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Unauthorized Love... by Dramionie_Child
Chapter 8 : A split
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Disclaim, disclaim, disclaim… ;) x Are you not loving me for posting so quickly? Sure - YOU ARE! By the way, my previous chapter got rejected… twice. Then I deleted it, then twice again. Unfortunately, my Dad then thought it was a good week[a good, long, holiday week] to go and visit my Grandma[no offense Grandma – but YOUR COMPUTER HAS NO INTERNET CONNECTION!] So, er, sorry about that. I originally had it sent in by the beginning of October, but that went a little bit wrong…(L) you too x


Dedicated to Need You Now by Lady Antebellum… Tried very hard not to the lyrics whilst I wrote this!! Wow, I am really soppy… I’m not really happy with this, but I didn’t know how to change it to make it better, so viola!! See ya at the bottom : )


When Hermione finally got to the corridor by the Head’s Common Room, it was well after curfew.


“Eugh.” Hermione slumped against the cool stone wall. It had been a long few hours.


It was just after eight when she and Malfoy had left Professor McGonagall’s office, and 10 minutes since she’d last seen Ron. Without Harry. He had been missing for over 6 hours, and it was really worrying her. Seeing as he had taken the map and cloak he was almost impossible to find. Almost – the muggle option was still available. But Ron had protested severely, even though his best mate could have been in danger, and went to go stick his tongue down Lavender Brown’s throat – therefore leaving Hermione to do it all herself.


Boys. Hermione thought, shaking her head slightly. It was only last night that Ron had tried to get as far away from that girl as possible - maybe he was stressed? It was highly possible. He often did that when he was stressed. Like Ginny, – who Hermione had yet to question – Ron was sitting on a comfy chair in the Gryffindor Common Room, all curled up next to another warm body by the fire. Wondering who Ginny was curled up with this time, Hermione zoned out, not noticing when a portrait’s frame moved slightly, and her bag was dragged across the floor slightly. She only noticed something was up when she heard a small groan.


Her head shot up, and glared suspiciously at the empty air around her. Suddenly, a thought struck her.


“Harry. Where the hell have you been?”


There was a sigh, and within a few seconds, Hermione was under the cloak. Her eyes were slits, and she was ready to start scolding him like a true Molly Weasley, but his expression stopped her. There were heavy bags under his eyes like he hadn’t slept in days, and his lips tugged into an unhappy line. The previous spark in his green gems had gone too, and were replaced with a wilting expression that could only have been caused by a typical event. Death.




“It was my fault, ‘Mione.”


“No, you idiot.” Hermione had grabbed his shoulders now, and looked like she wanted to shake him violently. “It was not your fault. Don’t listen to anybody but me on this one. You were in no way connected with her…” She swallowed, and decided to go for a bit of tough love, “death. You could not have stopped her being killed, and it is completely down to the bastard that shot the curse. You were at the other end of the train, and were nowhere near the event, you-” She was about to continue, but saw Harry wincing at her grip on his arm. She raised a suspicious eyebrow, and watched him carefully. His eyes were glazed slightly, and weren’t focused properly. Slowly she said,


“Harry, are you okay?”

But he didn’t even acknowledge her question, and continued to wince at Hermione’s grip on his arm. She slowly ran a hand down his arm, watching his eyes with strong determination. When she touched his lower forearm, he yelped. Hermione’s eyes widened in shock. He was hurt. Timidly, she started to pull up the sleeves of his robes, but Harry came back to Earth in a crack. He snatched his arm away from her touch, and edged away from her a little bit, scowling.


“It was my fault ‘Mione, and nothing you say is going to change that.”


“No, Harry.” Hermione started to plead, and followed Harry’s quick footsteps along the corridor, only just managing to stay under the cloak. Abandoning her bag, deciding she could find it later, she tried to grab Harry’s arm to try and stop him from running so fast, but that made him even angrier, almost sprinting now. 


“Leave me alone, Hermione.”


“But, Harry-”


“I said leave me alone”




I said, go, Granger.” 


Hermione’s mouth dropped open in shock. What? After she spent the past 4 hours looking for him, and he second-named her? That was bang out of order.


“What?” Hermione whispered, as the cloak slid off, and instead it clung to Harry as he continued to sprint around the castle. Her arm was still outstretched, reaching out for her lost best friend. Reaching out for the confused boy inside of him, waiting to come out and tell her it was all okay. Reaching for the one lifeline that had been there even when Ron had abandoned her, when she was at her lowest point, he brought her back up, and forced her to dance and have fun. Reaching for the one boy she could confide anything in. Gone.


He ran away from her.


Sliding against back against the cool wall, she whimpered. It was a similar situation to the one she had been in those small minutes ago, except she was a lot more worried, and a lot more upset. What was wrong with Harry? How had he been hurt? Then, her mind wandered back to the place he was hurt most… Left forearm. Her mouth dropped open in horror. No… He would never. He could never. Not after all the members of that group had done to cause him and his friends harm. What they’d done to try and ruin the world, what they’d done to all the innocent muggles, what they’d done to everyone. No. It was merely a coincidence. Wasn’t it?


 It was almost half past four in the morning when Hermione realised that she needed to get back to the common room. Slowly, she rose to her feet, and wandered back to the corridor where she’d left her bag – to run into Peeves. Who was defacing her bag. Damn him.


“Peeves. I am not in the mood to fucking mess about so just give me my bag and leave.”


“Well, well, well, the ickle Head Girl, out of-” 


Peeves stopped dead when he saw Hermione’s face; crumpled with anger and frustration, some dirt smeared across the bridge of her nose from when she had slipped by Hagrid’s hut whilst looking for Harry, tired cheeks that weren’t bothering to keep up her usual friendly smile, her curly hair turning into a mane as the seconds ticked by, watery eyes that were filled with unleashed fire. He gulped, and zoomed along the corridor, probably towards the Hufflepuff common room - they always were his easy targets. Hermione grabbed her bag, and floated along the corridors towards the Head’s Common room, hoping like hell that she wasn’t going to have to have a confrontation with Malfoy. It turned out that her hoping didn’t work so well.


“Ooh – Granger out of bed after hours!” Draco grinned at his fortune, apparently estatic to have finally caught one of the usual trio out of bed. Hermione’s fiery eyes found Draco’s ice chips, and he stopped.


“What’s up?”


“Nothing of your concern Malfoy.” Hermione spat, secretly hoping he would give her a break, but he just shook his head, standing from his position in the comfy armchair by the fire.


“Tell me what Weasel did.”


Hermione felt anger bubble to the surface like boils. She was so not in the mood.


“It wasn’t hi- Look, Malfoy, I’m not up for this tonight, or ever. Just piss of back to your prick hovel with all the other scumbags.”


And with that, Hermione turned on her heel and stomped into her room, throwing herself onto her neat bed, muffling a scream. Casting a hasty charm with her wand, she let rip, screaming and sobbing into her pillow, feeling so lost and hopeless that she felt her insides were being ripped out. Including the Harry problem with this whole lie with McGonagall, her life was being upside down.


 It had been only a few weeks since she had found her parents in Australia. It had taken months, then they were snatched away from her again. Now, her best friend was stomping round the castle, incredibly hurt, and her other best friend was shoving his tongue down some tart’s throat, and the one girl she could trust with anything was auctioning herself for any boy to come and take what he liked. Luna had gone on to write for the Quibbler, and Neville had gone straight into Auror training, as he had done more of his NEWT work than Harry and Ron, who were only staying until February half-term. McGonagall didn’t seem to give a damn about her well-being, and none of the other Professors had even noticed something was wrong. The only person it seemed she could trust was Malfoy. It was incredibly scary, but it seemed to be true.


What was wrong with the world?


She screamed again, her body wracked with broken sobs, feeling like her life was being deliberately ruined for fun. Now she knew why the Death Eaters wanted her, why her parents were taken during the summer, why Malfoy had acted to strangely to her for the first few weeks of term. 


 Suddenly, her room started to spin, things started to crash and bang into each other. Her bed covers whipped off the bed, joining the hurricane that had become of her room. Bottles smashed, books were torn, clothes ripped, memoirs broken - along with Hermione’s sense and co-ordination. The whirlwind surrounding her was taking away all the feeling in her nerves. Things hit her in the head, shoulder and back, but she couldn’t feel a thing. Apart from her grief and despair. The two emotions were taking over her whole soul, along with a few side line emotions – anger, fatigue and frailness were battling to get in there too, but all she could understand was that everything was going wrong.




A voice snapped her back to Earth, showing her the damaged that was being caused. Everything suddenly dropped to the ground as she was pulled out of her little bubble. Turning to look at the doorway, she was shocked to find Malfoy stood there in sweats and a loose t-shirt. The look on his face was terrifying. Slowly, Hermione looked around the room, almost shocked at what was going on, before she collapsed in sheer exhaustion.


Draco Malfoy looked around the room in shock. When this happened to him, his roommates just looked at him strangely but left him too it. It was never this bad either. His was just a few things flying round, but this was… honestly, he was scared. It was incredible what she’d done. She was obviously a lot stronger than he had ever been, and a lot more disturbed.


God help her, the poor soul. 



What do you think? I’m not really sure about this one, but I got the Draco in there? Happy now all you Dramione-Wanters? Hope so : ) You should be proud of me to have updated so quickly… WHICH YOU ARE!! Hah : ) Do you think you could slot a review in the slot? Maybe you’ll get a prize? Ah, well. Worth a shot. Have a go for me? Pwetty please with a slice of Tom Felton on top?




!Childy and May :D who says hi and review Emily’s story as it is the best dramione in the world!


^ Much appreciated, May : D x


Also thought I'd say, I'm stopping for a bit ‘cause of NaNo, but I’ll be back after :  )



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