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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 3 : Into the Past
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Harry silently motioned for Teddy and Ray to move to both sides of the doorway. He pulled his Invisibilty Cloak out of his pocket and tossed it over the Time Turner. To his surprise it covered the object completely. He quickly moved back to the wall between the windows and tapped the top of his head casting a Disillusionment Charm over him. Teddy and Ray did the same. He watched them disappear as the cooling sensation of the Charm slipped down over him.

Amycus Carrow smashed through the door with his wand at the ready. He looked like a younger version of the person Harry had loathed. Even at this age, he was lumpy and misshapen. His beady eyes scanned the room.

“Yer better comes out now, or yer going to be feelin’ pain like yer never felt before,” Amycus wheezed. He looked around the room with his wand up waiting for someone to move. “Homenum…”

He never finished the spell as a flash of red hit him from the direction of where Teddy stood. The Stunner was so strong that Amycus was flung into the Time Turner. His head making a loud clang as it collided with the metal framework.

Teddy was now completely exposed after casting the spell. Harry and Ray stayed invisible waiting to see if anyone else would appear. They all stood there in silence as the seconds ticked away. Harry wasn’t sure how long they should wait. He strained to hear any other sounds in the house. He could even hear the dripping of a spigot somewhere in the house. Finally, he dropped his Disillusionment Charm becoming visible again.

“Sir, Look!” exclaimed Ray. She was pointing at something behind him.

Harry turned to see what had surprised her. When he turned he was shocked. There outside of the window was another house, barely thirty feet from the one they are in. He was positive they were in the same house and room as the one they had left over forty years in the future. Where did the house come from?

“Ray, do you remember in your research…?”

“No, sir, I don’t remember hearing about there being a great fire or any reasons why the houses would be gone.”

Harry lowered the privacy blinds with a wave of his wand. “Hopefully, no one saw what just happened,” he said shakily. He tried to think of a logical explanation for having a house there. Certainly they would have noticed a foundation back in their time.

“What should we do, sir?” asked Ray.

Harry nervously ran a hand through his hair. They can’t wait here. There was a distinct possibility that someone saw the spells and contacted the Ministry, or worse other Death Eaters. He looked up at their expectant faces. He can’t fail them now.

“We will need to hide this somewhere,” he stated pointing at the Time Turner. “We also need to contact Albus Dumbledore. Teddy, I will write a letter to him and you can take it to the Owl Post in town. Use a disguise when you are out. You look too much like your father.”

Teddy seemed to be taken back by Harry’s statement. “I can do that,” he said hesitantly. He stared at Harry with a strange expression. “Am I going to stay disguised the entire time we are here?”

Harry had not considered that yet. “Yeah, you and I both look too much like our fathers,” he said that with a gulp. How was he going to disguise himself?

“I need to get a letter written.” He turned to look through the desk. He shoved books to the side and pulled drawers out before he finally found what he needed to write a letter.

He sat down at the desk and dipped the quill into a bottle of ink. He wasn’t sure what to write to his old Professor that didn’t make him sound mental. He needed to let the Professor know about the gravity of the situation.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

You have not met me yet. You should not be meeting me for several more years. As I write this letter asking for your help, I do not even know what year it is. I am from the future where I am the Head of the Auror Department. We uncovered a plot to ensure that Tom Riddle can never be defeated. I and two other members of our department returned to this time to ensure their plans fail. I am asking for your help. I would like to meet you to discuss how we may be able to defeat these Neo-Death Eaters and their plans.

I will not give you my name at this time. We could possibly meet at your brother’s place. I will go there on a predetermined time by you. I will be using the name Michael Fitzpatrick. If you do not respond than I will have no other choice than to try to stop this threat to the future without your help.

Harry rolled the parchment up. He picked his wand up to seal it with a Charm. To make the spell work he had to think about Albus Dumbledore’s appearance. He wasn’t sure what exactly he looked like now. So Harry focused on his sparkling blue eyes. He was sure they had always looked the same. Tapping the parchment with his wand, three wax rings appeared around it sealing it shut until Albus Dumbledore gazed upon it.

“Here Teddy take this to the Owl Post. Ray and I will get ready to leave upon your return,” said Harry handing Teddy the sealed scroll.

“Where will we go?” asked Teddy.

“I know of a cave just outside of Hogsmeade. We should be able to hide the Time Turner there and start working on a plan to defeat the Neo-Death Eaters.” Teddy turned to leave, but Harry called out to him. “Don’t forget to find out what year we are in.” Teddy nodded that he had heard before leaving the room.

Harry reached up and wiped the sweat off his forehead. With arriving here and discovering that they were in a Death Eater’s house, he hadn’t realized how warm and humid the room was until now. He still had heavy winter robes on.

He noticed that Ray was now taking off her robes. She must also be warm. She always wore Muggle clothes under her robes. Even those looked to be too warm for the weather. She had black long sleeved pullover shirt and black jeans on.

“Bit warm, isn’t it, sir.”

“Yes, it doesn’t appear as if we arrived in December. Now what are we going to do about him?” he asked aloud, as he stared at Amycus Carrow.

“Do you think he is a Death Eater at this time?” Ray asked.

Harry had never thought of that detail. He had assumed that he had been one of the original Death Eaters. “Check his left forearm.” He watched as Ray slid his sleeve up and there was the Dark Mark. “I guess there is no doubt that they wanted to contact Death Eaters upon arriving. We need to get organized for when Teddy returns. I want to get out of here as soon as possible. I don’t want Alecto to come home and find us here.”

Harry lifted his Invisibility Cloak off the Time Turner. There were rolls of parchment lying on the metal grates. He looked at the size of the device and remembered that it had to be assembled in this particular room. He was standing thinking about how he could get it out of the house undetected when Ray cleared her throat.

“Sir,” she said nervously. “I would like to suggest something.”

Harry looked at her. She looked as nervous as she sounded. She was standing holding her wand and twisting her both her hands on it. “Go ahead and say it,” he said cautiously.

“I think we should search the house and take all the money we find,” she blurted out. “I know it is illegal to steal from a crime scene, but, sir. We don’t have money or access to money. We aren’t born yet. We may be here for some time. It would also cover our entrance and exit. It would just appear that pretty boy was robbed.”

Harry looked at her wide-eyed. He had fired an Auror last year because he was stealing from the criminals homes after he arrested them. Yet, what she said made sense. They will be needing money, and they will have no actual access to any vaults since they are not born yet. If the Professor doesn’t respond for several weeks, than they may be forced to steal from someone. He ran his hand through his hair. It bothered him to the core to do something like this. However, the circumstances demanded drastic action. It would also help cover their arrival.

“All right, that is a good idea, Ray. I don’t like it, but what you said was true,” he said with a sigh. “I think if we do that then we should just make a Portkey to take us and the Time Turner out of this house. We will pick a location that is away from the cave. The Ministry will detect the Portkey being used and investigate. Hopefully, we will be hidden by the time they arrive. Ray, you can search for money. I’ll get the Portkey ready.”

Harry was staring at various objects in the room, when Ray cast a Summoning Charm for Galleons. Dozens of Galleons flew out from under the mattress in the room. Ray lifted her robes up and caught the flying galleons in the folds of cloth. Soon other galleons came bouncing into the room. The sound of them bouncing off each other and the walls created a sound like wind chimes in a strong breeze. Soon they had several hundred galleons wrapped up in Ray’s robes.

“That should hold us for a bit,” Ray said as she wrapped up her robes and tied them into a small bundle. “All this time I thought hiding your money under your mattress was a thing that old Muggles did.”

“A bit ironic, don’t you think,” laughed Harry. Ray scowled at his remark. Harry started to wonder if he had offended her.

“Personally sir, I don’t like the idea of my grandmother and this slime ball thinking the same way.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you…,”

“I am not offended by what you said sir. I just…,” she stopped talking. “Sorry sir for getting upset. What do you want me to do next?”

“There is no need to apologize, Ray. When Teddy gets back, I will make the Time turner into a Portkey and transport us out of here.”

“Where are you going to send us?”

“I am not sure. I don’t want to send us to a place that I think is a clearing only to find it has a house on the location. It wouldn’t be very inconspicuous to land on someone’s roof, would it?”

Ray smiled at his comment. “We would definitely loose points for lack of stealth.”

Harry laughed at her comment. Aurors even after years of working in the field still talk about their testing as though it was only yesterday. “Very true, until Teddy returns, I am going to look through these scrolls of parchment to figure this thing out.”

Harry sat down on the metal grate of the Time Turner and started to glance through the scrolls. Ray sat down beside him and picked up a few scrolls. They sat there for several minutes trying to understand what was written in the scrolls. A noise at the bedroom door made them both jump and pull their wands.

“Hold on, my mistake,” shouted the voice of Teddy Lupin. It was coming from the mirror image of Amycus Carrow. “I figured it would draw less attention if someone looking like him walked out the front door of this house.”

“You nearly got yourself blasted across the hallway,” said Harry, as he lowered his wand. “Did you find out what year it is?”

“12, July 1975,” replied Teddy.

“The summer before my parents’ sixth year,” said Harry aloud. He was wondering why they chose this year.

“Sir, 1975 was the year when Voldemort began to publicly recruit people to be Death Eaters,” said Ray.

He looked at her. “What do you mean, publicly recruiting Death Eaters?”

“I don’t know, sir. It was in the books that I read. I remember it because ’75 is when many histories claim that the first Dark War began. Other sources stated it was when the Bone’s family was murdered.”

Harry tuned her out. The Neo-Death Eaters plot was starting to make sense now. Voldemort was becoming public. They may try to be recruited and gain assistance from the Voldemort and his followers.

“We need to find out more about these NDE’s,” stated Harry. “Let’s get this thing out of here and into the cave. Then we can start to study these scrolls and try to figure out who we are looking for and where they may be located.”

“Before we go anywhere, Harry,” said Teddy. “You need a disguise. You look too much like your father. Everyone will be able to tell you are a Potter. They will probably mistake you for your grandfather.”

Harry laughed about Teddy’s comment until he realized that he was just called very old. He knew that his father was a late in life child, so his grandparents would be very old by his dad was in sixth year.

“I am not that old you prat,” scoffed Harry. “You are right I do need a disguise. I figured that I would tint my glasses and wear a hat.”

“Allow me,” stated Ray. She stepped up to Harry and pointed her wand at him. With a flick of her wand Harry felt a hat form on his head. It slid down until it touched the top of his ears. A large floppy brim drooped lower and blocked some of his sight lines. As long as no one attacked him from above, he should be fine with it.

Pulling off the hat, he looked at it, and decided that it was just too flamboyant for his taste. It looked like an old Musketeer hat. It was super wide-brimmed and even had an Ostrich plume sticking out of the right side, encompassing the most the of hat above the brim in feathers.

Teddy chortled at the sight of Harry. “Nice hat, Harry. You should be able to blend right in.” Teddy couldn’t help it any longer, he busted out in a full on laugh fest.

“If you can control yourself long enough to touch this devise? I will activate it as a Portkey,” stated Harry. “We need to get to work on the plans they left behind, if we are going to save the future.


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