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The Dream Barrier by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 22 : The Cure For Bordum- Part One
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We were bored. It was the first day of December, and other than Alice being obscenely happy that Christmas was soon, we had nothing to do. Literally nothing, I couldn’t believe that it was possible for a group of seventeen year olds to get so bored. I was sitting in the great hall for breakfast at nine of o clock. Stirring my cup of tea I silently ate my toast and watched what was going on around me. I was not a morning person. And most people stuck to the rules of just not speaking to me in the morning.

Or eating to loudly near me, or even just looking at me funny. All could end up with me throwing a hissy fit. I really was not a morning person. Most of the group had learned that over the years, Lily was rather similar to me, we could sit in grumpy morning silence drinking our tea happily. But Alice was a morning person. Actually Alice was an everything person, I doubt that there was ever anything that could get her down, it’s depressing for people like Lily and I.

Sipping tea and looking around the great hall in the morning was something that I normally found quite enjoyable. People watching was always good fun. Seeing someone spill cornflakes or coffee down themselves and then look around quickly to check that no one had noticed or someone accidentally spilling coffee down their white shirtfront and quickly covering it up with their robes in hope that no one would see. I yawned at looked at my group of friends. James and Sirius were in the middle of an animated conversation about some prank they had snuck out to pull the night before. Sirius was waving his hands around in the air, gesturing animatedly. James was nodding his head so hard his jaw was sure to be hurting, his glasses bouncing all over his face. They looked exactly the same as they had aged eleven after they pulled their first prank.

They were so innocent in first year. Completely so, I was pretty sure that that was the only year that the boys were innocent. As soon as they came back for second year it was all about girls and whispers about this thing called sex that they’d heard some of the older kids talking about. Pranks and sneaking out were still important, the most important, but girls were coming at a close second. And even aged twelve the marauders had girls falling at their feet, girls as old as fourth years. It was just wrong in my book, but that didn’t stop the boys enjoying their attention. They were a group of attention whores, that’s why they pulled pranks.

I had to admit though; they looked cute as they acted like their eleven year old selves. It was sweet to see them as they were before their ego’s set in fully. I smile slipped on my face and I looked down, running my fingers through my still ebony hair. I still wasn’t used to it. I was tempted to go back to the hair dressers and ask them to set it back to its original colour. The time when I changed my hair had changed such a huge part of me.

It was as though I was a different girl now. I knew parts of who I was, but then again I didn’t know myself at all. It really was strange how much a small change in appearance could change someone, I considered. Take James for instance, I could remember the day that he first got his glasses. He hated them, he was ten years old and the pieces of glass and metal on his face really knocked his confidence. He hadn’t wanted to see anyone, hiding in his room for a few days. But then some girl on the play ground, which I had dragged him too complaining that he was being boring, commented on how she thought that they made him look cute. All of a sudden those glasses were a gift from god. As he got older James claimed that he had the ‘geek chic’ look. Apparently girls loved that…

Modest James Potter was not.

But he was still my cocky arrogant brother. And he did manage to get the girl. Eventually. It was still strange to me that James and Lily were together. A couple. It was something that we had been trying to make happen for years. I could remember Lily telling me around half way though fifth year that she had a thing for guys wearing glasses. That was when I knew that she would end up with James. There was too much passion between them not to believe that they would either eventually get together, or just kill each other. It was going to happen!

Personally I was glad that they got together. I would have been completely gutted to lose both my best friend and my brother because one killed the other (and we all knew it would be Lily who killed James). It would be a sad time really.

Lily looked about as tired as I was that morning, she was paying no attention to James and Sirius, despite their cuteness. She seemed off in another world. I was watching her- like a bit of a creeper I’ll admit- when she looked up and caught me staring. She winked at me.

“So, tomorrow?” She said, grinning wickedly. I was confused. What the hell was Lily talking about?

“What?” I asked, confusion clouding my features. “It’s morning Lil, you’re gonna have to elaborate on your point or just shut up.”

Lily rolled her eyes at my reply, knowing it was just the sleep deprivation speaking.

“That thing we were talking about last night,” She smiled. “The cure for the boredom.”

If you had been in the great hall and, by coincidence, looking at Lily and me at that point, you would have noticed a clear light bulb moment occur. That and the classic ‘O’ face.

But you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. The previous night, Lily, Alice, Leigh and I had all been sitting up in the heads common room, which was really just a seventh year Gryffindor common room since we all spent all our time there now. The boys were off, talking about what they would be doing at the weekend, talking about Moony and Prongs and Wormtail and Padfoot, basically talking in riddles with their nicknames again. But us girls were complaining about how it was seventh year, our final, ultimate, year at Hogwarts, and we were bored. We had literally nothing to do but sit around and gossip in the common room. We had barely even snuck out this year and, contrary to popular belief, us Gryffie girls weren’t all that opposed to sneaking out every once in a while.

Which was what we were talking about in the heads common room, well complaining about would describe it more accurately.

“Do you not remember what we thought our seventh year would be like? When we were back in, what, third year? We had so many great ideas about what to do with it! Sure that we would be sneaking out every night, going to secret parties, slinking off to hogsmeade without permission for a drink late on the weekends, even sneaking into Filtches office and stealing something he’d confiscated! We had so many great ideas!” Lily moaned, from her position on the sofa.

I nodded, shaking my head.

“We were geniuses, and rebels, at thirteen. We were so keen to out manoeuvre the marauders, to do something that they hadn’t. Who would have guessed that now we’d actually be friends with them? And Lily would be willingly going out with James!” I made the dig at Lily and laughed along with Alice. Lily threw a pillow at my head, blushing so hard it was difficult to see the difference between her face and her hair.

“Shut up you!” Lily glared, though she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.

“You do have to admit that you two are cute,” Alice demanded, smiling at her friend. We all nodded in agreement. Then I sighed the others holding the same dejected look as I was at our lack of ability to do something, anything, with our final year.

“I wish that we could just do something with this year,” Lily said. “Something big, like one of those things that even when you’re doing it you know that its going to be a memory, you know?”

I did know, I nodded seeing Alice do the same.

“Well why don’t we just do it then?” Leigh asked, her pretty face looking at us as though we were stupid. “You just listed off the stuff you wanted to do with your seventh year when you were kids, why not pick one and we’ll just do it?”

And it was as simple as that. We all stared at Leigh like idiots for a minute or so before bursting into excited babblings about what we could do. All of us hyper and, honestly, acting like we were thirteen again.

Only this time we were actually able to carry out the plans we put into place. We were going to do it. We were going to do the best, most rebellious and honestly downright scary thing on our list!

We were going to go skinny dipping in the lake in the middle of the night. And we were going to do it tomorrow, Friday night. But we weren’t telling the boys because, first off, James would freak out at the fact his girlfriend and sister were going to get naked outside where anyone could see them. Second off, they would want to join us and this was strictly a girl thing. No boys allowed. We were going to be… naked! Oh it was so rebellious! I almost couldn’t believe that we were going to do it, part of me still doubted we would!

“Yes, tomorrow,” I told Lily, a huge smile on my face. “It’s going to be so good! I can’t believe we’re actually going to do it!” I squealed, being a little more girly than I had planned.

“I know!” Lily gushed in return. “It’s totally going to be a night to rememb-”

“What are you two planning?” James cut in suspiciously. “I’ve not seen either of you this riled up in weeks. It’s worrying.”

Lily and I both put on our composed faces, the one that James appeared to be oblivious to. He couldn’t know the plan it was an unspoken acknowledgement between us. Well, actually, we had said it to each other the night before… but that was besides the point.

“Why would you think we were planning something James?” Lily asked innocently, flashing him her big green eyes as she ran her fingers through his hair. Oh she was good, I thought with a smirk as James got flustered. She had him wrapped around her little finger. I watched the two of them battle wits for a moment, Lily claiming that we weren’t planning anything, James telling her to come off it of course we were, it was written all over our faces, it was quite amusing really.

“So what are you actually planning?” A voice whispered in my ear.

I jumped about three foot in the air, the last time I had checked Sirius was on the other side of the table and sitting across from James, he was not directly by my side. I glared at the smirking boy who looked pleased with himself for managing to give me a fright.

“Seriously, how did you get round here without me noticing?” I asked, shoving him on the arm.

Sirius ignored my question, just smirking. “What are you girls up to?” He asked again.

I rolled my eyes, this boy didn’t quit, he was determined to know the truth, I could see it in his eyes. I would just make up something random to tell him. Get him off my case and then let Lily know what was going on later. Preferably before she did the same thing to James, or Leigh did a similar thing with Remus. I sighed reluctantly, as though it was a chore to give up my information.

“We’re sneaking off of the grounds tomorrow night to go for a few drinks in Hogsmeade.” I told him. “Happy now?”

Sirius nudged James and told him that we were going to Hogsmeade tomorrow after curfew, I made eye contact with Lily, knowing that she would understand what I was doing, she nodded discreetly. We were like fricking MI5! Ninja skills, Lil, we have some Ninja skills! The two boys were frowning, what was their problem? This was the tame thing to do! Sneaking out of the castle wasn’t that bad, we knew the passage ways, we knew how not to get caught and it wouldn’t be the first time a group of seventh years had gone MIA on a Friday night.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” James said, finality lacing his tone.

Both Lily and I started at him, open mouthed. I was about to say something when Lily cut me off.

“Are you actually kidding me?” She asked, not a trace of humour on her face. “Kirsty, Leigh, Alice and I are all over seventeen years old and if we want to go out for a drink on a Friday night then that is our bloody prerogative!” Lily snapped at her boyfriend.

I watched James’ face, knowing that this was going to be a pointless battle. His face was set, in the ‘you’re going to do as I say whether you like it or not’ kind of way. His eyes had a glint of steal in them and his jaw was set. All in all he didn’t look like a happy bunny.

“Do you know what night it is tomorrow night Lily?” James asked, ignoring everything his girlfriend had just said. What was that supposed to mean, I looked at Sirius for a bit of help but he sported a face similar to James’. He was not approving either, not even a little bit.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Lily demanded loudly, pulling away from her boyfriend. “It’s Friday night tomorrow, what of it?”

“Lower your voice please,” James hissed, for once his tone not being completely kind to his girlfriend, it was not often that James snapped at Lily, hell, I could count the number of times he had snapped at her in the last few years on one hand. Lily looked shocked and affronted but didn’t say anything more. “Tomorrow is the full moon,” James whispered harshly. “Ring any bells?”

I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed the dates, the coincidence. My face flushed, I looked down at the table slightly embarrassed. We were so caught up in our own ideas that we didn’t take so much as a moment to think of anyone else. It was selfish, I knew, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I looked at Sirius, he was looking at me, a little sadly. I knew he didn’t want us to go to Hogsmeade, it was right there in his gaze, but at the same time he wanted us to do it. To do something, any other time I was pretty sure the boys would have encouraged our antics.

Or at least the ones which we claimed we were doing while we actually did something else, completely random and different from what they had originally thought.

“Oh,” Lily had said, enlightenment dawning on her face.

“Yes, oh.” James snapped again. “You’re not going, any of you.” He said with finality.

I didn’t know what to say to that. His tone and demanding demeanour made me want to tell him to fuck off and stop being such a bossy boots. But the glint in his eye and the logic behind what he was saying made me think that maybe we should reschedule our little midnight skinny dip. It was dangerous after all… but what were the chances of anything happening?

Ever since fifth year the boys had been camping out and staying with Remus once a month during the full moons. They stayed in the shack and made sure Remus didn’t get out, that’s what they had always told Kirsty, and Lily when she admitted that she had known about Remus. She’d known since second year, didn’t tell us that she knew until fifth year though.

“Whatever,” I muttered in reply to James, standing up. I grabbed Lily’s arm and made to leave the hall. “C’mon Lils, we’re gonna be late to potions.” She stood up to leave with me, I pulled down my skirt slightly, making sure I was actually decent to be seen. Lily and I were just leaving when James grabbed my arm.

“I mean it Kirsty,” He said to me, his eyes boring into mine. “You’re not leaving the grounds tomorrow night.” His eyes set, suspicious that I had given in to him so quickly.

“Jesus, James, I get it okay?” I snapped, pulling my arm out of his grasp. “I’ll see you later.”

And with that Lily and I left the hall. We didn’t say anything for several minutes, both of us thinking over what had just been said. The halls were cold and silent, no one heading to class as early as we were.

“So,” Lily said trailing off slightly. She ran one hand through her long red main. “We’re still doing it tomorrow right?” She asked. I looked at her as though she were insane.

“Are you insane?” I asked, my eyebrows disappearing up into my hairline as we turned the corner and ventured down the stairs to the dungeons. “Do you know how dangerous that would be-” I started to rant but Lily cut me off.

“Oh give over, Remus wouldn’t ever make it would of the shack, the boys are there to stop him.” Lily retorted.

“Please, Lil! Remus would be the least of our problems.” I snapped back. “James will bloody kill us if he found out Lily! Murder, Lil, murder! I wouldn’t see daylight for weeks! Hell, he’d probably lock you up as well, and believe me when James Potter gets serious, even Lily Evans is no match for him!”

It was true though, I honestly couldn’t imagine how mad James would go if he knew that we were out on the grounds on a full moon. Ever since first year it had been the one night where James always demanded that I didn’t leave the tower. And usually James was encouraging a little rule breaking from us girls! Claimed we were a bit boring. Sod. But that one night a month, James always checked to make sure I was well tucked up in bed before going to sleep himself. He claimed it was his duty as an ‘older brother’. Honestly I thought it was a bit cute.

“Puh-lease, Kirsty!” Lily smiled, making the issue out to be nothing. “You leave this to me. If we get caught I can make sure that James isn’t even a little mad at any of us. I have him wrapped around my little finger you know.” Lily smirked, swishing her hips in an over exaggerated fashion as we walked into the, still empty, classroom. I looked after her doubtfully. Lily thought that she knew James, but I knew for a fact that I knew him better. And when it came to her, and my, safety there was no way in hell she had him wrapped around her finger. James could be a psycho bitch when he needed to, worse than a PMSing Lily- I kid you not!

“Lily, I don’t know…” I trailed off, taking my seat at the desk behind Lily, this could turn out seriously wrong, I had a feeling about it. Like it was a bad idea.

“For Merlin’s sake, Kirst!” Lily snapped, clearly exasperated, grumpily pulling her equipment for the class out of her bag. “Quit being such a sponge!” She said, deadly serious.

I bust out laughing. “A sponge?” I asked. “How the hell am I being a sponge Lil?”

Lily looked at me as though I was mentally impaired. “A fun sponge, Kirsty. You soak up all the fun!” I couldn’t help but laugh even harder at that. A fun sponge? Seriously? Where did she get this shit from? It was almost too good for words!

“You know Lil, if that term weren’t so funny I might me a little offended,” I said as I sobered up, rubbing my tummy rid of the pain that laughing so hard caused. Lily was still looking at me as though I were a bit thick. “But seriously, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do this tomorrow night. Maybe we should put it off until Saturday?”

I looked at my best friend, willing her to agree, I knew that what I was saying was for the best, for everyone’s safety. Alice and Leigh would have no idea of the danger they were in and I would be unable to enjoy myself because I would be constantly worried that something would go wrong.

“Come on Kirst!” Lily moaned, leaning back on her seat so she was closer to me. “If we don’t do it tomorrow night we never will! You know what we’re like, if we put it off once we’ll just keep putting it off and end up in the same boring rut that we’re in right now! I want to do something exciting!”

I stared at her, unsure as what to say to that. I didn’t think it was a good idea, sure. But Lily clearly wasn’t caring. And the others were doing this tomorrow night with or without me.

“Fine,” I sighed. “I’m in.” 


'Ello! Not tooooo long of a wait there right? Right?... Okay about a month is good! If you actually care the reason I've been so rubbish with updating is because I've started uni, and theres been lots of stuff going on! Partys and such, just living the student life! The only reason I actually got this chapter finished- and I admit, sorry its a bit of a filler! Next few chapters should be good though! Well I hope they are anyway...but yes, the only reason I got this chapter finished was because I had a scary film night with my flatmates and the people from the flat below us... I was up all night terrified that the little girl from the ring, or the masked people from the strangers were going to get me! I'll admit it, I'm a wuss! But anyway, you got an update out of it! I will try to update again soon! I kinda want to be able to write a christmas chapter at christmas and theres a few chapters before the Xmas hols! So heres hoping! Anyway, this is ridiculously long! Please let me know what you think, and Happy Halloween everyone! (its Halloween today! :D ) - Kirsty xxx

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