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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 2 : To the Rescue
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“If you don’t know what it is, then why did you send for me? Contact the Department of Mysteries.”

“We needed someone with authority, mate,” said Ron calmly.

Harry thought about his friend’s last statement. He had authority; authority to do what? Harry looked at Ron. He had an expression on his face that he didn’t want to talk on the street. Drake seemed a little nervous standing behind Ron.

“I take it this is a dangerous object?”

Ron and Drake again looked at each other. Harry was getting irritated at them for being so unsure about this object. There are procedures to be followed when encountering some unknown magical object in an investigation.

“Is it even magical?” he asked the two Aurors.

Drake was going to respond, when the door to the Three Broomsticks flew open. All three of them went for their wands. The pissed wizard stopped walking at the sight of them and slowly turned and went back in the pub.

“Until we know what it does, I don’t want to start a panic,” whispered Ron.

Harry looked around the quiet town. It was two days until Christmas, but the town seemed pretty quiet. He could imagine anyone walking outside and seeing three Aurors standing in the middle of the street would get a little nervous.

“I guess we should get off the street,” said Harry. “Take me to this mysterious object.”

“That is what I was hoping we could do. I imagine everyone is wondering why the town is filled with Aurors. Then you popping in, probably making them all a bit nervous,” said Ron. He turned and started walking out of Hogsmeade.

Harry followed along behind Ron and beside Drake. Drake was the new wave of Aurors. After Voldemort fell, it seemed as if half of the magical community under the age of fifty wanted to be an Auror. Very few made qualified, but even fewer completed the training. They thought it would be exciting work, but soon discovered that you spent more hours watching and waiting than battling Dark Wizards. Drake had heard Harry speaking at Hogwarts and knew what an Auror’s job involved. He enjoyed the research and the analytical side of the job. He quickly became one of the most dedicated trainees.

They had reached a residential section of Hogsmeade where the houses were closely packed together. Many of them were two story houses. They all looked old and lived in for many years or decades. At the end of the street, Harry noticed two Aurors standing guard at the front of a house.

“How many Aurors did you call in?” asked Harry.

“The normal amount to secure the building,” answered Ron.

Harry knew that meant there was a squad of four either under Invisibility Cloaks or Disillusionment Charms. With the four visible Aurors watching the building, and counting Ron and Drake there were at least ten Aurors here. He started to wonder what Ron hadn’t told him yet.

Harry stopped in front of the house and looked it over. It looked abandoned with its grimy windows, overgrown garden, and pealing paint. There wasn’t any smoke coming out of the chimney, which looked as if it might fall over at any time. The roof looked solid, because it was covered with a thick layer of frozen snow. Only a few shingles peaked out from under the frozen white blanket of snow. It looked like a ski slope from the peak of the house down to the end of the front porch roof.

Harry followed Ron inside. They entered into a foyer. There were stairs on the left side of the foyer, and three arches leading to different rooms. The house on the inside looked well kept. It was even colder than the outside temperature. Harry quickly pulled his wand and cast Warming Charms on his clothes. Feeling more comfortable he looked at his friend and waited for an explanation.

Ron took a deep breath before starting.

“All right, we have an unknown object upstairs. It was discovered when Teddy and Ray followed two Neo-Death Eaters in here. They had called for the first squad to assist. When they went to test the object for dark magic, it started to hiss and click. We need you, mate, to decide if we should evacuate Hogsmeade. You can authorize it.”

“Have you contacted the Minister?”

“Yeah, I notified Kingsley before I left the Ministry. I also sent a trainee to the Department of Mysteries, but he may not find anyone for another hour if he can get past the room of doors.” Ron stopped talking and waited for Harry to nod, indicating he understood. “You want to see it?”

“Yeah, sure, you lead the way,” stated Harry.

They walked upstairs. That level seemed well maintained too. The inside of the house didn’t match the neglected outside appearance.

“Do you know who owns this house,” asked Harry.

“No, we are trying to search the records at the Ministry, but they keep their records by the owners names,” Ron said over his shoulder, as he reached the top of the stairs.

The second level appeared to be a central hallway with a room on each side of the house. Ron turned to the room on the left side of the house. He knocked on the door and said his name before turning the doorknob and pushing the door open.

Harry followed him into the room. Teddy and Ray had two wizards tied to two wooden chairs. The two chairs seemed to be the only pieces of furniture in the room. He looked around the room looking for anything out of place. There was something about the room that didn’t seem right. The room was empty except for the object and the two chairs. There were three grimy windows letting in just enough light to see without the use of candles. The wallpaper was peeling, but the rest of the room was dust free.

Harry looked at the two Neo-Death Eaters. That was the latest group trying to revive the beliefs of Voldemort. No one was sure if there were any of the minor Death Eaters associated with them. All of Voldemorts inner circle were either dead or in Azkaban. The two blokes looked normal; both looked only a few years older than James. Most people exploring Dark Magic are too young to remember what living under Voldemort’s thumb was truly like.

Harry looked up at Teddy. He was in his natural form. Sometimes when he was on a mission, he adjusts his appearance to blend in. He was a Metamophagus, like his mother. He looked like a young Remus Lupin now, without the effects of Lycanthropy.

Ray was an unusual Auror trainee. She had a first name that she hated, so everyone called her Ray. She was an unabashed fan of Harry’s. She studied him and his family as a hobby. It had made Harry feel a little uncomfortable at first, but she always treated him and his family with respect, and never asked personal questions.

She had an air of defiance about her. She was muggle born and dressed in what Harry thought was Goth style. She always wore black clothes, many times they were decorated with chains and metal studs. She had at least six earings in one ear and as many in her other ear. She even had her nose, lip, and eyebrow pierced. She wore heavy eyeliner and dark eye makeup. Her lips were either black or deep blood-red. Even with all the piercings and heavy makeup, she was still an attractive woman. Her wild untamed appearance seemed to make her even more attractive.

“Find out anything?” Harry asked Teddy.

“Nothing yet, they are refusing to say anything,” replied Teddy.

“Find anything in this room or house to help determine what that is?” Harry pointed at the object.

Teddy shook his head at the question. “We have been interrogating them, but they refuse to say anything.”

The two prisoners laughed at Teddys comment. Ray looked so angry Harry was expecting her to punch the prisoners in the mouth. He turned his attention to the object.

It stood about three feet high at the center. The center was cylindrical with a rounded top. It appeared to be made of metal and glass. Harry could see through the glass but it was filled with a swirling mist. The base, if you could call it a base, looked like steel mesh. It extended out from the center cylinder three feet in all directions. The cylindrical part was emitting a soft hiss, then a metalic click every few seconds. Harry stared at it and walked around it trying to see what else was inside. The mist was too thick for him to see anything.

He stood up and ran his hand through his hair. He was perplexed. This might not be anything, but he didn’t want to take the chance of it being explosive.

“Ron, you get everyone else and knock on doors,” said Harry, as he stared at the contraption. “”Have everyone move down to the Three Broomsticks, until further notice.” Harry pulled his wand and cast a mild Sensing Charm. It was magical, but what is it?

Harry looked up from the object and saw Ron and everyone staring at him.

“Go on, get moving you need to evacuate all the houses around here,” stated Harry again.

“What are you goin’ to do, mate?” asked Ron.

Harry smiled at his best friend. “I was going to stay here with these two blokes,” he said pointing at the two Neo-Death Eaters. “If it is a bomb, I figure they may get a little talkative near the end.”

“You don’t have to play the hero,” stated Ron. “I also don’t want to deal with my sister of you get yourself blown up, or worse.”

Harry smiled at his friend. “Don’t forget I am your boss,” Harry tried to sound authoritative, but Ron laughed at him. “Get moving I am not planning on staying around here very long. Teddy. Ray. You two need to leave. I will bring the prisoners.”

“Ray and I made the arrests,” stated Teddy. “I will wait here and take them in.”

“I’m stayin’ too,” said Ray crossing her arms defiantly.

“Bloody Hell,” groaned Ron.

“Uncle Ron go, warn everyone. Ray and I will make sure he gets out safe,” said Teddy.

Ron grumbled under his breath, before shouting. “In twenty minutes, I am coming back and dragging your arses out of here.” He turned and stomped off down the steps, with Drake in tow.

Harry could hear him shouting orders to everyone. He smiled at his best friend’s protective nature. Taking a deep breath and exhaling trying to clear his head, Harry started thinking about this object, bomb, or whatever it was. As he stared at it, it made the clicking sound followed by a hiss. Harry was sure that these last sounds were louder than when he first came in.

“Did that seem louder to you?” Harry asked both Ray and Teddy.

“It has been getting louder, sir,” answered Ray.

Harry smiled at her politeness. He never expected that out of her. He turned his attention to the two Neo-Death Eaters. “When did you activate this devise?”

“They didn’t activate it, Ray and I did,” stated Teddy.

“Why would you do that?”

“We didn’t mean to, sir. After we captured those two up here, we decided to check to see if this thing was magical. We cast the same spell that you did, sir. The object started this hissing and clicking,” said Ray.

“That was when I Patronused Uncle Ron.”

“Where did you capture these two?”

“Right here in this room, sir. We chased them into this house. There were Anti-Apparition Charms up around the house, but once inside we could Apparate. We heard them up here and we Apparated up and captured them,” Ray explained, while Teddy nodded in agreement.

Harry stared at them for a second. He was trying to process all this information. The two Neo-Death Eaters were up here long enough to activate this and leave again. Why were they up here and what were they doing?

Harry surveyed the room again. It still seemed a bit off. He looked at the walls and stared out the three windows, he looked at the dark side of the room where the ceiling sloped down to the floor.

Harry snapped his head around and stared at the third window in the room. It can’t be there that was the front of the house, and there can’t be any windows in that wall. Pulling his wand, he shouted, “Revelio!”

The entire wall and window started to shift then quickly turned into mist revealing a work area with a large pile of tools and left over parts. There was also a large pile of scrolls on the workbench. Harry smiled to himself that was what was wrong with this room.

“Ray, guard the prisoners, Teddy, let’s look at the scrolls. I bet we will find out what this thing is,” said Harry as he walked towards the scrolls. He grabbed a hand full for himself. He shoved the rest at Teddy. “Look for diagrams that match that thing. Hopefully, we can get this defused before Ron comes back.”

Harry stopped talking and started looking through the piles of scrolls. Each scroll had three or four sheets of parchment rolled up with it. Harry hadn’t seen anything that looked like diagrams. The scrolls he had had names, addresses, and a long list of reagents and tools. It seemed like these NDE’s kept good records.

“You can’t stop it Harry Potter,” mocked the prisoner on the left. “You will soon disappear and the Dark Lord will rule once again.”

“Shut up, you fool,” hissed the other prisoner.

Ray poked her wand in the face of the vocal wizard. “Can I blast him, sir?”

“No, Ray don’t blast his face off. He’s dead,” Harry told the prisoner. “Voldemort has been dead for over twenty-five years.” His stomach was twisted up in a knot. There was something about what that prisoner said that made Harry nervous.

“Harry, I think I found something.” Teddy said staring at a thick scroll of parchment. There must have been twenty sheets of parchment. Teddy started flipping through the sheets of parchment. “Here are the diagrams.” He shoved them at Harry.

“Teddy, what did you find in the other scrolls?”

“A lot of references to a ‘TT’. It kept talking about research, but it didn’t’ specifically state anything.”

Harry’s blood ran cold. There in front of him on a sheet of parchment was the diagram for an hourglass from a Time Turner. He suddenly realized what that object was on the floor; a massive Time-Turner. He tucked the scrolls under his arm and ran to the object.

“Teddy, hand me the rest of the parchments,” ordered Harry, as he hopped onto the steel mesh surrounding the Time-Turner.

“What are you doing?” asked Teddy.

“I am leaving. This is a Time-Turner. I think they were planning on going back in time to ensure Voldemort is victorious. I need to go back to ensure that doesn’t happen,” Harry almost shouted.

“You will not succeed. The Dark Lord will rule,” screamed the vocal prisoner. “The Magical world will take its proper place. No longer will Mudbloods and…”

The room was filled with the loud crunch as Ray’s fist collided with the side of the prisoners jaw. His head snapped around. His eyes rolled up and his head lolled to the side. Her multiple rings leaving nasty red welts on his jaw. Ray glared at the other prisoner. “You want to spout off about how great you purebloods are? I have the other hand, and it’s my strongest.”

“Ray, stop that,” ordered Harry half-heartedly. He enjoyed seeing that bloke getting knocked out by a girl. “I want you and Teddy to wait here for an hour. I will try to make it back within an hour of this time.”

“Get back?” questioned Teddy. “Do you have any idea what time you are going to? How are you going to get back?” questioned Teddy.

“I’ll have Albus Dumbledore help me? Are these all the scrolls?”

“Yeah, that’s all. What time period are you going to?”

Harry looked at Teddy. He probably has figured it out also. “My parents’ time, I think. I have been guarded since before I was born. If they kill even one of my parents, then I am never born…”

“And Voldemort will be unstoppable,” whispered Ray. She stepped onto the steel mesh.

Teddy stepped on. “I am going. He will be there, won’t he?”

“Teddy, we can’t change the past. I wish I could but we could destroy…”

“I know,” shouted Teddy. He took a deep breath before continuing. “I know I can’t save them, but I – I just want to meet them and look them in the eye.”

Harry didn’t say anything. He felt the same way. He was a bundle of nerves about seeing his parents, Albus Dumbledore, and even Severus Snape. “Ray…”

“I am going too. We told Mr. Weasley that we will watch out for you. I am going to do that, sir.”

“But if things get complicated, I can’t make any guarantees that we will make it back,” stated Harry.

“I’m going,” stated Teddy.

Harry stared at Ray. She smiled back at him. “I’m going along to protect you and have an adventure.”

“All right, I guess we are all going,”sighed Harry. “So what are we going to do about him?” He pointed at the prisoner who was still conscous.

Ray turned and Stunned him. “There he will sleep until we get back.”

All three of them stood on the grate as the Time Turner hissed and clicked. Each click was getting louder and closer together. They stared at each other waiting anxiously to be transported back in time. The seconds turned to minutes as they stood there waiting. Harry started to feel silly for jumping on the grate so soon. He had no idea when the Turner would activate, but he couldn’t miss going back and saving his parents.

“Ah, sir, how long before we transport back in time,” asked Ray.

Harry could feel his face get a little warm. “I have no idea. Maybe we could check the parchments for an answer.”

Before he could open a scroll, the Time Turner emitted a loud shuddering click, and then it became silent, no hissing, and no clicking. They all looked at each other for a second, before the room disappeared around them. Their sight was filled with flashing lights. The air became hot, but the machine emitted a burst of cooling mist making everyone comfortable again.

Harry felt his head starting to spin and his stomach starting to churn. He looked at the other two, and they also looked a little peaky. The air would continue to heat up and the machine would release more cooling mist too cool them down again. All the time the only thing they saw were the constant flashing of light and dark. The turn seemed to go on forever. Harry started to wonder how much longer they would be traveling back in time.

Suddenly, the flashing stopped, and they were in the same room, but it was newer. There was a bed and other furnture in the room. The room looked lived in, with clothes tossed about and books lying open on a small desk in the other corner of the room.

“I wonder whose room we are in?” whispered Ray.

“Who is up there, garl darn it,” shouted a voice from the other side of the door.

Harry knew that voice and the evil man that owned it. Amycus Carrow!

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