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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 10 : The Hogwarts Express
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Molly Weasley hurried through the Ministry of Magic towards her husband's office, the letter she had receive clutched tightly in her fist. In her hustle, she didn't realize how many people she pushed out of her way and she was oblivious of the dirty looks they sent after her. All that was important was getting this letter to Arthur as soon as she could to stop a catastrophe from happening. As she finally got to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, she slowed down to catch her breath. Still slightly winded, she pushed the door open, surprising her husband and Perkins, Arthur's assistant.

"Molly! What a pleasant surprise! I take it you got the kids off safely on the train?" Arthur said smiling. He's expression changed once he seen how upset his wife was. "Molly, dear, what's the matter? You look like someone died!" Arthur jumped up from his desk and pulled his wife into a hug. He noticed the paper in her fist and slowly started to understand. Another letter must have come from their informant on the inside with the Death Eaters.


"Perkins, could you please go and get Molly some tea, she seems to be really upset." asked Arthur.


"Of course, I'll be back soon." Perkins left his desk and went for the tea, happy to leave the office and whatever bad news Molly had brought to their doorstep.

"Oh Arthur! It's horrible! You have to read this! I left in such a hurry, the kids are probably wondering what's happening, I should get back soon, but I didn't know what else to do! Oh Arthur..." Molly exclaimed, breaking off in sobs at the end. Arthur took the letter Molly held out to him and his breath caught as he read what it said. His face drained of color as he slowly slid down to the floor.  


"Oh dear! What do we do?" he murmured quietly. After a few minutes of letting this new information sink in, he got up and brushed the dust from the floor off of himself. "I have to tell the minister, but he's not going to like this one bit!"







Hermione settled herself into an empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express and leaned her head back against the seat. It was hard to believe she was finally leaving home and able to go back to school. All the counseling she did made it so her parents finally felt comfortable letting her leave and she was tired of acting all the time. All she wanted was to see Draco, to feel his arms around her and to feel the soft caress of his breath on her cheek. She sighed and closed her eyes, hoping he would show up soon. Crookshanks jumped up on her lap and she pasted the time waiting for Draco petting her kitty and reliving the last time they were alone together. In no time, she was asleep as the train started down the tracks towards Hogwarts.





Ron, Harry and Ginny were running extremely late for the train. No matter where they looked, they couldn't find Mrs. Weasley anywhere. Her magazine was sitting on the table next to a cold cup of tea. It didn't look like any foul play had happened, but it was very unlike her not to be where she was suppose to be.

"Mum? Hello! We have to go or we are going to miss the train!" Ginny's voiced echoed from the 4th floor where she was searching. Footsteps a few moments later on the stairs foretold the boys she was on her way back to the kitchen. As she rounded the corner into the room, something bright and silver darted past her and stopped in the middle of the kitchen.

"DO NOT TAKE THE TRAIN TO SCHOOL!!! YOUR MOTHER WILL BE HOME SHORTLY  TO EXPLAIN!!! DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE AND DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE!!!" The silver weasel shouted in Mr. Weasley's voice before fading away. The three Gryffindors stood there staring at each other in shock. Something must be horribly wrong if they were missing the train. As one, the three of them sat down at the table to await Mrs. Weasley and the explanation they knew was coming.





Draco threw himself back on the bed in the room he was staying in at Grimwauld Place surveying the mess he had made during his tantrum. The chest of drawers the previously held his clothing was nothing but a pile of rubble and everything that wasn't his was torn, ripped or splintered into hundreds of pieces. He closed his eyes and relived the conversation he had with his mother just that morning.


"The Order has decided it is too dangerous for you to take the train back to school. You'll be safe once you arrive, but they do not want to risk something happening to you. They are arranging for a guard to escort you to the gates of the school and that's where Dumbledore will meet us. After you are safely in the school, I will be brought to a new location to be kept safe." Narcissa Malfoy said bluntly to her son over breakfast. She calmly took a sip of her tea and gently placed the mug down on the table waiting for Draco's reaction. She was not disappointed.

"WHAT! I'm so fed up with the Order telling me what I can and can not do and where I can and can not go! I want to ride the train to school, I want to see Hermione! Mother, please! Why do we have to listen to everything they say anyway? We can leave anytime we want, their hold on us is just an illusion. Why can't you just tell them otherwise?" Draco yelled, jumping up from the table and knocking his breakfast over in a fit of rage. Narcissa just calmly watched her son's fit with one slightly raised eyebrow. She waited a few more minutes while his rage played out.

"Draco, that's enough! You are not to act like this! What are you, some spoiled little brat that can not understand the importance of himself and is willing to place himself in danger just to see a girl? You will do as you are told. Period. Now go to your room and get ready, our guard will be here by three." With one more scalding look at her son, she stood up and left her upset son behind her.

***end flashback***

Draco swore under his breath as he jumped up from the bed and grabbed his trunk. His mother was waiting for him downstairs and he knew better than to keep her waiting. He smirked as he closed the door, imagining Potter's face when he sees the mess he had made in his precious house. His trunk clumped down the stairs behind him as he slowly made his way to the first floor. His mother looked up at him, a slight scowl on her face at the disrespect he son was showing towards his belongings. She said nothing though as she turned towards the four men waiting for them in the shadows. She motioned for Draco to follow her and they all took ahold of the umbrella that was their portkey and when it started to glow, they were off the Hogwarts, unknowing what they had escaped from.



 Hermione woke suddenly as she was thrown from her seat. She glanced around uneasily, waiting for someone or something to happen. It was too soon for the train to have reached the school and she instinctively grabbed on tightly to her wand as the cries of the other students echoed around her. She slowly made her way to the door of her compartment, silently opened the door and glanced into the hallway. It appeared the train was filled with smoke and there were bodies laying on the floor. She quickly closed the door and pulled the blinds down, hoping she would go unnoticed. She backed herself against the door, worrying about her friends and about Draco. None of them had made it into the compartment with her and she was fearful of their safety. Crookshanks rubbed up against her side offering comfort. She slowly stroked her cat as she tried to think of a way out of this, but there seemed to be no easy answer. She stood up holding her pet and gentley placed him in his carrying basket, praying it would keep her precious kitty safe. She placed it unseen under the seat, and cast a simple spell to keep it safe and invisible.

As Hermione made her way down the corridor of the train, she had to step over bodies of her fellow students, hoping and praying that they were no one she knew. The green skull with a snake coming out of it's mouth, it's green glow casting fear filled hysterics throughout the train. As she stumbled her way to the back of the train, she could not find any clue of the whereabouts of Draco or harry or anyone she knew. The people that she had seen were all way younger than her. It was as if all the students from fourth year and above had disappeared.

"Oh, there she is! My lord will be so pleased! Now if you can find little Dracie poo before he arrives, everything will go according to plan!" Hermione heard a high pitch female's voice right next to her say. Before she could even scream, she was stunned and once again thrown over the shoulder of someone and taken.




A/N: Another chapter done, It took me months and months to get past my writer's block and hopefully I have! Not the best of chapters, but it's up and completed! Once again, I'm so very very very sorry about the long wait for this chapter! Please R/R!

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