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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 14 : Growing and Falling
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 14 Growing and Falling


Saturday morning I awake feeling worse than when I went to bed.  I can’t open my left eye and the left side of my face feels tight and painful.  I shower and dress, feeling better.  I notice that I am definitely starting to show, looking down at my jeans that I can’t get buttoned.  I recall the healer telling me that I am to have twins.  I smile to myself, I was really excited about having a baby and even though having two is sort of daunting, I’m still thoroughly excited.  I make my way to the kitchen to make something to eat and stop in the doorway seeing Ginny and Narcissa both in the kitchen, cooking.


Completely surprised I let out a squeak and then open my mouth to say something.  Ginny turns and smiles at me.  “How are you feeling?”  She asks coming toward me then leading me to a chair.


“What are you doing here?”  I ask then remember she asked me a question.  “Oh, and I feel okay, my face really hurts and I can’t open this eye.”  I say and point to said eye.  “Plus my clothes are super tight, I really need to go shopping, but I don’t really feel like it today.”  I finish then sigh, feeling super tired, even though I just woke up.


“Well, Miss Granger, you will have to eat something and then I have some healing cream that we can put on your face.”  Narcissa says as she slides a plate in front of me. “Then later if you feel up to it we can do some glamour charms so that people won’t be able to see the worst of the bruises.”  She finishes and sits down with her own plate and Ginny joins us at the table, they made scrambled eggs and made toast.


“Thanks, for this, and you can call me Hermione, Mrs. Malfoy.”  I say to Narcissa, “Not to sound rude, but I am really surprised you are here, and cooking.”  I say.


“Yes, I suppose it is odd, but I do love to cook every now and then.  Honestly Hermione, I feel bad for what you have went through, I want to help.”  Narcissa says then in order for her to be done with the subject she says, “Have you thought of any baby names?”


“Oh, yes ‘Mione, what names have you thought of?”  Ginny asks almost bouncing in her seat.


“Well, I haven’t found out if Baby, or I mean Babies are boys or girls so I haven’t really decided on one name.”  I say evasively.  “I really like Jacob for a boy, or maybe Lucas.” I say as I chew my eggs and take a bite of my toast.  “For a girl, I thought Cordelia is pretty, or Natalie.”  I haven’t really decided so I just pick a couple of each to tell them.


“Oh, I like all of those, I suppose you have a list huh?”  Ginny says looking at me knowingly and smiling.


“Well, yes I do.”  I agree and laugh.


We chat about other things, and surprisingly Narcissa is very easy going, she is polite and kind and not at all like I thought she would be.  She never once snarls at us, never glares or gives us condescending looks.  Really it is a little bizarre.  We finish with breakfast and are sipping tea when an owl taps on the window.  Narcissa rises and lets the bird in; it drops an envelope in front of me then leaves.  I pick up the envelope and turn it over, nothing written on it and a shiver runs down my back.


“Hermione, what is it?” Ginny asks noticing the hesitation.


“Narcissa, where did Draco stay last night?”  I ask instead of opening the envelope, looking up at Narcissa who is standing against the counter.


“I believe he went to the Manor with Lucius last night, I believe Blaise went as well, something about a boy’s night.”  She answers me smiling slightly as if a boy’s night was a truly good thing.


“I think we may be hearing from him shortly.”  I respond then open the letter slowly.


You are not worth my time and attention.  But I can’t let this continue. 

I have seen you with the Death Eaters, and I can’t let you raise a kid in that environment.

I will keep it from that horrible fate.  I know you purposely got knocked up by that evil slime of Slytherin, this will end.

You are disgusting, and I will make sure to fix that.


Sure enough I finish reading the letter and Draco pops out of the fireplace followed closely by Blaise and Lucius.  Blaise takes one look at me and winces, then trying to cover it up he half smiles making it look like he just ate half a lemon.  Lucius looks from my face to the letter held in my hand, then over to Narcissa, whom he makes his way over to.  Draco comes straight at me without a sideways glance and kneels in front of me taking my hands in his.


“Ginny, would you call for Potter to come here immediately.”  Draco says to Ginny without even glancing her way, surprisingly she doesn’t argue and heads to the floo to call Harry.  “We have to find some way to stop this.”  He says softly keeping his eyes on mine intently.


“Draco, dear, could you sit and maybe explain why you three popped up in here so suddenly and didn’t even say hello to your mother.” Narcissa says with a slight reprimand in her voice though worry is evident also.


Draco looks slightly abashed then looks at his mother, “I’m sorry, lets wait until Potter gets here, and we can explain it all only one time.”  He says and pulls out a chair next to me and sits.


“Blaise, could I get a hug from my friend?”  I question and rise to hug him without waiting for a response, I can tell he is more than a little surprised by how it takes him a good thirty seconds before he returns the hug.  “Lucius, my hero, I need a hug from you too.”  I say fully enjoying the boys’ awkwardness.  I walk over to Lucius and wrap my arms around him.  He doesn’t take as long but I can tell he is surprised as well.


I hear Narcissa chuckle and then I hear Draco clear his throat.  “What about me, Baby Momma?”  He says smirking at me using his nickname he gave me a month ago.


“Oh, I suppose.” I say but then smile and hug him, just as Harry stumbles out of the floo and I run to him and fling myself into his arms.  “Harry.”  I say excitedly.


“You know you just saw me last night?”  He says though smiling, he kisses the top of my head then asks. “How are you?”  He lightly runs his finger along my jaw, which is sporting a bright purple and bluish bruise.


“I’m better, still sore, but we have another problem.”  I say and gesture for everyone to sit, Blaise, Harry, and Lucius conjure chairs and Ginny gives everyone tea.


“Before everybody freaks out, I would like to read Draco’s letter and he can read mine, while Harry explains to the rest of you what happened a month ago when that stupid cow, Rita Skeeter, printed a load of rubbish in that sorry excuse for a paper.”  I say and everyone nods then turns their attention to Harry as Draco and I exchange letters.


You sorry excuse for a wizard! You are below filth!  I can’t believe you won’t keep your scummy hands off my woman.

I warned you, and I know now I have to take these matters into my own hands. 

You will not have this kid it doesn’t belong to you.  It belongs to me.

Even though she has been poisoned with your offspring, I will fix it in any way I can.  I will win!



After Harry finishes telling everyone about the last set of letters, we pass the new letters around and everyone is quiet for a few minutes.


“How do we go about figuring out who this is?”  Ginny asks.  “I can’t think of one person that hates Malfoy enough and would also want Hermione so bad that he threatens her.”  She adds looking completely bewildered.


“I know loads of people who hate me with a passion, though I’m not sure any of those people would really care too much about you.”  Draco says to me as a matter of fact. And even though I understand when he is saying, it hurts to be thought of or actually not thought of and not cared about.  “I just don’t see any of the people that hate me would consider Hermione to be of any threat to them, they would be gravely wrong, but people do make mistakes.”  At this the Malfoy’s and Blaise all exchange glances and ironically I feel a little better.


“So, we need to figure out a way to get this to stop, are we all agreed that we think it is the same person writing them all?” Harry asks, and everyone nods.  “Okay, well we need to go about our lives, and keep some sort of security on Hermione, and Malfoy without being completely obvious.”  He says seeming to like this idea, and then he nods again, “I will hang out with ‘Mione more, which is a win-win for us both.”  He says and smiles at me, I smile back.


“I could hang out with Draco more, I already work with him.”  Blaise shrugs and Draco nods his head.  “I think we should still report this, like you did last time.”  He adds looking at me with a serious look on his face.


“I agree, so should we go now?”  I ask hoping the sooner we go, the sooner I can go take a nap.


“First let Narcissa tend to Miss Granger, then we can go.”  Lucius cuts in looking at my face in sympathy.


“My name is Hermione.” I state, “My hero, should call me Hermione.”  I smile slightly when Lucius blushes.


“I would prefer you call me Lucius instead of ‘my hero’.”  Lucius replies looking like he would rather be anywhere than here.


Everybody laughs and then Narcissa motions for me to follow her to the bathroom.

 A month passes and I’m steadily getting larger.  I find out that I will be having a boy and a girl.  Tonight, Draco, Blaise, Cassie and I are going on a double date.  Draco and I have been out a couple times, but we are both apprehensive because of the letters, which we haven’t gotten another as of yet.  Blaise has been coming in to the store more often lately and yesterday he asked if Cassie and I would like to go to dinner with him and Draco.


“Do you think he is just asking me out of pity?”  Cassie asks me just after Blaise leaves looking quite pleased for tonight.


“Cassie, honestly, I think he likes you.  He comes is just to talk to you all the time.”  I tell her while arranging some books that keep getting in the way.


“I think he comes in to talk to you, ever since that incident in the hallway, he seems to check up on you.”  She says looking dejected though staring blissfully at the door Blaise just walked out of.


“Cassie, Blaise is my friend, he could check up on me at home, if he wanted to, but he comes here to see you.”  I explain while rubbing my belly, the twins have been quite active today.


“Hey ladies, whatcha talking about?”  Jake asks as he walks up to Cassie and I, “I brought you a mocha and a decaf white mocha.”  He says handing Cassie her mocha and the decaf to me.


“Thanks!”  I say and sip the yummy beverage.  “Can I ask you something, since you are a guy, you can give me advice?” I ask Jake and watch, as he looks surprised for a bit then nods.


“Of course, what’s up?”  He says settling on a barstool next to me.


“Do you think Blaise is interested in either me or Cassie?”  I ask trying to keep it vague.


“Um, well I think Draco would break his arms if he was interested in you.”  Jake answers looking pained.   “But I have seen the way he looks at our Cassie.” He says and wags his eyebrows.  “I think he is most definitely interested in Cassie.”


Cassie blushes, “You really think so?”  She asks.


“Well, he did ask me the other day if you had a boyfriend.”  Jake says in a conspiratorial whisper, smiling at Cassie.


She jumps up blushing happily and heads to the back calling over her shoulder, “I’m going to get more books to put out.”


“Did he really ask you that?”  I ask Jake leaning toward him.


“Yeah, but what he really asked was if I was her boyfriend, so by default I figured he was asking if she had a boyfriend.”  He says and winks at me.


“That’s clever.” I tell Jake as someone opens and walks in the door.  I turn and my breath catches.


“Hey.” Draco says as he walks up looking directly at me with a little smile in his perfectly sculpted lips. “Hi, Jake.”  He adds glancing at Jake then looking back at me.


“Hi Draco.”  Jakes responds happily then wanders off to the café.


“Hey to you too.”  I reply and Draco walks behind the counter and turns me so he can stand in front of me, I look up and even though we have been spending more time together, I still can’t get over his looks.


He has a handsome face that I will never tire looking at; when he smiles he has a dimple on one cheek, which is gorgeous.  His eyes are like molten silver all liquid and warm, so in contrast to the cold sparks they were in school.  He wears his blonde hair dishevelled and messy, which gives him a devil-may-care look that plainly says bad-boy, unless he smiles, like now, then he has an ‘I can melt ice and then some’ look.


“Oh!”  I say as one of the twins gives me a healthy kick, I rub against the upper part of my stomach and look down in wonder.  I still can’t believe I am carrying two lives in me.


“Can I feel Hermione?”  Draco asks softly looking down at my rounded belly his grey eyes shinning.


I reach over and clasp his hand in mine; I bring it to my belly and replace mine with his right where one of the babies is moving. 


Draco’s eyes grow wide then he looks up at me smiling. “I can feel them, I mean really feel them.”  He says then looks back down to my belly, “Can you always feel this?”  He questions.


“No, not always.”  I say and watch at he starts moving his hand across my belly in slow small circles.


“This is amazing.”  Draco whispers, then leans down and tilts my head up toward his.  “Baby momma.”  He says against my mouth and then brushes his lips to mine.


He moves his hand from my belly to behind my back and eases me to my feet bringing my body up against his, as he deepens the kiss.  He tilts his head then moves his other hand from my chin to my nape and cradles my head pushing his fingers into my hair.  I raise my arms to wrap them around his neck shoving my fingers into his hair and pulling him closer to me.  I feel him moving his hand up and down my back then lower to the top of my bum.  I rise up on my toes to get closer and I feel him gasp lightly then moves both of his hands to my waist and practically mould us together.  I can’t get enough of him, I want to get closer, and I want to crawl into his skin, to be completely part of him.  Our tongues meet and dance in a frantic rhythm, both of us trying to devour the other.


My brain stops thinking anything coherent except more I want more Draco.  I suck his lower lip into my mouth and Draco lets out a groan and his hands reflexively clench around my waist.  I feel myself falling, falling into Draco, I'm not sure what exactly it means, but I feel myself falling.  My heart is fluttering and I know that something has changed in me. Then two things happen at once; first we both feel the babies’ kick against our stomachs and someone clears their throat with a strangled sound.  We pull back from each other both breathing hard, and turn toward the intruder.


“Ron?”  I say confused considering my brain hasn’t kicked back on Draco tenses beside me.  He looks back and forth between Draco and I with a look of absolute disgust on his face.  “Harry is looking for you.”  I say still not completely thinking about what this means I feel Draco’s arm around my waist and he pulls me closer to him.


Ron follows the gesture and narrows his eyes as he looks back up at me angrily. “I can’t believe this.”  He says harshly then turns on his heel and disapparates.                                                                                                                         

Please review and tell me what you think!!!  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!                                                                

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