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Forever by classicblack
Chapter 3 : Naturally
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For the next three years, Teddy and Victoire became strangers to one another. Much to Teddy’s surprise, Victoire kept her word. She stayed to her friends, only sharing her secrets and all the things she used to share with Teddy with them. He, after trying for a while to convince her how stupidly she was acting, finally gave her up as a bad job, somehow convincing himself that she was the one in the wrong and that he was better off without her anyway.

When Teddy Lupin entered the dating scene in fourth year, Victoire didn’t care. She was glad that no one seemed to remember that she and Teddy had been “friends” in her first year; thus, all the girls pining over him because he knew the Potters and Weasleys and was a Lupin and because they considered him “good-looking” didn’t come to her asking for advice about him.

Teddy only felt a pang of some kind of emotion he couldn’t describe when Victoire took up her first boyfriend, a boy in his year, around the same time he had asked his first girl out. She had grown quickly out of the tomboy persona that he had known as a child and become the most sought-after girl in Hogwarts, her veela genes shining through. Some of his friends, blissfully forgetful of his and Victoire’s former friendship, but remembering that he knew her through his Weasley connection had even decided to ask him for advice as to how to get her to give them a chance.

The earlier two years had been spent with awkward silences on his part, and angry ignoring on her side if they chanced to pass in the corridors or meet at the library. Victoire resented Teddy Lupin, and she would be the first to push him to the back of her mind.

Neither of them, of course, could forget their past friendship. And neither of them actually wanted to forget it. (No matter how much Victoire acted otherwise.) Despite the fond feelings they both shared of their earlier years, they entered his fourth year and her third with the same attitude towards each other as they had shared before.

Sometimes, Victoire would be able to convince herself that it was for the best that she and Teddy had ceased to be friends. After all, he’d turned into an enthusiastic prankster, and she loved to obey by the rules; she planned to follow in her father’s footsteps and become Head Girl.

Teddy could manage to persuade himself the same thing, by saying how Victoire was much too uptight about the system and was sure on her way to becoming a “Prefect Prat”, as he liked to call them.


May of their fourth and third years approached quickly; May the second to be exact. A ceremony to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the last battle of the Second Wizarding War, had been planned by the great marble monument on the grounds to all those that had lost their lives during it.

Their families had both been invited, as they had all been prominent leaders in the war, but Teddy and Victoire were required to stand with the students during the ceremony.

The day dawned bright and clear. Both Teddy and Victoire had spent the mornings being comforted by their friends- Victoire crying over the Uncle Fred she had never met, hugged by her friends, and Teddy just staring at the wall, surrounded by his mates, thinking about the parents he had never known.

Early, the entire school gathered at the monument. Victoire and Teddy saw their loved ones assembled in the front row, some of their cousins only infants, or else very young. Each of the two stayed with their friends in the chairs scattered around the lawn.

While Victoire always felt upset on this day, she remembered how this was always the worst day of Teddy’s year. This was the day his parents had died, died for a cause that was just and true, trying to make a world where he could live a better life, but he had always been upset nevertheless. As she joined her friends at their seats, Victoire noticed Teddy standing as far away from the tribute as possible, probably so that he wouldn’t have to read his parents’ names on the memorial while they were said out loud.

Suddenly, she felt a pang of sympathy and remorse towards Teddy Lupin. All their years of friendship came crashing down on her and she realized that, no matter what, Teddy would always be her best friend. No matter how close she got to any of the other girls, in the end, it would always be Teddy who would know her best. She wished that their naïve minds hadn’t been so stubborn; his with his wish to be accepted by his friends and her’s in not realizing that Teddy was just acting like most twelve year old boys did. Three years had been much too much time to waste not being with Teddy.

Victoire couldn’t bring herself to walk over to him, though. Perhaps it was the consistently stubborn part of her mind that insisted that he should be the one to apologize, or perhaps it was because she had never been good at dealing with situations like this. Either way, Victoire sat where she was, staring at her former best friend.

As if being drawn by her gaze, Teddy snapped his head up to stare at her. He sighed and began winding his way through the seats towards Victoire. She remained rooted to the spot until he finally made it to her. Teddy looked down and just stared at her for a moment, as if drinking in the fact that she wasn’t looking at him with the repulsion she usually did. Finally, he let out a long breath.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hullo,” she answered, her voice thick. And that was that. In two words they had managed to say all that they needed to. Perchance it was a tribute to how close they had been that they could still read each other and know exactly what the other wanted to say in just a simple greeting.

Victoire grabbed Teddy’s hand and led him back to the back of the group. There they stood, basking in the light of their newly-renewed friendship, feeling much better than they had ever had on this day. Teddy, in fact, felt that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to finally deal with this day from now on, as long as Victoire was by his side.

They didn’t care either that many members of both the male and female populations of Hogwarts were staring at them; they were just glad to be Teddy and Victoire again. Teddy and Victoire: best friends forever.


Teddy grinned at everyone, especially Harry, Victoire, and his grandmother. He’d managed to graduate Hogwarts, and his marks weren’t bad either. Harry and his grandmother beamed with pride, but he loved Victoire’s smile the most; her’s wasn’t just pride, but it was the indescribable look that only a best friend can give you on such occasions as this.

When the ceremony ended, he talked with Harry, who was standing with his son James, a first year, and Grandma for a few minutes before excusing himself and finding Victoire. She ran up to him as soon as he was free and gave him an enormous hug, squeezing extremely tightly. She was just so proud of him.

After finally letting go, she whacked him playfully on the arm. “So, this is going to be another year where one of us is in school and the other is stuck at home. Is it going to be like last time?” she joked.

Teddy grinned. It was wonderful that they had progressed to a friendship where they could joke about that time he’d acted so idiotically. “Nah, I think we’re good,” he said. Victoire beamed. “Want to take a walk?” Teddy motioned in the direction of the grounds and Victoire nodded.

They spent the rest of the day until the end-of-the-year feast striding around the grounds, chatting about everything and anything and promising to write each other every day the next year. Teddy and Victoire were comfortable with each other. It was the kind of friendship everyone should experience.


Victoire was storing her trunk into the compartment her friends had chosen on the Hogwarts Express. She had already said goodbye to her family and was just shoving the last edge of the trunk into place when she heard someone clear their throat behind her. Victoire spun around.

When she caught sight of the throat-clearer, she beamed. It was Teddy.

“Teddy!” she squealed. Victoire took two steps forward and gripped him tightly. He hugged her back, picking her up off the ground. “What’re you doing here? I thought you had training for work!”

“Ah, the Magical Creatures Office can spare me for one morning. You think I’d miss the first day of my best friend’s last year of Hogwarts?”

Victoire laughed. She could never seem to stop smiling whenever Teddy was around. Sometimes, but only sometimes, she wished that what they had was more than friendship.

“But I also came to do something else,” Teddy continued.

“Oh really?” Victoire grinned, watching Teddy expectantly.

“Yeah,” he said and he stepped forward and kissed her.

Soon enough, she was snogging him back, entangling her hand in his always-turquoise hair while his hands encircled her waist.

“What the-?” came a voice from the doorway. They broke apart to find Victoire’s cousin and Harry’s son, James, standing in the doorway.

“Oh, hullo James,” Victoire said, blushing only slightly.

Ignoring her, James turned to Teddy. “Teddy, what in the name of Merlin are you doing?” he asked.

“I came to see Victoire off,” Teddy said simply. Victoire couldn’t help but grin.

“But you were snogging her!” James exclaimed.

Teddy exhaled. “James, go away.”


“Go away, James.”

“Uh, fine,” James said and left, muttering something about how no one ever told him anything.

Victoire looked up at Teddy. “You know, he’s probably going to go and tell everyone we were snogging.”

“You know? I find I actually don’t care.”

Victoire smiled as he kissed her again.

And from then on they were Teddy and Victoire: together forever. Naturally.

The End.

A/N: Well that’s that. My first completed, multi-chapter story. A bit short, but I really like it all the same. Thanks for reading and please review “)


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Forever: Naturally


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