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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 10 : Ani is Dying
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 I woke up really early in the morning. I needed to see my sister. I wanted to ask what happened to her. I wanted to confirm what Sirius told me. But, most importantly, I wanted to ask for her forgiveness. My sister went through a lot to date Sirius. She may not love him the way most girls would, but she liked him. She trusted him – and me.


It was five in the morning when I turned the tap on. I tried to hold back the coldness of the water as I had shower. I dried myself quickly with the towel and got dressed with my Gryffindor uniform. Just when I reached for my glasses, I remembered what Sirius said about it. You’re better without it.


I blinked my eyes and put my hand down. Maybe, I will follow his suggestion this time. I left my glasses and took my bag before I headed down-stairs. I sent Ani a letter that I would come to her common room. If I was right, she must had been waiting since three o’clock. The common room was so empty and it was so creepy. I had never been out early in the morning like this. I braced myself and walked toward the portrait.


“Where are you going, Lina?” said someone behind me. I jumped and quickly shut my mouth before I could scream. There, laying carelessly on the couch and fully dressed, was James Potter.


“Bloody hell, James. You scared the shit out of me,” I muttered, walking slowly toward him. He smirked and sat up.


“I repeated, where are you going?” he said, ignoring my last comment. I shrugged.


“The Head common room,” I said flatly. James frowned.


“You know where it is?” he said. His hand suddenly went right to his pocket – the one that didn’t have his wand.


“Yeah, my sister showed it to me,” I said, couldn’t help but wondering why he turned so tense all sudden.


James made a vague sighed. “Oh. Well, why are you going there? Is it something about Sirius?”


Hearing Sirius’ name made me turned into anger in 0.9 second. “Shut up, James.”


James smirked in jovially. “Well, why the anger all sudden? I thought we were talking quite civilly.”


I glared at him and started to talk toward the portrait. “Stuff it, James. I’m in no mood of talking to you.”


“He’s falling for you, you know! He had always been!” shouted James right before the portrait closed behind me.


It took me minutes before I digested what he said.


He, it wasn’t mean Sirius, right?


Damn, who am I fooling. Of course it’s Sirius ‘Effing’ Black.


Who else did James meant other than Sirius? That boy and his friends were the only ones that were-


Bloody hell.


Did James said he, Sirius Black, fell for me?


He did not just said that! I mean, the Sirius Black I know never knew the word love.


“Girl, stop tapping your foot!” said the Fat Lady angrily. “It’s still early, you know!”


I rolled my eyes. “I’m sorry,” I muttered half-heartedly as I walked to the fifth floor – where the Head common room is.


What should I say to Ani? I just kissed her boyfriend when I know she needed him. I was a whore. If Ani hated me, I won’t blame her. I shouldn’t have kissed Sirius. But, how could I resist him? He was too attractive for his own good. And I was a girl with hormonse raging and a huge feelings toward a darn-good looking boy. Surely that was what any girl-


Wait a minute.


I didn’t just said that I have feelings for Sirius, right?


No, uh-uh, I didn’t.


I have no feelings for that boy. End of story. Goodbye. The end.


But, why couldn’t I get him out of my mind?


Ugh, damn you, Sirius Black!


Finally, I was in front a portrait of Merlin. He had this twinkling eyes that looked a lot like Dumbledore’s. I am so startled at how those eyes looked right into me. Those eyes were crystal-blue and was as beautiful as the sea of Cornwall. Merlin smiled at me before he talked.


“Ah, you must be Napralina Isilee. Your sister said that you’ll come in a matter of time,” he said kindly. “Well, I guess you know the password, don’t you?”


“Yes, I do. Potens est amor,” I said. The password was in Latin, and it means love is mighty. Somehow, I have a strong feeling that Merlin and Dumbledore are one family.


Merlin smiled and the portrait opened. “Too right you will,” he said. I thanked him and entered the common room. The room was a lot bigger than the Gryffindor common room and a lot better. It was coloured in light purple and white; Dumbledore’s favourite color – according to rumor.


My sister was sitting on the couch, looking radiant as ever. I envied her for looking beautiful in every occasion. Me? I couldn’t look even only a bit like her, even without my glasses. Ani was the true epitom of beauty. She moves like a bloody super-model and she has the most beautiful eyes a human being could ever have. Her hair was the most perfect brown and so silky. And her body was so impeccable that I found it impossible that she’s a human. Ani was so perfect, unlike me. It was hard to imagine that my sister was sick. It was hard to imagine that my sister was fragile. It was hard to imagine that my impeccable sister was dying.


When Ani heard the door closed, she turned around and looked at me. As her eyes found my figure, a big smile formed on her lips. Her smile... Oh, how could someone smile so beautiful like that? Only with her smile, she looked so beautiful and it lightened the whole room. She got up and moved happily to me with her hands wide opened.


“Lina, how are you?” she greeted as she hugged me. I hugged her awkwardly and stroked her back slowly. To be honest, this was the fifth time she hugged me this year.


“I’m fine, thank you. And you?” I asked, though I know she was far from fine.


“I’m great, thanks!” she said.




I tried to fake a genuine smile and went to sit on the couch. Ani followed suit and took my hand firmly. “Now, what is it you want to talk about?”


I looked straight to her eyes, which beauty rivalled Dumbledore’s and Merlin’s. Her beautiful eyes looked at me confusedly, maybe wondering why I acted so weird. Her smooth but freckled face was so pale than it used to be. I could see how life leaved her metaphorically through her eyes.


“Ani, I just talked to Sirius last night. And he- he told me something,” I said carefully. I could feel Ani’s piercing blue eyes bolted to my figure. I shrunk in nervousness and looked away.


“He told you, right?” she whispered, barely audible. I nodded vaguely.


“It was my fault. I got into a fight with him and I kind of forced him to say that. He didn’t mean to-“


“Will you forgive me, Lina?” she said, cutting off everything I said. I frowned.


“What?” I said, clearly confused.


“Will you forgive me for not telling it to you?” she said. She let out a heavy breath and started to walk toward the window. She gave me a short glanced before she looked back at the window.


And everything just poured out from her lips.


“I already knew it since my fourth year. I found this leaf-shaped bruise on my back one day when I was having bath. I went right to the hospital where mother works alone. They told me that I got APL and I should find a bone-marrow donor. They said that the chance of having a donor for an APL patient is slim to none. When I got home, I saw our parents were so happy and contempt and you’re so full of life. I couldn’t take that from you. So I kept silent for this whole three years, trying to convince myself that nothing will happen. But, I was wrong. This summer, I got a terrible nosebleed and I thought my nose is breaking. I went back to the hospital, where I got handled by good doctors. They said that my condition worsens and I only got four months to live.”


That news stabbed my heart like a knife. My sister is going to die. And I just know it now.

A/N: Hehe, cliffhanger! I am terribly for making a cliffhanger :D But, I just found it quite interesting. So far, this is the shortest paragraph I've ever made. Wait for the next chapter and please review. Thanks for reading, by the way.


Sophie :)

P.S.: Read my Scorpius/Rose song fiction (One Advice) and don't forget to review! 

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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile: Ani is Dying


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