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Merlin Knows!!! by simpleandeasy
Chapter 1 : Midnight ecstacy
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 The streets of London was deserted except for a drunkard who was lumbering alongside the pavement, slurring incoherent words at the top of his voice. The streets were bathed with the soft moon light sifting in from in-between the trees. At the corner of the street stood an eight story building .  It was the only building which had all of its lights switched on .A hoarding to the right side of the building read- St. Thomas’s hospital. occasionally a silhouette of a person would be visible through the screened windows as they passed from window to another. On the third window from the right sat a figure , never moving . The man had his head head bent down , his chin tucked into his chest as though in prayer. He had his arms folded on his chest tightly. A light chilly breeze blew in through the open window , making the man to  jerk  awake . He cursed inwardly as he pulled his jacket more closely and wrapped a scarf around himself. He looked down at himself , dressed in nothing but pyjamas  and a shirt and luckily a jacket. Shaking his head he looked  at the door to his left . No one came out nor did anyone go in . Sighhing to himself he looked out of the window and saw a car swerve around the drunkard and pull up the driveway . He squinted in the darkness and saw  the two front doors open and people get ; a door at the back opened and  a small figure emerged from within the car. He smiled to himself as he saw them walk towards the hospital. In a matter of few minutes the elevator in front of him   opened its doors with a ping to reveal the people inside. A tall man with red hair stood with a little blond girl in his arms and to his right stood his wife , a little boy of about six stood beside her clutching her hand and looking bleary eyed.

“hugo!” said the woman as she rushed towards him , the little boy trotting in her wake.

“Hey mum!” he said as he hugged her back. The little boy removed his hand from the woman’s hand and moved towards hugo holding his arms out

Hugo chuckled as he bent down to pick up the little boy “ Blimey ! you’ve grown up so much little man”he said tickling  him lightly. The boy giggled and said” yes! Im going to school now” in his little squeaky voice.

“Yes he has and he is looking a lot like his dad too” said the older man in a disapproving tone although with a hint of amusement

“ oh come on Ron!” said the woman frowning at her husband.

“ He does look a lot like Scorpius now that you mention it” said Hugo as he smiled at the boy

“Although with red hair ! “ laughed Ron with  satisfaction “ How is she doing ?” he added on a serious note

“I dunno! It’ s been hours since they took her in . All I know is that there are some complications  hey have to operate her” he gulped

“Relax Hugh…it’s normal ..and believe me this is less painful” his mother reassured him .

“ Yeah …  I hope” he said not entirely convinced

“shall I get some tea for you? Did you eat anything?” Ron asked him 

“oh.. no… Im good thanks dad!” he said and went back to staring at the door

“Alright !well Im getting some for myself..want some Hermione?” he added looking at hi wife

She shook her head and said “ No You go ahead..give Lyra to me..I don’t want her to wake up”

“Daada can I come with you?”  said the little boy twisting in Hugo’s arms.

“yes you can Julien  ! but keep your voice down ! your sister’s sleeping” said Ron quietly

Julien nodded as Hugo put him back on the ground. Ron lowerd the sleeping child in his arms onto hermionies lap as she sat down on the chair and taking juliens hand walked off to get some tea. Hugo looked down at the little girl and smiled as she opened her little mouth and yawned

“We called Rose just before we left the house! She and scorpius are at his cousin’s wedding  party..They said that they were leaving immediately ..They must be on their way” she told him

“oh! I was wondering what the kids were doing with you folks!...Rose didn’t want them to stay up late huh?” Hugo said grinning

“yeah! She smiled ” My god I can’t believe that all you kids are all grown up …” she added as she ran her hands through Hugo’s hair fondly

Ron came back with a steaming cup of tea in his hands and another cup , supposedly for Julian.

“what did I miss?” said Ron caually as he helped Julian up a chair and handed him his drink

“Nothing much ..Mum is just reminiscing the good old days” said hugo grinning

“What’s that you’re drinking sweetheart?”she asked Julian”

“chokoletmilk” he replied giving his grandmother a grin, his upper lip covered with the froth from the chocolate milk

“Ah!Those days eh..they’re long gone..!when you and Rose were as small as little Julian here..blimey  those days have really gone!” Ron said a distant look in his eyes

Hugo’s mind drifted back to his younger days. Him playing  in the garden of their house with Lily and Dominique and some of his other cousins  . He remembered when his first ride on a broom with his father. He smiled at the meory because his father then looked completely different from the man standing in front of him.  Ron Weasley was now a middle – aged man he had a beard and  a receding hairline now and wore glasses like his Uncle Harry . He remembered his frst train ride to Hogwarts, first quidditch match against the ravenclaws which they had sadly lost , first broom injury which contributed to his first visit to the hospital wing. Those days seemed ages ago although he could remember each of those memories clearly as though somebody was playing a movie inside his head.

“ Mr.weasley?” said a voice, snapping Hugo out of his reverie

All the weasleys turned to look at a woman come out of the room which Hugo had been eying nervously the whole night

“yes “ he croaked and his mother squeezed his hand .

“ Your wife is absolutely fine. She’s sleeping right now but you can come  in and see her and your twin baby boys”she said smiling” congratulations” she added and waited at the door , holding it open

Ron clapped his son on the shouolder and hugged him and Hermione stood on her toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek  and  said in a teary voice ”good luck baby boy”

Hugo walked towards the door , past the doctor in a trance. He saw that his wife was asleep in a bed by the window . he stood beside her and took her hand . It was warm and soft. He raised it to his lips and kissed them softly  and  looked at her peaceful face that he loved with all his heart. His parents watched him proudly from the other corner of the room.

“Mr.weasley..would you like to meet your sons?” asked the  doctor as Hugo nodded and gently placing her hand on her stomach,he followed after her into a narrow passage which lead into another room.there were two cradles placed side by side . A nurse was hovering over one of the cradles and she emeged with what looked like a bundle of tightly wrapped clothes in her arms. She walked over to Hugo and smiling she handed him the bundle. He accepted the bundle awkwardly, unsure of how to hold. But the nurse helped him out and after he did hold the baby properly , he looked inside the bundles to see  a pink little face peeking out . Hugo had never seen anything so small in his life .He felt as though he were holding something  very light and yet something highly fragile. He raked his eyes over his son. His eyes were still closed and his tiny pink lips were pursed in a very Rose Weasley fashion and he laughed at this.

“Oh ! He’s Precious” whispered Hermione from behind Hugo’s shoulder ; holding Lyra

“He truly is …blimey look at that expression! Doesn’t that remind you of Rose?” said Ron  who had just peeked into the bundle

“nana I want to seeee” whined Julian from somewhere below

“oh sorry sweety..Ron!” chided Hermione

“sorry mate..come on” said Ron as he picked up Julian to let him have a look at the baby.

“The baby is so little!” Julian exclaimed as though it was a wonder.”Is the baby a boy?” he added to his grandfather

“Yes he is….And he has a twin too” Ron replied

“I like him..”Julian declared and added”whats a twin grampa?”

“A twin is a brother or a sister who is born on the same date as you were” replied Hugo” Do you want to see his twin?”

“wow!yeah!” he said earnestly.

They moved towards the other cradle and looked into it to see a baby just like the one in Hugo’s arms, only difference being the baby in the cradle had his eyes wide opened. His tiny pink lips were stretched in a wide smile revealing a little pink tongue poking out of it. His eyes were  a lovely mahogany shade and were huge. He waved his tiny fists at them

“Hello there my pet” cooed Hermione brushing a finger gently over his tiny fist.

Hugo couldn’t take his eyes of both of his sons . It was like they had come from nowhere and captured his heart. He had never felt anything like this before. It was a strong , fierce pride mixed with anxiety and tender love. He gently lowered his son into his crib and stared at both of them. They were identical twins alright! They both looked like clones.

“Mr.weasley . Im afraid you’ll get to see your wife only tomorrow .she is under heavy sedatives”said the doctor standing beside the door. “so I suggest you get some rest” she added smiling at him.

“Thankyou..Hea..I mean” stammered Hugo

“grace. Grace daniels” she said smiling and added.” No problem .please remember that you ‘ll have to pick up their birth certificates from the reception office .”

“yes! Of course.thank you” said Hugo

“thankyou doctor” said Hermione  and shook hands with the doctor.

“ no problem at all” with that the doctor left the room , leaving the weasleys and the 2 malfoys alone.

“what a night!” exclaimed Ron as he sank into the bed placed near the door , opposite to the bed.

“you guys need sleep…carry on..I cant handle everything! Come on now.. you look tired!”argued Hugo as both his parents protested

“Rose will be here soon and she will take back the kids..until then I’m pretty sure this bed is big enough to accommodate two children…Budge up Ron!!” replied Hermione. She lowered Lyra on to the bed gently  and covered her with a blanket she conjured. The little girl turned in her sleep and continued sleeping peacefully with her thumb in her mouth.

“Do you want to sleep too darling?” she asked Julian who ‘s eyes were half closing. He nodded drowsily and moved towards the bed and climbed under the covers and fell asleep almost at once

Hugo let his parents sit on the sides of the bed and he sat on one of the arm chairs beside the bed. They were all slowly falling asleep .Hugo was the only one wide awake. He simply could not bring himself to sleep. He wanted to be there when his wife woke up. He gazed at her face as the moonlight flitted through the windows and bathed her features in a pleasant glow. He grinned to himself  as he thought about how  they had ended up together at last. Merlin  knew he had been  a complete idiot, making a thorough fool of himself in his youner days. After all he was an international quidditch player…!!!!




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Merlin Knows!!!: Midnight ecstacy


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