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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 4 : Improvement
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A/N This will be one of my short chapters, sorry for the delay in chapters. Reviews would be greatly appreciated to help me improve. Enjoy :) Love Britt

I awoke to the smell of something burning the next morning. Luna stood at the stove with her back turned towards me. I stretched my arms over my head and yawned. She turned at the sound of my yawn, looking directly at me. There were dark circles under her pale blue eyes. It was obvious she hadn’t slept the night before. I walked up behind her and looked down at the burning mess in the frying pan. She sighed loudly and flicked her wand, the burning mess disappearing.

        “I’m sorry,” she croaked at me. I looked down into her glistening blue eyes. She was a small thing. She was at least a foot shorter than me. Her long blonde hair falling in dead knots around her shoulders. I put my arms around her small figure and held her as she sobbed.

       “Come on,” I whispered into her ear. “Get dressed and we will go and visit your dad.”


We apparated outside St. Mungo’s hospital to find a crowd of people standing outside the entrance. I exchanged a look with Luna. I took a closer look at the crowd. I could make out a couple standing slightly off to the side, one with platinum blonde hair, the other with out of control brown hair. I took Luna’s hand in mine and lead her over to where they were standing. Without letting go of Luna’[s hand I spoke.

      “What’s going on?” I asked Hermione. She turned around her eyes glistening with tears.

      “She’s gone,” she whispered. Draco wrapped his arms around her waist. They looked so perfect together. It was funny I always imagined Hermione would end up with Ron, but now I could hardly see it.

      “She passed early this morning,” Draco croaked. “The news couldn’t wait to find out what happened; now the staff won’t even let me in too see my own mother.” I felt so sorry for him. I knew only too well how it felt to loose someone se close.

      “Mr Malfoy?” a voice came from behind us. “You can come and see her now.” Taking a deep breath Draco and Hermione walked through the door, leaving us gaping after them.


After half an hour of waiting, Luna and I were escorted in to see her father. He was lying on the hospital bed, barely moving. There were cables and wires attached to his body. Luna collapsed down beside him, taking his hand in hers. She started whispering in his ear. I felt out of place just standing in the corner watching them. My mind wandered to Fred. All I knew about his death was that Bellatrix Lestrange had killed him during the last hours of the war. My mother had then gotten her revenge and killed her in return. I looked up and found myself staring into a perfect replica of Fred. He stared at me in the same way, tears rolling down his cheeks.

     “George, are you alright?” Luna said, her voice sounding close to my ear. I looked away from the mirror and looked at her. She looked worried. I shook my head and pointed to where I had seen Fred. Luna walked over and took down the object. I then realised it was a mirror. I sunk down to the ground, shaking again. Why was I such an idiot? Why did this have to happen when Luna needed me the most? I felt her slide down beside me and wrap her arms around me. We sat there for who knows how long, just sitting.


A hurried beeping sound interrupted the silence of the hospital. I raised my head to find Luna already on her feet at her father’s side.

     “Nurse!” she cried out her voice rising in panic. A young doctor ran into the room. Luna stood aside as he started checking his heart monitor. After a few excruciating moments the doctor turned around.

      “Everything is good,” he said walking out of the room. “He should be awake soon.” I looked at Luna. Her face lit up at the news. She raced towards me right into my arms. I felt her warm breath on my neck as she laid her head on my chest. I looked down at her smiling slightly for the first time in weeks. Something good had finally happened. If not to me at least it was to someone I cared about. I lifted her head and she looked at me through her deep blue eyes. Feeling as if this was the only thing I had control over I bent down and kissed her.

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