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Julietta: Lost and Found by Zyii
Chapter 3 : Welcome To Hell
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 Hello Lovelies, hope you are enjoying this. I'm currently in the libaray writing chapter 7 of this. Technically I should be doing uni work, but where is the fun in that :) 



This room Hermione thought was simply amazing. She’d heard that the Heads dorms can be made to replicate your own how bedrooms but Hermione was glad hers simply resembled a richer version of her shared dorm in Gryffindor tower. To be separated from her life at home, a life she now thought as dead was a good thing, she thought. It was funny how easy it was to settle into Hogwarts life, one night and Hermione already felt at home. Hogwarts could do that, make you feel completely at home and safe no matter what your problems.

Hermione rubbed her puffy eyes, she hadn’t meant to cry last night and it certainly wasn’t from Malfoy’s comment. In truth she’d been feeling on edge since Ron’s outburst, something about that just didn’t click. He’d never tried to be controlling before and it scared her.

She got up and dressed with the intention of going down for breakfast. But when she stepped out of the bathroom she wasn’t expecting to come face to face with a scantly dressed pug-faced Parkinson lounging on a common room sofa. Urgh, that was not a sight you wanted to see so early in the morning.

“What are you doing here Granger?” squeaked Parkinson in that annoying voice of hers.

“I’m Head Girl, I live here. As I’m guessing Malfoy’s had enough of you, why don’t you leave” said Hermione.

“My Drakie-poo loves me” said Parkinson indignantly.

“He loves you for what you offer. Everyone knows you are a slut” Hermione bounced out the doorway leaving a stunned Parkinson behind. She knew she’d pay for that comment later but frankly she didn’t care.

Ron didn’t seem himself again as Hermione saw him at Breakfast, they still kissed and chatted but he seemed distant and unresponsive. Hermione couldn’t understand what was happening. Things had been fine over the summer, if anything their relationship had gotten stronger. Funny how things turn out, she’d had a crush on Ron for ages and finally with that heated kiss during the war all the dreams, all her hopes had been answered. Things had got better from there. They still fought a lot but they wouldn’t be the same Hermione and Ron if the didn’t. She couldn’t imagine herself with any other person, she loved Ron completely.

On the other side of the castle a black haired boy was having a dream. In his dream he saw the long black hair of a girl, he saw her curves and her well fitting clothes and her eyes, the most vibrant sea blue. Then before his eyes the image changed, she became shorter and her hair browner. Just before it ended he got an overwhelming feeling of unease and happiness. He awoke in a sweat, breathing heavily and listening to the sound of his thumping heart.

He knocked, waited and entered, “Professor Snape” he exclaimed.

“Blaise what’s wrong?” Severus asked lowing his defenses when he saw his Godson.

“I’ve been having dreams or visions, I think they’re about her. Julietta” panted Blaise.

Snape looked momentarily shocked then asked Blaise to repeat what had happened in his dreams/visions. By the end of it Snape looked very serious “I have a theory” he spoke “I believe – and have for quite some time – that the reason we have been unable to find Julietta is because she is under a strong glamour/anti-tracking spell. I believe it will break on your 18th birthday”

Blaise contemplated what he’d said, “Shouldn’t it have broken on our 17th birthday” he asked – knowing full well 17 was the ‘coming of age’ birthday in the Wizarding World but it seemed Snape had already thought of that as well.

“I thought of that but then I remembered the witch who took her was probably very powerful. Perhaps she wished to outsmart us by adding an extra year”

Blaise was touched by the shere depth Snape cared for his lost sister. It was said he was very close to Julietta when she was a babe and never quite recovered from her disappearance.

“I miss her everyday” spoke Snape snapping Blaise from his trance, “Not a day goes past when I don’t think of her. I have 18 birthday presents wrapped with her name of them. I never forgot” he whispered.

Blaise was deeply moved, in all his years he’d never heard his Godfather openly speak about Julietta. For Blaise, Julietta was like a forbidden word. They all loved her, missed her, searched for her daily but hearing her name just bought too much pain. Blaise’s birthday was at the end of September, he hoped this year he’d finally find her.

The weeks of September had flown by and day by day the grief was easier for Hermione to bear. Sharing space with Malfoy wasn’t as bad as she thought, he was out a lot and when he was in, he was usually with Blaise who kept him occupied enough.

Ron had become a constant worry on Hermione’s mind. He started disappearing for large amounts of time with no reason and when they were together he was distant and snappish like he was trying to block her out. She told her worried to both Harry and Ginny who told her not to worry, stating it was just Ron and he was probably in a mood about something, but Hermione couldn’t help but think it was something more.

She had to patrol that Friday night, Malfoy was supposed to join her but surprise surprise he was a no show. As she walked along she though of what present she could get Ron for their 6 month anniversary. As she pondered this thought, she came across a corridor auditing a strange set of noises. On approaching the room in question she identified the noises as grunts and moans. Great she thought, that meant people were having sex and she had to stop them. She shuddered, repulsed by the thought and stepped inside.

It was a long time before her heart restarted as she looked at the scene in front of her. There she was up against the wall, and there he was pounding vigorously into her. The red head of hair that she’d fallen in love with. Her Ron Weasley was currently shagging Lavender Brown in front of her. The pieces of her heart that had fixed her heart back together since her parents death were now broke anew, she only saw red.

She spoke in a loud clear voice, “Having fun are we?” they froze in position as the bitch squealed. Ron turned to look in her direction but he was no longer her Ron, there was something in his eyes, something inhuman that scared her. He smiled foully at her, “You disgusting bastard” she said, “have your slut your now tainted blood” she sneered, casting a non-verbal spell that left the words ‘scumbag cheater’ proudly across his forehead.

And what was his winning response “I wasn’t going to stay with you forever, I finally found someone who would put out” he growled and resumed shagging his slut.

Hermione laughed bitterly, “Ron, I’m not a virgin” and she fled from the room.

She had but one course of action as she fled to the Heads dorm. Her patronus, Gryffindor common room, send. So she did and the Gryffindor common room received this message from their favored Gryffindor Princess:

‘The Great Ron Weasley from the Golden Trio,

Was just caught red handed, by your own Gryffindor Princess

Now his ex-girlfriend

Shagging the daylight out of Lavender ‘Slut’ Brown

He is a cheater. A dirty rotten scumbag bastard

And he broke my heart

Sincerely, Your Gryffindor Princess’

As the patronus faded away the students of Gryffindor common room were ready to strike. No one could do that to their Gryffindor Princess much less one of their own. After all she’d done to fight the war, treatment like this was unacceptable. No one looked angrier than Harry or Ginny who looked poised to kill with one look. Ron Weasley was no longer a brother or best friend, no, now he was just the bastard who broke Hermione’s heart.

Hermione ran into the Head’s common room, tears streaming from her eyes, only to be confronted by Blaise and the majestic Ferret himself “Just don’t” she managed to whisper before disappearing into her room. Needless to say there were tears aplenty in Hermione’s room that night.

The night flew past fast for all except Hermione. When Blaise came bounding into the Head’s domain with gleeful cheers of his birthday, Hermione was still asleep. He bounded into Draco’s room finding him up and ready, Malfoy knew why Blaise was extra cheerful today having been told of Snape’s theory. He himself had gossip to tell anyway, gossip that concerned Granger.

“So I found out why Granger can in crying last night”

“Oh?” said Blaise

“She was doing rounds last night and walked in on Ron shagging Lavender Brown”

Blaise looked gobsmacked, “No way” he uttered.

Malfoy nodded, “Apparently she sent a patronus to Gryffindor common room. Now not only is Ron outcasted from his own house, he’s covered in bruises from them and he received a howler from his Mum!”

“What a total jerk” commented Blaise, who couldn’t stand people who cheated.

He was interrupted from further talk when a loud piercing scream sounded out from the bathroom. Bearing in mind this is Granger, the boys took a leisurely walk towards the bathroom. It was hard to tell at that point who was more shocked, Blaise, Malfoy or Hermione. Not that she looked like Hermione at all but Blaise recognized her long black hair and statuesque figure straight away, “Julietta?” he questioned her and to his surprise she fainted on the spot, collapsing into Blaise’s outstretched arms. He looked down at her worryingly, stroking her hair from her face. Unsure of how he should feel, happy? Relieved? Scared? He looked up into the equally stunned eyes of Malfoy, “Get the family” he whispered hoarsely, and Malfoy disappeared quickly.

Hope you've enjoyed this, tell me what you think, if you want. The next chapter is good also, I love it! :)

Sorry this chapters taken a long time to appear, I made some mistakes with it.

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