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James Potter’s Greatest Wish by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 22 : Greatest Time of Year
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Chapter 22: Greatest Time of Year

Lily's P.O.V.

It's December 23rd and I am getting ready to go to Potter Manor. I am so nervous because I am meeting his parents. However, on the good side I get to spend my favorite holiday with some of my favorite people instead of staying here or seeing my sister. I'm not positive what to bring...


"Yes Lily?" he said while walking in my room.

"Do you guys dress up for Christmas? Do I need specific clothes for certain things? Am I just meeting your parents or more people? I..." he put a lip to my fingers.

"Lily breathe. You will just meet my parents and they are so excited to meet you. The only time we wear something specific is Christmas morning. We wear our PJs downstairs so wear whatever you want. I know the house is big, but we are really laid back and as long as you are comfortable you will be perfect."

"Ok. Are you sure they will like me?"

"Lily of course they will. I promise you that."

"Ok" I turn back to my packing. I double-check that I have everything and walk out of my room.

Sirius is there and he rushes over, picks me up and swings me around, "Are you excited?!!!"

"Yea," I laugh, "but, clearly not as much as you."

"I get to see my mom and dad why wouldn't I be?!"

"Wait I thought James said I was only meeting his parents!" with slight panic in my voice.

"Lily dear they are my parents too." Sirius said seriously.

"Oh." I was so confused.

"My biological parents suck. They are wrapped in pure blood mania like my brother. I left home last summer, before 6th year because it disgusted me. The Potters took me in. After 1st year when I met them they opened their home to me and had me over often as possible. Turned out your boy ratted my parents out and explained how I didn't feel I had a home there and wanted me to have a home. By the time I was in my 3rd year they insisted I call them Mom and Dad. They have been since then as far as I am concerned."


"And you wondered why this idiot and I were so close," James smiled as he punched Sirius in the arm, "He is my brother. He has been without anyone really knowing it for the longest time."

“Wow” was all I could manage.

“Ok let’s go you two,” James said, “we gotta get to the Great Hall to catch the train home.”

With that the three of us hurry with our belongings down the stairs. We get approved to leave and we get in the carriages. I feel so nervous I could cry. James means more to me than anything I had experienced before and meeting his parents means the world to me. The train to the station lasted a matter of minutes in my opinion. James tried to engage me in conversation many times, however after a while I think he accepted that I was too nervous…

“MOM!! DAD!!” I hear Sirius yell.

“Come on love,” James whispers to me.

I get up and I am shaking. I pull my stuff off the train and I am brought into the most comforting hug that I have found in a while. Mrs. Potter pulls back and says, “Dear I thought I would never get to meet you.”

“MOM!!” James yells.

“What son? She was just telling Lily this took a while,” Mr. Potter said, “but it was certainly worth the wait.” With that Mr. Potter pulled me into a hug.

They get us back to Potter Manor and Mrs. Potter said, “Welcome to our house”, with a large smile.

I am so happy. This feels more like a family than my own. I wish I never had to leave. This week better go slow. James leads me upstairs and Sirius is on our heels. He shows me the guest room and it is right next to the boy’s room. We get settled and I hear a small pop outside of my room.

“Master is this Miss Lily?” I turn to see the boys with a house elf in the doorway.

“Yes, Abby it is” James replied.

“Miss Lily do you need assistance?”

“No Abby I am just fine thank you” with that the house elf bowed and I heard a small ‘pop’ once again.

“She seems sweet”

“She’s the best and she makes everything amazing!!” Sirius shouted, while James smiled.

“Lily what would you like to do today?” James said.

“Anything,” she smiled back.

That day and Christmas Eve passed in a happy blur. I have never enjoyed my favorite holiday more. The family plus I decorated the house during the day and sat around the fire with hot chocolate at night. I have never felt more at home in my life.

Christmas morning arrived and I was woken up to “HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!”

When I can move I will kill Sirius I thought. I snuggle down into the covers and I felt a kiss on my cheek.

“Good morning love”. I roll and smile while looking at James, “I am going to warn you now. If you don’t get out of bed soon Sirius will tackle you. I found that out the hard way last year”.

I start to shift a little and hear “Argh! Sirius!” Mr. Potter shouted.

“Come on come on its Christmas! James, Lily your next!” Sirius yelled. With that I jumped out of bed and shut James out of the room while I changed in record time. I was wearing a red top and a pair of white pants with pictures of mistletoe all over them. I walk down and the presents under the tree are abundant. I look and see one very happy family. I love it here.

“Come here Lily” James drags me next to him on the couch and kisses me quickly. I blush while his family cheers and we all laugh.

We soon begin unwrapping our presents. The girls sent the boys chocolates and they did the same for them. Having so many friends was getting expensive. They gave me witch beauty products with a note “To use to make James grovel”. I giggled because we all got each other similar products. I gave James a photo album of us through the ages. It began with pictures from first year until now. Some of the pictures involved me smacking him after he bothered me, but I found them rather funny now. Thank goodness my friends and I love pictures. I gave Sirius a box of Zonko products with a note. Not for use against me. Finally, I gave his parents a gift basket including mead that included a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Everyone thanked me. Sirius gave James Quidditch gloves, his ‘parents’ a photo album entitled “The best family I could ask for” with pictures of him and the Potters since he was young. Mrs. Potter cried after this and gave Sirius a large hug. Who knew he could be such a softy. He then past me a book entitled “James’ Secret’s”. I opened it up and began to giggle. Sirius then whispered, “Don’t tell him!” and I hushed quickly. James gave Sirius a broom servicing kit and he gave his parents a trip this summer. He was sending them for a week to Australia. They hugged James close and Mrs. Potter cried once again because she was so happy. The boy’s parents gave them more Zonko’s products with a request they don’t get into too much trouble with them. There were two more presents under the tree. I was handed the smaller box by Mr. Potter and he said “This is from Mrs. Potter and I”. I opened it to find a silver bracelet with small emerald hearts accenting it every once in a while. “This is too much” I reply.

“No dear it’s not. It goes with this one” Mr. Potter replied while James handed me the other box.

“This one’s from me” he smiled. I open it up to find a necklace with a simple chain and a matching, slightly larger heart at the end and a pair of earrings of emerald hearts with an outline of silver that all match beautifully. I am completely stunned.

“Are you all sure? I don’t deserve this.”

“Lily hunny just put them on”. James replies while helping me get my necklace on as Mrs. Potter clasped my bracelet around my wrist. I place the earrings on and the hearts emit a small, but beautiful glow.

“Well don’t you look pretty” Mrs. Potter said with a smile on her face.

James P.O.V.

I kiss her on the cheek and everyone, but Lily, notices the glow increases much more when she is near me. I smile to myself. I knew she loved me.

“James hunny, want to meet me in the kitchen?” Mom says with a smile. I reluctantly pull myself from Lily and follow my mom. I get into the kitchen and my mom wraps me up in a large hug.

“Oh hunny you two are so wonderful together. I am so happy for you”

“Mom it glowed! Did you notice how much it glowed?”

“I know sweetie. Once she admits she loves you wholeheartedly can you imagine how much brighter it will be? I am so glad we bought her that set. She is such a wonderful girl.”

“Thanks mom. It means the world to me that you think that.”



“James sweetheart I think you might have a rough time with those two for years to come” Mom said while laughing.

“They will have to deal after all they love me” he replied cheekily.

“Sweetheart until the ring joins the set properly you would know that”

“No mom I already do” with that I left to separate the two most important people in my life.

“Prongs! Make her stop!” Sirius yelled while running from Lily who was chasing him with water coming out of her wand to prevent him from lighting the firework.

“Padfoot take them outside. Lily will stop chasing you then you idiot”

“Nobody is fun anymore” Sirius said while pouting outside.

He set it up to go off that night after dinner. The three of us spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company until after dinner when the five of us went outside. The three kids stood shoulder to shoulder with Lily in the middle as Sirius’ firework display went off.

“This couldn’t be more perfect.” Lily whispered.

“I agree” I replied while hugging her. The glow from her jewelry was emitting light onto Sirius’ arm so much so that he couldn’t ignore it.

‘We gotta talk’ he mouthed to me over Lily’s head.

I nodded yes and we watched the fireworks till late in the night. What a perfect Christmas.

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