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Misconceptions by BurningIce
Chapter 7 : Sleeping Draught
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A/N-Hey everyone, here is chapter number 7. I put in what time stuff is happening, pay attention to the times cuz some of it is happening at the same or almost the same time. Also, so you know, I went back and changed it so that Jordan is a year ahead of them on ffnet, been to lazy to do it on here... but just know that he is in 7th year. I realized it would work better with everything. On with the chapter

**Disclaimer- sad but true, do not own the hp world. I own this plot, and the following characters: Kelly, Sydney, Claire, Rochelle, Jana, Corbin, and Jordan

Sleeping Draught

"Come on guys, we better head down for dinner." James beckoned to the others, who followed him towards the exit, or all but two of them did anyways. "Padfoot? Kelly? You coming?"

"Err…we'll catch up with you lot in a few minutes, just go on down, we'll meet you there." James examined Sirius suspiciously for a second before shrugging and exiting the room.

Sydney looked up at her friends with curiosity, "Well, what did you want to talk about?"

Sirius answered. "Actually, we don't have enough time before Pomfrey there throws us out. But I do know how we can have our little convo without anyone noticing." Sydney gave him a questioning look. He grinned smugly and produced from inside his robes a raggedy package, badly wrapped in brown paper. Sydney slowly pulled the paper off and was utterly bewildered.

"Um Sirius, unless you want me to like check my hair or something, I really don't see how a mirror is going to help us. And, that wouldn't really help us, so… I'm a tad lost." Sirius grinned at her confusion and explained.

"But this isn't just any old mirror. It's a two way mirror. I have the counterpart and all you have to do is say my name into it and our faces will appear into the other's mirror. So tonight we can have our little chat from the comfort of your bed and our… well wherever we find ourselves at the time. Brilliant, I know." He grinned as she smiled with appreciation.

"Much as I hate to admit it, that's actually pretty clever." Sirius beamed.

Kelly, who had said little to nothing thus far, suddenly spoke up in a hurried voice. "Uh, guys, matron alert!"

"Well spotted. Come on, we'd better go," turning to Sydney he lowered his voice, "Tonight, ten o'clock, you call us so we know you're alone. If we don't respond, it means we aren't." She nodded and waved goodbye.


Lily Evans was utterly bored. She was sprawled out on one of the many couches in the Gryffindor common room, by herself for a change. Kelly and Sirius had disappeared just over ten minutes ago to 'study'. Study, my ass she thought to herself with a laugh.Remus and James were off talking on the other end of the common room, and she had absolutely no desire to join that conversation. She looked up abruptly as she heard the portrait hole swing open and watched as the rest of her dorm mates began to drift in, one by one. Corbin Deasy entered the room first. She pulled a hair scrunchie off her wrist and tied her dishwater brown hair, which had been highlighted blonde from the sun, into a messy bun. She noticed Lily sitting all alone and walked over, plopping herself onto the couch next to her. Lily gave her the once over and smiled. Corbin was pleasantly predictable, going for comfort rather then fashion, though she occasionally allowed the two to collide. She had an athlete's body from years on the Quidditch team, but did nothing to show it off. She stuck by the firm belief that if people didn't like her simply because she didn't flaunt her body, well then bully for them because she could care less. She was quite a tomboy when it came to sports and could probably beat up half the Gryffindor boys, if she felt so inclined. She didn't not like guys either; she just didn't find any point in bothering to spend hours beatifying herself just to impress them. If the guy didn't like her the way she was, then he probably wasn't worth it to begin with. Lily had never been as close with Corbin as she was with Sydney and Kelly, but she was a fun person, and Lily was grateful for the company. Corbin peered over Lily's shoulder to see what she was reading.

"Goblin rebellions, yuck." She scrunched up her freckled nose in mock disgust. Lily cracked a grin. But her happiness dissipated as she noticed who had just entered the common room. Just my luck she thought the devil herself, who uses Claire's body to walk unnoticed amongst the rest of us. Lily watched with disgust as she brushed her perfectly highlighted hair behind her shoulder and gave a fake, flirtatious laugh at something the boy next to her had just said. She tugged at the edge of her skirt, and with good reason, thought Lily, for the ridiculous piece of clothing barely covered her butt. Close behind Claire, a follower per usual, was yet another life form the girls had the misfortune of sharing their dorm with: Rochelle Renovo, it wasn't that she had a bad personality really, it was more that she lacked one altogether. She had the unfortunate tendency to follow and mimic whoever took her in. She had cut her own caramel colored hair in the same way, adopted the same style of dress… and much to Lily's displeasure, taken up Claire's habit of trash talking anyone who didn't live up to her high standards.

Lily saw the pair heading in her direction, and silently cursed under her breath. Corbin missed the expression on her face and suddenly put a hand to her mouth as she gasped in remembrance and hopped up. Lily caught a brief 'I'll be right back' before she dashed off to the dormitories. Claire leaned over to Rochelle and whispered something and pointed at Lily with a disgusted look on her face. Lily felt a rush of blood stain her cheeks and her body freeze over. But thankfully Rochelle spoke up at that very moment, saving her from possible embarrassment.

"Hey we should go meet Laquisha and the guys now, don't wanna be late." Claire nodded.

With that she turned on her heels and strutted out of the common room, followed closely by Rochelle. Lily looked up abruptly as a high pitched shriek shook her from her hypnotic state. Apparently Claire had not been the only one trying to use the portrait hole. She appeared to have crashed into someone attempting entrance to the room, sending both parties to the ground. Lily smiled as she recognized the other girl who had fallen. If Corbin was the one with the muscles to beat someone up, Jana was the one with the guts to do it… though she usually stuck with a verbal attack, she wasn't afraid to get physical. Jana Knight picked herself up off the ground and burst into laughter when she noticed who she had crashed into. Claire was livid.

"Watch where you're going, freak." Instead of looking remotely worried, Jana rolled her eyes in amusement.

"Why don't you, bimbo?" With that, she turned away to finish her journey into the room. Claire chased after her, determined to have the last word.

"Knight. Get your arse back here. Hey, I said get back! I'm not finished with you." Jana just laughed once again, but obliged. She put one had on her hip and gave her a bored look.

"You rang."

"No need to go all attitude on me, I just wasn't done… chatting. So, how's your day been, freak?" Jana smirked, and casually answered.

"Well I was actually having a lovely time, but then this really hideous girl showed up who was giving off some pretty vile fumes," she waved away an imaginary smell with her hand for effect, "so it kinda ruined my mood, ya know how it is." Claire seemed to be having a delayed reaction. First she gave a haughty grin, and then her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and then fury as the realization of what Jana had said seemed to finally sink in. The smile slowly melted off her face, leaving a murderous glare in its tracks. Jana smirked, the look on Claire's face was absolutely priceless. Claire's voice dropped to a deadly whisper.

"I'll get you for that Knight. No one talks to me like that and gets away with it. You got that?" Jana remained unfazed by her venomous tone. "Knight, I'm talking to you. No one crosses Claire Gold and gets away with it."

"Oh, I'm scared now. What are you gonna beat me up? Nah, wouldn't wanna break a nail, now would we?" she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "And that third person thing really doesn't work for you." With that, Jana turned away and continued walking in as if nothing had happened.

Claire, realizing she was getting no where and attracting odd stares, gave up, and dragged Rochelle out of the common room. Jana glanced around the room, her eyes landing on Lily.

"Hey girl, what's up? And why are you sitting here all alone anyways?" Lily grinned. Jana was one of the few people who could always manage to bring a genuine smile to her face. Just then, Corbin appeared at the bottom of the steps leading to the girls' dormitories, carrying a thick envelope.

"Hey guys, I gotta go mail this. Almost forgot it was my mum's birthday." She gave a guilty smile, then waved as she walked away. Lily turned to Jana.

"Hey, you were great against Carly." Jana crossed her golden-brown eyes.

"Psh, she's pathetic. Don't let her get to you and stamp all over her inflated ego, those are the two rules of engagement."

Lily giggled, "Good to know." Jana reached into her bag and produced her transfiguration book. She fingered a strand of midnight hair, wrapping a few inches worth of neon pink tips around her finger absentmindedly as she read. Lily smiled, she absolutely loved Jana's hair, even though she would never do something like it to her own.

Ten minutes later Corbin reappeared from the owlery (A/N I think this is the term used in the book, correct me if I'm wrong) and joined her friends on the couch. She looked from one to the other.
"So, wha'd I miss?"


James let out a sigh. He and Remus had thoroughly exhausted their conversation topic and fallen silent. He ran a hand through his impossible hair and gave another sigh. His gaze reached out across the common room and landed on a girl. She was lying on her stomach on one of the many couches in the room, her chin supported by two propped up hands. Just sitting there, lost in thought, all alone. What are you thinking about Lily? He surreptitiously watched as Corbin Deasy plopped down on the couch next to her. She brushed aside a curtain of auburn hair and sat up. They chatted for no more then a few minutes before she dashed off. He clenched his teeth as he saw Claire and Rochelle whisper, all the while throwing meaningful glances at the red-head behind them. James could see that she was uncomfortable and knew they were talking about her. Suddenly someone tapped his shoulder and he jolted out of his seat. Remus doubled over in laughter at the sight of his startled friend. James simply rolled his eyes and grinned.

"You back from the twilight zone then?" Another roll of hazel eyes was the only response Remus got. "So, watcha thinking about? Or should I ask who?"

"Nutin and no one."

"Is that so?"

James simply nodded and the two drifted into silence once more. Remus glanced at his friend, deep in thought. I'll just leave him to it. James ran a hand through his hair and rested his eyes on Lily, deep in conversation with Jana. His eyes bored into the back of her head, as if searching for the answer to his silent question. What did I do?


"Sirius? Hey, Siri, you there? Hello?" Voices from inside Sirius' bag began talking. Hurriedly he ducked into an empty classroom, dragging Kelly behind him, and fished around in his bag for a minute before producing a small hand mirror.

"Hey, Syd I'm here," he said, slightly out of breath. Kelly peered over his shoulder, smiling at the sight of her friend's face.

"So, what's this ultra important convo you were so anxious to have about?"

Sirius launched into an explanation, with Kelly interrupting every few minutes to add some detail he had left out. Sydney's reponse was very similar to Kelly's in the fact that she too knew little to nothing that would be helpful.

"Does James know you're doing this?"

"Well… no, actually, he doesn't. But he's my best mate, and I've got to do something to help him out." Sydney nodded and Kelly smiled at this show of loyalty. She was still surprised that the Sirius who constantly joked around and pulled pranks was the same as this one who was fiercely loyal and could be entirely serious when he wanted to. If Sydney shared Kelly's thoughts, she didn't show it and pursued something else she'd been wondering.

"Have you asked Remus about this yet?" Sirius shook his head.

"It's on my to-do list."

"Let's talk to him tomorrow, I'm getting…" she yawned loudly, "very sleepy." Kelly giggled, but agreed wholeheartedly.

"Yeah it's getting pretty late, we should turn in."

"Goodnight, Syd, sleep well and get better soon." Then Kelly handed the mirror to Sirius to say goodbye.

"Night, Syd. Same time tomorrow?" She nodded her assent, then Sirius broke the separation and stowed the mirror back in his bag. He pulled out James' invisibility cloak, which he had borrowed without permission earlier that evening, and threw it over Kelly and himself.


Everything was black, empty as a starless night. The air was damp and earthy smelling.

Kelly carefully tip-toed up the stairs to the girl's dormitories, praying she didn't wake anyone. As she neared the entrance to her own, she thought she caught wisps of noise. She slowly creaked the door open and more clearly made out the muffled sounds of someone moving in their sleep. Squinting, her eyes having difficulty penetrating the darkness, she tried to find the source of the noise.

She took a step and heard a squelching noise as she dragged her feet through six inches of water. The ground inclined slightly, and the presence of water under feet soon disappeared. Suddenly dim lights appeared all around her, and there were people too.

"Lumos," she whispered, praying the thin beam of light didn't go through the drapes around each bed and wake the whole dorm. As she walked along the row of beds, she examined each one for movement. She approached Lily's bed with caution as she saw the curtains shiver ever now and then. She drew them back and peered over to look at her friend. Her face was ashen and shimmering with a layer of cold sweat. Every few seconds she murmured, and shifted position abruptly. Kelly watched with a sort of fascinated horror as her movements became more violent and her words louder and clearer.

A cold voice could be heard from under the black cloak of its owner. Somewhere deep in her subconscious she began recognizing the situation. She knew that voice, this place, she'd been here before… and she knew what was about to happen. She knew, but was helpless to stop it.

"No, no don't." Lily reached a hand out into the darkness. Kelly flinched, and stepped back a few inches.

"Step aside and your life will be spared."

"Lily? Lily wake up." Kelly's voice became urgent and panicky. She shook her friend hard by the shoulders, but only succeeded in further tousling her now tangled red hair.


"Don't be foolish, child. It's not you we want, step aside."

"Lily, you're starting to scare me."


Cruel, haughty laughter pierced the darkness and a palpable sense of foreboding came over her.

"No!" She with that single, terror-filled syllable, her eyes snapped open with the force of a gunshot. She blinked a few times, trying to bring the world into focus. "Kelly?" Kelly simply nodded, still feeling rather shaken. "I, Kelly, what… what happened?" Lily took a few deep breaths, trying to slow her racing heartbeat.

"You-you… I'm not really sure what happened. I just walked in and you were thrashing around and talking in your sleep." Lily inhaled a quick breath and her eyes widened slightly. "I tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't snap out of it. It was kinda freaky actually. Are you alright?"

"I-I don't know." She put a hand to her hot forehead and rubbed it, as if still trying to clear the visions of her dream from her mind.

"Um, Lil? What exactly were you dreaming about?" She gave her friend a sympathetic, yet questioning look.

"It was… just a nightmare." Kelly's sixth sense told her there was more to it then that, but could also tell her friend didn't want to talk about it.

"Do you want to go to the hospital wing?" Lily cringed. "I know you hate going there, but look, we'll just grab you a quick potion or something. Just let her look you over. You look positively gray. Come on, do it for me." She put on her best puppy-dog face. Lily felt too shaken and weak to argue, so she gave a half laugh and grudgingly agreed.


"What are you two doing here? It's the middle of the night for heaven's sake, you know that's way past visiting hours," Madam Pomfrey tutted, shaking her head. Kelly rolled her eyes.

"Amazing as it may seem, we too have the ability to get sick as well." The matron's expression softened slightly.

"Well then, come on in. Tell me what's wrong and I'll take a look." She beckoned Kelly into the main rooms.

"Oh no, it's not me. Lily's the one who's sick."
"Well then why didn't you say so? Come with me you two."


"You were having a dream, you say? You wouldn't remember what it was about, now would you?"
"Afraid not," Lily lied, biting her lip, a gesture that failed to go unnoticed by Kelly. I'm going to get the real story on this someday. But why doesn't she trust me? Usually we tell each other this kind of thing. A moan of floorboards shifting under new weight came from the back of the examination room.

"Lily?" Her auburn hair whipped through the air as she spun her head around to face the owner of the voice.

"Syd!" She made to run towards her friend, but was restrained by the matron.

"Ms. Schwartz!" She said in a stern, authoritive, and slightly scandalized tone. "What are you doing out of bed? I told you just this afternoon; you cannot just go traipsing around the infirmary as you please. Well, go on, off to bed with you. And don't let me catch you out of bed again young lady." Sydney scowled but obediently turned around and followed the hallways out of sight.

"Now, Ms. Evans, it looks as though you've run a bit of a fever. Take this cooling draught now, and… yes I think that would be best… a potion for dreamless sleep when you return to your dormitory." Lily nodded and downed the clear-blue liquid. She shuddered slightly as a cold shiver ran down her spine, but felt her abnormally high body heat relaxing to its normal intensity. She tucked a clear vial containing a few swallows worth of an opaque, deep red potion into her robes, to take once she returned to the tower.


Lily and Kelly entered the empty common room well past midnight and both were terribly exhausted. Lily uncorked her potion and downed the lot in one go. Her eyelids fluttered a few times and, without warning, she collapsed onto the floor.

"Lily!" Kelly cried out in horror. But one look at her evenly rising chest, she realized that she had simply fallen asleep. No wonder Pomfrey told her to take it once she got to the dormitory. Kelly tried to lift her, but got no more then a few steps before her knees buckled under the dead weight.

"Damn girl, you need to start taking off some pounds." She smiled for a second as she imagined her friend's protests if she'd been awake to hear the comment. She circled Lily once, trying to come up with a solution to her dilemma. What would Lily do if the situation were reversed? Hmm…of course!! All I need to do is use a levitation charm and she'll be… the happy expression was suddenly wiped of Kelly's face. Except I'm not Lily and the top of our charms class. It's one of my worst subjects. Aw fuck, I'm doomed. Or rather Lily would be. If I floated her up that skinny, tightly wound spiral staircase, she'd be covered with bruises.

"Something wrong?" Kelly spun on her heels and spotted a figure stepping off the staircase to the boy's dormitories.

"Jordan! Thank god." She breathed a sigh of relief. He walked over and looked down at Lily, peacefully sleeping on the floor, with curiosity.

"What happened to her?"

"Sleeping draught."

"I see. You need some help there?"

"Would you?" She gave him a grateful look.

"Yeah sure, you want her back in the dormitory
I'm guessing?" Kelly nodded and gave him a warm smile. "Sure thing." Jordan stood at the bottom of the girl's staircase, floating Lily up the stairs. Kelly followed closely behind, spotting Lily in case the fact that Jordan couldn't see what he was doing caused him to steer her wrong. Kelly lifted her into bed and then, after making sure she was comfortable, hurried downstairs to tell Jordan they had succeeded.

"Hey Jordan, yeah it worked out just perfectly, she didn't wake up or get hit or anything," then as an afterthought she added with a grin, "Though it would probably take a lot more then that to break that drugged stupor she was in." Jordan laughed and smiled at her. He turned to go back to bed, but she stopped him. "And Jordan, thanks."

"Anytime." He grinned at her and then, with a wave, departed up the stairs. Who knew he was so nice? I guess maybe I was wrong about him.

A/N 2—sorry if I was like introducing too many characters in too short a period of time there… but I felt like I had to get them in there soon before were at like chapter 20 and I introduce them and people are like wut the hell, since when did she had dorm mates. Also, hope this wasn't too choppy of a chapter… let me know in your review if you think it was, or if it was fine; for future reference. And I promise to do my absolute best not to make Claire you're classic cliché (since you all know how much I try not to make this cliché and the same as most of what's out there) blonde bitchy girl. And no Rochelle is not just a pointless character for the sole purpose of having another blonde bitch (even though she's not blonde...but you know wut I mean) I have a total plan for her.
If anyone is ever wondering why a chap is late coming out or how far along I am on it, check my profile under 'story status' I update on their a lot, so it's pretty reliable.

!!!!!!!!!Notice to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This summer I am going away to sleep away camp for 5 weeks, that means no computer, no writing, and no updates (though I fully intend to bring a notepad to jot down any ideas I might have). I'm leaving on July 11th and will return on August 13th. This is just so you all know that while I'm away, I won't be updating of making any progress on this story until I come back. Please don't leave me or my story because I promise we will be back in business when I return, I even have a good chunk of the first draft of chapter 8 written.

!!!!!!!!Another notice!!!!!!!!
I need a beta for this story. Not to offend of discredit any of my current ones but I'd like someone who actually does has beta experience and that I can rely on for each chapter … as opposed to just on my friends who happen to like this enough to make corrections. So if you are willing to do this, then please let me know in a review or an email. Include the following:
>Your email address and sn on AIM or MSN messenger (if you have either).
>Your Pen name on ffnet and/or whatever name you wish to be called
>List any prior experience you have, and if you wish, links to the stories you've edited or written. Also if you wanna write what your strengths and weaknesses are… or anything else to convince me you're good at editing.

Things to look forward to next chapter (I've written about six pages as of now, so only that and what's in my mind):
>We meet Regulus Black
>Peter Pettigrew becomes a part of the story (due to the pleads of certain reviewers and friends of mine cough Claire cough) hopefully you'll find my excuse for his absence plausible enough.
>Sydney is finally released from the infirmary
>The 'detectives' talk with Remus and he points out something important to them
>Lily thanks Jordan for helping her out


Lily: Well, here is more, as you requested. hope you like it. so glad u're intrigued. and i luv reviews, so pelt away:D

MissingOctober: you'll find out everything in good i'll be holding out on you for a while. but of course dropping hints and teasers. i guess ill take that as a complement that you started feeling right along with lily:D thnks for reviewing.

demongurl: join the club, everyone does *evil grin. interesting theory, afraid i can't confirm nor deny.... but leave you to your thoughts. luv hearing theories tho, so keep at it and lemme kno if u hav anymore. well, here i am updateing:D

princessavg: course it is, though they only found out that james didn't know himself a little while ago. and as you see, 'black detective agency' is expanding. glad you liked it:D

ShellyV929: hope you like this chap, im sry but i got ur review so long ago that i cannot remember if i read ur fic or not. I'll go check it out and see if i did, if not i'll definitly dip into it and see wuts happining.

now REVIEW!!! cause i love you all, please don't desert me during my absence. promise ill b baq and writing again as soon as i return.

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