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Pigs Fly by Stitch
Chapter 2 : Wormy, Calm Down
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CI by Hayley Jade @ TDA

The new morning sun rose steadily over the hill where Hogwarts castle was situated on and the black lake glistened in the morning sunlight. James was awoken that fine morning to find Sirius and Remus, who were already dressed, standing over him with a mischievous glint in their eyes. “Don’t even think about it,” James warned as he reached towards his bedside table for his glasses, but did his friends ever listen? They never do.

“Aguamenti,” Remus chorused, pointing his wand at James’s face covering him with cold water.

James was stunned and didn’t move as the water began to form tiny droplets at the end of his nose before dropping onto his lap. “You. Are. So. Dead.” James managed to say through the chattering of his teeth.

Just at this second, Peter burst into the dormitory clenching his wand in one hand and the other was held into a fist. “You are complete twats!” he yelled making everyone eyes turn towards him. “Why did you put me in the common room? Do you think it’s funny?”

“Calm down, Wormtail.” Sirius muttered, gesturing towards the soaking wet James. “You had it lightly compared to what we did to Prongs.”

“Shut it, Padfoot.” Peter snapped before storming over towards the two boys who were trying to hide their giggling. Suddenly Peter swung his fist at Remus and hit him cleanly across the jaw making him fall to the floor with a thud.

James literally jumped from his bed and grabbed his wand before pointing it directly at Peter who was now advancing on Sirius. “Wormtail, don’t make me use this because you know I will.”

“Do I look like I care?” Peter replied angrily before spinning on James. “It’s always me who finds themselves asleep in the common room or the great hall. Your best has to be when I woke up to find myself in the ladies dormitory in a pink dressing gown. Oh that was a classic.”

At this point, Sirius was helping Remus back to his wobbly feet before he turned to Peter and clenches his wand so tightly that his knuckles turned white. “Why did you punch, Moony?” Sirius growled. “He’s done nothing wrong to you; it was me who put you in the common room alright.”

Remus rubbed his cheek and looked over towards his mate with a bemused look on his face, but held his silence. “Wormtail, put the wand down.” James tried, still advancing on Peter with his wand held out in front of him. Peter clenched his jaw before reluctantly replacing his wand on his bedside table and began to get dressed like nothing had happened.

“Thanks mate,” Remus muttered in thanks before sitting gingerly on the edge of his bed. Sirius sat down beside him and the two Gryffindors began to talk, constantly glancing over towards Peter and giving him the evils.

James shook his head and put his wand back on the table before opening his trunk at the end of the bed and he began to get dressed into his robes. One he had finished pulling the final shoelace tight, James stood and ruffled his hair again it make it all messy after its plastering to his scalp from the water.

He looked around the dormitory before picking his wand up and placing it in his robe pocket and wandering over towards Remus and Sirius and sitting beside them. “You alright, Moony?” He asked Remus, placing a hand on his shoulder

“Yeah I’m okay,” the reply came in a hushed mumble.

“You don’t sound okay,” Sirius noted before patted his friend on the back. “Is it the full moon tonight?”

Remus nodded his head slowly and glanced nervously around the common room. “Why do I have to be a werewolf?” Remus complained under his breath. “What did I do to deserve this?”

James frowned and racked his brains for a decent answer which would make his mate feel a little better about himself, but he came up with none. He looked over at Sirius for any inspiration, but he too was also having some difficulty in the matter. Eventually Remus saved them both from saying anything by looking at his watch and getting to his feet. “Well I’m hungry so I’m going to go to the Great Hall for some breakfast. You two coming with?”

Sirius nodded his head willingly and jumped to his feet and James followed suit and the three Gryffindors headed towards the common room. Sirius jumped the final three steps and landed with a soft thud in the common room and Remus rolled his eyes and walked sensibly down the stairs. James was about to skip the last five stairs to prove he was a smart ass, but Evans had just glanced up so instead James followed in the footsteps of Remus.

From her seat, Lily raised her brow and how sensible Potter was being for a change, but she wasn’t going to spoil the moment by saying anything. James walked past and bit his bottom lip in case he shouted something that would make him look like a complete idiot and he defiantly didn’t want that.

James slowly followed Remus and Sirius towards the portrait hole and just before he walked through the hole, he whipped his head around and his eyes locked with Evans’s before Sirius grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him through. “Keep your eyes off Evans,” Sirius warned. “It’s never going to happen between you and her.”

“You don’t know that,” James replied curtly. “She could really like me from the inside. Besides I think she has been looking at me more than me looking at her.”

Remus shook his head with a little smile playing on his thin lips. “You like to think ahead of things don’t you, Prongs?”

James frowned at Remus’s comment and looked over at him rather confused. “What the hell are you talking about, Moony?” He asked, shoving his hands in his trouser pockets.

“Evans doesn’t like you; in fact she wishes that you weren’t born.” Remus replied, looking over at James who was frowning from behind his spectacles.

“You don’t know that,” James pointed out angrily.

Sirius rolled his eyes just as the three Gryffindors arrived in the Great Hall to find that Professor McGonagall was already handing out the timetables. The three lads took their seats near the end of the table and began conversing about quidditch when Peter stormed past and sat down next to some second years making them look awkwardly at him.

“Looks like Wormtail’s in high spirits,” Sirius noted, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Remus nodded his head in agreement and took the smallest bite from his toast as Professor McGonagall handed him his timetable. James took his and looked it over before turning his head towards Remus ho as studying his intently. “Looks like we have Transfiguration with the Ravens first mate.”

“Looks like it doesn’t it,” Remus replied, still scanning his time table.

James put his schedule on the table and looked over at Peter who as now poking at his sausage with the tip of his knife. “I’m going to talk to Peter, wait here.” James instructed before standing and taking a seat beside Peter. “What’s up with you, Wormy?”

“You know bloody well what,” Peter grumbled, before glancing over at James and scowling angrily at him. “I’m like your third wheel, aren’t I? I just hand around and get picked on and left out of absolutely everything you guys do.”

“That’s not entirely true,” James muttered, but at the back of his mind he saw the truthfulness in Peter’s words. “We don’t always leave you out.”

“Mostly,” Peter cut in. “Excluding the times when you need me to be a decoy or something.”

James frowned before glancing over at his mates who were busy chatting to each other about how stupid the Slytherins were, just as the bell went for lessons. “Come on Wormy,” James said cheerily as he stood up. “Let’s go to Transfiguration.”

Peter grumbled something quiet fowl before heaving himself to his feet and slowly following James and the others towards the classroom. The class was allowed into the classroom and the Marauders took their seats at the very back just as Professor McGonagall began writing on the black board. “Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Exams, otherwise known as N.E.W.T’s.” The Professor said as she wrote the name of the exam on the board. “This is what we’ll be focusing on this year for your exams in June”

The class gave a loud groan and Sirius’s head face planted the desk creating a loud bang making Professor McGonagall jump from her skin. “Mr. Black,” she said rather wearily. “If you would be so kind to pay attention and prise your face from your textbook that would be much appreciated.”

Sirius slowly raised his head and blinked a few times before his head hit the table once again. The Professor ignored this and was about to continue when Remus’s hand shot up into the air. “Yes Mr. Lupin, what is it?”

“What do we need to know for our N.E.W.T’s?” Remus inquired, lowering his hand and placing it back on the desk.

“I was just getting to that,” Professor McGonagall snapped before picking the rather heavy and old textbook from the desk. “If you would all turn to page- What is it Mr. Potter?”

James lowered his hands and smirked a little before looking at the professor with a straight face. “I was just wondering if our N.E.W.T’s are going to be impossible, because I can’t be arsed to revise too hard this year.”

“Thank you for that comment, Mr. Potter.” Professor McGonagall said rather exasperated. “10 points from Gryffindor for your rudeness towards teachers.”

Once the giggling from multiple Ravenclaws and a wolf whistle from a rather un-attractive blonde Gryffindor had died down, the Professor produced her wand from her robe sleeve and held it firmly in her hand. “Today we are going to learn full human transformation. This is a very high class spell and I do not want any silliness or you will be sent straight to Professor Dumbledore, are we understood?”

“Yes Professor,” The class chorused and the lesson began with a flourish.

By the end of the lesson and a whole argument between Peter and Remus that they were going to be working in pairs, James had managed to turn Sirius into a rabbit and back again. “Well I think you looked very attractive as a rabbit, Padfoot.” Remus noted as the four boys headed towards the dungeons for potions.

“Well I think Wormy did a very good job in turning you into a human with rabbit ears and a fluffy white tail,” Sirius retorted making Peter flush bright red.

“We are never to talk of that again,” Remus growled making the other laugh along with Sirius’s girl like chuckles.

As the four lads arrived at the entrance to the Potions Dungeon, Sirius waved his goodbye and hurried off towards the common room for his free period. The lucky sod. The remaining three marauders waited outside the Dungeon with a few remaining Gryffindors and mostly Slytherins for the Professor. Eventually he arrived and allowed the class into the usually smell classroom and everyone took their places beside their cauldron.

AN: So second chapter! Thanks to June Knight and Viikidaviking for reviewing my last chapter and giving me some feed back. If you could do the same for this one that woul be brillient :)

Please remember to R&R and have good day!

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Pigs Fly: Wormy, Calm Down


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