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According to Albus by francisfarmer92
Chapter 2 : The summer bummer
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 I had used all my means to try and get Rose those tickets, but unfortunately it was beginning to look impossible. That was until I invested in the help of James. James apparently knows the daughter of the owner who is hosting the gig. Being the helpful older brother he is, he has agreed to help me gain tickets as long as I give him the broom Astoria gave me for my birthday. It's a firebolt 6000, top of the range. I suppose at least now it would be put to good use, but I had quite liked having it hung on my bedroom wall for decorative purposes.







So that brings us to now. Here I am in diagon alley alone with my brother. This is something that has never happened before and will probably never happen again.








"So why do you need these tickets anyway?" James asks. "You don't even like the witches."








I shrug. "They are for a friend."








He quirks a eyebrow at me. "You don't have any friends... You know, beside Scorpius." Ouch. Truth hurts.








"Fine." I huff. "They are for Rose."








James laughs. Laughs hard. "You don't like Rose! Why are you giving her tickets?" He asks once he finally stops laughing.








I decide that I should probably just tell James. The worst that could happen is public humiliation and being Albus Potter thats something that you get everyday. The plus side of tell him is that he might stop insinuating I'm queer if he knows I'm in love with a person of the female species.








"Well, brace yourself big brother..." I trail off and throw a arm around his shoulder. "Theres a girl-"








"A girl?" He smirks. "Didn't know you had it in you Albie." 








I growl and chose to ignore his statement. "As I was saying, theres a girl and her name is Eva-"








"Finnigan? Shes mint." 








I slap him upside the head. "Shut up and let me tell the story!"








"Fine." James grumbles rubbing his head. 








"Anyway, Eva doesn't really know who I am... Well she pretends she doesn't, and this salts my game. So I have devised a plan in which requires Scorpius and Rose dating-"








"They can't date you nimwit!" James punches my arm. "Uncle Ron will have a tizzy!"








I rub my arm glaring at him. "Wow, I didn't know people actually spoke like that. Tizzy." I giggle a little.








"Sod off." James glares. "Whats the rest of this plan?" 








"Right, so if Scorpius and Rose date Eva will have to speak to me because her best friend, my best friend. Capeche?" I summerize.








James nods. "Theres that slytherin in ya. Cunning prick." He grins.








We arrive at Goblins Inn where The Witches gig will be held. James walks straight toward the bar and asks for the owner a man called Patrick. The bartender looks us up and down shocked, probably realising we are Potters, before waddling off to find the owner.








"How do you know the owner James?" I ask suspisciously. My brother can be a shady bloke at times, I hope this isn't one of those times.








James shrugs. "I dated his daughter. You remember Katarina?" 








How could I forget Katarina? James fifth year girlfriend. Used to pinch my cheecks whilst exclaiming I was 'so little and cute' ... I was a year younger. She was a troll. Almost out-trolled Rose.








"So he probably hates you?"








James smiles. "Nah, Katarina is the only girlfriend I ever ended on good terms with." Well, lucky me.








The man who I assume is Patrick walks toward us grinning widely once he notices James. Patrick is short, chubby, and has plenty of grey fuzzy facial hair. He reminds me of a koala. 








"James! So good you see you!" Patrick exclaims shaking James hand. "What can I do for you?"








"Well actually Patrick, it's actually my brother Albus who wanted to see you." James pushes me lightly.








Patrick looks me up and down. I'm feeling intimidated already.








"Uh.. Hi" I say extending my hand. 








Patrick grabs my hand and shakes it roughly. "Well what is it you want boy? I'm a busy man."








"Um... Well I was wondering if you any spare tickets to the witches this weekend?" I say awkwardly.








"No, no, sold out." He says shortly.








Well... I suppose thats it then. I give James a look and he nods.








"Well thank you-" I begin.








James cuts me off. "Is there anyway or anything Albus could do to get two tickets?" James asks Patrick. "There for a girl, You know how that is Pat." James winks.








Patrick nods and strokes his mustache. "You know how to mop?"








I deadpan. "Yes." Obviously.








"You can work on the night of the concert, in exchange I will give you two tickets." Patrick says. "You'll have to clean up a lot of vommit though... This girl worth it?"








I contemplate for a moment. "Yes."








"Okay, well..." He trails off as he walks behind the bar. Patrick pulls out two tickets and hands them over to me. "Be here a hour before the show starts."








I agree and we say our goodbyes to Patrick. I begin to contemplate as we walk down diagon Alley. I have the tickets already and so there is no point in really working for them now. Patrick just got played. He could try and come down on me, but I'd be back at Hogwarts five days after the event. I can be really devious at times.








James and I stop at Florean Fortescue's for some icecream before heading home. As I'm enjoying my plain vanilla ice cream in the warm weather (as warm as you can get for London), when I catch a glimpse of long blonde hair out of the corner of my eye. It's Eva, I could spot her a mile away. 








"Eva's right over there. Look." I tell James to which he blatantly stares. "Oh, stop, don't look. But, I mean you can look, but don't look like you're looking."








He gives me a confused look and returns to staring at Eva. I hide my face in my hands.








"Go talk to her." James says bluntly.








I stare at him blankly. "You can just go talk to a girl like Eva Finnigan."








He punches me in the arm. "Man up. Your being a pansie. I don't particularly want another sister."








I rub my arm. James abuses me far to much. I'm definitely telling mum about this when we get home.








"Go!" James pushes me off of my chair causing me to drop my icecream on the ground. 








I glare at him and stroll toward Eva shyly. I tap her on the shoulder and she turns around looking at me with a quirked eyebrow. She's so pretty.








"Hi Eva," I say awkwardly.








"Who are you?" Well, better than not speaking to me at all I guess.








Time to summon my inner Scorpius. "Whoever you want me to be." I reply smirking.








She raises her eyebrows laughing before walking away. 








I turn around to see James giving me the thumbs up while laughing hysterically. "Good one!"
















a/n: okay, so what do you think so far? sorry, i didn't post a a/n last chapter but I was a bit slack haha. So, anyway what do you think of albus, rose, james, scorpius, eva so far? 




should also mention that eva and albus are based on seth and summer off of the o.c :)




so yeah, review, let me know what you think. any critiscm is welcome!

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