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Those Nineteen Years by makemeover
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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            Harry rubbed his eyes as he closed the file in front of him.  He stretched out in his uncomfortable wooden chair, his feet hitting the edge of his cubicle under his desk.  Once composed, he glanced around his cubicle and realized that being an Auror was not all that he thought it would be.  Sure, the war was thankfully over so they spent most of their time at their desks, researching and trying to find out where any remaining Death Eaters were.

            No fieldwork.  No action whatsoever.

            He supposed that it was a good thing that they weren’t leaving the office every day because of disturbances.  It was better to have a boring job than to ever live in a world like how it was when Voldemort was alive.  But that still didn’t keep him from remembering his old fantasies.  Him spending his days chasing down Death Eaters, tying them up and bringing them to Azkaban.  He would come home tired as anything with Ginny waiting for him.  After dinner they would shower together and climb into bed and show each other just how much they loved the other.  After a revitalizing sleep, he would wake up and do it all over again.

            He had to face reality, though, and accept that the only reason he was sore when he got home from work was back pains because he was hunched over his desk all day and Ginny would never be happily waiting for him with a hot dinner at home.  Sure, Ginny wasn’t the type to dote on a boyfriend and that’s what he loved about her, but the fact that she never made dinner didn’t help the fact that she didn’t have a job and wasn’t even looking for one.  It wasn't that he expected, or even wanted, money from her.  But an idle Ginny was not one that Harry was used to, and he didn't like it much.  He knew how much she had to offer.

            He looked at the various pictures sitting on his desk and newspaper clippings taped to the walls of his cubicle.  There were four picture frames lined up against the back of his desk, one holding a picture of him and Ginny, one of him, Ron, and Hermione, one of him and Teddy, and one of the Order of the Phoenix when his parents had been in it.  His mother, his father, Sirius, and Lupin were all standing together in it, and he often looked to it when he was feeling overly stressed or even worse, when he felt like he wasn’t making any difference.  For some reason, just by seeing them and remembering what they had to go through, he knew that all of his boring work would eventually make a difference.

            There were memos, important papers, and newspaper clippings of both articles and pictures taped to his wall.  The one he found himself looking at the most was of Fenrir Greyback, and it was Greyback’s whose file he had just been looking at.  Harry tried his hardest to give all of the cases the same amount of dedication, but he couldn’t help but put extra effort into two that stood out: Fenrir Greyback and Antonin Dolohov.

            He had such a strong hatred of Dolohov because he had injured Hermione during their fifth year, in the Department of Mysteries.  He knew that Dolohov would have killed her if he’d gotten the chance, and for that, Dolohov made the top of Harry’s “to capture” list.

            Aside from turning Remus into a werewolf and attempting to do the same to Bill Weasley, Greyback was just a sadistic creature that didn’t deserve to walk free.  Anger bubbled up inside Harry as he looked at Greyback’s picture, the man’s vicious sneer revealing a set of pointy teeth.  Harry had never been an advocate of violence and although he had to battle Voldemort, felt that there were better solutions to everything than using force.  But Merlin help Greyback if Harry ever found him…

            He was snapped out of his daze by the Minister himself, who often stopped by his old department.

            “All right, Harry?” came his deep voice.

            “Just fine, Kingsley,” Harry answered, opening a drawer in his desk and slipping Greyback’s file inside.  “Just finishing up before I head home for the weekend.”

            Kingsley smiled and his eyes crinkled at the sides.  Trying to clean up after Voldemort’s attempted rise to power had been a stressful journey for the Minister, and it showed in the new lines and wrinkles in his face.  But when he smiled, a real genuine smile, his eyes shined and he looked years younger.  “Going to pick up Teddy?” he asked.

            “Andromeda’s dropping him off at six,” Harry said.  He checked the clock on his desk, which read 5:45.  “Actually, I should get going now,” he said, pushing his chair out from under the desk and standing.

            Kingsley reached into his robes and pulled out a wand.  “Will you give this to Teddy for me?” he said.  “I haven’t seen him in so long.”  He waved the wand, and it turned into a limp, rubber chicken in his hand.  He laughed and waved it again, turning it back into a wand.  “Those Weasley boys really knew what they were doing,” he finished, chuckling.

            Harry laughed and took the wand that Kingsley had extended.  After he waved it himself, he laughed too and said, “Sure, I’ll give it to him tonight.”

            “Thanks, Harry,” the Minister said, putting a heavy hand on Harry’s shoulder.  “You take care and I’ll see you on Monday.”

            “You too,” Harry said, smiling.  He stowed the fake wand in his robes along with his real wand and headed towards the lifts.  As he got in one and pressed the button for the Atrium, he could see Kingsley still standing near his cubicle, smiling.  It was strange, although the Minister was smiling, he had a look on his face as if he almost…pitied Harry.  Harry had the sudden feeling that Kingsley knew that he wasn’t completely happy.  He hated to admit it, but he wasn’t.  Sure, he lived with his girlfriend and two best friends and had a job that many others coveted and had the best godson in the world, but those sort of things only looked that great on paper.  The truth was, something was happening between him and Ginny that wouldn’t be resolved easily.  Ron wanted to apply to be an Auror but was struggling with his studies and until he perfected his potions, he would be stuck working for George at the joke shop.  Hermione worked at the ministry, but was asked to do much more than should be expected of her and on top of it, tried endlessly to help Ron with his potions after work every day.  Harry was tired of spending day after day sitting at his desk feeling completely useless.  And lastly, while he loved Teddy unconditionally, the boy spent three weekends out of every month with Harry so that Andromeda could work, and Harry just didn’t feel old enough for that sort of responsibility.

            Harry always looked on the bright side, though.  In a world without Voldemort, things always looked up and anything could be solved.



            By the time Harry had finally gotten into one of the Ministry’s gilded fireplaces and flooed home, Teddy was already there.  Ginny was bouncing him up and down on her knee and he was laughing uncontrollably.

            “Harry!” the toddler cried as Harry brushed his robes off and stepped into the sitting room.

            “Hey there, Teddy!” Harry said.  Teddy strained in Ginny’s arms and reached for Harry, who picked the boy up and spun him around.

            “How we doing?” Harry said cheerfully, hugging Teddy.

            Teddy reached his pudgy little arms around Harry’s neck and hugged him back.  “Harry!” he repeated, and Harry had to laugh.  When a boy is only one and a half, he has a fairly limited vocabulary.

            “Where’s Andromeda?” Harry asked as he set Teddy down, who scurried across the floor towards the tower of blocks set up in the corner.  Harry knew that the tower wouldn’t be standing in about 3 seconds, but he sort of got used to it.  When Teddy came, the house was a mess from Friday to Sunday.  Teddy had an uncanny ability to seek out all of his toys, even when they were scattered around in different rooms and strategically hidden.

            “She had to rush to work, some sort of emergency,” Ginny said, standing up and fixing the cushions that Teddy had jumped on before.  Harry just nodded.  “How was work?” she asked.  He suddenly felt sorry for Ginny.  She was only a year younger than him, and wasn't the godmother of Teddy, but she still took care of him.  Harry felt it was an immense responsibility for him to take on; poor Ginny rarely complained about watching him.

            Terrible, Harry thought when hearing Ginny's question.  “It was okay.  Pretty slow,” he said.  Ginny approached him and they had an awkward embrace, lightly kissing each other on the cheek.  Harry stared into her eyes for a few moments, until he couldn’t take it anymore.  “Hey, Teddy, Uncle King has given you a present,” he said.

            “Uncle King!” Teddy screamed as he dropped the blocks he was holding and wobbled over to Harry.  When it came to biological aunts and uncles, Teddy had none.  When it came to close family friends that went by “Aunt” and “Uncle,” it was a fairly large amount.  The only people he didn’t refer to as aunt and uncle were the Weasleys, and it was only because Harry didn’t want to have to one day explain why Uncle Harry is dating Aunt Ginny.

            “You’ve got to be careful with it,” Harry said, taking the trick wand out of his robes.  “It’s from Mr. George’s shop.”

            Even Ginny cracked a smile as Teddy wrapped a tiny hand around the wand.  He made a noise like an explosion and when he waved it, he froze as it turned into a rubber chicken.

            “WOW!” he exclaimed, and started to examine the chicken.  As he held it upside-down to look at its feet, it turned back into the wand and he squealed with joy.

            “It’s cute,” Ginny said, crossing her arms in front of her and staring from Teddy to Harry.  “It was nice of him.”

            “It was,” Harry said, keeping his eyes on Teddy to avoid Ginny’s gaze.

            “I was going to make tomato soup for dinner,” she finally said.  “Unless you want something else…”

            “Do we have tomatoes?”

            “I bought some today.”

            Harry was surprised and finally met Ginny’s stare.  “You went grocery shopping?”  She nodded.  “To buy food for dinner tonight?”  She nodded again and he raised his eyebrows in astonishment.  “That’s…good,” was all he could say.

            “And I was thinking,” she continued as if she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.  “Maybe tomorrow we could take him to the,” she glanced over at Teddy, who was staring at them, limp chicken in his hand.  “Z – O – O,” she spelled out.

            Harry couldn’t believe his ears.  “Er, sure,” he managed to say.

            “It’s supposed to be really nice out, and I’m sure it would do him good to get outside before it gets too cold,” she finished.

            “That sounds…great,” he said, still stunned.  “That’s actually a great idea.”

            She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.  “I’m trying, Harry,” she said in barely more than a whisper.  Instead of answering, he pulled her closer by the hand he was holding.  He put her arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.  Harry knew that one of Ginny's biggest issues was the fact that Teddy came to stay almost every weekend.  She loved him and was happy to help out Andromeda, but Ginny was nowhere near ready to play mommy.

Nonetheless, Harry was still happy with Ginny's new effort.  It wasn’t going to solve all their problems, but as the couple stood together and watched Teddy, who had taken to probing his blocks with the wand, the awkward weight between them melted away.  For now, they were okay.

a/n: Hope you enjoyed this, I know not much happens but I swear there will be more action soon!
I just want to mention that I know Ginny starts playing Quidditch after Hogwarts and that both Ron and Neville are made Aurors along with Harry right after the war, but I decided the characters just weren't struggling enough yet! *sarcasm*  But seriously, for the sake of this story, things start out just a little bit different.  I'll try and update again as soon as I can and I'd love it if you'd leave a review!

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