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Pigs Fly by Stitch
Chapter 1 : Busted
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Amazing CI by Hayley Jade @ TDA

The wide spacious corridors of Hogwarts castle were dimmed with shadows and only the faint flickering of the odd torch on the stone walls sent a streak of yellow light across the floor. Four boys hurried along together, staying to the shadows trying to go unnoticed, each looked around the ghostly pathway they were stood in. “Ouch!” one of the boys exclaimed in a hushed whisper. “Sirius you dolt, you stood on my foot.”

Sirius turned his head and slowly placed a finger to his lips making the sandy brown haired boy shrink back slightly. From the front of the group, the tallest boy with a mop of scruffy black hair and hazel eyes which sparkled in the dim light behind a pair of glasses turned his head to face the others. “You guys shut it or we’ll have Professor McGonagall on our tails and we don’t want that.”

“No you wouldn’t,” a firm feminine voice came from behind the boys andthey all stiffened and Sirius sighed dramatically.

“Busted,” the tallest muttered before turning to face none other than Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall placed her hand to her hips as her gaze flicked over the teenage boys standing in front of her. “It was James’s idea!” the smallest suddenly cried out, pointing his finger towards the boy with glasses who then turned his head and scowled at his comrade.

“Gee, thanks Peter.” James muttered before running his hands through his scruffy black hair and looked gingerly towards the Professor.

Peter blushed slightly before he was nudged by the sandy brown haired boy making him jump with fright. “Don’t do that to me, Remus.” Peter grumbled. “You know I get frightened easily.”

Professor McGonagall waved her hand to silence the now bickering boys before looking at each of them in turn. “Now would you like to tell me why you’re out of bed, or the headmaster?” The Professor asked through pursed lips.

James glanced over at Sirius who, shrugged his shoulders and shoved his hands into his trouser pockets before he looked to Remus who nodded his head thoughtfully. James sighed before looking back at the Professor before starting the story. “I thought it would be a good idea to go the kitchens because I was hungry. Of course this lot came with me because they love me that much.”

At this point, Sirius muttered something before hiding it with a cough and he began to look wistfully around the corridor they were stood in. Remus face palmed and began to shake his head whilst Peter giggled uncertainly like a little girl.

“So you were going to steal from the kitchens?” The Professor asked, ignoring the added comment by James at the end.

“It’s not really stealing,” Remus pointed out before looking away when the Professor gave him a sharp glance.

Professor McGonagall shook her head and looked over the four boys in front of her with weary eyes. She eventually turned to James and frowned at him. “I expected better from you, Mr. Potter.” She remarked. “As Head Boy you’re supposed to be a role model to the other students.”

“Sorry Professor,” James replied, actually sounding sorry for one in his life.

The Professor smiled faintly and remembered all the other times she had been standing here with the same students in front of her after they had done something or another which was against school rules. “I’m going to let you off this one time because it is only the first day of school and because I’m feeling nice. Now off to bed and don’t let me catch you again.”

A wide grin split over Peter’s face and Sirius finally stopped looking around to allow his jaw to drop because Professor McGonagall let them off for a change. James watched rather bemused as the Professor continued on her way, turning the corner and vanishing from sight. “I guess it’s back to the common room, boys.” James muttered before leading the rest of the Marauders back towards the Gryffindor tower.

“I told you we should have brought the cloak,” Remus hissed over towards James as they walked up the stairs.

“I’m going to agree with Remus on this one,” Sirius added in. “Why didn’t we bring the cloak again?”

James looked away and rubbed his hand through his hair making it all messy again before flushing bright red. “I kinda forgot to bring the cloak to school,” James replied in an almost un-audible whisper.

Once this statement was said, Peter almost walked into a wall because he forgot to look where he was going and Remus’ jaw dropped. “You forgot to bring the cloak?!” Sirius exclaimed. “You’re an idiot, Prongs.”

“Don’t remind me,” James muttered darkly as the four lads arrived at the Fat Lady portrait to find she wasn’t there.

“Great...” Remus muttered just as the faint sound of footsteps was heard getting closer to the four boys.

Eyes turned curiously as the familiar figure of Lily Evans appeared from round the corner with a book tucked under her arm. Lily stopped in her tracks when she noticed James and the others standing outside the common room. “What are you doing out of bed?” She asked as seriously as she could.

“We could as you the same thing,” James chided before folding his arms and leaning against the wall next to the picture frame.

“At least I have a valid reason,” Lily replied before looking at the Marauders stationed in front of her. “Well aren’t you going in? Or are we going to stand here all night long?”

Remus stepped away from the picture to reveal an empty portrait and Lily’s shoulders sagged. “Where’s the Fat Lady?” She asked curiously.

Sirius raised his hands in a gesture, which is commonly known as, ‘I have no idea’ and Peter nodded his head in agreement.

Lily sighed and looked over towards James who was going all googly eyes at her...again. “Potter, I will never become you’re girlfriend.”

“Yet,” James added with a cheesy grin in Lily’s direction.

Suddenly, the Fat lady returned to her portrait and Peter yelled out the password rather quickly making her almost jump out of her skin. “You’re up and out rather late,” the Fat lady mused, but she opened the portrait anyway and everyone filed in.

Lily pushed past James and Sirius before tuning and sweeping her auburn hair out of her face to reveal her angry eyes. “As Head Girl, I could deduct house points for being out of bed at this hour-”

“And I could do exactly the same thing,” James cut in making Lily rolled her eyes dramatically.

“That was what I was going to say, Potter.” She replied abruptly before waving her hand. “Now I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed. We have classes in the morning.” And with that, Lily turned and climbed the stairs to reach the girls dormitories.

James watched her go before collapsing into one of the chairs and sighing to himself. Remus, Sirius and Peter sat down beside him and the four of them began to chat about lessons and other such things. However, James didn’t really take part in all the talking and instead stared at the last place Lily was standing.

The other three Gryffindor chatted till the early hours of the morning until finally Peter exclaimed that he was going to bed. James eventually raised his head and stood to his feet and followed the rest of his friends into the boys dormitories to find everyone else was still awake.

James sighed and sat down on the edge of his bed before shrugging off his robes, which caught the attention of Sirius. Sirius walked over and sat himself next to James before placing his hand on his shoulder. “What’s up, Prongs?” he asked. “You don’t seem like your usual annoying and wonderful self.”

“Nothing, Padfoot.” James replied quietly. “I’m just wondering if Evans will ever become my girlfriend. I’ve been asking for three years now.” Sirius shook his head and removed his hand from his mates shoulder before grinning. “It could be possible,” James mused.

Sirius laughed and clapped his friend on the back. “Lily Evans will become you're girlfriend when pigs fly.”

“I could enchant the pigs so they fly,” James pointed out. "Or I could put them on brooms so that they fly."

“That doesn’t count,” Sirius replied with a smile. “Now stop fretting about Evans and focus on quidditch.”

A smile cracked on James’s face and he briskly nodded his head. “I’ll do that, thanks Padfoot.”

“No problem, Prongs.” Sirius replied before standing and walking back over towards the now arguing Remus and Peter.

The 17 year old Gryffindor began to change into his pyjamas as Sirius tried to break up the bickering friends. “Ladies, what’s all the fuss about?” Sirius joked as he approached Remus and Peter. Remus began to smile a little and Peter chuckled slightly to himself) they both completely forget about their previous argument.

James watched his mates from afar and chuckled at Sirius’s comment referring to the ladies and instantly the image of Lily popped into his head. James groaned and shoved his pillow to his face making his glasses dig into his skin, but he didn’t really care.

The kafuffle in the dorm went on for another hour until finally Peter zoned out and fell asleep with his head leaning against his bed post whilst the other played wizard snap. Remus was the first to notice and this sparked off an idea. He nudged Sirius and waved his hand towards the sleeping Peter who Sirius instantly understood and nodded his head eagerly.

James watched as the two friends got quietly to their feet and Sirius pulled his wand from under his pillow and slowly levitated Peter into the air. The other students began to notice and looked up from what they were doing as Remus and Sirius walked from the dorm with Peter levitated out in front of them.

Wanting to know what was going on, James jumped his feet and quietly ran after his mates to find them now placing Peter in the centre of the common room on the floor before leaving him there. The two mates high fived each other before tiptoeing back up to the dorm like nothing had happened.

They arrived back in the dormitory with massive grins on their faces and James couldn’t help but laugh at their stupidity, yet brilliance. After another half an hour game of wizard snap, everyone decided that they were tired and wanted to go to bed. James couldn’t help but agree.

Everyone clambered into their beds, well all except Peter who was still in the common room asleep, before the good nights were said and the lights went out to end a brilliant first day at Hogwarts. And there were plenty more just like it still to come.

A/N: Well that was chapter one! This is my first attempt at a story about the Marauders an don't you just love the story tital? :3 please remember to review this chapter and I hope you liked it!


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Pigs Fly: Busted


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