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Oh, Mushroom! by WentToManderleyAgain
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19: What Best Friends Are For
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Something was bothering Lily. I could tell. She just wasn't being herself. I'm pretty sure something is bothering Remus, too. Why is it that nothing can ever be fine and dandy?

"Lily, are you okay?" I asked, sitting down across from her in the library.

Lily started rubbing her temples.

"No." Ah HA! I knew it! "The teachers are crazy! This is way too much homework!" Oh. I think it's more than just that.

I pretended to wipe a tear from my eye.

"Look at this! Lily Evans, all grown up and complaining about too much homework! They grow up so fast!" I said dramatically.

Madam Pince passed by, shushing me. I glared at her retreating back.

"A pin could drop and she would shush it," I muttered under my breath.

Lily's lip twitched.

"Now, Lily," I began, sitting up straighter. "Tell me what's really bothering you."

"Why do you think something is bothering me?"

"Because you're acting weird."

Lily sighed.

"Why are you all of a sudden friends with Potter?" she suddenly asked.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"That's what has been bothering you? Me being friends with Po-James? He's matured a lot over the summer. He's much more tolerable now."

Lily scoffed.

"I highly doubt that."

I frowned. While it had been a little awkward, P-James was actually pretty funny.

"He has!"

"I'm ignoring you now, Elizabeth."

I huffed, crossed my arms, and leaned back in my chair.



"Nothing is wrong, Elizabeth."

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes.

"Right, because you haven't been ignoring me for days."

Remus turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"Why would you say that?"

I threw my hands up in the air.

"Because this is the most I've spoken to you since term started!" I cried.

"No it isn't!"

"Yes, it is!"

"No, we talked in transfiguration and charms!"

"Only if you call asking to borrow a quill talking! You're avoiding me, Remus!"

"I have not been avoiding you, Elizabeth. It's just NEWTs are coming up and . . ."

I scoffed loudly.

"NEWTs? That's what you care about? That's like 8 or 9 months away! Trust me when I say we have plenty of time to study for NEWTs! I'm a Ravenclaw and I'm not even freaking out about it already! I think you're just making up excuses, Remus, and I want to know what's going on!"

Remus ran a hand through has hair. I glared at this hand.

"I'm fine, Elizabeth."

Dear Merlin, this boy was infuriating! I'm beginning to think that Remus and James swapped personalities this summer.

"Then why don't you come find me when you figure this all out?" I said stiffly before walking off.

"Elizabeth! Come back! Don't be like this!"

Crossing my arms angrily, I turned the corner.


I swung open the dormitory door, and threw my bag onto the floor by the door.

"Remus is being such a mushroom cap!" I announced, walking towards Ashley's closed curtains.

Hearing a soft noise coming from behind them, I strained my ears to figure out what it was.

"Ashley?" I asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No," she croaked. "I'm fine. What did Remus do?"

I shook my head, and ripped open her curtains.

"No, you're not okay," I whispered, eyeing the long mascara streaks on her cheeks.

Ashley wiped under her eyes, looking mortified.

"What happened?" I asked, sitting down next to her, smoothing down my skirt.


"I'm not going to buy that shit," I said, rolling my eyes.

Ashley's eyes widened.

"Y-you cursed!"

"So I did. I'm just not in the mood, okay? I've being having a bad day, so just tell me who did this to you so I can hunt them down and break their face. Alright? Alright."

Ashley blushed, attempting to wipe away her tears again.

"You shouldn't do that . . ."

"What happened, Ashley Brie Edwards?" I growled.

Ashley frowned, and grabbed her pillow, hugging it to her body, and resting her chin on the top of it.

"Sirius broke up with me."


Oh, no.

He didn't.

I'll kill him!


"How dare you!" I shrieked, pulling out my wand, pressing it to his throat under his chin. "How dare you?" I hissed with as much venom as possible.

"What did I do?" Sirius asked, his eyes flickering down to the wand pressed to the wand pressed against his throat.

"How could you just do that to her? Ashley is a sweet, kind, funny girl and you just decided to play with her heart! You cruel bastard!"

His eyes flickered with an unknown emotion.

"Why do you care?"

"She's my best friend!" I pressed my wand in a little harder. I felt my eyes water slightly. "I trusted you."

"You don't anymore?"


"Ms. Moore!" McGonagall shrieked. "Put your wand down now! What do you think you're doing? You're a prefect!"

With a resigned sigh, I lowered my wand to my side, but not without a quick jab at Black's gut. My head held high, I turned to McGonagall.

"Yes, professor?"

"Two weeks detention, Ms. Moore." She eyed my wand carefully. "I'm disappointed in you, Elizabeth," she whispered under her breath, clearly not meaning for me to hear.

"Alright." I replied, my head still high. I turned on my heel and walked off.



"What do you want, Remus?" I asked tiredly.

"I heard what Sirius did."

I stiffened.


"I think you were too tough on him."

I whirled around to glare at Remus.

And here I had been, thinking about how wrong I was to yell at him earlier.

"Too tough on him? He broke my best friend's heart!" I hissed.

Remus flinched.

"He didn't mean to."

My eyes narrowed even more.

"Oh, I'm sorry, he didn't mean to break her heart! Awfully sorry, Sirius, I thought you meant to break Ashley's heart! But you didn't mean to, so now everything is just fine and dandy, and Ashley feels wonderful now!" I said sarcastically. "Sorry, Remus, but that isn't how it works."

"You're being unreasonable, Elizabeth."

"No I'm not! You're being infuriating! I was going to apologize to you! Now I can see. Clearly we have too many differences, Remus. Maybe we aren't meant to be." I shook my head, ignoring the pain in my chest. "You've been avoiding me anyway. I think we should take a break."


I shook my head again, and held up a hand.

"No. Not right now, Remus. Not right now."

I walked away, the silence echoing in my ears.


I was hurt.

Ashley was hurt.

Not only did Sirius hurt Ashley, but he hurt me in the process. I don't know what he was thinking when he decided to cheat on Ashley. Did he think that I wouldn't care? That I would be like 'oh, okay! Don't worry, we can still be friends. Just don't be too obvious around Ash!' No. Just no. Sorry, Sirius, but Ashley has been there for me for years and I'm not just going to abandon her.

"Shhh, it's okay," I whispered, hugging Ashley to my side. "It's okay, Ashie."

Ashley sniffed.

"Thank you, Elizabeth," she whispered.

I smiled.

"You're welcome. It's what best friends are for, isn't it?"

"You're the best friend a girl could ask for."

"No, Ashley, that's you."

We sat there, talking on Ashley's bed for Merlin knows long, just being there for each other.

I suppose it sounds a little cheesy, two girls talking on a bed after a breakup, but if that's cheesy, then we were some proud cheese.

"I think we should get ice cream," I suddenly said.

Ashley perked up at this.


"Of course!" I giggled slightly, pulling her up and handing her a pair of slippers after pulling on my own.

As we ran down to the kitchens, we only were nearly caught by Filch once! It was our personal record. Ever since Siri-Black first took me down to the kitchens, Ash and I went regularly. Which is probably why we seemed to be putting on more weight.

"Hello, can we please have some chocolate brownie ice cream?" I asked sweetly to one of the house elves that ran up to us. He nodded eagerly.

We sat down at a table, and I pulled out a spoon happily.

Ashley traced a design in the wood carefully, following the swirly letters.

"What does it say?" I asked.

Her eyes flickered up at me.

"I was the girl Sirius dated the longest, you know."

I nodded.

"Yeah, you were. I can't believe I never noticed before."

She nodded, still tracing the swirls.

"I was." After a long pause she whispered, "He told me he loved me, you know. He said he changed his mind. He said that he knew I was perfect for him." Tears filling her eyes, she looked up at me. "He lied. And that's what I hate. He lied, and whispered things in my ear. I believed him. That's what I hate the most. I believed him."

It was then I realized the full gravity of what happened.

Sirius Black kissed my best friend and let her believe she was the one. Sirius Black took my best friend and broke her heart. Sirius Black used to be my friend.

And I don't know if I ever could forgive him.

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Oh, Mushroom!: Chapter 19: What Best Friends Are For


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