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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 1 : SXRXRR
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A/N: Thanks for checking out my story. This was an idea I got while in mist of writing my other Dracmione "It was supposed to be..."    I know some parts of it will sound corney, but there is a method to my madness. Things just keep popping up in my head to add to this story, so it just keeps getting better. If you have any thoughts please R&R. It really makes my day to read your thoughts on my story. Bumble Bee safe and enjoy!






         Narcissa had aided Harry Potter in order to be able to get into the castle to save her son, and now she, Draco, and Lucius looked at a new world dawning before them, a new world where they might not fit in (DH36).

           Draco Malfoy walked away from Hogwarts with his parents that day the war ended a changed man. He felt nothing, but conflict.  Had the war changed Draco for the better or worst, he didn’t know just yet. His entire life was going to be different from this point on. He now had chance to be something different from what had always been expected from him. The war had taken everything from him, all of his thoughts and beliefs could be changed for the first time. He knew deep down that what his parents had been teaching him was wrong, but it was the only way he knew how to be. At the time he believed that he didn’t have a choice, it wasn’t until Harry gave him the choice, it finally hit him that he could choose what side he wanted to be on. He knew he couldn’t let his parents down, even though he wanted to cross the battlefield and stand with Harry, he turned with them instead and walked out of Hogwarts his head held high.

His parents walked a head of him and without a word to them, he aparated away..from his parents and the wizarding world. No one saw or heard of Draco Malfoy from that moment on. He just disappeared into thin air…..


             The day turned out pretty well Hermione thought to herself as she drove home from a birthday dinner. She had gone out with Harry, Ginny, Ron, and her cousin Lisa to a nice dinner at some posh restaurant that Ginny had heard about. The dinner went well, even good; red wine and great food. It was her kind of night, but it was something that happened as her and Lisa was walking back to their car that would change Hermione forever.

           The cold air felt good on their wine induced reddend cheeks, both girls were slightly giddy from dinner when music wofted through the air and hit their ears. The girls looked to each other, laughed, and followed the music. The music had soul and passion, it felt like the melody was pulling them towards a random dive bar. A burly bald man stood in front of the double café’ doors, Hermione thought how funny the man looked in his leather vest and sunglasses at night. She had to stifle a laugh.

The man grumbled monotonely something like,
“Guest only” and stuck his hand out.

               The girls snuck a peek inside as a man came out. Hermione saw a man wearing dark but well-worn baggy jeans and a black t-shirt playing guitar, sitting on a stool, under one lone spotlight. She couldn’t see his face, but she could see his tattoo on his arm. It was some kind tribal design on his left forearm that went from wrist to elbow. The doors shut before she could see anything else, but the song left an imprint on her memory that would last a life time. 
             Hermione continued to hum the tune she heard from the mystery singer all night. She hummed it as she walked back to her car, after she dropped her cousin off, and until her head hit the pillow.

The only time she stopped ,was she looked in the mirror, and said to herself,
“Happy 21st Birthday, Hermione!”

She was fast asleep before she knew it, dreaming about sand dunes and faceless lovers.

         Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were more annoyed with their son’s disappearance then anything else. They knew he wasn’t dead, because he was still using the Malfoy’s accounts regularly. What made them the most upset was that never saw him. They could understand why he left. It was hard enough for them to rejoin the wizarding world marked as traitors, but they understood their sin’s and were ready to pay for them. All they wanted to do was start again and they were happy that Draco had the guts to do just that. He did what they couldn’t, start a new life without any stigma’s attached.

          Life wasn’t an easy transition for Draco Malfoy was on his own for the first time in the real world, the really real world, the muggle world where he would have very few comforts of home. He had to take care of himself, no house elves, no mother. Draco mentally punched himself for not thinking his decision through before acting on it. He was fine with the decision. It was the living situation that was his problem. It was all up to him to do his laundry and get himself food. Never in his life had he have to think about such mundane things, he thought to himself as he walked down the streets of London.

                       Draco couldn't help, but to noticed how the buildings went from warehouses to apartment building's right into shops. Not long into the heart of the city Draco saw the shops change from random grocery stores and such, to trendy stores, clubs, and restaurants. Hunger pangs hit his stomach as he passed by a friendly looking pub. Draco slid in the lightly crowed pub into a green booth. He thanked merlin that he was wearing a suit and not  robes.

          A young brunette waitress hurried up to him with a smile on her face. “You want anything from the kitchen, before the band starts?” She pointed with her thumb over her shoulder to the opposite corner of the pub where three guys were setting up a drum kit and microphones.

Draco leaned back from looking around the waitress “Yeah, please. What’s good here?”
“Everything, but can’t go wrong with a burger?”

Draco thought to himself.
Burger? What’s a burger? “Yeah, that’ll be fine” 

            It wasn’t long, before the band started up and Draco lost himself. Another first for him, the music took everything away. For those few hours Draco sat there in awe, watching the three men that stood in front of him fully engrossed in what they were doing, not a care in the world. Each beat, each riff, each melody took Draco’s breath away, and took him somewhere else, somewhere the guilt, the blame and the shame that had been a part of him for so long couldn’t touch him. All of the uneasiness of being in his own skin was gone for those few measures of music.

         The music took him to a place where he wasn’t Draco Malfoy pureblood elites prick, it took him to a place he was Draco fucking Malfoy, but Draco had to stop himself there at that thought. Because he had to think who was Draco Malfoy?

Where did he want to go? What did he want to be, because that was everything he never wanted to be? That Draco Malfoy died in the war. That Draco Malfoy died when he saw one of his best friend die before his eyes in that fire. That Draco died when Harry killed the dark lord and he now had a chance at a life of freedom.

When the music stopped it brought Draco out of his head and all the pain came rushing back. He knew from that moment on, he was going to devote his life to music, because he had never felt that good, before as in the last two hours had.

           Draco found a hotel and the next morning went out and bought himself a guitar. Even he knew it was cheesy for him to pick the guitar out of all the other musical instruments in the world, but it was just something that spoke to him. To let his soul come though the strings was something that he couldn’t deny. He stayed in the his room for the next two week playing with his guitar. Even went so far to buy a book on how to do it. It wasn’t long before he was playing cords and reading notes.

         With a slight sense of complement he venture outside to looked for an apartment, if music was going to be his life’s work than he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It took him three days to find something suitable for Draco’s life style, a bit grand, and somewhere he could play his guitar without bothering anyone. He found his new home on top on a garage. The whole second floor was his, somewhere he could be as loud as he wanted. Somewhere he could magic’ the space to give him what he needed, but most importantly is was far away from his old life and the old Draco Malfoy.


                    A little red fiat careens through the streets of London music blasting, windows wide open. A young and fair redhead is behind the wheel singing her lungs out. She switched lanes without using any turn singles, whilst making everyone she past pretty upset. She could only return their rude gestures with her brilliant smile and a wave with her petite well-manicured hand. Another girl was waiting in front of a three story brownstone in the heart of London arms crossed and tapping her right foot. The bright and somewhat bushy haired girl tapped her foot and looked to her watch in anticipation as she looked down the street. She let out a disgruntle huff and threw up her hands. She was about to turn and go inside to wait, but she could hear the booming of music coming from down the street. A tiny but loud red dot was coming towards her. The bushy haired girl tried to flatten her hair in vain as the red fiat pulled in from of her.

“Late, per usual.” The bushy haired girl said as she got into the car.

The redhead turned down the music to what she thought was a decent level

                                          “Calm down Hermione. I’m four minutes late, and I hardly call that late.” she raised a polished eyebrow to her best friend, before turning around, turning up the music again, and starting off to Hermione’s birthday dinner.

                           A little devilish smirked played across Ginny’s lips as she drove toward what Hermione thought was just a quiet dinner with friends. Hermione had gotten her way last year, but this year Ginny took the reins and “planned” the night. Ginny had rented out a pub in Camden town and hire a band to play. She invited almost everyone she knew and even had poster put up. To ease Hermione’s furry even wrote on the posters that any proceeds would got to S.P.E.W.

               Hermione was holding on to the seats of the car trying to do her best to control herself from throwing herself over the parking brake to slow Ginny down. Ginny was in her own world as she drove fast through London.

           Ginny squealed as she took a sharp right causing Hermione to almost bump her head on the window. “I love this song!” she exclaimed bobbing her head and tapping her hands on the steering wheel.

             Hermione was about to throw a dirty look to her best friend when the notes hit her head and her belly. Her stomach actually dropped as the beats filled her ears. It was the song she heard that night outside the un-named pub. The song the haunted her dreams, the one that she would find herself humming, even when she didn’t know that she had started to hum. Hermione felt herself turn white as the breath left her body.

“Ginny, who’s this?” Hermione asked in a gasp
Ginny saw the shock on Hermione’s face and wasn’t sure why was it there, so she just shrugged her shoulders

“Don’t know, but it’s been on the radio loads lately.”

        Hermione was in a daze when Ginny pulled up to a wooden and many paned windowed pub. Ginny got out of her car trying to stifle her laughs. Hermione knew something was up, but almost didn’t care she was losted in the song she thought she would never hear again.

                         This time it was more polished, but it was still filled with the same feeling and passion. Hermione felt the corners of her mouth curved upwards as her smile and warmth in her belly grew. She followed Ginny into the pub without knowing she had. It wasn’t until a loud "SURPRISE!", was heard, that she realized they weren’t in a restaurant, but in a dank pub.


Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville and a few others including her cousin Lisa were all there waiting for her when Hermione walked in. A large table with a red and white checkered clothe was set up with an array of food next to the bar whilst a band set up on a nearby stage.

“Ginny you’re bitch, but that’s why I love you.” Hermione hugged her best friend, then turned to her oldest friends

“You two..." Hermione stepped to them poking her finger in thier chests. "Is this why you two have been being weird around me?”
The two young men looked to their feet “It was her idea.” Ron even went as far to point with his forefinger at Ginny.

Ginny over heard this shrugged her shoulders and threw her boyfriend and brother a look of death, but smiled regardless.

“Anyway, Happy Birthday Hermione!”

Hermione gave them two hugs before walking over to Ginny who was now filling up a plate in front of the long table filled with food.

“This is too much, Gin. You really didn’t have to go through this much trouble.”

Ginny smiled her famous smile before putting down her plate, turing to her best friend, and putting her hands on her shoulders.

“I’m going to say this only once. It was no trouble and you deserve it. Tonight is a night for fun and we all know you need to let your self go for once. Just have fun tonight. I booked a band, dance, and have fun.” She went to turn around back to her forgotten plate, but turned again “You never know tonight might be your lucky night with my brother.” She gave a sly smile and walked away to sit with Harry to eat.

Hermione discretely looked over at where Ron standing.

He was talking with Dean Thomas at the bar fire whiskey in his hand. Hermione thought to herself

Fuck it. I always do what I’m supposed to do. Why not try to have some fun for once. 

            Hermione walked up to where Ron was standing, grabbed the drink from out of his hand, smiled at him, before downing it in one. At first she thought the burning hot liquid would straight back up and out her nose, but in a few seconds she felt the nice tingles warms her from the inside out. She left Ron and Dean with their jaws gaping and took a seat next to Harry. Both Harry and Ginny smiled at her as they continued their conversation on what to drink next.

       The night went better than Hermione could ever have imaged. The band was amazing and she was just drunk enough to let loose and have fun without being sloppy. Hermione hung in between Ron and Harry as they stood in front of the band watching and rocking out to the beat. Hermione was grooving in her spot as a wave of alcohol hit her. The music was getting to her and she had to get out of there for a minute and get some fresh air. Hermione was hoping that Ron would come out with her so they could have a moment alone together but he stay glued to his best friend’s side.

           Hermione made it outside without stumbling. She had to grab on the the door frame of the bar as she step outside and right into someone. The someone caught her ever so slightly. Hermione laughed,

“Sorry about that didn’t see you there.”

A dark haired man flicked a cigarette, excused himself from his company and left another man alone with Hermione.

The other man took a step into the shadows took out a cigarette packet from his jeans pocket, then a silver zipper, he light it all the while Hermione stood and watched him.

“Guess, you didn’t” he said with a laugh.

       Hermione was trandfixed by the way the orange light trailed to his face and how his lips wrapped around the end of the cigarette with only the slightlest bit actually touching it, and how the orange light lit up his face only highlighting his features. She never saw anyone looking sexy smoking a cigarette before. She had always thought it as a disgusting habit. But, now watching the way his forefinger wrapped around the cigarette and it seemed to be in slow motion as the cigarette caressed just the corners of his mouth.

His voice broke her from her thoughts,
“Umm, you alright?” he asked

Hermione shook her head. “Just maybe a little to much to drink, too fast.” The colors meshed before her eyes as the world began to spin. She grabbed for the wall and before she knew it she felt warm arms around her and she was sitting on the curb in front of the pub

“You sure you’re ok.” Asked the man again in a soft and cool drawl
Hermione shook her head yes.

“You know it’s my birthday.” She said still looking at the pavement in front of her.

“Yea, I know” said the man.

              Hermione tried to look at the man who was now sitting with her on the curb, but just saw a blur of colors.

“Does that mean that you know me?” She asked in a small voice, swallowing the sick in her mouth

“Yea, I know you Granger. You just don’t know me.” he said not hinding the fact he was laughig this time.

             Hermione leaned against the man sitting next to her. She still didn’t know who it was, but found comfort in the fact the he knew her. For some reason she felt safe with this person, she felt not an ounce threat, she just felt that this was the place she was supposed to be at the moment.

“How is that possible? How can you know me, but I don’t know you?”

The man stared at her not knowing what to say, but he knew she was drunk, and probably wouldn’t remember this even happend.

“Well, you knew the old me. Who I once was. ” He said shifting under the weight of her body.

Hermione heard him, but let his words float through her, around her. Something about his scent was intoxicating to her; a smell of a hint of smoke, lavender, and expensive cologne.

“Can I tell you something?” She felt him nod yes to her without looking up at him. She didn’t know why she was telling him this, all she knew she had to tell someone, and who better than the someone she was with. She didn’t know, it just felt right,...

“So, my last birthday I was walking to my car with my cousin when I heard this song coming from this radom pub. The song was so moving, it pulled us to where it was coming from. It was a private event so we didn’t get to stay for the whole thing. But…”

            Hermione lifted up herself from the curb and tried to twirl in a circle to the music in her head. “It was by far the best thing I have ever heard. It’s never left me since.” Hermione stumbled on her own feet slightly, but caught herself. She stopped dead in her tracks and locked eyes with the man still sitting on the curb.

“You know what, I heard it again tonight. I thought I would never hear it again. Then pouf there it is on the radio.”

      It was then, as the man flicked his cigarette by her she could see him clearly. He was a blonde guy with shaggy chin lenght bangs in front of his stunning blue glittering eyes. He licked his pink lips as he laughed a little and locked eyes with her, which made her stomach turn flips. She tried to steady her breath and her now pounding heart.

“So, you said you know me?” Doing her best to put on a firty act she said as his eyes bored into her. It was as if she could feel them inside of her.

The world went black for Hermione just then. Her night ended right there as she fell into the arms of the man she was talking to.

               Ron and Ginny came out to check on Hermione at the moment the man caught her for the second time that night.

          Ron’s eyes almost popped out of his head as sight, before his eyes connected to his brain.  “Malfoy, what did you do to her?”

      Draco looked down at Hermione past out in his arms “She passed out and I caught her. What would you have me do? Let her hit her head on the ground or something.”

     Ron possessively took Hermione from Draco’s arms and turned to his sister. “Did you know he was coming?”

Ginny looked to Draco and smiled “Yeah, Ron he called to ask if it was cool for him to tag along with his friends band.”

“A fucking warning would have been nice?” Ron spat

The blood rushed to Ginny’s face “A warning for what?”

            Ron look at his sister with a look of not knowing who is sister was “But it’s Draco Malfoy, who knows what he's up to. No one had seen him in years, now he pops out of the blue here at Hermione’s birthday party, and you don’t think that weird”

Ginny put her hands on her hips and squared her shoulder at her brother “That is exactly why I said he could come. First, he asked of it would be alright if he came, the old Malfoy would of just came and not cared if her ruined anyone’s time. Plus, do you know how hard it must have been for him to ask and face everyone from his past in one shot”

Draco was surprise that Weaselette would stick up for him, but he was glad that she did.

Ginny walked up Draco “Nice to see you. You should of said Hi instead of hiding in the shadows all night. Glad you came. How are things?”

Draco wasn’t up to twenty questions right now and did his best to not be rude
“Heya, Gin how’s it going?”

“Been ok, good to see you, Malfoy.”

Their conversation was short and painless. Draco bid them goodbye, before turning on his heels and leaving a passed out Hermione laying in Ron’s arms, and a smiling Weaselette.


A/N: If you have read this, thank you Hope you liked it. This is jusr a start it gets much better from here. Please R&R it gives me the will to write more and faster. Much thanks,

@-^--   ~S
A/N/N: All simular character and places belong to J.K. Thank's  to you for those inspire me. I am posting in the mist of writing my first fan fic. I thank any1 who read's this. It still boogles my mind any1 would read anything I write. Thanks again, and if any1 likes my writing style check out my other stories. Again, much thanks. Bumble Bee safe,



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