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Never Saw It Coming by Mrs Lewis
Chapter 1 : Merry Old England.
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 Chapter one; Merry Old England.


“Oh for merlin sake Mattie, tone it down. It’s not that big of a deal chicken.”

“Oh come off it dad! Of course it’s a big deal!” I am scowling at daddy dearest at this point in our conversation which let me tell you only started four sentences ago!!

See my dad is a wizard and an Auror actually and I am a witch.Dad is the Head of the Auror Department, (even though there is hardly any Dark Wizards in Australia) at the Australian Ministry of Magic. Seeing as he is young and the best in the Australian Department he was made Head last month and he gets the missions he wants and the important cases which has been fine with me because I have been at school at Wattle Gum Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry and have been for the last seven years. It was the start of the second semester and I had been pulled out of school for a couple of days because dad had to talk to me about something important.

Okay so let me introduce myself I am Matilda Ginerva Finnegan, my father is Seamus Finnegan Head Auror. It’s been the two of us since a couple of months after I started at the Academy when my other Aimeelee Finnegan nee Adams left us. She was muggle.

My mother and father met after my dad was transferred to Australia about a year and a half after the Battle of Hogwarts. When my parents met they fell in love they moved back to Britain to be with dad’s family and so their kids could grow up with his mate’s kids. Because they did this I spent the first 9 and a half years of my life being best friends with Rosie Weasley and Dom Weasley (their cousins) my other best friends were James Potter, Freddie Weasley, and Albus Potter. I was close to the other kids but these five knew me better than I knew myself.

I am in James, Freddie, Rosie and Dom’s year. Yeah, yeah I know Rose is supposed to be with Al in his year but McGonagall moved her up a year in her second year so now she was a seventh year with us.

Anyway Aimeelee moved us to Australia because she was a bitch who wanted my dad to be miserable. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

After I started at the Academy I had three amazing friends Troy Delani, Maggie Finnegan (no relation) and Adelynn Halley. We were mates since the first day (but they would never replace my best mates back in England who I only saw once a year at Christmas). The only reason why I wasn’t with them now enjoying the beautiful day at the schools private beach was because of said important discussion.

Anyway back to the present my dad has just informed me that he is going away indefinitely!! I feel like his abandoning me like Aimeelee, not that I care about her but STILL!!!

“Dad you can’t do this! Can’t leave me ALONE!! I am finishing school in six months!” I yell at him tears covering my scowl ridden face.

“Mattie, sweet heart. Do you really think I would leave you here alone? I won’t leave you in one country with no family while I am in another.” He says trying to sooth me by stroking my hair and rubbing my arm.

“Daddy, what am I going to do then? I refuse to speak to or see or think about Aimeelee or her parents. I refuse.” I told him whispering firmly.

“Of course you won’t be going with them” He scoffs at me. Before looking at me hesitantly before proceeding. “Well I asked Harry and Ginny if you could move in with them until I come back home. Or until school finishes whichever comes first.” He mumbles.

“You did what!?” I screech at him standing up from the couch and start pacing in front of him throwing him dirty looks, mumbling under my breath. I mean I love the Potter’s I do but this is my last year before I go to Healers school and of course I wasn’t actually mad at him, I just wish I was informed sooner!

“I asked your Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny to let you live with them until I return.” He says again firmly.

“What about school?! What about my last year!? I have six months left!! I am Head Girl!”

“I have already arranged school for you. You would start your seventh year again at Hogwarts, where I went. And I have talked to Madame Diviney and she is just waiting for you recommendation for your replacement.” He says calmly motioning for me to sit back down with him. I grudgingly do so.

He throws his arm around my shoulders and kisses my head, I relax into his body.

“So I would start seventh year all over again?” I ask sceptically raising my eyebrows.

“Yes, erm, well erm. That would be the general idea.” He mumbles waiting of me to explode again. I grin at this and turn around to look him in the eyes. He looks startled and confused at my grin. I give him a swift kiss on the cheek and stand up and simply say.

“Well okay, fine only cause it’s Harry and Ginny and I get to see everyone again all year, plus I haven’t been focusing enough so I will get more time before end of year exams!” I start to laugh at my dad bemused look which at the mention of school and not focusing turns to frustration. WIN! And I wasn't really mad at him because I had to start my final year again I was actually quite happy about it. I hated School at the minute.

“So when do I leave? When do I get sorted?” I ask him all at once letting meself feelexcited about going to Hogwarts for the first time since this conversation started. I had been accepted into Hogwarts but Aimeelee wanted me to attend an Australian School like she had, even if it was one for Witches and even though she left after five months of me being gone.

At my questions dad starts to move uncomfortably. “Well?” I probe, my striking blue eyes narrowing.

“Well you leave in two days. You will get sorted before term starts at the Potter’s.” He looks at me sheepishly.

“Hmm okay”

He looks at me confused usually I would have thrown a fit at leaving so soon, but things at school were not going well.

“Okay well I am off to pack and ring the girls and Troy. See you at dinner.”

I literally skip out of the living room to my room. Once in my room I start to cry a bit because I felt guilty about being excited about moving back to my family back home, and leaving my friends behind.

Okay, this is my second story and I just want to say this for the first and last time. Anything you recoginse is J.K.Rowlings not mine, my own characters are mine and the plot. Please let me know what you think!!??! 



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