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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 7 : Chapter Six:- Overcoming Obstacles
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In the mean time, the boy who’d followed them to the first building had returned to the inner cave and was making a report to the cloned version of Albus, and was telling about everything he’d observed. About the gadgets that he’d seen and anything else.

‘Sooooo, their from the future’ replied the clone in a slow quiet drawn out voice, ‘Well, they’ll soon wish they’d never come back in time to interfere with my plans.’ Turning to the other boy’s he said,

‘Come my friends, we must prepare for any attack that might come our way from these people who wish to stop us full filling our destiny of ruling the world.’ And the clone turned away laughing an evil laugh.

Mean time, we return to Chris and the others.

‘Any ideas?’ asked Liz. No one answered her. ‘Come on people, we have to come up with a plan to immobilise the clone before he does anymore harm to the timeline. If he persists in disturbing things anymore in the past, we might find ourselves not even born. And that could be disastrous for us and the way future events unfold.’

Then Peter spoke up. ‘The way I see it is this, we don’t know exactly what abilities or powers he possesses, so we cannot really think of a way to immobilise or capture him until we have some way to hold him for an indefinite period of time. And to do that we have to have some idea of how powerful he is. Though by all accounts from what we have seen so far, it looks like he’s extremely powerful. And immobilising him is going to be extremely difficult.’ Then Angie spoke.

‘I think that the only way to find out anything will be to do an assault of some sort and see what were up against. Maybe an ambush, that sort of thing.’

‘You might have an idea there,’ said Liz. ‘He might be expecting a frontal assault. So any ideas where we can spring this ambush on him? Bearing in mind that we want to take him totally by surprise.’

‘How about the caves that he goes to’ suggested Angie? ‘There are a lot of places where we can hide ourselves and not be seen.’

‘That’s not a bad idea,’ said Liz. But that plan has one slight problem with it.’

‘What’s that?’ sounded several voices.

‘Well there are certainly more than enough spaces to hide inside the cave, but there is also the strong possibility that we could become trapped inside the cave with no way to escape if things got to hot. I know we can teleport away if we needed to, but that would be dependant on whether or not we could. Remember the failure we had in being able to use our telepathy. Goodness knows how many of our other powers are effected by whatever stopped us using telepathy. But anyway, Chris has only just joined us and doesn’t know how to teleport yet. And I’m certainly not going to leave him behind if I can help it.’

‘I never thought of that’ replied Angie in a disheartened sounding voice.

‘Never mind. It was a good idea; and it might come in handy some other time.’ Then turning back to the others Liz said

‘Any other ideas?’

Then Chris spoke up

‘What about his house? Could we stage some kind of ambush there?’

‘Maybe we could’ replied Liz, thinking.

‘Since we’re able to teleport, we can just teleport into the house. But we’ve no time just now to teach you the finer points of teleportation Chris. Will you be able to open the back door all right?’

‘No problem’ he replied.

‘Okay everyone, that seems to be the best plan for the time being, so let’s move out.’

Everyone left the derelict house and headed off down the road. But this time instead of heading for the Village Square , they headed towards the Western end of the Village, towards Albus’s home, to set up the ambush. As they were walking through parts of the Village, they received a few curious stares from some of the adults. Not many, but it was still a bit daunting to have them – even if it was only a few people – staring at you.

After a few more stare Liz said,

‘I’m beginning to wonder if the clone managed to get to more people than those boys that we saw in the caves. We do seem to be attracting more attention this time round, more than when we first headed up to the caves.’

This worried Liz, but there was no time to worry about it just now, they were approaching the house.

‘Right Everyone’ voiced Liz ‘wands out and make sure that your stunning spells are spot on, I don’t want to take any chances whilst we’re here; I want to be ready for any eventuality.’

Everyone drew their wands and with determined looks on their faces they moved towards the house.

Chris seeing the wands said, ‘What are these?’

‘There called wands’ replied Andy, ‘We use them to stun people, knock them out for a while. There are other things that we could do with them, such as kill, but it’s not in our nature to do that. No matter what, we’re unable to kill another living being, no matter who they are or what they do to us.’

‘I see’ said Chris.

‘Right everyone, I’ll teleport in and do a quick scout around,’ said Liz, ‘Just to make sure that the immediate area is clear. Wait here until I get back, and keep a look out, if anyone comes, let me know immediately.’ And with that Liz disappeared, which startled Chris a bit since this he’d never seen anybody do that sort of thing before.

After what seemed an eternity, Liz reappeared beside the others.

‘No problem’ she said, ‘the immediate area is clear. The rest of you teleport into the living room while Chris and I deal with the back door.’ When the others had disappeared Liz turned to Chris saying,

‘Well come on then, you can show me this trick you have for dealing with locked doors.’

So Chris and Liz crept around to the back door and went quietly up to the door. Chris laid his hands around the lock area, and concentrated. After a few moments, and the green blue light started to emanate from both his hands again and engulfed Chris and feeding down to where his hands were. After another few moments, a clicking noise could be heard, which was the sound of the lock disengaging.

Opening the door Liz remarked with a smile ‘Impressive. You’ll come in handy with that little trick.’

Once they were in the house, both of them made their way into the living room where they met up with the others where upon Liz said,

‘Right everyone, I want a more detailed search of the house done, I only had time for a quick look around. So Peter, you and Angie search upstairs and Andy, you search the rest of downstairs; I want you to make sure that there is no one in the house what so ever. I don’t want innocent people harmed in any way when we spring the ambush.’

So whilst the rest of the house was being searched, Liz was looking around the living area and hallway to try and establish where the best places would be to hide and wait. Whilst she was doing this, her eyes fell upon a note on the mantelpiece. It was addressed to Albus; she picked it up and unfolded it. It said your mother and I have gone to your aunt Gertrude; she’s not feeling to well. Go to your uncle Bruno’s until we get back in a couple of days. Mum and Dad.

‘Perfect’ thought Liz. ‘Now we know for definite that no one will disturb us. And we also know that the only person who’ll come through the front door will be the clone.’

Liz refolded the note and replaced it on the mantelpiece. By the time the others arrived back in the living room and reported that the house was totally empty accept for them, Liz had settled on the hiding places.

‘Right Peter and Angie get behind the sofa, Andrew you go into the hallway cupboard, there’s enough room for you to hide in there,, Chris and I will go into the kitchen. When Albus appears, let him go to the mantlepiece to read the note, and then we’ll strike, then we’ll let him have it with all stunners. We may or may not be in for a long wait, so be on your guard at all times.’

Everyone nodded their heads. And Liz turned to Chris and said ‘Chris, since you don’t have a wand yet, when the shooting starts just keep your head down.’

‘Right’ he replied

While they were waiting, Chris took this opportunity to ask some questions about T.E.C.H. and what the organization did exactly. Liz tried to explain the story as best as she could.

‘T.E.C.H. was formed about Seventy years ago when time travel was first discovered. A professor Mendleson discovered time travel in the year 2345. and once it had become common knowledge, people started to take advantage of time travel to go to the past in order to plunder some of the pasts riches. So professor Mendleson set up an organization in order to combat these thefts, he called the organization T.E.C.H., which stands for Time Enforcement Commission for Hogwarts. The idea was to keep an eye on the time lanes and look out for even the smallest discrepancy that looked out of place. Once any discrepancies were discovered a T.E.C.H. team were deployed immediately to stop the thieves.

In the beginning T.E.C.H. didn’t bother too much about preparation work – like what we did before we came on our missions –, because it was at the time because it was a simple case of in and out before anyone noticed that there was anything wrong or even going on. But as the technology became more sophisticated has time travel progressed; they had to start doing prep work – because sometimes the teams that were sent back had to spend several day’s or so in the era that they were sent back to –, so that the teams that were sent back were better prepared for what was in store for them. And since they had to spend several day’s in that era the teams also had to be able to pass themselves off more easily has people from that era, just like what were having to do at this moment.

Then some of the crooks that went back in time started to use children in some of the thefts, because it was found that children were able to adapt to the new surroundings very easily. So T.E.C.H. started to recruit children to work along side the adult T.E.C.H. personnel since they could not arouse suspicion and were able to round up the children that were sent back. It was difficult at first because the children could pass themselves off as children of that era quite easily and spotting them became a pain in the neck. The thieves were dressing them up in the period clothes of the time. Then about twenty years ago T.E.C.H. discovered several children with certain powers. Powers that enabled them to sense other people who didn’t belong in the same time period that they were in. so they recruited these children, and started to send them back in time – children were used because they could pass themselves off without attracting to much attention –. It was an immediate success; all the children were rounded up and sent to detention centres. Then when the rounding up of the children started to dry up, the T.E.C.H. children were used to work along side their adult counterparts, until more recently when the cloned version of Albus Dumbledore appeared on the scene and the rest you know.


Well that’s chapter six. Please tell me what your thoughts are in the little box below. Thank you for continuing to read.

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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair.: Chapter Six:- Overcoming Obstacles


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