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A Charmed Hogwarts by CharmedOne
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten
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“AGGGH!!!!!” Piper shrieked into the early morning of Halliwell Manor. She soon heard many footsteps rush up to the attic stairs, Phoebe was the first to come in,
“What is it? Oh…my…God,” Prue rushed up behind her with a sleepy looking Paige at her heels. Prue and Paige gasped, Prue rushed to the podium,
“Where’s the Book Of Shadows? How did a demon get The Book Of Shadows?!” They all remained silent. Paige took a deep breath,
“It’s okay, we’ll fix this,” her three older sisters dodged a glance at her, not sure whether to believe her or not. Paige sighed again,
“Oh, come on! It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, you know, maybe one of the kids borrowed it”
“Yeah, and what happened the LAST time someone ‘borrowed’ it?” Piper asked sarcastically. Paige gulped, the memory was coming fast to her now. Herself, only after a couple of weeks of learning she was a witch, not understanding the importance of The Book had ‘borrowed’ it. That is ‘borrowed’ it, without permission. She had learnt that The Book is never supposed to leave the house… had they told the kids that? She couldn’t remember, she didn’t know. Phoebe turned towards the window and gasped,
“Oh no? Oh no what?!?” Piper asked, Phoebe pointed towards the wide-open attic window. The four Charmed Ones gasped and ran to it, they glanced down, The Book Of Shadows wasn’t there. Before they could panic any further, they heard the voice of Leo call downstairs.
“Hey Piper! Where are the kids?” Piper turned and called out in reply,
“Aren’t they with you?”
“NO!” Leo called back. The Charmed Ones looked at each other,
“They suddenly ‘disappear’” Prue stated,
“And The Book Of Shadows, mysteriously disappears at the same time?” Paige asked.
“Coincidence?” Phoebe and Piper asked in union.
“Not likely!” Prue and Paige said at the same time. Piper shook her head silently,
“Those… sneaky, little, bastards.”

Harry, Ron and Ginny had walked for fifteen minutes, they stopped dead in their tracks in the middle of a street. Ginny sighed,
“Now what?” they shrugged. Ron sighed,
“Anyone got any money?” Harry shook his head. They had just grabbed a few things and had gotten out of there. He hadn’t thought about things like where they were going to stay, when they would get food, it hadn’t occurred to him, he just wanted to get away from Halliwell Manor.
“Well… Ginny, could you maybe orb some money to us?” Harry asked, but Ginny shook her head.
“But I need to know where the object actually is before I orb it to me, and wizard money isn’t going to be helpful here.” Harry sighed, getting ever so closely to admitting defeat. He shook his head furiously, no; he wasn’t going to give up. Ginny moved to a bus shelter and sat on the graffiti covered bench, Harry and Ron followed suit. Ginny opened The Book Of Shadows onto her lap,
“Maybe something in here can help us.” She flicked through a few pages, stopping to read a few lines every now and then without anything significant showing. But she stopped before she turned the next page, Harry frowned,
“What is it?” Ginny shivered and shook her head,
“Oh… Nothing, I’m fine,” Harry leant over to see what she was reading, the spell was – ‘A Spell to Go Back into Your Past Life.’ Ginny shrugged,
“I don’t know why I stopped. I just… stopped.” She continued to flip the pages, reading certain phrases aloud,
“Hey, listen to this, power’s must not be used for personal gain, the result is sure to backfire,”
“We might want to keep that in mind then, huh?” Ron commented with a small smile, Harry nodded solemnly; The Charmed Ones had ‘conveniently’ forgotten to mention that. Had they wanted them to use their powers for personal gain? So they would backfire? The vision of Phoebe throwing fire balls from her hand, the image of Paige startling a woman, Prue and Piper wrapping a rope around Phoebe’s neck… He shivered, then spoke out loud before he even realised it,
“This has been a long twenty-four hours,” Ginny snorted slightly,
“Tell me about it. And this book doesn’t seem to be helping,” she closed the cover, leaning her head against the shelter back. She stifled a yawn,
“I’m so tired. We’re are we going to sleep?” Ron and Harry shrugged, Ginny continued, “Harry, you never told us about your premonition.
What was it about?” Harry sighed,
“They were all evil. Phoebe, Prue, Piper… This was a trap from the beginning…”
“Your premonition told you that?” Ginny inquired, Harry shook his head,
“No, but it’s not hard to put two and two together!” he said harshly but Ginny ignored his tone of voice. She shrugged,
“Yeah… Are you sure?” Harry breathed deeply,
“If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have dragged us out in the middle of the night!” Ginny held up her hands in mock surrender,
“Merlin, Harry! Why don’t you sue me?” Harry sighed softly, he turned to Ginny,
“I’m sorry… It’s just been hard,”
“I know that Harry, but don’t you think we find it difficult too?” Ginny pressed, there was a long moment of silence between them. Ron, who had been surprisingly silent since the trip had began, said something that was completely off topic,
“I wonder where Hermione is.” Harry’s heart jumped to his throat, he didn’t like thinking about it, his premonition hadn’t shown him much. Speaking of which, he began to feel blindly around the shelter, ignoring Ron and Ginny’s curious stares.
“Ah…Harry, what are you doing?” Ron asked curiously.
“I’m trying to get a premonition,” Harry continued to feel around benches, Ginny’s arms, Ron’s hair, even his own glasses, and still nothing. He felt a beam of light shine down on his head and turned to find the beam of light was coming from the sky. The sun was coming up, Ginny squeezed her eyes shut in protest against the suns harsh rays, but it was a clear sign they needed to find a place to hide, somewhere to stay. The Halliwell’s would be able to spot them easily in daylight. Ron helped his sister to her feet,
“Come on Ginny, let’s go.” Ginny groaned slightly as she rose to her feet and let her brother half carry her. They took a quick walk through the park, and rested under an oak tree. Ron sighed and began to glance at his surroundings, his eyes rested at a teenaged girl staring at the duck pond. Adorned in a leather jacket and hipster jeans, blond hair slightly curled. Hang on a minute… he knew that girl, he stood up,
“Poppy! Poppy!” the blond girl turned, startled at first, but smiled warmly. She ran to Ron,
“Hi. What are you doing here?” Ron stopped in his tracks… what was he supposed to say, ‘…oh…you know, fleeing from people who are trying to kill us, it happens…’ he almost snorted at the thought but didn’t want to look like an idiot, so he lied quickly.
“Oh… well, er… I’m an early bird,” Poppy laughed,
“Same here…Who are your friends?” Ron immediately felt bad for not introducing them, but he had a lot on his mind, so he didn’t beat himself about it too much.
“Oh! Sorry… Ah… This is my sister, Ginny and my best friend Harry, Harry, Ginny, this is Poppy.” Poppy extended her hand to Harry, then let her eyes rest on Ginny.
“Hey, cool book. I love old tomes, they’re so… I don’t know… Give that air of ‘magic’ don’t you think?” Ron jumped, he wasn’t really expecting that. Ginny shrugged,
“I guess so,” but she held the book tighter to her, she had a feeling non-magical people shouldn’t touch it, let alone read it. Poppy seemed to think she was being a bit rude by not offering her to look at it, but seemed to let it pass.
“I hear you’re staying at The Halliwell’s place… Don’t get me wrong, but I hear ‘strange things’ happen there,” Harry snorted,
“You’re telling me,” he murmured to himself. Ron laughed with a slightly nervous air,
“He…He… Really? What do you know?” he stumbled as his words ran together, Poppy just smiled.
“Hey, do you want to come to my place? You guys look like you’ve been up all night…” Ginny and Harry turned to each other, doing a silent communication, Ginny shrugged, Harry couldn’t help but agree. He nodded silently, Poppy smiled,
“Great! I’ll make… Pancakes! Actually, no, you don’t want me to cook. But, we have microwaveable pancakes, they taste just as good as the home made ones.” Ron cocked his eyebrow at Harry, Harry shook his head slightly, in a way that seemed to say ‘don’t ask.’

“My God, you guys, there’s a spell for everything in here. I swear, this book is giving The Book Of Shadows, a run for its money,” Phoebe murmured as she flipped through the Year 1, ‘Standard Book of Spells’ amazed at the level of personal gain that these ‘wizards and witches’ were using! There were spells to wash dishes, clean the dog, make instant coffee, make your voice ten times louder,
“Wash…the cat?” Phoebe narrowed her eyes in slight confusion but moved on, but was interrupted by Paige,
“Hey, Sabrina, where’s Salem?” she teased, Phoebe playfully punched her arm, Paige sat thoughtfully on the couch beside her, hands held together, stiff as a statue, but rocking slightly anxious. Phoebe glanced up at Paige’s ‘should I say something… Should I not?’ expression, danced a glanced back at the spell book, then closed it and turned to her sister, legs crossed on the couch.
“Okay… What’s the matter with you?” Paige jumped,
“Me? Nothings wrong with me, I mean, I’m fine, I’m good! Really!” Phoebe gave her a doubtful look,
“Paige, come on tell me. We’re sisters, you can talk to me,” Paige muttered something incoherent, Phoebe lent forward, trying not to invade her personal space (a tip she had learnt from her psychology course).
“What?” Paige took a deep breath, staring at her cuticles,
“Half sisters Phoebe. Half sisters,” Phoebe jumped back, she always assumed it didn’t matter if they were full or half sisters, they were sisters and that’s what mattered. Phoebe sighed thoughtfully,
“Is this because of…Prue!” her voice trailed off to greet her sister. Prue was carrying down the cordless phone with a confused look on her face, she covered the input with her hand and murmured to Phoebe,
“Ah…Phoebes, a ‘Jason’ wants to speak with you,” Phoebe’s eyes widened,
“Um… Tell him I’m in the shower,” she whispered, Prue looked suspicious for a moment but shrugged and said back,
“I’m sorry, she’s in the shower; can I take a message?” Paige turned to Phoebe with one eyebrow cocked, Phoebe nervously avoided her gaze,
“What?” she asked innocently.
“I think you know missy,” Paige smiled cheekily. She turned to Phoebe,
“Okay… What’s going on?” Phoebe sighed,
“Oh… Just a ‘tiff’ you know how it is,” Paige prodded her with her eyes, Phoebe nodded and put her head in her hands, Paige gasped slightly,
‘Maybe this is serious…’ she thought, she placed a comforting hand on Phoebe’s shoulder,
“What’s wrong?” Phoebe sighed, it almost looked like she was trying to hold back tears,
“I ah… Well… When I went to the restaurant to meet with Jason… There was a woman with him,” Paige gasped slightly, ‘oh no…’ but she remained silent. Phoebe sighed,
“I didn’t see them talk specifically, but they were in deep conversation, and when he saw me he… Pretty much freaked,” Paige wrapped her arms around her sister,
“Oh Phoebe, that could mean ANYTHING.” Phoebe nodded,
“I know that Paige, I’m scared I’m getting worked up over nothing, but… Jason is always flying around all the time, to… Italy, and Hong Kong. It just made me think… He was… you know,” now it was Phoebe’s turn to stare at her cuticles, Paige held onto a hand,
“Okay, take a deep breath. Try to take your mind off this. As you said, there might not be anything to worry about, but at the same time, if anything IS happening, then… What an idiot!” Phoebe laughed, but Paige continued,
“No, I’m serious. I mean, look at you. You’re successful, FAMOUS for that matter. You’re gorgeous, magical and look great in skintight outfits! If you ask me, it’s HIS loss, not yours.” Phoebe nodded, giggling like a schoolgirl. She hugged her sister,
“Thanks Paige.” Paige grinned,
“No problem.” Phoebe removed herself from the couch and headed to the kitchen, Paige sighed, well… she didn’t get to say what she wanted to say, but they had gotten side tracked. Paige turned to the sound of heels entering the living room, she froze when she saw Prue. It was kind of freaking her out, here was her sister… Back from the dead! It was pretty creepy. She smiled nervously, Prue smiled nervously back. They were both picking at their cuticles, a trait they both seemed to have. Prue crossed her arms in front of her protectively, she shrugged,
“Ah… You know, when I was growing up, I always wished I looked more like my sisters, Phoebe and Piper look like sisters you know, and well… welookalikeinsomeaspectsdon’tyouthink?” she asked very fast.
“What?” Paige asked, Prue sighed, she was nervous! She couldn’t believe she was nervous,
“I’m just saying… It’s good to have a-“ ‘could she say it?’
”A…family member who I bear some resemblance to.” Did Paige notice she hadn’t said sister? Seemed so. Paige turned away and nodded quickly,
“Yeah…. Yeah…” a silence passed, Paige looked around awkwardly,
“Well! I’m going to see what Piper’s doing in the attic. Excuse me,” she brushed past Prue, feeling a slight shiver as their arms touched, she raced up the stairs. Prue sighed, was this really worth it? It wouldn’t be long before she was back in her grave, there was no point getting close to Paige, it would mean there would be one more sister, she would leave behind…

Piper stared at the empty podium where the treasured Book Of Shadows had laid. It wasn’t just a book, it was part of their family, it was part of their lives! Paige knocked slightly on the attic door, Piper turned,
“Knock Knock” Paige gently whispered. Paige walked to her sister’s side,
“Looking kind of pensive there Piper,” Piper smiled softly, she sighed.
“I could say the same to you. What’s wrong with you?” Paige shrugged, Piper cocked an eyebrow.
“You know… You’re not really that great a liar,” Paige grinned, shrugging her shoulders once more. Piper sighed again,
“I know, when we first met, we… didn’t exactly get onto the right foot,” Paige nodded, she remembered Piper’s unwillingness to accept Paige into the family at the beginning.
“But, that was at the START. Now, I consider us to be more than sisters… We’re also friends.” Paige nodded, what was she getting at? Piper sighed,
“Do you think that’s what’s happening to you and Prue?” Paige was stuck for words, she shrugged again. Piper smiled,
“I know… Punching someone in the face isn’t the best way to start a relationship,” Paige smiled and chuckled slightly,
“But… I think you should give her a chance,” Paige nodded as Piper left the attic to let her be alone with her own thoughts. Paige sighed and ran a hand through her hair, she wanted to, but didn’t want to get to know her ‘too much’ if that made sense. She just didn’t trust her… Not yet anyway…

Once Harry had helped himself to his second helping of pancakes, he was suddenly stuck with the same thoughts that were plaguing him. What were they going to do? They couldn’t just stay around Poppy’s house forever! He glanced at Ginny who hadn’t really eaten that much, she still held The Book Of Shadows against her chest, he noticed Poppy kept dodging glances at her. Her face read concern, and he couldn’t help but feel the same way. He leant near Ginny,
“Are you okay?” Ginny nodded frequently,
“Of course… I’m fine, I’m fine…” Harry didn’t really believe her, but he didn’t want to push her. Ginny quickly dodged a glance at Poppy,
“Um… excuse me, where’s the toilets?” Poppy smiled sweetly and pointed up the stairs,
“Just up the stairs, second door on your right.” Ginny nodded her thanks, she dashed up the stairs quickly, The Book Of Shadows still in her grasp, Poppy sighed. She turned to Ron,
“Is she okay?” Ron nodded,
“Yeah, she’ll be fine.” Harry glanced up the stairs, in some ways, Poppy’s house reminded him of The Halliwell house, but in serious need of a paint job. Then he realised something, Poppy couldn’t be more than sixteen, he turned to her.
“Er… Where are your parents?” Poppy sighed,
“They’re at work. It’s usually just me and my rat in the house,”
“Your rat?” Ron asked, Poppy nodded,
“I know it sounds weird… But, I like rats,”
“I had a pet rat once,” Ron mentioned. Of course, leaving out the ‘he was really a mass murderer in disguise’ bit. Poppy smiled, Harry was still concerned for Ginny,
“Actually, I’ve got to go to the loo too, I’ll just wait for Ginny.” Poppy smiled,
“Sure, and by the way, your accent is so cool.” Harry didn’t really know what to say,
“Er… Thanks,” he murmured as he ran up the stairs.

Ginny sat on the toilet seat, slightly shaking. She held The Book Of Shadows to her once more, she had a feeling she was getting seriously emotionally attached to this book. She would have laughed at the moment, but she couldn’t. She took a deep breath, and burst into tears. This was too much for her, she hadn’t had any sleep, she wanted to talk to her family, her friends, she wanted to be back at Hogwarts! As she continued to cry, the memories of the day came flooding back so quickly, they stumbled together so they didn’t make any sense. The only thing that really make sense was, it was stuffed up. Extremely, stuffed up. She kicked a cupboard in front of her, which caused pain to her foot,
“Oh…Fuck!” she pressed a hand to her mouth, she hadn’t meant to say that. She only said that word under extreme, emotional circumstances. Then she realised, this WAS an extreme, emotional circumstance. Why did this always happen to her? This wasn’t natural… was it? She hated people who always complained ‘poor me’ but wasn’t in the mood to dwell on it. She was startled by a knock on the door, she jumped, quickly rubbed her eyes and opened the door, relieved to see Harry. She remained her composure, she was in bloody Gryffindor for Merlin’s sake! It was about time she acted like it! Harry was about to open his mouth, when Ginny answered before he asked the question,
“I’m fine,” she answered, and then laughed, “I’m sorry. I was jumping to conclusions,” Harry shook his head,
“That’s okay. I was going to ask that question anyway… Are you okay?” Ginny nodded slowly,
“Yes and no… I don’t want to seem like I’m crying poor me, but… It’s just been a long day that’s all,” Harry nodded,
“Yeah I know…” Ginny sighed, she wished she had Hermione to talk to, but she didn’t have Hermione, it was starting to mess with her. They might never find Hermione, she might have just lost her best friend. She knew it, but either is hadn’t sunken in yet, or she didn’t believe it.
She brushed past Harry, who followed her downstairs, they quickly turned away, going a slight shade of red.
‘Oh Merlin, I really didn’t want to see that,’ Ginny thought. Okay… It wasn’t THAT bad, but it was still a little embarrassing. Ron and Poppy quickly broke apart, Ron blushing but Poppy keeping it cool.
“Oh er… Sorry about that,” Poppy began to apologise, but Ginny shook her off,
“Oh no, don’t apologise, it’s fine…” Ginny began, trailing off. Ron instantly became uncomfortable, he glanced around the house,
“Er… Well, we’d better go!” Harry glared at him,
“We should?”
“Yes…we should…” Ginny commented, she headed to the door, she wanted to get out of there. She wanted to leave, just leave. She opened the door wide open and breathed in a gulp of fresh air, it felt good. She never expected to be so relieved with the thought of fresh air, Harry and Ron appeared beside her. Ron seemed to be lingering back, putting two and two together; Harry and Ginny walked down the footpath to give Ron and Poppy some time alone. She felt a drip behind her, she pivoted around, her senses on full alert. She glanced down, she had been leaving a trail of black water behind her… She tapped Harry’s arm, they leant down to inspect the water, but once Ginny had felt it she realised, it wasn’t water. It was ink. Black ink. She glanced at her hand, it was covered in it! Where was it coming from? She noticed Poppy’s curious stare, Ginny held the book to her chest, and ran down the path, not looking back. She ran straight into Piper Halliwell.

“Alright then… Just, you know, give me a call sometime,” Poppy said flirtatiously. Ron nodded with a small smile,
“Okay then,” but before they could continue the conversation, Harry tapped Ron on the shoulder,
“Ah… Ron, we’d better go.” Ron nodded, a little reluctantly at that. He waved goodbye to Poppy, who headed back into her home. Harry pointed to Ginny running down the street, Ron sighed,
“Ginny!” they rounded the corner at a run, but stopped in shock. Ginny was standing face to face, with Piper Halliwell. And she looked pissed! Her mouth was flattened into a thin line, she was staring at Ginny so intently, Harry was half expecting her to lite Ginny on fire with one, swift glare. Ginny froze, but as soon as Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Prue came out from their hiding places and drew out their wands, Ginny gasped and orbed out, she appeared beside Harry and Ron.
“Uh… Ron, freeze them!” Ron threw up his hands, but instead of freezing The Charmed Ones, he blew up a nearby pigeon! Harry started to panic, but then he started to freak as Phoebe muttered the body binding spell, Ron’s hands froze the spell in mid air this time, as Harry levitated a good ten feet in the air and Ginny orbed once more, only to land in a nearby chestnut tree. Ginny glanced at her surroundings, groaned and hopped down. They heard a scream behind them, they all spun, except for Harry, who was still in mid air! But froze as Ron saw Poppy’s astonished facial expression, she shook her head, how long had she been standing there? It didn’t matter, for Poppy could clearly see Harry levitating, the frozen street, and she had probably seen Ginny orb. Ron, panicked flew his hands up to freeze her, the result ended in her exploding into a million particles. Harry fell back to the ground, Ginny stared open mouthed, Ron looked like he was going to faint. Ginny ran over towards them,
“What happened?” she asked, although she knew the answer. She knew the answer when her older brother stared down at his hands, with a look of shock and confusion. But she didn’t want to hear him say it, but of course, he did.
“I think I just blew her up…” The Charmed Ones unfroze, Harry levitated once more out of the body binding curse, Ron focused and aimed, he threw his hand forward, an explosion appeared near Piper’s hand. She bent down in agony, her wand fell out of her blistered hand. Before Ginny knew what she was doing her legs were starting to move spinning out of control, she glanced at Paige’s concentrating expression. Harry, confused in all the commotion, was shocked when Phoebe was two inches from his face, his own wand pointed into his gut. He quickly did a roundhouse kick, which Phoebe blocked. Phoebe aimed a punch towards Harry, but Harry blocked it and flipped Phoebe. Phoebe fell onto her back, but grabbed Harry’s ankle, taking him down with her. Harry landed strangely, crying out in agony, a searing pain shot up his leg, he felt the familiar pain he had had in his second year when he’d broken his arm. This felt just as bad, if not worse! He watched Prue flip a confused Ginny, Paige pull out an dagger and aim it for Ron’s gut, he cried out once more, but because of the pain in his ankle, he was about to pass out. And once he felt a fist connect with his skull, he did just that…

Hermione had gone into a short daze, right now, she would have welcomed madness. She was scared for Ron, Harry and Ginny. And also the Halliwell sisters, and Leo. She sighed as her stomach rumbled, she was getting hungry, and her throat was parched. She glanced down at a small piece of gravel beneath her feet, she breathed slowly, and flicked her hand forward. She squinted hard, but the rock remained still. She sighed in frustration, she wouldn’t scream, she would just sigh. But, Merlin, she was hungry! She felt her stomach rumble, as she wrapped her arms around it, as if that would soothe her appetite. She didn’t even jump when she heard the sound of apparating, she turned on her side, she didn’t want him to see her like this, she didn’t want to see him at all! But a feminine voice called out to her, it sounded familiar. She turned out of curiosity, but couldn’t see her visitors face, she was masked in a black cloak. She held a platter of food, food! Hermione mouth began to water, but her pride took over, and she forced her appetite down.
“You’re hungry, eat something.” Hermione shook her head,
“I’m not hungry,” the woman laughed,
“Of course you are. I know you are,” Hermione narrowed her eyes, did she mean that literally? The woman placed the tray at her feet, she sat down in front of her, as she began to poor a glass of wine. She brought it to Hermione’s nose,
“Drink. I know you want to, I can feel your stomach rumbling and the longing for something to quench you thirst.” Hermione, against her will, forced herself to just look at the glass. The wine was a bright red. The woman sighed,
“Mixed with strawberries, it adds an extra flavour.” Hermione nodded, it was quite thick. But although her stomach wanted it, no, more like needed it so bad, she shook her head.
“I said, I’m not hungry!” she yelled. The woman, although her face was still covered in a cloak, seemed to darken. She grabbed Hermione’s wrist, Hermione resisted and pulled, but the woman held her wrist so tightly, and so awkwardly, Hermione left it there in fear it would break.
“You ARE Hermione, you are,” she started to trace the lines of Hermione’s palm, it was then Hermione noticed their hands were the same size. The woman refused to release her wrist, instead, just tracing the lines of her palm.
“We are not like two peas in a pod… We ARE two peas in pod,” Hermione froze, starting to shiver. Who was this woman? ‘We ARE two peas in a pod?’ what did that mean? A shiver ran through her, as the woman began to stroke her palm lines, she dug her nails into her hand, Hermione would have complained, but she wasn’t that stupid! The woman released her wrist, which Hermione pulled to her body to comfort. The woman place the glass in front of Hermione’s feet, she picked up the tray, and apparated out of the chamber. Hermione shivered without control, was she going mad? What was happening? The same words kept flying through her mind,
‘We are not like two peas in a pod, we ARE two peas in a pod!’ those words seemed to echo around her, always repeating but never seeming to fade. She glanced at the goblet, it seemed to draw her in. Hermione’s thirst came back to her now, it was so thick… Maybe it would quench her hunger, as well as her thirst… She nervously darted her eyes around the room, even though she was fully aware no one was watching or with her. Actually, she wasn’t sure about that one. She brought the goblet to her and began to swirl the contents with her index finger, she brought her stained finger to her nose and inhaled deeply. It didn’t smell like wine. But the scent was familiar, she inhaled again,
“Oh my God!” she pushed the goblet to the side, she wanted to throw it against the wall, spill its contents, but for some reason she couldn’t. It was obviously bewitched, she stared at her stained finger, she couldn’t wipe the liquid off. She could do it physically of course, but… Not mentally. She shook her head, she would never become that desperate. She refused to drink the blood of an innocent.

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