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Enthrall by patchorjacedm
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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6 months earlier.


“What is that?”

“Oh, nothing”

“It doesn’t look like nothing.” Hermione eyed the big brown box Blaise was holding with thinly disguised annoyance.


Blaise stared at her in a similar way. “Mind your own business, Mudblood.”


Blaise PoV


After taking the box to Draco’s room he flipped the lid up. Holding his breath as to not inhale the mounds of dust collecting in and around the treasure, Blaise picked it up.


It was just a hat. A witch’s hat, by the looks of it. It had brown leather and reminded Blaise of the Sorting Hat, just without the mouth and the snarky attitude. Blaise remembered exactly what Mr. Malfoy had told him at the Manor over the summer.


8 months earlier.


“It’s simple,” Mr. Malfoy said as he paced in front of Blaise. “Draco needs the hat. He just doesn’t want to wear it.” The older man sighed heavily.


“You can’t blame him.” Blaise interjected. “It’s a really ugly hat.”


“He’s dying!” Malfoy screamed. “And if Draco is too damn proud to put the hat on, he will die.”

“I don’t get it. What is he dying from?”


“Riddle blood.”




“I said: he’s dying from Riddle blood. It’s not supposed to course in his veins, yet it is. He’s the next Slytherin heir, after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, of course. But he’s dying from it, and until He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named makes Draco learn how to make Horcruxes, he could be gone forever.”


Blaise tried to school his features so he didn’t look confused. “And Draco’s okay with all of this?”

Lucius shrugged. “Probably not. He doesn’t know.”


“I have to tell him.”


Malfoy wrapped his hands around Blaise’s throat quick as a bunny and tightened until his fingers were successfully cutting off his air supply. “Not until I find out how the blood got inside him, got it, little boy.”


All Blaise could do was nod.


Present Day.


Blaise eyed the transfigured hat in front of him. It was definitely not supposed to look like that. The once ugly, now turned shape shifting, hat began doing cartwheels in the form of a chess piece-sized monkey.


The dungeon door opened and Draco walked in.  Blaise hid the Hat/Mini zebra in his pocket.


“Any luck with Hermione?”


Draco sat down heavily on the floor next to him. “Only if you count luck as a big fat NO.” He was playing in the dust with the tip of his wand. “What do you want her for anyway?”


Blaise shrugged. “Transfiguration.” He said non-chalantly. He would swear in front of the All Might God that the hat turned into a mini piranha in his pocket.


“Yeah, well, buddy. You’re just gonna have to get her yourself. She won’t talk to me about homework since we did that whole bombard on her a week ago. You know, Enthrall?”


“Hey,” Blaise jumped up. “That was really good. Maybe we should rehearse another one.”

“Blaise, dude, we’ve tried rehearsing what we’re gonna say to Hermione to scare her. It doesn’t work.”

“How many times have we tried?”




“You know what they say, buddy-boy, third times the charm.”



Hermione’s PoV

She watched as the angel and devil walked toward her in the noonday sun. She thought about running away, but decided to tell them that if they didn’t leave her alone, she’d get Dumbledore himself to get a restraining order on both of them.


“Before you scamper away,” Draco’s smooth voice dripped like honey. “We just want to ask a favor of you.”


A brilliant idea struck Hermione just then. “Fine. I’ll do it.” She saw Blaise’s chest compress when he blew the air he had been holding out of his mouth. “But I want you to set up another meeting for me and Pansy.”


“Okay!” Draco said, a huge smile plastered across his face. He must of noticed Blaise didn’t look convinced because he said next, “Blaise, this is really good. Pansy wants to talk to Hermione anyway. You get what you want, Pansy gets what she wants. I get what I want.”


Blaise looked confused. “What do you want?”


Angel shook his head. “I want to get laid, dumbass. A happy Pansy makes for a happy Draco.”


Devil looked back to Hermione. “She’ll meet you at the top of the Astronomy tower at midnight. Don’t be late, because she’ll leave at exactly twelve and you’ll miss your chance. On the other hand, meet me an hour or two before that, so I can explain the situation to you and have you help me.”


“Is this an hour a day for a week thing?” Hermione asked.


“If everything goes according to plan, I should only need you once.”


Hey, my peeps. Did you like it? If so, review, if not, review. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, review. Trust me when I say, a little review goes along way. Trust me. Just do it. (P.S I hope this chappy cleared some things up for you. I think i finally know where this story's going.)

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Enthrall: Chapter Five


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