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Facsimile by twizzll
Chapter 3 : Fallen Angel.
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To my pleasure, Sunday did come as quickly as I hoped. There wasn’t much left to do on the cabinet and I was now waiting. Waiting for 8 o’clock. And the time had never gone so slowly. It was only 9 in the morning.

The Great Hall was almost empty except for the odd few that were down here revising, one of which was Granger. She sat on the table furthest from me. For about half an hour now, my gaze had been fixed on her as she moved herself frantically across the desk now and again.

I was worried.

What if she knew my plans?

Granger had taken a big interest in me since I saw her crying in the bathroom.





Granger had called me after potions. I was surprised and annoyed but my emotions quickly changed when I saw the look, not only on Weasley’s face, but Parkinson’s face as well. Seeing this as an opportunity to piss both of the two off, I approached her.

Snape had already left the classroom, probably to check up on my Vanishing Cabinet again and the class were slowly departing. Weasley and Potter stayed behind of course, both flashing me the worst glares.

Honestly, what did I do to them? Except bully them all of the first, second, third and fourth year, set my father on them to kill them in the Department of Mysteries, and made their fifth year hell by helping Umbridge. Their hatred for me was not normal!

“Harry, it’s okay. We just have to finish our Ancient Runes assignment. Then I’ll come find you.”

“Hermione, You’re not being alone with him!” Weasley protested angrily.

“Shut up, Ronald!” Granger snapped back.

I noticed that me and Potter’s eyes both widened at the tone of her voice. I was slightly impressed.

“You can not order me around after you kept a very vital thing from me, and then had the cheek, the absolute CHEEK to act like you loved me! Leave, Ronald!” Hermione demanded, turning to her potions desk and collecting up all her things.

Weasley looked outraged, and even as much as I wanted too, I knew that it was an incredibly inappropriate time to burst out laughing. I turned my back slightly and tried to keep my smirking to a minimum. I watched Granger pick up her things and soon enough, the potions door slammed behind me. When I turned, Weasley and Potter had vanished from sight.

Granger didn’t look at me. Her eyes were focused on the books as she began to put them in her bag alphabetically.

I could see the tears in her eyes and I raised my eyebrows.


The next thing that happened I could explain. She turned to me and launched herself at me, wrapping my arms around my stomach and was wailing loudly into my chest.

I cringed away slightly but Granger’s grip only got tighter.

Ugh, Mudblood.

Slowly and very, VERY reluctantly, I put my arms around her.

She was skinny, very skinny, and her whole body shook against mine. Her moans were not as loud as the were before and I could just about hear her breathing as it shook as she leaned her head against me.

When she had eventually calmed down and moved away from, what I guess was, my soaked shirt, she looked up at me.

Her large brown eyes were filled with such pain. The type of pain I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw my pain in her, the pain that I didn’t think anyone else had to deal with.

She was frightened, what was she frightened of?

It was only when Granger moaned slightly that I realised my grip on her had tightened somewhat. I dropped my arms quickly and stepped back from her.

What had just happened? Did I seriously have a moment with.. A Mudblood? And did she seriously not mind being so close to a boy she hated since her first year?

Granger coughed uncomfortably, putting the last of her books in her bags, not bothering to arrange them in order this time before she turned back to me.

She was red in the face and I smirked.

She so wanted me. Who could blame her?

She scowled, “Don’t get any wrong idea, Malfoy. I was just upset - this never gets spoken of.”

“Why on earth would I want to damage my reputation, Granger?” I replied quickly, snorting at her remark - “What else could I have done? You wouldn’t let go of me!”

“You didn’t notice your face lean in closer to mine then?” She sniggered slightly and my eyes widen.

Did that really happen? What came over me?

I shook my head of the thought and when Granger had finally slung her bag over her shoulder, I turned and began to leave. She walked quickly and began to walk next to me.

“I don’t want you to tell Harry or Ron about me crying and about.. Well just crying.” She said quietly. “Not today, or that day in Moaning Myrtles Bathroom.”

I looked at her in contemplation. “And what do I get out of it?”

She stopped and scowled. “What do you want out of it?”

I stopped also and turned to her. That was a point, what did I want out of it? What could she do for me?

“Do you know?” I pointed to my arm and she nodded. “Keep Potter away from the Seventh Floor on Sunday night.”

“If it’s to do with Dark Magic, Malfoy then I’m afraid I’ll more than likely insist that he does go to the Seventh Floor.” She sighed, “However, you have no worry as Harry will be with Dumbledore Sunday evening.”

“With Dumbledore?” I raised my eyebrow. “Why?”

“I’m not telling a Death Eater plans, Malfoy. I’m not completely stupid.”

“You ran into the arms of a Death Eater and stared into my most beautiful eyes for quite sometime, Miss Granger.” I teased and her face, as suspected, flushed red.

“Beautiful?” She laughed, a sarcastic laugh. “More like pain filled, cold, dead eyes.” She paused. “Just like mine, huh?”

I shifted uncomfortably that she seen the similarity in our eyes as well. She’d seen the pain in my eyes, just as I had seen the pain in hers.

“What is Dumbledore making you do? Or the Order, or whoever you work for?” I asked, trying to keep my tone mutual. I wasn’t nosey for my Death Eater job this time, more curious about her pain. “Why are you so emotional about it?”

“What has You Know Who got you to do?” She questioned, “That makes you cry in a bathroom to Moaning Myrtle every night?”

“She told you?!” I shouted angrily and she took a slight step back from me.

“She didn’t tell me why..”

I turned and left it at that. Granger knew far too much. I was not having a connection to her.




So here I was. Coming out of my flashback, staring at her.

Since our, ugh, moment, we hadn’t spoken to each other. Not even in Ancient Runes Friday afternoon, although we did give each other glances a lot.

It took me a while to realise that Granger was in fact, staring back at me. Potter and Weasley were at her side now, Weasley stuffing his face with what appeared to be bacon.

I was actually a vegan, and Weasley just put me off more. Then again, Weasley put me off a lot of things.

It seemed the two newcomers didn’t seem to notice the eye contact me and Granger were sharing. It seemed cruel at the moment, we were both giving cold looks across the two tables which separated us.

It wasn’t long before my eyes were torn away from her when someone plonked themselves next to me, knocking into my thigh and causing me to yelp slightly.

“Sorry, Drakey.” Came the annoying voice of Parkinson. God, I knew I couldn’t avoid her forever. I’d been avoiding her for the last week which often made me come face to face with Granger in what was a very awkward silence before we carried on my own way.

I turned my glance away from Parkinson and looked back at Granger. Was that jealousy I saw on her face as she glared at Parkinson? No, it couldn’t be. Granger, undeniably, found me attractive, but she didn’t have a connection to me.. Did she?

“The Mudbloods staring at you again.” Parkinson said, quite clearly annoyed. When I ignored her, she continued. “I saw her do it in potions on Friday, and in Defence Against The Dark Arts.”

“Right.” I said, knowing that this was this case and clearly, Parkinson was so oblivious that I was staring back.

Eventually, Parkinson broke into a speech about her family and her day which went in one ear and out another as I looked at Granger. Granger was staring at Pansy with a look of hatred but eventually her gaze turned back to me. She pressed her palms against the desk and held up her fingers. When I looked at them, I saw she was holding up seven fingers. What did this mean? The seventh floor. When Granger pointed one finger towards the ceiling subtly without her friends noticing, I presumed this was the case.

I gave a small nod before Granger got to her feet and left the Great Hall without a word to her friends. I’d have to leave in a bit as not to make it obvious.

Then again, no one would suspect I, the great Draco Malfoy, was going to the seventh floor to meet up with a Mudblood.

I could barely understand why I was doing it myself.

A few minutes more of Parkinson’s annoying voice and I got to my feet and began to walk from the hall. Of course she followed me, continuing what she was saying before.

Oh would this torture never end.

And then I did something out of character. Something completely unlike me, unlike my gentleman like self. I turned. And for the first time in years, I swore.

“Just fuck off Pansy!” I snapped at her, pushing her shoulders away from me. “I have important things to do. I don’t have any interest in you. Just leave me the fuck alone!”

I couldn’t believe my own temper. Or why it had snapped so quickly.

Maybe it was all the stress with the cabinet. Maybe it was because I knew I needed to kill Dumbledore, tonight. Maybe it was because Hermione was waiting of the Seventh Floor for me and I needed to get there as soon as possible.

Wait, did I just call her - Hermione?

“D-D-Draco?” Pansy’s bottom lip trembled slightly. I didn’t care. I turned on my heel and began to stalk towards the Grand Staircase. I heard Pansy behind me run and sob towards the dungeons. She was so pathetic. She had no idea a war would be taking place in a matter of hours.

In a matter of hours, I would be finding Dumbledore. My wand would kill him.

My hand reached into my pocket and I aimlessly fiddled with it in my pocket, thinking of how tainted the wand had now become.

I thought of how much I would be praised if I killed him. I thought of the look on my fathers face, the look on my mothers face, when they see that I’d actually done it.

How proud Aunt Bellatrix would be, How proud and loyal the Dark Lord would consider me.

How I’d never see these people again. Potter, Weasley… Granger, how they’d all die under the power of the Dark Lord.

How they’d all die because of the man I murdered in cold blood.

A man who accepted me into the school himself. And tonight, he would dead under my hand. And he had no idea it was coming.

Granger would be murdered due to her dirty blood.

Why did I keep thinking about her fate? It didn’t matter to me! Stupid Know-It-All Mudblood!


Had I reached the Seventh Floor already. I had just opened the door that led to the corridor. How had I been so oblivious to my travel? Granger was standing in front of me, her arms crossed over her muggle jumper, her hair tied up in a messy bun and her expression sympathetic.

“Granger.” I said unemotionally.

“What are we doing?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Sorry?”

“Staring at each other, meeting each other, being nice to each other?”

“Granger, I haven’t-”

“Why did you hold me?” She demanded, her voice angry. “Why did you grip onto me when you saw me upset?!”

“I don’t know!” I put my hands in front of me in defence, “Natural reflex I guess! I don’t like it when girls cry!”

“But I’m a Mudblood!” She screamed.

“I know!” I snapped back. This was absolutely ridiculous. “Do you not think I was ashamed of it after. Granger, why the hell are we having this conversation?!”

“What’s going to happen tonight, Malfoy?”

I was taken back. I took a step away from her. Her face was very serious, her hands had moved to her side and when I looked at them, I saw them shaking slightly. Was she scared? Did she know?

“What do you mean?”

“Why would Dumbledore take away Harry the exact same day you want him away from the seventh floor?” She asked seriously.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I lied, my eyes squinted slightly. “Keep your nose out of my business if you know what’s best for you, Mudblood.”

“And why would you care what’s best for me, Malfoy?” She spat. “I’m not moving. I’m staying right here. Because I know you won’t hurt me. And I want to see what you’re hiding up here.”

I stared at her dumbfounded. She couldn’t be serious? She was going to stay here and wait for something to happen?

“Granger, please don’t,” I begged. “You’ll get hurt.”

Did I just say that?

We both widened our eyes. Did I actually care about Granger’s safety? Why did I care if she got hurt. No, I didn’t, it must of just been the first thing that came into my head.

“W-why will I get hurt?”

“Granger, please, don’t make me explain.” I pleaded, looking around. I didn’t need anyone hearing this conversation, I just needed Granger to get away from the seventh floor. Because the first three Death Eaters coming through the Vanishing Cabinet were the worse ones to have running around here - Aunt Bellatrix, her husband Rodolphus and the werewolf, Fenir Greyback.

Granger stared at me. She didn’t stop. She didn’t look like she was going to move anytime soon either.

“Merlin, Granger! Are you stupid! Consider this a sign of niceness and get away from here, away from trouble!” I spat. She raised her eyebrows.

“How do I know you’re not bluffing?”

“You don’t.” I replied simply.

She stared at me again. But in deliberation this time. In contemplation. Eventually she gave out a defeated sigh and walked passed me and from the corridor.

I watched her leave.

Would she be safe?


I opened the cabinet, and I heard the familiar cackle of my Aunt Bellatrix as she stepped into the Room Of Requirement. This was it, this was everything I’d been waiting for.

The three didn’t talk to me as they walked out of the cabinet and into the Room. Bellatrix looked around, eyeing it carefully whereas Fenir stared at me hungrily. I shuffled uncomfortable and Rodolphus punched in the arm. Fenir growled but eventually, looked away from me.

“Why are you still here, Draco!” Bellatrix snapped at me. I gulped and looked at her in confusion. “Dumbledore you fool! Go! He’s on the astronomy tower!” She licked her lips at Rodolphus, “We’ll start causing the trouble here.”

I nodded in understanding. This was it.

I walked from the Room Of Requirement - my heart racing furiously.

I was about to kill Professor Dumbledore.

I was about to change my life forever. As soon as the curse left my lips, everything would change.

Everything I’d grown up living by would change. No more sorting ceremonies the same, no more old man at the front with his half moon spectacles, and I would be the man who would always be hunted down for killing the most loved man who ever lived.

And then, she was there. Granger.

She stared at me, her mouth half open in shock as she saw my wand ready in my hand. Why was she here?

No, No.

“GRANGER.” I snapped. “GET OUT OF HERE.”


But her confused face turned into a look of shock and horror when I heard the Room of Requirement door open behind me.

No, this couldn’t be happening. Not now.

“Oh look, Roddy, A pretty little Mudblood!” I heard Aunt Bellatrix coo behind me.

No, no.

“We don’t have time, darling.” Rodolphus said calmly.

Maybe she’d be o-

“Avada Kedavra!” Bellatrix boomed.


Granger was flung backwards and onto the floor. Bellatrix, Fenir and Rodolphus ran off in the opposite direction to cause more havoc to the school.

She couldn’t be dead - Hermione Granger couldn’t possibly be dead.

I walked towards her lifeless body, my heart beating fast in my chest. No, no. Not her. Anyone but her.

Her face was pale, her eyes wide and her lips slightly parted. Was she going to scream?

I leant down beside her and placed too of my fingers on her neck.


My chest felt like it was crushing me from the inside. My eyes stung with the tears that were forming as I stared down at her. No.

“Hermione.” I murmured through my tears.

Still, cold, lifeless.

It was all my fault. Hermione.

She was dead.


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