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Oh, Mushroom! by WentToManderleyAgain
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21: Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!
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Breathless, I slid down the wall of the astronomy tower. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I could feel my body shaking, and I hated it. The air wouldn't fill my lungs, and I felt helpless.

I closed my eyes, and pushed the tears from my eyes. I ignored the droplets sliding down my cheeks as I tried to take deep breaths. In, out. In, out.

My head bumped against the wall. Wincing, I cushioned it with my hand. With a moan of pain, I laid down on my back, still cushioning my head.

With my head throbbing, I fell asleep up there in the astronomy tower.


"Happy birthday, Elizabeth!" Lily yelled cheerfully, pulling me into a big hug as I entered the Great Hall.

Oh. Right.

It was October 4. Great. Whoo. I'm so excited.

In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.

Plastering a big fake smile of my face, I hugged her back half-heartedly.

"You really shouldn't be doing this much for me," I muttered.

Lily gave me a confused look.

"But we haven't really even done anything yet."

"I know . . . You just shouldn't."

Lily frowned and placed a hand on her hips.

"Oh, no you don't, Elizabeth Abigail Moore! You are goingto let us celebrate and you are going to have an amazing day! Just cut the crap and have fun!"Lily growled.

Wow. Lily can be really scary when she's angry . . .

"O-okay." I gulped.

Lily's glare turned into a blinding smile.

"Great!" she said cheerfully, grabbing my hand and leading me toward the Gryffindor table, her red hair swinging behind her. "Let's have breakfast!"

Surprised at the weird mood swing, I followed her obediently, until I realized she was leading us to the Marauders.

"Hey, Lily Billy?" I whispered. "How about we just sit with Ashie Dashie?"

She gave me an odd look, but then realization dawned on her face.

"Right, you dumped Remus, and Sirius dumped Ashley." Lily giggled. "Alright, let's go."

I raised an eyebrow at her use of Sirius' actual name. Suddenly, what she said registered in my mind.

"I didn't dump Remus!" I insisted, following her to the Ravenclaw table. "We're taking a break."

Lily snorted.


"It's true!"

"Come on, Elizabeth, sit down," she laughed, gesturing toward the bench. Frowning slightly, I sat down.


I couldn't get Remus out of my mind. He was a werewolf? Every time I thought it, I felt a shiver of fear float down my spine.

"So, what do you want to do next, Elizabeth?" Ashley asked, tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. Today, it appeared everyone was listening to me and only calling me Elizabeth. It was weird, to say the least.

I shrugged.

"I dunno."

It was quiet as we walked through the corridors. The sound of our feet was the only thing you could hear. We walked for a little longer, still not saying a word.

"Elizabeth?" came a voice. My head snapped up.

"Remus?" I croaked, having not spoken in what felt like hours, even though I knew it was only a few minutes.

Ashley smiled, and slinked into an empty classroom.

"What's up?" I asked, suddenly feeling self conscious. Tucking a piece of hair behind me ear, my eyes darted around, making note of any quick escapes, should they be needed.

"We need to talk."



Well, dammit again then! I swear, people have no respect for my inner monologue!

"That we do," I said softly, holding my bag close to my chest.

Remus gave me an odd look, before pulling away a tapestry. With wide eyes, I noticed a room behind it.


Oh my Merlin!

Later that day, Leslie was on the Remus hunt, and dragging me along with her.

"Suddenly there is music, at the sound of your name!" I sang goofily. One of my favorite musicals is "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying," and Rosemary was my favorite song.

"Oh, shut up, Lizzie," Leslie laughed.

"What?" I asked confused, when suddenly I heard a voice behind a tapestry. "What the mushroom is that?" I hissed at Leslie.

Leslie quirked an eyebrow. "I have no clue," she whispered back. I strained my ears to hear what the males were saying.

"You're saying you don't like her?" Voice one said. Let's call him Gary.

"No, I'm not saying that," Voice two said. Let's call him J. Pierrepont Finch. Don't judge me. I have that musical on the brain, okay?

"Then what are you saying?" Gary asked.

"I-I don't know. I do like her. Just not like that." J. Pierrepont Finch responded.

Gary sighed. "What do you think about her, then?"

"I think she's pretty."

"You think she's pretty?" Gary asked, his voice incredulous.

"What, you don't?" J. Pierrepont Finch seemed surprised.

"Of course I think Lizzie's pretty. But you know, that girl Ashley, she's gorgeous." Huh? Are they talking about me and Ash?

No response from J. Pierrepont Finch.

"Anyway, we have to go. Dinner is soon," Gary suddenly said.

"Shoot!" I hissed. "Go, go, go!"

Leslie and I started running away as quietly as we could.

I gasped.

"Remus," I suddenly said, still staring at the tapestry. "I think I have a few questions for you."

Remus gave me an annoyed look.

"And I have a few questions for you. Now, get it."

"Stranger danger!" I sang under my breath, but walked into the small room anyway.

Looking around, I noticed that it wasn't actually that small at all. It was actually quite large, with big red armchairs, and a long gold couch. It reminded me a bit of the Gryffindor common room, actually.

Sticking my hands in the pockets of my skirt, I turned around and looked at Remus, waiting for him to speak.

"I'm sorry."

I stared at him.

Oh, Merlin.

I don't think I can do this. I removed one hand from my pocket and ran it through my hair.

"I'm sorry, Remus," I whispered. "I'm so sorry, I just can't help it."

Remus' eyebrows furrowed.

"What are you talking about?"

I stared at him hard. He genuinely didn't seem to know. Huh.

"You don't know?"

"Know what?"

I gulped.

I had to be the one to tell him.

I just hadto be the one to tell him, didn't I?

"I-I know you're a w-we-wer . . . werewolf," I stuttered out.

Remus paled.

"What? How? When?"

"Last night."

Remus paled even more, if that was possible.

All of a sudden, Remus was running out of the room, down the hall, up the stairs.

And here I was, thinking that I was the girl who seemed to always be running from things.

I followed him out, watching him till I couldn't see him anymore.

"Elizabeth?" someone called, after what seemed like forever of standing there, staring.

"Yes?" I responded quietly.

"Come on!" Ashley grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me up the winding stairs to the Ravenclaw common room.

"Why are we going to the common room?" I asked, attempting not to stumble on the stairs.

She ran towards the statue and pulled it open.


Aren't you supposed to answer a question first? I'm pretty sure you do.

"Go on!" Ashley laughed, pushing me through the hole.

The previously dark common room suddenly bursted with light, and laughing kids.


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Oh, Mushroom!: Chapter 21: Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!


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