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The Rose by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Rome
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"Whose dumb idea was it to use those Muggle machines?"

Albus Potter quickly brought down his brother James' arm, while their cousin, Louis, clamped a hand over his mouth. They looked around the crowded airport and laughed nervously as people stared. 

"Ignore him, he's a nervous flier," Albus said. He stood in front of James. "Shut up, people are watching."
James shrugged, glancing back out the window. "Seriously, who's idea was this?"

Louis raised an eye-brow, surprised he hasn't figured it out yet. "Hugo's. You know he's obsessed with this stuff and we can't blame Granddad for it because he got it from Aunt Hermione's side of the family. But if you are looking for someone to blame, he's standing right next to you." 

The three boys turned to James' right, to the oldest boy, the one in charge of their group for this trip. Teddy Lupin smiled guiltily. "I didn't want to choose. Besides, it's only a two hour flight, it could be fun. The twins are very excited." 

They watched the nine year old boys, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, playing in their seats with Hugo and Freddie, their father, Rolf, was on their other side. Teddy looked out the window to the plane they were going to board, to the doors they were going to walk through, then to the screen telling them when they would be boarding to Rome. They had less than ten minutes, and then they would be leaving. 

Teddy hadn't been listening to the details of this trip, all he knew was that it was for Harry and Ginny's anniversary (he wasn't sure which), they had to bring formal wear as well as casual holiday wear and Vic was there. 

Victoire Weasley; she was his friend and on-and-off girlfriend since his seventh year. This was going to be when they finally became official, no more break ups, no more drama. He noticed Albus watching him, amused; he knew his Godbrother could tell he was excited. 
He had his hands behind his back and put on a goofy smile. “Who are you thinking about?”
“You know perfectly well who I’m thinking about,” he smirked. “What’s with the look?”
Albus shrugged. “It freaks you out.”

Teddy glared and gave him a dead arm, but before he could say anything, a voice sounded above them, announcing the plane was boarding. "Time to go," he smiled. 

They all grabbed their carry-on bags, Albus rubbing his arm, and Lysander ran to Teddy's side. "I wanna sit with you," he exclaimed, excited, and took his hand. 

Teddy squeezed the boy's hand gently and led him to the stewards at the door. "I'll make sure of it, kiddo." 

Everyone handed in their tickets and boarded the plane. Teddy found their seats and pulled Lysander in, letting him have the window seat. "Where is everyone else?" 

Teddy fixed Lysander's seatbelt and his put on his own before answering him. "They are already at the hotel in Rome, mate. Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny went first with most adults, then the girls and some others went yesterday and we're going now." 


Teddy chuckled at his always curious nature and ruffled his hair. "We're a very big family, Ly. This makes sure we don't overcrowd the hotel by going all at once." 

Lysander nodded once, serious. "Makes sense," he said, then he turned to look out of the window. 

Teddy smiled as he sat back in his chair. He listened to everyone's chatter; kids' excitement, James' ramblings, Louis' sarcasm. 

He closed his eyes, thinking of Victoire. Rome was going to be perfect. 


Rose sat on the window sill, her legs stretched out in front of her, and gazed at the view of Rome from her hotel room. She narrowed her eyes every time Victoire's reflection got in the way. 

"Vic, why are you sharing a room with me and not your sister?" she asked, facing her. 

Victoire continued to unpack her suitcase, not looking at Rose. "Ask Ginny."

Rose huffed and turned back to the view. "I'll be asking her why I'm not sharing a room with Dom," she muttered. 


"Nothing," Rose answered quickly, thankful she hadn't heard. Rose loved her cousin, but sometimes, well, most times, her attitude got to Rose and she couldn't stand to be in the same room with her for long periods of time. Victoire's younger sister, Dominique, was her favorite cousin (female anyway, Albus being her other favorite) by far; she was more a Daddy's girl than Vic and prefered to play Quidditch with Rose and the boys than dolls with Vic and Molly. They had more in common than anyone else in their family, calling themselves the sisters they never had. There was only one other person in the whole world Rose could say she was close to, the closet to if she was honest, and that was her best friend; Teddy. 

Speaking of Teddy...

"Teddy and the others should be here soon," Rose said, breaking the silence and checking her watch. 

Vic didn't answer, she just carried on with what she was doing. When she did speak, Rose wasn't surprised by what she said. "I still don't understand how or why you and him are so close." 

Rose opened her mouth to retort when she heard cars parking up outside. She stood up, staring out the window, to see her brother and cousins enter the hotel, Teddy followed close by with Lysander holding his hand. "He's here," she whispered. 

Rose ran across the room, stopping at the now open door. "The relationship Ted and I have will always be one of life's little mysteries, Vic. Just like what he see in you." She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't get it."

She took the stairs two at time, since she was only on the second floor, a grin permanently etched onto her face. 

She hoped Rome would be perfect.  

A/N: Editing. Hoping to come back to. Hoping you enjoy. :)


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