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The Sides We Take; Death Eaters and Pranksters. by JamesP225
Chapter 1 : Testing on the Bird
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“I- I think…” Fred breathed, looking into the invention incredulously, “that it’s done.” But his twin, George, continued to examine it skeptically. He unscrewed the lid, and dropped a feather into the small, orange potion bottle. No reaction. It simply floated across the surface as if on water. Fred took note of this as George reluctantly tapped the liquid with his forefinger, craning his neck slightly to see the result. When his hand suddenly drew back, Fred’s eyes grew wide with fear, “Are you alright?” he asked quickly.



“Yeah, I’m fine. Just… got a bit panicky, you know?”



“Yeah.” He sighed, clearly relieved, sinking back into his chair.



“Well…” George continued still not convinced it was completely safe. “Should we start testing?” That was when a small hint of excitement arose in his voice; he knew the fun would begin. He took out his wand and dragged the nearest goblet towards him before clearing his throat and saying the incantation, Fera Verto.



                Fred watched as the glass transformed smoothly back into the bright bird they had created the day before. George had always had a knack for transfiguration, and so he would turn a rock into a bird, and the bird into a goblet in just seconds for their later use. When the bird saw the boys, it flapped its wings and clicked his beak in alarm, obviously bemused. As the bird began to calm down, still showing some dislike towards them, Fred pulled open the top drawer of his desk and picked out one of the remaining few un-melted droppers inside; their last invention was meant to repel any household pests, like doxies, before they could bite or bother you, but all it managed to do was melt their supplies and a hole in George’s shirt. Lowering it into the bottle, he extracted a small amount of their creation, and carefully applied it to the still confused bird’s back, biting his lip in anticipation.



                The bird shivered at the potion’s touch, and its eyes dilated just enough to be noticeable. George stared expectantly, “Do you think it worked?” he prodded the bird’s side, only to receive a glare from its yellow eyes. Looking disappointed, he groaned out of annoyance. “Bloody bird…” He muttered, his eyes flashing back to its no longer useful head, “Can’t even take a potion properly, the stupid thing.” However, when the stupid thing turned, its eyes froze on Fred. Admiringly, it cocked its head and hopped over to him, scanning him, as though captivated by his presence. George sat up with disbelief in his eyes as the bird flew onto the shoulder of his new friend.



                Fred’s face was filled with amazement. “We did it… We actually did it!” he laughed. Looking at each other, they simultaneously grinned and said, “Brilliant”.






                The following morning, Fred pushed himself up from bed, and exhaustedly looked over at the alarm clock on his night stand. His half-closed eyelids snapped open when he saw the time. He grabbed a pillow from his mattress and chucked it at George’s head, so that he emitted an agitated groan. “What?” he said barely awake, his voice muffled by the pillow he had slept on.



“Get up you lazy git, it’s almost 6:30!” Fred nearly shouted, hastily swinging his wardrobe doors open and pulling out a set of their magenta robes that he had always complained about (They had always clashed terribly with his hair). Another groan came from George.



                Neither of them had gotten very much sleep the night before; they had spent it figuring out the name and slogan for the new product. Not to mention they had to create the packaging and the display, so as you can imagine, they were up for quite some time. Snatching his wand from the bedside table, he performed a simple spell he used whenever there wasn’t any time for him to shower. ‘This has to be the most useful spell in the world,’ he thought to himself as he ran a comb through his flaming hair, ‘honestly, it’s like a shower in a can… Hey, that’s not a bad idea…’ Commending his cleverness, he shot a quick jinx at George to get him up and ran down the stairs and into his joke shop. He sighed. This was the way to live.



                Looking down he saw hundreds upon hundreds of shelves and bins overflowing with witty pranking devices, useful things of all sorts, and everything hilarious imaginable. A huge supply of fireworks had their own room in the store, and an endless supply of the popular Skiving Snackboxes piled dangerously high near the center or the room. He waved his wand and muttered the counter curse for the Freezing Charm placed on all of the merchandise, as he did every morning. Instantly, everything in the store sprang to life, and the familiar shrieks and whistles could be heard once more. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the popping, spinning, and flashing of all the things he and his brother had made together, and he walked down to the first floor to unlock the doors.



                Finally, George had come out of their room and stood next to Fred (shooting him a dark look for the manner in which Fred had woken him) to wait for the customers to come in. Fred yawned, “You know, I’ve got a brilliant idea for a new produ-“he broke off, the sound of the bell’s soft jingle announced that the first customer of the day had just walked in. Automatically, they snapped into their marketing mode and went to greet the young boy. “Good morning young man, welcome to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes!” George greeted excitedly.



“Can we help you with anything?” Fred asked, bouncing over to him.



“Erm, no, I-I think I’ll just look around thank you” He smiled, looking around the shop in utter amazement and delight.



“Enjoy!” They said together, as he walked off, not sure where to look first. That was when people started filling in, and before they knew it, the store was as full as ever. The new stand seemed to be of great interest to the shoppers, though how could it not be? It was bright orange, and flashing letters and images covered all of the display; the title was shining in various neon colours reading, ‘Notice Me.’ in an elegant font. It was near the Wonder Witch products, as it did give someone the instant desire to befriend you. A girl with long brown hair stopped in front of the stand, eyes filled with wonder. George stopped when he saw her. Nudging his brother in the ribs, he popped up next to her in a very friendly way and began;



 "Got that special someone who doesn't seem to talk to you very much?"



"Give 'im a spritz!" Fred added on, this was how they did business.



"Guaranteed he'll see you differently!"



"From bored to adored, you're now friends for life!"



"Now, you have a shot at him!" The girl laughed at their salesman routine, gave a small nod of thanks and carried the bottle off with her to continue her shopping. George held up his hand for a high five, and went off to convince some more customers of the greatness of their products. Busy with the customers around them, Fred didn’t notice a very pretty girl who couldn’t help looking over at him every now and then, obviously hoping to get his attention.

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