfoy is always a Malfoy. He’ll always stick to his Pureblood beliefs. You’ll figure that out sooner a later. So believe he truly loves you, go right on ahead. Don’t be surprised if one morning you wake up and he’s gone. You’ll never be enough for him. Ever. You’re just a mudblood who is beneath us.”



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Insanity: Close


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