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Hidden in the Dark by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Doubts
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Teddy Lupin brought a hand to his face, hiding his eyes from the sun glaring down at him, and looked up at the old, run down house. The front was covered in moss and leaves, making the brick hardly visible, the windows were cracked or boarded up, having been smashed completely, the paint on the door was faded and peeling off. He dreaded to think how it looked inside.

"Are you sure about this house, Vic?" he called to his wife.

He turned to see Victoire raise a finger to the estate agent, signaling she'd be back in a minute, and she walked over to him, her summer dress swaying above her ankles in the light breeze. Victoire took his hand and nodded to the house. "It's perfect, Ted," she exclaimed. She waved a hand to the house and around the estate. "We've got all this space; a front yard, a huge garden in the back, it's a big house so there's plently of room for guests, which is great considering how big our family is." She sighed and rubbed his arm up and down. "I think it's perfect. Don't you?"

Teddy chuckled, "I think it's a hazard. I fear for my life just looking at it, never mind Ryan's."

It was Victoire's turn to laugh. "I'm not going to bring our son here with it looking like this. We'll fix it up first." She made her way back to the estate agent. "We can easily do that now with the money left over," she called.

"Yeah, that's another thing I wanna talk about," he said, following. "A price so cheap for a place this size? What's the catch?"

"Excuse me?" the estate agent asked him.

"There's got to be a catch if it's so cheap," Teddy told her. "What is it? Rats? Bugs?"

"Ghosts?" Victoire asked, mocking.

"Not funny," Ted glared.

The estate agent gave a small laugh. "It's just old, sir, and it's been on the market for a while."

"So nothing's wrong with the house, you just want it sold. That's it?" Teddy asked slowly.

The estate agent held up the contract and a pen, holding it out to the couple. "That's it. Are you buying it?"

Victoire looked to Teddy, her small smile betraying the pouting look she was trying to give him. He just nodded. "Yes," she squealed, taking the clipboard and signing. "We'll go out later and buy things we need to fix the house and we'll call family members tomorrow, so that they can help, and we'll move in as soon as possible."

Teddy took note of her rambling, glad she was so happy, and turned back to the house. He supposed once it was fixed up and looked like a house again, it wouldn't be so bad. He narrowed his eyes at a window, sure he'd seen a curtain, or what was left of a curtain, move. Stepping closer, Teddy was certain he saw a figure move back, but nothing was there.

"Teddy?" Victoire called. "Edward!"

"What?" he asked, then he noticed the clipboard. "Oh, sorry." He took the board and placed the pen to the paper. "Hey, are the old owners still living here?" he asked the estate agent.

"No," she answered. "No one's lived here in over fifty years, not properly. The people who leased it last, with the intention of renovating it, left over six months ago. Why do you ask?"

"It's nothing," he murmured. "I thought I saw something."

He signed the contract and Victoire thanked the estate agent before she left. She took Teddy's hand and they stared up at the house one last time. "We're going to like it here," she whispered, excited. "Come on, we need to go shopping."

She gently dragged Teddy to the car and they got in. "Are you definitely sure?" he asked. "Because we can rip up that contract and keep looking."

"I think it's you who's not sure, Ted," she laughed. "It's just an old house. You've spent way too much time at Malfoy Manor if this house is giving you the creeps."

"Maybe," he muttered. He started the car and drove away, keeping his eyes on the house through the rearview mirror until it was out of sight. Only then did the chills on the back of his neck disappear.

A/N: Edited, with a new chapter posted.


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Hidden in the Dark: Doubts


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