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What they don't know by xxJazminexx
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1
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A/N: This is Victoire Weasley, portrayed by Emilie de Ravin

The music was playing too loudly for Dominique’s liking. She had never been in a place like that before, the colourful lights, the loud music, the crowdedness. She just couldn’t see how that appealed to anyone, but obviously it did because there she was, in the middle of a crowded room, a load of drunken teenagers dancing around stepping on her feet.

The only thing that stopped her for running straight back home was Mark, a muggle boy who lived down her street. He and she had talked many times but it wasn’t until the summer that he finally asked her out. They were always going to the cinema and the park and soon became a cute love struck couple.

She never told anyone about him because she didn’t know how people would react to her going out with a muggle, she knew they probably wouldn’t mind but she didn’t want to take the risk. She was happy with Mark. She had never had so much fun in her life, so when he invited her to a party she jumped at the chance to go with him.

She had managed to slip out of the house when everyone had gone to bed and then she met with Mark, he was standing just outside her house, his hair ruffled and his clothing expensive. She thought he looked so handsome, her own prince charming.

Mark walked over holding another two bluish drinks, she didn’t know what they were but she took a sip. As soon as she did she felt the sudden urge to spit it back out, it tasted vile and burnt her mouth. These drinks are not getting any better she thought as she looked to Mark who had almost finished the whole bottle.

“You’re new to this aren’t you?” He laughed taking one last swig of his drink.

“Well, yes. My fingers are all tingly” Dominique was looking down at her hands, her fingers felt unusual and she couldn’t figure out why. He looked to her and then grabbed her wrist pulling her along.

“That just means you need more drink” he smirked back at her before reaching the table full of assortments of alcohol. She knew drinking more would not make her feel better, but she didn’t want to come across as naive little girl so she grabbed a random bottle of red liquid and took a huge gulp. She coughed a couple of times as the liquid burnt her throat. She heard Mark laugh so she looked up to frown at him. “Hey let’s dance” Mark said and before she had time to disagree he was pulling the slightly disorientated Dominique to dance.

They had been dancing and drinking for hours before they both stumbled away from the crowd. Dominique could still sense everything around her; she was just a bit unbalanced and nauseous. Mark pulled her into an empty room and sat on the bed, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked a mess.

“It’s good to get away from all that noise” he said patting the side of the bed. Dominique stumbled over to his side and sat down. She had been, nodding absent-mindedly to what he said. She sat staring at the dark room, taking in the ‘almost silence’. Although music was still blasting through the walls it just wasn’t so ear splitting.

Dominique was enjoying the quietness when she felt a hand stroke her bare leg. She looked to see Mark smirking at her; he leaned in and kissed her gently, his hands caressing her face. Dominique naturally kissed back moving her arms round his neck.

They carried on the kiss until Dominique started losing breath. She went to pull away, but his kissing suddenly became rougher, his hands moving from her face and searching eagerly around her body. She tried to push him away murmuring “no” into his mouth but he overpowered her, pushing her down on the bed.

His alcohol stained breath was vile to taste, causing Dominique to struggle to breathe. He broke their kiss moving down to her neck, his hands messily undoing her buttons to her dress. Dominique was in a state of shock. Her body had frozen, but at the same time every inch of her was screaming ‘Move! Kick, punch...anything!’ but she couldn’t move and she didn’t know what to do.

When she finally managed to cry out for help, tears were falling down her face. She carried on screaming for help, for him to stop, but after a time she knew no one could hear her. She was trapped.

“Dom, Dom...Wake up. It’s just a dream Dom!” Dominique slowly opened her eyes, the light of the room clearing to show four figures standing over her bed looking panicked. Rose had been the one to wake Dominique.

“Dom you were screaming” Lily cried, Dominique noticed Lily was unusually pale and shaky. Tears were falling down her face and she looked terrified. “You were screaming things like ‘get off of me’ and ‘please stop I beg you’” her bright green eyes were searching Dominique’s for an explanation, whereas Rose looked confused and Roxanne and Lucy almost seemed suspicious.

“Who were you screaming at?” Lucy asked sitting on the side of Dominique’s bed as Roxanne leant down and picked Dominique’s duvet off the floor from where she had kicked it off in her sleep.

“I don’t know, it was just a nightmare after all” Dominique replied trying to keep the terror from her eyes, she had to show them that it was a dream and not a memory.

“That seemed pretty real to me” Rose blurted out quickly looking away from Dominique’s gaze. The other three nodded in agreement.

“Well, it wasn’t!” she defended “It was just a nightmare” Dominique could feel herself shaking with fear but she tried to hide it, she made sure to keep eye contact to a minimum.

“I really think we should tell someone” Roxanne demanded turning to head for the door. Dominique quickly jumped off her bed and pulled Roxanne back.

“No! I told you it was nothing but a bad dream. please just leave it. Why won’t you believe me?” Dominique pleaded. Roxanne raised her eyebrows and looked quickly towards Lucy who seemed to give a look of approval, which made Roxanne lower her hand and then they all started walking back to their beds.

Dominique clambered back into her bed chucking the covers over her head, she saw as the room went dark and the quietness came back, all she could hear was steady breathing and the occasional exasperated sigh. She, for the first time that night, let the tears fall from her eyes. She couldn’t hold the pain, the fear in any longer. She rolled up into the foetus position, muffling her cries into her covers.

Why did this happen to me? Why didn’t I fight back? What did I do to deserve this? She thought, huddling herself further into the covers. She hated herself for letting it happen, that the thing inside her would never let her forget it and most of all, she hated Mark for taking everything from her. She wiped her eyes with the corner of the covers and stayed awake into the early hours of the morning going over every bad thing that ever happened to her before her energy left her and she finally fell asleep.

Dominique woke early that morning. When the sun hit her eyes she opened them and noticed everyone was awake, rushing around chucking clothes and other items everywhere, packing for Hogwarts. Dominique sighed, rubbing her eyes. She felt exhausted and rather nauseous.

She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and fell to the floor. She leant against the toilet ready to empty her stomach of the contents from the night before. It didn’t take long. She had managed to quickly shove her hair up before spilling her guts out into the toilet. Coughing as she reached for the glass of water she had poured herself, She leant against the wall looking aimlessly up at the wooded ceiling.

She stayed sat there for about ten minutes before she heard footsteps. She looked towards the door as it swung open. Victoire looked down at Dominique and frowned. Dominique had no time to compose herself, her hair was a mess, she was covered in vomit and she had a feeling she probably didn’t smell too good either.

“What on earth are you doing Dominique?” Victoire asked. Oh no, the full name! Dominique thought “Get in the shower now! And no I won’t tell Mother or Father about this” Victoire shook her head before carrying on “But if you don’t stop making yourself sick I will have to! It’s not healthy...” Wait? Making myself sick Dominique thought as Victoire kept lecturing her, she thinks I’m bulimic!

Dominique reluctantly stood up and made her way past Victoire who backed away. Dominique then walked to the family bathroom, trying to keep the thought of her sister running around telling everyone she was bulimic out of her mind. Just another thing to worry about She thought.

Locking the door behind her she turned the water on letting it fall down her arm, the warmth sending a tingling feeling up her arm. She quickly got undressed and undid her hair then she stood in the shower letting the hot water run down her. The heat was relaxing on her tired body and before she even noticed she found herself sat down huddled under the running water.

She washed her hair with the first shampoo she found; it was Victoire’s. ‘Strawberry burst’ was on the label and to no one’s surprise it smelt deliciously like strawberries. It came with a matching conditioner that she also used.

After about half an hour of pointlessly sitting in the shower, Dominique managed to gain the courage to turn the water off and step onto the cold tiled flooring. She wrapped a towel around her, slowly opened the door and ran back into her room.

After she had gotten dressed and made herself look as acceptable as she could she went down for breakfast. Everyone else had already eaten and so they were busy rushing around finishing the final preparations before they would make their way to London using floo powder. Dominique had been organised and was all ready for Hogwarts so she had nothing to worry about, well... except the organism growing inside her.

She made herself a slice of toast and jam and sat at the table. The whole time she had a feeling Victoire was looking over her shoulder making sure that she wasn’t going to rush into the bathroom.

Before she knew it everyone was lining up by the fireplace ready to go to London. One by one they shouted ‘The Leaky Cauldron!’ and soon enough it was Dominique’s turn. She grabbed on tightly to her trunk and walked into the fireplace.

“The Leaky Cauldron!” She shouted, soon after she found herself in the dim, dark Leaky cauldron. She walked out of the fireplace and made her way over to the rest of the group where her mother was busy brushing dust off Louis’ clothes.

“Nine thirty!” Hermione shouted “Quick quick, we need to get some muggle taxi’s to Kings Cross. Come on” She ordered as she marched out of the inn. Dominique and the rest of the parents and children quickly followed knowing that if anyone had to be in charge of muggle travel Hermione was the best person for the job.

Dominique found herself quickly being shoved into a taxi with her Mother, Father, Louis and James. They all sat unsure of what to do as none of them had ever travelled by taxi before. Dominique looked out the window at the busy bustling traffic of London. She always loved London and wished she could go there more often but neither of her parents felt comfortable in a place full of so many muggles as they didn’t like the thought of standing out and looking odd. Dominique sighed and carried on looking out the window, wishing the journey would hurry up because it was making her feel ill.

Dominique’s taxi was the first one to make it to Kings cross so they stood outside in the cold air waiting for the others to arrive. Fleur complained about the weather and how it was meant to be sunny while Louis just sat on a bench sulking for no particular reason.

Before long the rest had arrived and they were rushing towards the platform. It was quarter to eleven so all the adults were panicking and making the children walk twice as fast. They got through to the platform pretty quickly but because of their lateness the platform was jam-packed.

“We’re never going to get a compartment on the train now!” James complained. Ginny leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, he quickly rubbed his hand across his cheek in disgust as everyone was saying their goodbyes.

Dominique had never felt so emotional about going to Hogwarts and leaving her family before, but before she knew it tears were falling down her face. She looked to Fleur who was also crying, she was holding Louis in a death grip and Bill had to pry him from her so he could get on the train. Fleur quickly rushed over to Dominique and swung her arms around her daughter.

“You look after your little brother now won’t you.” she told Dominique, hugging her just as tightly as she had done with Louis.

“I will, I promise” She smiled looking up at Bill who smiled approvingly at her. Fleur released her and let her make her way onto the train. She looked around and found that Rose had found an empty compartment then Dominique pushed Lily and Louis into the compartment and sat down by the window.

Lily and Louis soon started talking between each other and Rose began reading a book on Ancient runes. Dominique stared out the window at all the smiling faces of parents saying their final goodbyes to their children. Dominique hugged herself as the train began to move, starting its long journey to Hogwarts.

This is going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure Dominique thought as she watched the station disappear into the distance.

A/N – Well I hope you liked it, I found this chapter quite hard to write because of a certain scene but I think I did well. Please review I worked hard to try and make this chapter work! Thankyou x

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