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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 8 : Chapter Seven:- The First Battle.
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‘That’s quite a story’ Chris replied. But he never said anymore, because at that moment a key was to be being put into the lock of the front door. They heard someone enter the house, and close the door behind them. Footsteps could be heard walking down the short hallway and a voice called out,

‘Mum, Dad are you in?’

Of course there was no answer. Then the living room door slowly opens and the cloned version of Albus poked his head around the side of the door. Looking around, his eyes settled on the mantelpiece where he noticed the note and he fully entered the room. As he walked over to where the note was; he stopped in the middle of the room, listening. Liz was puzzled as to why he’d stopped; it was almost like he’d heard something, but Liz herself had heard nothing. The clone put his hand up to his chest then dropped it, and then he moved forward again.

Just as he got to the mantelpiece and he had put his hand up to reach for it, Liz suddenly shouted, ‘NOW.’

And everyone – except Chris – came out of hiding and started firing stunning spells. But there was something wrong. The clone did not appear to be effected by the spells that were being fired at him. They just seem to bounce of him. In fact he just started to laugh, and he turned around saying in a cruel snarling voice,

‘Did you really think I hadn’t heard you when I came in? I heard your heartbeats as loud as someone beating a drum. In fact, even above all the noise you’re making just now, I can still hear your heartbeats. Now, this is really starting to get rather tiresome.’

And with that his eyes started glowing bright green and a beam of bright green light shot out towards the sofa, blasting a hole right through the centre of it. There were screams as Angie and Peter cried out in shock. Even the others were shocked at what they’d just witnessed; they hadn’t expected that to happen. They were expecting the clone to use similar powers to the ones they had, but this was something totally new and alien to them. They had no way of defending themselves at this time from the awesome power that the clone was displaying. By now the clone was firing shots towards the living room door and into the hallway – where Andrew was hiding – and he was still firing away with his wand – even if it did seem hopeless –. Suddenly Andrew took a direct hit in the chest and fell to the floor unconscious. Peter had seen what had happened and managed to rush over to where he’d fallen; dodging the clone’s green bolts. Once he’d reached Andrew, he managed to teleport the two of them to safety.

Angie managed to teleport over to where Liz and Chris were and Liz shouted – above the noise – for her to teleport back to where they’d first arrived and to take Chris with her. She’d try and hold him off whilst they got away.

‘NO’ shouted Chris, ‘I want to help you.’

‘At this moment you can help me by getting away from here. As I said before, we don’t leave anyone behind.’

As soon as Liz had said these words Angie grabbed Chris’s arm and Chris had a sensation of flying and also what felt like he was being squeezed through a narrow tube. He saw the living room disappear around him and he found himself once more standing in the middle of the field where he and the others had first arrived. The others were also in the field, but they were gathered around Andrew who was lying quite still on the grass.

Chris immediately went over to where Andrew was lying, and knelt down beside him. He took one look at him and realised that he wasn’t breathing. Chris at once laid his hands on the wounded chest and concentrated harder than he’d ever done before. The same green blue glow once again emanated from both his hands. After a few seconds – where all the others were holding their breaths – had gone by, Andrew’s chest started to heave up and down and he also began to cough and splutter as his lungs started to fill up with oxygen, and looking down at his chest, he saw that the wound had been closed.

‘What happened?’ asked Andy in a weak voice,

‘You were dead, you took a direct hit to the chest’ replied Peter. ‘That is until Chris helped you.’

Turning to Chris Andy said ‘Thanks.’

‘No problem’ replied Chris.

During the time that he’d been attending to Andy, Chris had heard Angie’s voice in his head saying,

‘Everyones away Liz. You can join us now.’

And then Liz appeared in the field along side everyone else. She looked tired and rather worn out.

‘That was to close. How’s Andy doing?’ she asked.

‘Not to bad now, since Chris fixed him up’ replied Peter.

‘But never mind Andy, what about yourself? You’ve hurt your arm. You should let Chris have a look at it.’

Chris took one look at Liz’s arm and saw at once that it was broken in a couple of places. Chris once again laid his hands across the two breaks and managed to weld the two bones back together again with his healing powers.

‘Thanks Chris’ Liz said moving her arm back and forth.

‘Alright, what happened?’ asked Andy.

‘I’m not sure, but it looked like he had some sort of protective shielding around his body’ replied Liz.

‘When he stopped in the middle of the room and put his hand to his chest, he must have activated it then.’ Andy continued.

‘So what do we do now?’ Asked Peter.

‘First things first, I’ll have to get in touch with Doctor Williamson and let him know what’s happened’ replied Liz. ‘Then await further instructions from him’

So Liz once more took her radio from her bag and called the Doctor. When he came on the radio Liz gave a full report on what had happened in the house. After she had finished, the Doctor sounded rather grave about what had happened.

‘Your right, it does sound like he had a protective shield of some sort, probably a shield charm. That can be the only reason that your stunning spells didn’t work on him and bounced off him.’

‘So what do we do Doctor?’ asked Liz.

‘Well…. at the moment our scientists are actually working on something to nullify the effects of what you’ve described to me, and I think their quite close to finishing it. I’ll need to get back to you about that one. But with any luck you won’t have to long to wait, but in the mean time I’m afraid you’re going to have to make out the best way that you can, sorry.’

So the team sat back and looked at each other with what looked almost like defeated expressions. Liz looked around at the surrounding countryside and up at the sky.

‘We’d better look for some shelter, it’s getting dark and it also looks like it’s going to rain.’

Angie spotted some buildings a short way away and pointing towards them said,

‘What about those buildings over there?’

‘Yes, perfect’ replied Liz. ‘You lot teleport over to them and I’ll walk along with Chris.’

So whilst Angie and the others teleported over to the buildings, Liz and Chris walked over the fields and headed for the buildings. They had to trudge over several fields and through several gates before they reached the building which turned out to be half ruined, and looked very old. Part of the building still had half a roof, but was still broken down enough to be unliveable. The team had no choice but to make the best of a bad situation and spend the night where they were. Liz issued her last orders of the day.

‘Andy, you take the first three hours, Angie the next three and Peter the last three. Keep a sharp look out, and if you see or hear anything unusual wake me at once, understood?’

‘Yes Liz’ replied the three of them together in one voice.

So the rest of the team slowly fell asleep – after making themselves as comfy as they could on the bare stone floor – leaving Andy on the first watch. After a while Andy started to walk around because it was the best way that he could think of to stay awake and not fall asleep from boredom. After three hours – which was so boring that he couldn’t wait to get to sleep – he woke Angie and stretching her arms she fought her way to full wakefulness. Whilst she was doing this Andy was saying that all was quiet and there was nothing to report.

‘Very well’ she replied. And Andy settled down to sleep while Angie got to her feet and started to walk around a bit to make sure that she was fully awake.

At one point during her stint on guard duty she thought she’d heard something, but after staying still and listening for a few minutes she heard nothing more and put the noise down to her imagination and didn’t think anymore about it. When her stint was up, she woke up Peter and made her report, stating that all was well – forgetting all about the noise –.

While Peter was standing guard, he also thought he’d heard a small cough coming out of the darkness. He contemplated waking Liz, but after a few minutes of listening he heard nothing further and thought against that idea. He didn’t want to be known has someone who jumps at every shadow or animal noise that the night had to offer, so he also remained quiet.


Well that’s chapter seven. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please review in the little box below.

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