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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 4 : Entering the muggle life.
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Sorry it's taken so long, I've been crazy busy.



I padded along the corridor at Malfoys heel, my hands in my pockets as I sulked behind him, he headed straight towards the Slytherin dungeon.



 He paused at the entrance waiting for me to catch up, giving me a nasty look as I stood next to him, the entrance opened and we stepped back inside the cold common room, there was a very noticeable change as several doors were placed along one of the cold stone walls, I noticed our portrait hole was still in the same place yet there was a wooden door with the others  with our names on a silver plate bolted to it.

I shoved past Malfoy to the Portrait 


"Hungarian Horntail" I said to the man in the portrait


 "No entry allowed" replied the portrait coldly



"Why?" I hissed



"I have been informed not to allow your entry until Monday morning" replied the Portrait turning away from me.


I huffed and headed to the wooden door instead, there was a handle with a lock, I tried the handle with no luck. I looked to Malfoy and back to the door trying it again when something fell to the floor in front of me.


A small black bag with our names on fell at my feet, I bent down and picked it up.


"whats that?" Questioned Malfoy coldly eyeing the little bag, I shrugged at him and turned my attention back to opening the bag


I opened it and pulled out two silver keys, I turned back to see Malfoy who was now right behind me looking at the two keys in my hand. I handed one of the keys to Malfoy and inserted the other into the door and with a click the door opened, I pushed the door open further and entered inside with a loud clatter, Malfoy followed behind me closing the door and locking it with his own key


"Why is it so dark" hissed Malfoy 


"Get you wand out or something" he muttered as we entered the tiny pitch black room


"Don't be stupid Malfoy, we can't use magic, muggles have their own way of getting by remember" I groaned feeling the wall as I heard Malfoy mutter something under his breath but chose to ignore it


"I've found something" I said excitedly, I felt a small switch on the wall and flicked it on and with that the room erupted into bright light, I blinked my eyes due to the sudden brightness.


"What did you do?" frowned Malfoy


"I flicked the switch, I guess it works the lights" I replied simply


This room was nothing like how I'd left it this morning, infact it was tiny, it looked like a cupboard, i noticed a vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket near Malfoys feet.


 "What the bloody hell is this?" he spat eyeing the tiny cupboard we were stood in.



I looked to him realising that in this tiny space we were very close, his arm resting on mine I could see every strand of his hair and even feel his chest move as he breathed, he smelt so good, almost like an icy winters day, so manly and nice.


I pushed open a door opposite the one we just came in from and fell awkwardly into a long hallway.



"I assume that's the broom cupboard" I sighed pulling myself up and looking to Malfoy who gracefully stepped out into the bright hallway with no attempt to help me up. 


The house we stood in looked very beautiful and modern, all the walls were white and the floor was a light wood, there were unmoving pictures of scenery on the bright walls.


To the left of the cupboard was clearly the front door there was a letterbox in the centre of it and a doormat saying welcome in front of it, I looked up to see a staircase above the cupboard. 


Just opposite the cupboard was an archway that led into what looked like the living room and to the right further down the hall was an open archway that looked like it led to a kitchen, the entire place was white in colour with light wooden floors and everything smelt new, this looked like the everyday muggle house.


"What is this?" sneered Malfoy folding his arms defiantly


"It's a muggle house, you idiot" I groaned moving forward and peaking into the living room


 "How do you know that?" he muttered rolling his eyes



"My cousins a squib and she has a house just like this" I lied quickly, Malfoy was the last person I wanted to find out about my mother being a muggle.


I looked into the large white living room, a huge TV mounted over the fireplace and a couple of very comfy looking cream sofas facing it a very large front window with cream drapes that looked out onto a sunny street with a driveway and a nice new looking car parked up. 



I smiled to myself and moved towards the kitchen, it looked really nice and tidy and a bright there were many muggle appliances that were set up in the kitchen, including a fridge, oven, microwave and much more. 


I looked out the window with an amazing view of a bright green grassy garden, to the left of the counters was a large glass door leading into the outside area, magic would never fail to amaze me as to how they did this, I guess the door in the slytherin common room was some sort of enchantment taking us into a real muggle street.


"this is really nice" I grinned 


"I actually think I can endure living as a muggle in this place" I added sitting down at the round dinning table still in the kitchen.


"This place is tiny" moaned Malfoy joining me in the kitchen 


"Oh sorry Master Malfoy, are you used to so much better?" I taunted rolling my eyes


I stood off from the table and headed back out into the hall and headed up the wooden staircase, I flicked the light switch at the top of the stairs on the large landing, there were 3 doors on the landing, I turned into the one at the top of the stairs which led into a very posh white tiled bathroom, almost as grand as the one that was already here. 


I headed out of that room and walked the next door along which took me into a tiny almost empty room with a few boxes, some old gym equipment, an old bookcase and a desk with a computer on and a small camp bed, I frowned and closed that door heading to the door furthest away.



This door took me into a very large bedroom, it was bigger than any bedroom I'd ever seen all the walls were cream and the carpet looked brand new and soft.


There was a very large 4 poster bed with beautiful white silk drapes and silk sheets sitting to the right of the door opposite, it was by far the biggest bed I'd ever seen, it looked as though you could fit 4 people in it, not to mention how comfy it looked. 


To the left of the room in was a large seated window with matching drapes.


There was a large arched doorway to the right of the room that led into a huge walk in wardrobe full of new looking clothes and a large vanity dresser and mirror, the dresser had make up, hair products, perfume and hair appliances on top of it. Further into the wardrobe was a door that led into an en-suit bathroom, needless the say this room was bloody amazing.


"What are you doing Harris?" came Malfoys charming voice making me jump



"Checking out the rest of the house" I replied bluntly 


"By the way I call shotgun" I added


"What do you mean?" he groaned entering the bedroom and looking around



"This bedroom, I'm staying in in here, you can have the other bedroom" I said with a smirk


"What other bedroom?" he questioned in his typical cold way turning to look at me


"The one down the hall with the gym equipment" I said almost laughing


"Oh you can piss off Harris, I'm staying in here" He hissed


 "We'll see" I retorted heading out of the room and back down the stairs.


I entered back into the living room, after finding the TV remote I flicked the large flat screen TV on and fell onto one of the sofas, if this was all the project was going to be I could live with this, just spend every day as a muggle? that is fine by me, their life is easy.


"What in Merlin's name are you doing?" said an exasperated malfoy seating himself on the other sofa


"I'm being a muggle, kick back and relax" I replied not looking away from the TV, there was an interesting soap on.


"This is what muggles do?" said Malfoy rolling his silver eyes


"Well I guess so and to be quite honest I can live like this, just relax and actually enjoy that our homework is to do nothing" I sighed, Malfoy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, 


 We sat in silence watching the large TV for a while when a noise sounded from the hallway.


"Whats that?" questioned Malfoy craning his neck to try and look down the hall


"Why not have a look" I huffed at him, honestly he really could be dim sometimes.


Malfoy got off the sofa and headed out to the hall coming back seconds later holding a white envelope, he sat himself back down on his sofa


 "Mr Malfoy & Miss Harris

29 Bawdwell lane


Norfolk" drawled Malfoy reading the envelope



"where the bloody hell are we?" I said feeling puzzled, Malfoy shrugged and proceeded to open the letter, I moved over to his sofa and read the letter over his shoulder




'Draco and Aurora

Welcome to your new home!

Now you might be wondering where you are, the doorway you entered through is enchanted to take you to a real muggle home on a real muggle street.

Each pair has been taken to a different location so you won't be seeing your friends here.'

I stopped reading for a moment as I felt slightly sad that we wouldn't see our friends here, I was hopeful that I'd see Lee around here, I let out a sigh and turned my eyes back to the letter.

'Every couple weeks I'll send you a new task for you both to tackle together, the tasks will involve all typical muggle life.

you will find enclosed is a timetable for you both on when your study time will be and when you will need to return to this house.

I hope you both get on fantastically

Professor Barnes'




"Oh brilliant" I huffed crossing my arms and moving away from Malfoy "Give me my timetable" I groaned and Malfoy shoved one of the sheets of paper at me


I scanned over the sheet, all my lessons were the same as


I read the bottom of my time table in bold letters it read 


"All pairs must return to their muggle home each Friday at 6pm  to proceed with their project and spend all weekend working on it and will return to Hogwarts for lessons on a Monday morning"


I let out another annoyed groan, this really wasn't going to be a fun task after all.


Me and Malfoy sat in silence for a while until I looked at my watch


 "Shit we have Potions in 10 minutes" I gasped leaping up Malfoy shook his head


 "No you don't, check the letter" sighed malfoy tapping the sheet of paper and passing it to me


I looked back to the sheet I'd been reading and in bold letters at the very bottom I read


'P.s all classes will be off for the rest of the day to allow you both to settle in'


"So what now?" I groaned collapsing back onto my sofa, Malfoy shrugged at me


"We do as muggles do I guess" he said stretching out and proceeding to roll up the sleeves of his white school shirt, untucking it and unbuttoning the first couple buttons, he looked completely relaxed.


My eyes danced over him for a moment, his unbuttoned shirt giving me a glimpse of his muscular torso, I quickly tore my eyes away from him and back to the TV. 


The rest of the day passed by rather quickly as we just sat in the living room watching rubbish on the tele, my eyes glancing over to the very relaxed form of Malfoy on the sofa every so often, he'd kicked his shoes off and laid back with his hands under his head, I'd never seen him look this truly relaxed before and so attractive, I found it hard to peel my gaze away from his pale skin and perfect blonde hair.


I admit we may have shared the prefect dorm but I never sat in the room with him for longer than a few minutes, he'd always say something that would make me want to knock him out.


"I think I'm going to go to bed" I said getting off the sofa with a yawn and a stretch 


 "It's only 10 o'clock" frowned Malfoy 


"And it's Saturday tomorrow" he added as if I was insane 


 "Yes and there's no doubt Barnes will have something for us to do, so I'd like to get an early night" I huffed collecting two empty bowls that had had microwave rice in earlier (yes that was how great of cook I was) from the small coffee table in the centre of the room.


I left the room taking the bowls to the kitchen and placing them by the sink, I'd deal with washing those tomorrow. 


I headed up the stairs into the huge bedroom closing the door behind me.


I wandered over to the large walk in wardrobe, my eyes staring over the two sides, clearly one was mine and one was Malfoys.


There were a few built in drawers at the bottom I pulled one open to find several different sets of PJ's, I pulled out a pair of black shorts and a little White tank top, I swiftly changed out of my uniform and into my clean PJ's throwing my dirty uniform into a wicker laundry basket that sat in the bedroom.


My eyes blearily stared at the comfy looking bed, I peeled back the soft silk sheets and dived in, the sudden comfort and warmth wrapped around me and my senses filled with the scent of a fresh summers day, my eyes closing and I drifted off.


I was unsure how long I'd been asleep as I felt the bed shift as a weight fell down to the right of me, I sat up and looked over to see the dark outline of Malfoy fall in bed next to me through the pitch black bedroom.


"You have got to be kidding me Malfoy" I hissed as he laid down under the sheets


"There is no way I'm sleeping in that bedless room, nor am I sleeping on one of those tiny sofas" he said in his cold drawl


"You can not expect me to stay in a bed with you for the rest of the year" I retorted angrily, Malfoy merely yawned and turned on his side away from me, 


I stared at his shape under the sheets for a moment, I could feel his heat radiating from his body, I stared at him wondering what to do.


"Fine" I hissed, getting out of bed.



I whipped my pillow off of the bed and yanked the silk sheet off of his body forcing him to roll onto his back again his eyes snapped open the silver colour glistened through the dark room.


"I'll sleep downstairs, but seeing as you have the bed I'll take the blankets" I said childishly, I paused as my eyes fell over Malfoy.


 This quick motion exposed Malfoy in just his boxers, I was frozen staring at his half naked form through the darkness, even through the blackness I could see how well sculptured his body was now.


I was almost certain he never looked like this, his pale body looked perfect, my breath caught in my throat for a moment, I actually considered getting back in bed with him.


"I thought you were leaving" he said very smoothly his eyes scanning me up and down, I could almost see a smirk playing on the corners of his perfectly shaped lips, I shook my thoughts away and glared at him feeling uncomfortable and covering my shorts with the pillow.


"Good night" I growled storming out of the bedroom slamming the door behind me.


I stomped down the wooden stairs into the living room setting up a make shift bed, I was lucky the sofas were comfortable.





Hope you enjoyed it :)



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