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Exchange by LittleMissLizPotter
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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Chappie 12!!!!! Wow!!!

At first, I didn't even realize that I had written this, and then I checked the Word doc and saw it, and decided that I had to post it immediately.

Anyway, not as much drama in this chapter (but I hope you enjoy it. Seriously. Even I was laughing.)

Read, please!


Dreaming 'bout the day when you wake up and find

That what you're looking for has been here the whole time.

Now can't you see that I'm the one that understands you

Been here all along, so why can't you see?

You belong with me.

~You belong with me, Taylor Swift





I avoided everybody’s stares as I wheeled my trunk through platform 9 ¾. I could feel their eyes on me, their whispers. I could feel their mother’s disapproving gazes. I could feel their curiosity.

“I’ll find a compartment.” I told Arianna and Cinda. Rose was saying goodbye’s to her family, with Molly and Dom. I had already hugged Ron and Hermione goodbye.

“We’ll wait for Rose and the others,” Cinda said. I nodded, and quickly boarded the train, finding an empty compartment in the first car.

About ten minutes later, Dom, Molly, Cinda, Arianna, and Rose walked in. Rose threw herself into a seat, leaving the others to put her trunk in the luggage rack. After some cursing and bruises, and Rose and I’s snickers, the trunks were place, Cinda and Dom were sitting across from me, and Molly and Arianna were sitting cross-legged on the floor.

“Thanks for helping, Rose.” Molly said, an irritated expression on her face. “You’re welcome,” Rose said breezily. “How can you guys be tired? Those trunks were light!” Dom exclaimed. “Just because you’re quarter werewolf doesn’t mean the rest of us are,” Molly muttered moodily.

I glanced toward Arianna, but her face was expressionless.

The rest of the train ride passed with absolute silence, which was awkward. Rose was reading some heavy textbook, Molly was writing something in a small book, Dom was messing with her hair, Arianna was practicing a spell, Cinda was humming to herself, and I was thinking, thinking about the Plan while staring out the window.

I was getting absolutely nowhere.

Al hadn’t even glanced at me when I was on the platform. I didn’t have Tyler anymore. I had no idea what was going on with Cece. Everything was a mess.

The compartment door slid open, and I looked to see Scorpius standing there, a faint pink blush on his cheeks. “Rose? Can I talk to you?”

You could hear a pin drop. Cinda had stopped humming and Dom looked up, her hands curling into fists. Molly stopped whatever she was writing, and Arianna stopped mid-spell, her mouth hanging open.

“Sure,” Rose said, turning crimson, which definitely wouldn’t have been her reaction, had our reactions not have been so prominent.

She got up and walked out of the door with Scorpius.

And I suddenly knew how I would progress with the Plan. I had the other couples! Rose and Scorpius, Arianna and Aiden, Nathan and Athena!

I looked out the window at the darkening landscape and started thinking again.





Rose met back up with Dom and I when we were entering Gryffindor Common room. “What happened?” I squealed. “I’ll tell you later!” Rose said, her face glowing. We ran upstairs to the girls’ dormitories.

“We’re back!” Rose sang. Athena glared at me. Dom went over to her bed, and quickly started unpacking. Rose dumped her trunk on the ground and ran to the bathroom. Dom followed suit, slipping in before the door closed.

As soon as Rose shut the door, Athena had me pinned against the wall. “What are you doing?” I sputtered. She had me at wand point. “I don’t know how you stole Rose from me, but I well get you back. And it will be a huge revenge. You will be crushed, Delilah Miller. I will crush you.”

And then she was gone, sitting on her bed and whistling cheerfully, and I was standing against the wall with a surprised look on my face.

Rose and Dom came out of the bathroom, and beckoned me over to her bed. She quickly told us that Scorpius had asked her out and she had accepted, and they would be going to Hogsmeade next trip. She also told us to keep it a secret.

“He’ll be brutally murdered by the males of our family.” Dom explained at my questioning look. “Especially since he’s a Malfoy.”

Rose nodded, then ran out of the dorm, probably to go and find Scorpius. As soon as she left, Athena got up and stormed to the bathroom.

“Rose and Scorpius?” Dom growled as soon as Athena had left the room. “Rose and Scorpius?”

She had a furious expression on her face, and I edged away from her. “Er, yeah—” I said.


“No!” Dom screamed. “No, no, no! I was supposed to date Scorpius, not her!”

I was hit with an epiphany. Dom didn’t like Rose because she was all buddy-buddy with Scorpius. Dom had been hanging around us so much because we were hanging around with Albus, and by extent, Scorpius. Dom fancied Scorpius.

“Well,” I said, laughing a nervous laugh. “It’s not like you can—take her loved ones hostage and demand Scorpius’s love and their break-up—”

I stopped when I saw the expression on Dom’s face. She was grinning like a maniac. “Oh—Dom, no—” But Dom was already running. It took me a second, but I chased after her.

I saw her disappear into a classroom, and ran in just in time to see her with a muggle gun, pointing it in the air and shooting it, making a bullet hole in the ceiling and simultaneously casting a shield charm around herself so no one could touch her. The first years were cowering, and Dom yelled, “Everybody get down! Get the fuck down!”

The first years and poor Professor Flitwick dove to the floor, and Dom cackled as she bound and gagged first years and levitated them all up back to our dorm. Her shield charm was still up and she was pointing a gun at me. I couldn’t stop her.

After she had rounded up all the first years, she levitated them, one by one, up into our empty dorm. Then she disappeared in there herself, and cast a charm so Alohomora wouldn’t work.

I sat around in the Common Room all day, waiting for her to come out. Finally, I decided to go to dinner.

“Where’s Dom?” Aiden asked as I sat down. I tried to speak, but I was lost for words, so I just shrugged. Lily Potter glared at me as I sat down on Albus’s other side with a wince (it was the only seat left), but I paid no attention to her, and instead stared at the door, waiting for Dom to come.

Eventually she did. She announced her entrance with a shot from her gun. It must’ve been an empty, because I couldn’t see a bullet hole anywhere. But my hope that she’d just hand the little boy that she had bound and gagged next to her over vanished when she held up a bullet for everybody to see, and slowly loaded the gun. She cast a shield charm around herself and held the boy up, her gun pointed at his temple. He looked terrified.

“Miss Weasley, what is the meaning of this--?” But McGonagall shut up when Dom pointed the gun at her. “Shut it, Minnie, I’ve had it with you.” She snarled. McGonagall sat back down, looking very pale. Dom smiled sweetly and stuck her gun back to the boy’s head.

“Here’s the deal, everybody,” She said loudly. “I’ve captured all the first years in the school. They’re in my room, duct taped to the walls.” There was a great protest at this, and I realized that some people had brothers and sisters here. Those people could lose a sibling to Dom’s craziness. Hopefully it was temporary.

“I want two hundred galleons and a completely single and Rose-less Scorpius Malfoy delivered to the Gryffindor’s girls’ staircase by eight thirty PM this evening.” Dom announced. “If you stall for time, and you’re late, I’ll kill a different first year every hour, starting with little Terence.” Dom jerked her thumb at the trembling boy. “Remember, if I kill a first year, it could be your brother or sister.”

I take my previous statement back. This is not temporary. If anyone knows a good mental hospital, call now, because Dom’s gone off the deep end.

There was a great uproar from the older siblings of Hogwarts, but Dom just gave a sarcastic little wave and left the hall, dragging little Terence behind her.





A/N Please tell me you laughed! Dom took first years hostage. I got the idea from a newspaper called the Onion. They did a (fake) artical on politicians taking a group of students hostage and demanding $50000.

Yes, I find that hilarious.

You know the drill. Review. Please.

over and out.



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Exchange: Chapter 12


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