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Tempting time by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 1 : Tempting Time
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 Tempting Time

Summary: Written for Sammalfoy93’s unfinished business challenge.

A/n: Please review!!

I died exactly a year ago today. I died in battle, sort of. More so it was the trauma of the battle that killed me. I was distracted after I saw several dead faces, and I guess the enemies took that chance to rid the world of me.  I don’t remember how I died, or who killed me, just waking up and standing over my dead body. At first I didn’t know why I was still here. Every book I read on ghosts, said they chose to stay, and I chose nothing.

Soon I realized why I was still stuck on earth. But I did not realize this on my own, a spirit, came to tell me why I was still here.

“Ms. Granger, do you know why you are still on earth?” The spirit asked me.

          “No. I am so confused; I thought that I chose to stay or to go.”

“That is not quite true. To an extent it is true, but that is only if you have completed everything you needed to in your life, which you have not. In order to see the light to cross to the other side, you must first complete all the things in life that you are meant to before death. The light and the choice do not appear to the earthbound until these things are done.”

          “So I am a ghost?”  I asked, still confused.

“No, a ghost is a deceased person who has made the choice to stay on earth, and can been seen by others.”

          “So I am invisible than.”

“Yes. Would you like to hear your unfinished task?”

          “Yes I would.”

“A few years ago, you realized something that you never told anybody. Do you remember what it was.”

I winced at these words because I knew I wasn’t going to like what she said. “Yes.”

          “Well than you realize that Mr. Malfoy should know the truth, as well as should your friends.”

                   “Why do I have to tell them?”

“Because it is your unfinished business.”

          “How do I tell them, if nobody can see me?”

                   “Ms. Granger, if there is a will, there is a way, but it must come from inside of you.” The spirit said and departed into the wind.


That was three days after I died, and I had been stuck in this void between life and death ever since. Now it was the one year anniversary of my death. Harry, Ginny and Ron were hosting a memorial for me, and I was going to tell them. I had figured out how to project my energy, just enough to tell them, and now was the time.

Harry was talking, giving a toast I think. He didn’t finish that speech because I suddenly appeared right in front of him.

“Hermione?” He asked, shocked and his face paled.

          “Hello Harry.” I whispered back and smiled.

“Harry. Who are you talking to, you are supposed finish a toast before downing the alcohol.” Ginny Weasly’s voice came from behind me, but far off.

          “Hermione.” Harry said again, louder this time.

“She is gone Harry…” She said and reached for his arm, passing right through my energy.

“Oh My merlin. Hermione?” Ginny asked, going as pale as Harry.

“Hello, Ginny.”

“Merlin, what is wrong with you Two? Can’t you finish a bloody toast, you are embarrassing me!” Ron hissed from behind them and looked up, straight into my eyes.”

“Bloody hell! Hermione?”

“Hello Ron.”

“What are you doing here?” They asked.

“I came to tell you something I kept from you all for a long time. I died with the secret, and never uttered these words to a single person. I am in love with Malfoy. Was, I was in love with Draco.” I finally said the word that in life, I was too afraid to say.

“ They looked at me shocked, and confused.”

“I must go now.”

“Wait!” Ginny called. “I have so many questions for you.”

“They are not meant to be answered Ginny, you will know in time. I must go.” I said and became invisible to them once more. Harry finished the toast and the memorial went on, briefly, as I went on to find the man I had loved.

In Malfoy Manor, I found Draco sitting by a fire in his study, nursing a bottle of fire whiskey.

“Malfoy.” I said

“What, who is there, he said to the empty room.”


“Why are you haunting me?”

“Because you need to know something, before I leave.”

“What would that be exactly?”

“You need to know something, I never told anybody before I died. You need to know that I loved you since Third Year.”

“You Loved me?”

“Yes. I did, Malfoy, I just didn’t tell you because you hated me.’

“I didn’t hate you Hermione; I wish you didn’t die thinking that.”

“I didn’t.”

“Can I see you?”

“No, it’s not meant for you to, and I must go, before you know too much. Goodbye Draco.”

I said and left, I had never made myself viable to him because it would not have been good for him. He needed help, not torment.

“Ms. Granger.” The spirit who had told me all those many months ago, called to me outside the Manor.

“Hello, Albus.”

The spirit smiled.

“You have done well, it is time.”

He stepped aside and a bright, light appeared in front of me. I saw my parents, and my grandparents standing in it, waiting for me, I saw my fallen friends behind them. I knew where I wanted to go.”

“I choose to go.” I said softly.

“Very good, Ms. Granger, it is the best for you. Walk into the light and be free, as you drob your earth bound chains as you cross from this world to the next.”

“Are you not coming Albus?”

“No, Ms. Granger, My work is here.”

“Very well. Goodbye Albus. Thank you so much, professor.”

“Good bye Hermione. It must be a wonderful place.”


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