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Last Friday Night by Amoc910
Chapter 1 : Midnight In Hogwarts
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Harry and Ron looked around them. Nine guys in all in the Common Room, and not one was speaking. They had, a very good reason though.

 In the room, was Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Colin Creevey (thankfully without Dennis - they had agreed that him being younger than everyone else he should just stay in), Neville Longbottom, Lee Jordan,  Fred, George and Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter. They were all in ordinary clothes. Jeans and a shirt for most of them. They didn’t see the point in getting dressed up.

 If they weren’t trying to keep the rest of the House from waking up, they would have yelled at the girls to come down ten minutes ago. But, they remained silent - until finally they could hear faint footsteps and noises from the girls’ dorms.

 Down the stairs, came all the Gryffindor female members of the D.A. They had all worked for hours on their outfits and makeup, and looked incredible.  Katie Bell,  was in a mini skirt and a skinny black top, followed by Lavander Brown, her blonde locks curled, wearing a sparkly silver dress, Angelina Johnson in skinny jeans and a red backless shirt, Alicia Spinnet with a small shirt showing off her navel, and black skinny jeans, and then, there was Ginny - her hair was straightened and she was wearing a strapless, short black dress. She looked stunning.

 But by far the best looking on the night was Hermione. For the first time - she had straightened her hair. In this style it lengthened right down her back. She was wearing a simple blue dress that came halfway down her thigh.

 All the girls held their shoes in their hands, not wanting to create any noise.

 For a moment, the boys stared at the girls, and the girls stared at the boys. It was one of the most awkward moments ever in Harry’s opinion.

 Finally Fred and George motioned to the door. They were off, carefully tiptoeing through the painting.

 They shut it behind them, and gathered in a circle.

 “Right,” said Hermione. “I’ve thought out a route to take to get to the D.A. room, and it should be safe enough. I’ve charmed all the painting temporarily silent,” she motioned to the Fat Lady, who sat very angry looking with duct tape on her mouth, “And make sure you don’t go to loud because I’m sure Umbridge has got some kind of spying charm on something, somewhere.”

 Everyone looked around suspiciously, as if Umbridge herself was about to grab them all. They sneaked as lightly as possible down the hall.

 They all began slowly tiptoeing down the hall. They managed to go relatively quickly and completely silently. They made it down the stairs to the bottom of the Gryffindoor Tower. Once they were all there Hermione quietly explained the route they were taking; down the hall to the stairway and then get to the seventh floor, then we just meet up with the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, and we all go in. OK?”

 “Aw, shit!” exclaimed Fred and George in unison. Everyone turned immediately and glared at them.

 “What?” said Hermione, hushed but nonetheless, scary.

 “Oh, wait,” and George whispered in his twin brother’s ear.

 “Ah, yes,” said Fred nodding. Hermione looked as if she was about to let hell loose,  but then, they heard a light noise coming from around the corner, and suddenly the entire clan ran for their lives.

 You really haven’t seen magic until you’ve seen 16 teenagers sprint as fast as ever, yet remain almost completely silent. Fred beckoned everyone through a thick wooden door. He closed it carefully.

 Everyone looked around. They were in some forgotten classroom that nobody recognized. There was a slow outtake of breath in unison.

 “God, what do you that was?” asked Lavender.
 “Oh, probably nothing. But at least we covered ground fast,” said Hermione. “So guys,” she turned to the twins, “Why’d you bring us in here? We need to get to the staricases.”

 “Actually, you’ll find we’re in the correct place,” said George.

 “See, when we were bringing the supplies to the D.A., we noticed how close the stairs are to Filch’s room. And then there’s the problem about that when we’re on the stairs, it can take a while for them to get to the right place, therefore, slowing us down,” said Fred.

 “That’s when we had this bright idea,” they said.

 George flicked his wand at the ceiling. Suddenly, what appeared to be a trap door opened up and a ladder fell through, and stopped silently, centimetres from the ground.

 Gasps of admiration came from the students. “Of course!” said Hermione. “The Room of Requirement is almost exactly three floors above this room!”

 “Yes, we’re geniuses!” said George.

  “Hush!” said Hermione, “Let’s not forget Umbridge has probably got loads of security around this place! Right,” she pointed towards the ladder. “Boys first, chop, chop!”

 “Why?” said Ron, as the more obedient guys began climbing the ladder.

 “Most of the girls are wearing skirts Ronald. I think we’d all prefer to go second here. Now get a move on!”

 Ron took the orders reluctantly. He didn’t like being told what to do.

 The girls began climbing, and Hermione took the rear. It was longer than they expected to climb, but eventually they made it to the top. They found themselves in the semi-abandoned History room. I say so because the only people ever in there were ghosts. It had previously been a classroom, but it was eventually deemed useless about five years ago, and so no living people regularly entered it. Ghosts on the other hand, used it as a meeting place, and if you were on the seventh floor you would frequently see the pale figures sweeping the hall, going in and out of the classroom. The good thing, however, was that this room was both devoid of ghosts and anyone else who couldn’t be trusted today, and it was almost directly across from the Room of Requirement.

 “Where’s Harry and the twins?” asked Hermione.

 “They went to get the Room Open. Left all of us to make sure everyone got out okay,” said Seamus.

 “Right, come on,” said Hermione and she made her way to the door. She opened it up to find the Room of Requirement’s door already visible and open. Harry stood in front of it. Hermione made to step of the room, but was halted by Harry’s frantic waves. He pointed in the direction down the hall. Hermione slowly looked, and she could see, at the end of the hall, the silhouettes of Umbridge and Filch, looking out through the window, casting long shadows in the dim light. Hermione’s eyes bulged. She turned and whispered the situation to the others. Hermione lifted her finger to her lips and everyone put their hands over their mouths, and Colin’s eyes even began to water.  Hermione turned back to Harry.

 “What are we going to do?” she mouthed.

 Harry held up his thumb. He pulled out from under his shirt, to Hermione joy, the invisibility cloak. Harry bent down, rolled the cloak up as tight as possible, and then threw it over to Hermione. She caught it, and pulled Ginny out. She unrolled the cloak, and threw it over Ginny, before pushing her off towards Harry. Harry caught the invisible girl, and pulled the cloak off her, and then directed Ginny into the room, before once again rolling up the cloak, and throwing it to Hermione. Hermione turned back to the others.

 They looked rather bewildered. None of them had ever seen an invisibility cloak in real life before, and were intrigued. She gave them the cloak and the remaining eleven began the process all over again, whilst Hermione took the advantage to listen to Umbridge.

 “I have looked all over, Mister Filch. There are no students out of bed.”

 “But Ma’am, Mrs Norris, she saw!” said Filch back.

 “Mister Filch, I am not going to be proved wrong by a cat. There are no students out of bed, I can assure you. I have as many people on the case as possible and they have failed to find anyone.”

 “Ma’am, please. I knows my cat!”

 “Mister Filch I’m afraid disrespec-”

 At this point, disaster struck. The final member to pass, bar Hermione, was Lavender Brown. When past the cloak, she didn’t catch it. Instead, the cloak hung onto one of her fake nails, and it broke off. “My nails!” she squealed. She instantly regretted it.

 Umbridge whirled around and began walking towards them. Harry ran to the door, and shut it quietly, and the door faded away. Meanwhile Hermione grabbed Lavender and pushed her against the wall. She snatched up the cloak, and the nail, and threw the cloak over the both of them, and then they sat on the ground, concealed. Umbridge now stood a metre away.

 “Who goes there?” she shouted, her stubby finger pointed. She waved her arms. They swooped above the girls’ heads, in the place they previously were. She looked suspicious. “Where are you?”, she took two steps forward.

 Hermione lifted her wand. “Wingardium Leviosa,” she whispered in a barely audible voice. The fake nail slowly lifted and she directed it from underneath the cloak, before sending it flying down the hall. Umbridge heard the sound down the hall as it hit the wall.

 She began marching immediately. “I’m coming for you, I’ve heard you.” Filch awkwardly ran after her. When they vanished in the darkness, Hermione pulled Lavender up. Hermione and Lavender walked past it three times as fast and quietly as possible. They had very little time and chance. Hermione thought harder than ever before, her eyes shut tight. She opened them and there it was. The door. She ran in quickly and shut the door, and pulled the cloak off them.

 “Whoo!” cheered everyone. The room that Hermione had created was large, and in it was a hot tub, a dance floor, many soft, leather sofas, a fantastically large and well stocked bar (courtesy of Fred & George, who said they had ‘connections‘), and three more rooms coming from it. One being a lovely little bathroom, the other two being male and female dormitories. It had taken a while to plan it out with Harry so they’d both have the exact thoughts in their mind when going in. It had intricate designs on the walls and parts of the floor, as well as a large Christmas tree, decorations, and signs reading either ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Dumbledore’s Army’. George levitated a glass of fire whisky to each person. “Let’s raise a glass,” he said, “To-”

 “Shouldn’t we wait for the others?” interrupted Harry.

 He needn’t have said so. Suddenly, the door reappeared, and it opened, and all the missing members of the D.A. who weren’t there, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs alike, appeared. They had all worked as hard on their appearances as the others, except Anthony Goldstein appeared to work the hardest on his in comparison to the other boys in the room, well gelled hair that even though she disliked him, even Hermione had to admit was sexy.

 Harry didn’t see anyone in the room besides Cho. She looked stunning. And now that they had kissed, Harry assumed they could talk about being a couple tonight and the thought made him almost jump for joy.

 “Who’d you get past Umbridge?” asked Seamus.

 “A couple Jelly-Brain Jinxes from Cho and we were in,” said Susan.

 “Great! Now everyone’s here,” said Fred, and levitated the remaining glasses of fire whisky to their recipients.

 “Cheers,” said the room in unison, and they all began swigging their glasses.

 “Now let’s turn on the music!” shouted Fred….

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Last Friday Night: Midnight In Hogwarts


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