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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 3 : Bloody duties
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Duties. Everybody hates duties – that is, if you’re normal.

And being Head Girl, I kept receiving more and more duties. Today, Ron and I would be holding the first meeting for the Prefects at 9 PM just outside the Great Hall and it would be Ron’s responsibility to make sure everyone showed up, while it was my duty to pair two and two to patrol. Such fun, right?

“Hey, Kaya, we’re missing Malfoy,” Ron said and I looked through my list.

Hermione Granger – Hannah Abbott

Ronald Weasley – Harry Potter

Blaise Zabini – Draco Malfoy

“Where’s Zabini?” I asked, not seeing him in the crowd.

“Hospital wing,” Ron explained and I, unfortunately, let out a short laugh. All eyes landed on me, and some were even glaring.


“All right, Ron you tell them where they’ll be going. I’ll go and find Malfoy.” I gave Ron the sheet of paper with the instructions on and he immediately started sending people off, while I walked down towards the dungeons.

Everything was silent, and I heard my own footsteps echo through the corridor. It was bloody creepy, and I’m secretly scared of the dark, which didn’t make things any better.

As I made it to the entrance to the Slytherin common room, I searched through my mind to remember the password.

“Salazar,” I tried uncertainly. I really shouldn’t forget these things.

Luckily, the wall bent to my favour and I almost felt like clapping my hands like a little girl.

I stepped inside, and ignoring all the looks I received I walked straight up to a girl I’d seen before. I believed her name to be Parkinson.

“Where’s Malfoy’s dorm?” I asked bluntly, pulling some hair out of my face.

“Who wants to know?” Parkinson asked in a snobby voice, and I almost felt like face palming her right there.

“Head Girl,” I sneered, absolutely not in the mood for her behaviour.

“It’s down there,” a male voice further back called and I turned to him, slightly taken aback as I recognised Drew Matthews, my old Potions partner. “Room 5th on the left,” he winked, and when I realised I was blushing, I quickly replied: “Thank you, Drew,” before I hurried down the stairs.

1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 …

I knocked three times on the door and waited patiently. There was no answer, and I decided to just walk in.

I pressed down the handle of the door and pushed against it, but it daren’t move.

“Darn it,” I muttered. He’d locked it. Guess he wasn’t as daft as he looked.

I drew out my wand and pointed it at the door. “Alohamora,” I whispered. I heard the lock turn, and when I pushed on the door this time, it gave away.

But not smarter than me, I thought and grinned, realising I sounded all too much like a true Ravenclaw.

Shaking my head I walked into the room, finding Malfoy almost naked, passed out on his bed.


 I looked around, realizing he was all alone. Closing the door behind me, I walked over to his bed. Carefully I bent down, shoving my finger into the smooth surface of his muscled back.

Getting no response, I shoved to two fingers a bit firmer into his back, still getting no response.

“Are you dead or something?” I groaned, starting to shake him. He didn’t show a single sign of being alive, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was softly snoring, I’d check his pulse.

Groaning, I braised myself before crawling on top on him, straddling him from behind. Taking a deep breath, I raised my hand before smacking him in the back of the head, finally drawing his attention.


“About time you woke up,” I snapped and he turned his head to look at me. His face was tired and his eyes lids barely parting. “Penelope?” he groaned, clearly not expecting my presence. “I thought you were Pansy.”

“Well I’m not. Now get up, you’ve got Prefect duties.”

“You’re on top of me, Penelope. I’m not complaining, but you need to get off if I’m supposed to get up,” he said matter-of-factly, before slowly turning his body around. “Right,” I muttered and started to get off, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned me down. I gave him a nervous glance, receiving a wicked grin in return. He’d clearly woken up fast. Just needed a girl’s crotch – what a bloke.

“Or you could stay and keep me company,” he winked and a pleasurable chill ran down my spine. “Can’t,” I stated as I slid off him and down to the floor, loosening his grip before retrieving my wrist entirely. “I got Head Girl duties, and one of them is to get your out of bed and get you dressed as you have Prefect duties.”

Grabbing the end of his bed sheets, I yanked them off him. He wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of snug, white boxers and I tried to swallow the lump in my throat unsuccessfully.

“Enjoying the view, Penelope?”

“Just get up and change,” I sneered as I gave him my back, folding my arms over my chest, fuming.

I could feel his smirk on me and heard him stand up, dressing himself.

A few moments later I heard him cough neutrally and I turned, finding him in his Slytherin robes and his sleek platinum blonde hair perfect as ever. On his finger he wore a ring with his house’s symbol on it: a snake. He was twinning it around his finger, eyeing me cautiously up and down.

“What?” I snarled, trying to keep up an annoyed attitude, while really I just wanted to get out so we wouldn’t be alone.

I’d heard the rumours about Draco Malfoy.

“Where do you want me?” he asked, his lips twitching up in a smirk that made me feel uneasy.

“Follow me,” I said in a curt voice, throwing the door open and jogging up the stairs. I could hear him beside me, so I chose not to double check. Stopping by staircase up to the owlery, I turned on my heel to face him. He stopped too close, interrupting my personal space.

“We are patrolling the corridors on this floor,” I told him, placing my hands on my hips, shifting my weight to my left leg. “I’m patrolling with you?” His smirk was unmistakable and it made me just as uneasy as the one he’d given me in his bedroom.

“Dry that smirk off right away, Malfoy, and don’t get any ideas. We will be looking for students and if found, punish them. That is all.”

“Of course,” he smiled and placed a hand on my lower back, leading me deeper into a corridor. I shook away from him, not wanting his touch. I knew nothing of it, but as I said before: I knew of the rumours.

Oh, those bloody Head Girl duties…




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