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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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I know this chapter is late but it's because I get tons of homework and also because I lost my memory stick which holds my chapters so had to re-write most of this chapter so I'm very sorry. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Fred and George both gaped at the door leading to where the voices were coming from. George felt a sharp pain in his chest he felt his heart drop misery taking over as he pushed passed Fred going into the common room.

“Wait, George hold up!” Fred called after his twin following him.

They sat on the sofa together silence settling over them until George finally spoke.

“I actually let my-self believe that she could like me! But no, she likes Ron, she loves Ron!” he whispered partly because he didn’t want anyone to overhear, partly because he felt weak.

Fred was at a loss for words so simply looked at his twin with a pitying expression.  


“I know Hermione but please let go because you’re squeezing the life out of me!” Ron laughed as she released him.

“Sorry and you’re like a brother to me too,” Hermione said honestly with a smile.

“Alright I’m going to change before we go to Hogsmeade so I will see you later okay?”

“Yeah sure see you soon!” Hermione called as she left heading down the stairs into the common room.

At this point Harry and Ginny had made their way back to the common room.

“Hey ’Mione, how’d it go with Ron?” asked Ginny.

George heard this from where he was sat and began to feel sick, he started to stand before Fred reached up to touch his arm and he slowly sat back down.

“Great!” grinned Hermione walking over to them.

Fred could feel his twin tense beside him and on his behalf spoke.

“Have we missed something?” he asked.

“No, me and Ron had an argument but it’s all sorted now we’re back to being friends!” Hermione told them frowning as George suddenly appeared to be feeling ill.

George’s thoughts whirled around in his mind ‘What did they argue about? Oh I know about whether or not to keep their secret relationship a secret or not!’ this made him feel physically sick, how could she mess with his feelings like that? The worse thing was she didn’t even know she was doing it.  

Working up the nerve he finally spoke, “Little closer than friends as we hear it!” George glared at the bookworm who occupied so much of his thoughts.

“Excuse me and what is that supposed to mean exactly?” Hermione asked in confusion and slight anger at the hint of accusation in his voice.         

“Well we were walking past the fifth year dorm and we heard-we heard I err...”George trailed of awkwardly as stupid as it may seem it truly was painful for him he loved her so much but she didn’t return the feeling  and it hurt. A lot. 

Hermione stared at him expectantly waiting for him to finish the sentence for a while before Fred picked up where George had left off.  

“As George was saying, we walked past the fifth year dorm and heard Ron you’re the best I love you!” 

“No see what happened was I said something and I hurt his feelings but he was very understanding, that’s the only reason I said it!” Hermione explained to them.

“Of course!” George said sarcastically, shaking his head at what he believed to be an excuse, and a rubbish one at that.

“What you don’t believe me? You think I’m lying?” she asked him hurt and offended.

“Oh come on Hermione, I mean I’d give you that for Ron you’re the best, but seriously I love you?” Fred asked still disbelieving.

“I said that because during the conversation Ron told me I was like a sister to him and if you’d bothered to stick around a little longer you would have heard me tell him he was like a brother to me!” she yelled at the twins frustrated and upset they didn’t believe her.

“Oh,” the twins said in unison. 

“Yeah, oh! How dare you jump to conclusions like that and accuse me based on things you don’t know! If you have questions then ask me them, don’t treat me like that! You’re supposed to have faith in me and believe me when I tell you something because that’s what friends do! Maybe we’re not just as good friends as I thought!” she spat at the twins angrily.

With that said she stormed out of the common room.

“Nice one idiots!” Ginny hissed at them running out after Hermione.

“Way to go guys!” Harry said sarcastically leaving the common room.

The twins stared after them, what had just happened slowly sinking in.

“Well on the upside she doesn’t like Ron, that gives you a shot,” Fred offered his twin.

“Yeah but she hates me now! We have to fix this!” George exclaimed jumping to his feet.

“We? No way she’s a dangerous witch as it is with her advanced knowledge of hexes but she’s pissed off at us that makes it worse!” Fred complained.

“Oh come on you know you want to come!” George grinned at his twin.

“Fine, fine! But if I die it’s your entire fault!”

“I can live with that!” George joked.

Together they ran out of the common room passed Harry and Ginny who were arguing about where they should look for her.

“Doesn’t he still have the Marauders map?” asked Fred as they rounded another corner.

“Yeah but he’s the chosen one known for beating death not for having brains!” George pointed out.

“True!” Fred agreed.

Suddenly George skidded to a stop, “I know where she is! The Astronomy Tower, come on!” he exclaimed turning and running the other way.

“What? How could you possibly know that?” Fred asked running after his twin.

“I don’t know it. I feel it!” George called back to him.

Fred stopped and stared after his twin. Never in a million years did he think that he’d fall for someone so hard, especially not Hermione Granger. But he was happy for him and he would support him after all that was what George had done for him when he’d been so desperate to ask out Angelina last year and now he was in a happy relationship and that’s just what he wanted for his twin. He just hoped that George and Hermione would work out. Fred shook himself out of his thoughts and ran after his twin.

They stepped into the Astronomy tower to find Hermione sat on a ledge looking out a window. The noon sun shone brightly illuminating her features. She looked so perfect, like a goddess, in George’s eyes at least.  

“Hermione listen, we’re really sorry we know we should have trusted you but I guess we were both offended you wouldn’t tell us if something was going on so we confronted you, we should have listened,” apologised George.

“Yes, you should have listened, you should have believed me, and you should have trusted me! You should have done a lot of things but you jumped to conclusions when you’re supposed talk to me about these things let me explain myself because that’s what friends do!” she told them without looking at them.

George looked to Fred with a pleading expression telling him he had no idea what to say, silently begging him to takeover. Fred nodded at his brother, took a second to decide what to say then spoke.

“We know Hermione and we realise we were wrong. We do trust you, what happened was just a huge misunderstanding. We’re such good friends and it doesn’t seem right to let this one little incident ruin that. We are so sorry the last thing we intended was to hurt or upset you,” pleased with his small speech Fred grinned at his twin who mouthed the word ‘thanks’ to him.

“Okay, I may have also over-reacted, you had every right to be curious and want to know the truth, I just wasn’t too fond of the accusations,” she told them facing them for the first time since they’d entered.

“Great, so who’s ready for a Hogsmeade trip and meeting in the Shrieking Shack?” asked George with a grin.

“Me!” chimed Hermione.

“Personally I’d prefer a trip to Zonko’s!” said Fred.

“Well tough you owe me this!” Hermione told him jokingly.

Together they walked back to the common room laughing and joking, joining Harry, Ron and Ginny before heading off to the Shrieking Shack.  

Alright and the third chapter is finished! I know it was a bit boring but trust me it gets better from here! 
I want to thank KatnissMalfoy for reviewing both chapters of the story it means a lot and I'd like to advise anyone who hasn't been reading her story 'Crazy,Stupid Love' to check it out because I'm enjoying it a lot!
And thankyou to all my other reviewers more shout outs in my next chapter if you're disappointed about not making it in this one!
Now please leave a review because otherwise the box on the bottom of this screen is pointless and we don't want it to feel useless do we? Plus they make me happy! Hope you're enjoying the story so far! Jenna :)

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